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GEDiCube and Cyclomics Forge Alliance, Spearheading Global Liquid Biopsy Market

  •  A Binding LOI has been executed: GEDiCube will acquire 75% of Cyclomics at Closing.
     Expected breakthroughs by combining technologies in (early) cancer detection and recurrence of cancer with a single vial of blood.
     Cyclomics’ 4th generation liquid biopsy genomics platform is a truly “Omni-Omic” blood test ready for AI application
     GEDiCube’s award-winning AI is developing high-performance biomarker panels for 13 different cancers.
     GEDiCube’s partnership with NVIDIA’s Inception program will help expand to multi-modal capabilities by adding imaging.

The combined Companies aim to Disrupt Cancer Diagnosis and treatment through early disease and recurrence detection, prediction of response to treatment, and personalized therapy.

GEDi Cube Intl Ltd., a London and Netherlands-based advanced AI company and a wholly owned subsidiary of Renovaro Inc. (NASDAQ: RENB), announces it has executed a binding Letter of Intent (LOI) to acquire 75% of Cyclomics, a Dutch Company. Under the terms of the LOI, the parties have agreed to work in good faith on the drafting of a definitive agreement.

“Our Omni-Omic technology was developed to help empower AI platforms and thereby transform non-invasive healthcare solutions to detect cancers and other diseases as early as possible. GEDiCube’s innovative deep learning algorithms have created robust multi-omics panels that perform remarkably well. Together, I believe we will change the field.”
“There is enormous power in applying AI to multiple omics data layers that can be detected from a vial of blood from every patient with cancer. I believe that integrating Cyclomics into GEDiCube will allow us to gain greater accuracy and widespread Omni-omic measurements through next-generation sequencing and enter the cancer monitoring market this year. I consider that to be a significant step towards bringing early detection of cancer to its inflection point.”

By Coenraad van Kalken, MD, PhD, the CEO of GEDiCube

About Cyclomics

Cyclomics is a Dutch company founded in 2018, winner of the Health Holland Venture Challenge (startup of the year) by scientists of the UMC Utrecht. Its ambition is to transform cancer care by enabling faster and more reliable diagnoses, particularly in the context of cancer recurrence, thanks to its proprietary circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) detection technology.

About GEDiCube

At GEDiCube, we are committed to the early detection of cancer, to intervene at a stage where treatment can be most effective. We have developed an award-winning AI Technology that significantly accelerates early cancer detection and diagnosis at an early stage and its recurrence via liquid biopsy. Our platform, “ The Cube,” brings together proprietary artificial intelligence (AI/ML) technology and algorithms, multi-omics, multi-modal data, and the expertise of a carefully selected multidisciplinary team to accelerate precision medicine and enable breakthrough changes in cancer care. As of this morning GEDiCube will operate under its new name, RenovaroCube.

Top Reasons to Have RENB on Your Radar RIGHT NOW

  • Cutting-Edge Innovation: Renovaro Biosciences is at the forefront of medical innovation, spearheading advanced allogeneic cell and gene therapies for cancer, HIV, and HBV.
    Transforming Healthcare: By reshaping immune responses and aiming for a future free from toxic chemotherapy, RENB is driving transformative changes in healthcare, offering hope for millions worldwide.
    Market Potential: With a focus on a multi-billion dollar market opportunity, RENB is strategically positioned to capitalize on significant growth prospects in the healthcare sector.
    Clinical-Stage Advancements: As a clinical-stage company, RENB has made substantial progress in developing transformative therapies, with several candidates advancing through preclinical and clinical phases.
    Cancer Treatment Revolution: RENB's groundbreaking therapies offer hope for patients battling cancer, with promising developments in solid tumor treatments that could revolutionize cancer care.
    HIV Breakthroughs: With innovative approaches to gene-modified cell therapies for HIV, RENB is pioneering potential cures and preventive measures, addressing a critical need in global healthcare.
    HBV Gene Therapy: RENB's exploration of gene therapy for HBV showcases its commitment to tackling infectious diseases, presenting a promising avenue for combating Hepatitis B virus infections.
    Strategic Partnerships: Collaborations with renowned institutions like UCLA and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center underscore RENB's commitment to leveraging top-tier expertise in advancing its therapies.
    Platform Technology: RENB's sophisticated allogeneic cell therapy platforms offer scalable and cost-effective solutions, enhancing accessibility and effectiveness in treating various diseases.
    Investor Appeal: With a NASDAQ listing (NASDAQ: RENB), RENB presents an attractive investment opportunity, backed by its innovative pipeline, strategic partnerships, and potential for significant market growth.

The Opportunity…

Renovaro Biosciences Inc (NASDAQ: RENB) presents an unparalleled opportunity in the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare innovation. With a focus on advanced allogeneic cell and gene therapies, RENB is poised to address critical unmet needs in the treatment and prevention of cancer, HIV, and HBV.
In a market with multi-billion dollar potential, RENB stands out as a pioneering force, leveraging cutting-edge technology to develop transformative therapies. Its clinical-stage advancements demonstrate tangible progress in bringing these therapies to fruition, offering hope for patients worldwide.
One of RENB's most promising areas of focus is its revolutionary approach to cancer treatment. By targeting solid tumors with genetically modified cell therapies, RENB aims to reshape the landscape of cancer care, potentially offering life-changing outcomes for patients. Moreover, its commitment to innovative HIV therapies reflects a dedication to addressing the ongoing challenges of managing this chronic disease, with the ultimate goal of achieving a cure.
The exploration of HBV gene therapy further underscores RENB's commitment to tackling infectious diseases, with the potential to impact millions affected by Hepatitis B virus infections. Through strategic partnerships with leading institutions such as UCLA and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, RENB leverages top-tier expertise to drive forward its research and development efforts.

With a NASDAQ listing (NASDAQ: RENB), RENB offers investors a compelling opportunity to participate in the future of healthcare. Its innovative pipeline, strategic collaborations, and potential for significant market growth make RENB an attractive investment proposition. By transforming healthcare and offering hope for a future free from toxic chemotherapy, RENB is poised to make a profound impact on the lives of millions worldwide.

If there is a way to prevent this devastating disease from happening, it could completely change the healthcare landscape going forward. This is where Renovaro Biosciences Inc (NASDAQ: RENB) is leading in innovation.

Company Overview:

Renovaro Biosciences Inc. (NASDAQ: RENB) is a pioneering biotechnology company at the forefront of revolutionizing healthcare. Focused on developing advanced allogenic cell and gene therapies, Renovaro is committed to addressing significant unmet needs in cancer, HIV, and HBV treatment. With a strategic emphasis on innovative technologies and cutting-edge research, the company is reshaping the landscape of modern medicine.

Renovaro's mission is anchored in its dedication to transforming cancer care. By leveraging groundbreaking gene-modified cell therapies, the company aims to offer hope to patients battling solid tumors, a critical area where traditional treatments often fall short. Additionally, Renovaro's pioneering approach to HIV treatment presents a potential breakthrough in combating the virus and improving patient outcomes worldwide.

Committed to advancing healthcare, Renovaro collaborates with renowned institutions such as UCLA and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Through these strategic partnerships, the company accelerates the development of its therapies and maximizes their potential to impact patients' lives positively.

As a NASDAQ-listed company (NASDAQ: RENB), Renovaro offers investors a compelling opportunity to participate in the dynamic field of biotechnology. With a focus on innovation, collaboration, and market growth, Renovaro is poised to lead the way in transforming healthcare and shaping a brighter future for patients worldwide.


The strategic benefit of cell therapy platforms is to potentially allow for manufacture of large, “off-the-shelf” banks of therapeutic cells that could be accessed on demand by health care professionals to potentially decrease the time between diagnosis and treatment.

In addition, because we focus on cells from donors, the strategy could potentially enhance the ability of the therapeutic candidates to induce a more robust response once injected into patients. The human immune system is designed to recognize and distinguish “self” from “non-self” and destroy “otherness” such as bacteria, viruses, and damaged or diseased cells such as cancer cells. Alloreactivity (reacting against another person’s cells) is the most powerful response the immune system generates.

Several of our technologies take advantage of the alloreactivity to hyper stimulate a person’s immune response to better attack a chronic infection (e.g., HIV) or solid tumor. In certain proposed treatments in development (e.g., HIV and cancer), cells taken from healthy donors are sometimes genetically modified to introduce signaling molecules that are designed to enhance the ability of specific immune cells to recognize diseased cells, and to help recruit other cells that will destroy cancer or virus infected cells.

Renovaro believes that the combination of off-the-shelf allogeneic cells, combined with genetic modifications designed to enhance immune signaling, could potentially generate therapeutic candidates that have unique attributes that will increase the likelihood of success.


In addition to the platform described above, Renovaro has an innovative gene therapy approach to enhance the selection and engraftment (uptake) of cells carrying therapeutic attributes. Enhanced uptake or engraftment could play a critical role in some cases to increase the likelihood of therapeutic benefit. This technology was initially developed for autologous cell therapy from a person living with HIV, and genetically modifying those cells so they cannot be infected with most variants of HIV, plus a gene modification to enhance uptake. We have sublicensed under a profit-sharing agreement our technology to potentially increase engraftment for potential use in CAR-T therapy as a potential cure for HIV.


Renovaro is exploring various approaches for gene therapy design elements to potentially eliminate virus-infected cells with an innovative molecular mechanism that co-opts the virus’ machinery to induce the death of infected cells rather than reproducing and causing more infection and exacerbate disease.


Leveraging allogenic cells offers numerous advantages to our development strategy:

  • Boosting Immunity: Non-self allogenic cells bolster T-Cells, activating immune responses effectively.
    Enhanced Safety Potential: Allogenic cells, naturally rejected after stimulating cancer-killing cells, don't permanently reside in the body, possibly improving safety.
    Expedited Therapy Access: Cryopreserved dendritic cell banks enable swift therapy post-diagnosis, reducing waiting times. Scalable production from a single donor source ensures cost-effectiveness compared to autologous cell therapy.
    Versatile Platform: Our platform, primed to receive any tumor antigen, facilitates rapid development of multiple products for various cancer types

Renovaro BioSciences collaborates with Dr. Anahid Jewett from UCLA to further investigate the efficacy of our approach in pancreatic cancer. Dr. Jewett's innovative mouse model mimics the human immune system, offering invaluable insights for advancing cancer treatment.


Unmatched efficacy for therapeutic vaccines in preclinical models for human solid tumors

RENB-DC11 treated animals compared to controls

  •  Untreated tumor
     Tumor treated with untransduced Dendritic Cells (mainstream cancer vaccine approach)
     Tumor treated with vector control transduced Dendritic Cells
  • 80-90% decreases pancreas tumor size (weight and volume)
    Significant infiltration of tumor sac by effector immune cells
    Significant peripheral T and NK Cell immune activation
    No metastases

Delayed injection of RENB-DC11 in mice with established luciferase labeled pancreas tumor, stopped progression and showed drastic tumor size regression in 2/3 mice (one mouse had no tumor detection 4wk post dosing), whereas all untreated mice showed massive tumor progression.

Revolutionizing Infectious Disease Treatment: Unveiling Renovaro Biosciences' Groundbreaking Platform for Combatting Viral Threats!

"Despite advances in treatment, HIV remains a global challenge. Antiretroviral therapy has transformed HIV from a death sentence to a manageable condition, yet it comes with challenges such as lifelong therapy, high costs, and risks of side effects. With drug resistance on the rise, there's a critical need for innovative solutions. Stigma and discrimination further complicate the situation.

Over 40% of those needing therapy lack access, and HIV claims over a million lives annually with millions more newly infected. A cure or preventive vaccine holds the promise of transforming countless lives worldwide."


Allogeneic Cell Therapy Platform

Renovaro BioSciences aims to boost the immune system against HIV through vaccination, offering protection for uninfected individuals and potentially controlling the virus in those already infected. Their innovative approach utilizes immune response induction from donor cells. Promising in vitro results have led to non-human primate studies at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, with preliminary findings expected by late 2023. Human studies could follow in late 2024


"Renovaro BioSciences presents a groundbreaking solution for HIV treatment by targeting CCR5 expression, crucial for HIV entry into cells. Their ALDH gene modification technology aims to enhance engraftment of gene-modified stem cells without the need for immune system ablation, potentially eliminating the need for Antiretroviral Treatment (ART). While initial studies showed promising results, further development of RENB-HV01 was deemed costly. As a strategic move, Renovaro sub-licensed the ALDH gene modification to Caring Cross, who aims to integrate it into their CAR-T cell therapy for enhanced engraftment."


Allogeneic Cell Therapy Platform

"Renovaro BioSciences is exploring RENB-HV21, a promising HIV treatment utilizing allogenic Natural Killer (NK) and Gamma Delta T-Cells (GDT). These cells, believed to play a key role in controlling the virus, offer innovative potential for HIV therapy. Renovaro holds an exclusive license for the underlying patent, with successful pre-IND studies completed. However, due to priority shifts to the Oncology pipeline, immediate clinical trials for RENB-HV21 are not planned."


RENB-HB01: HBV Gene Therapy

RENB-HB-01 is currently in the early pre-clinical phase, with ongoing exploration of different gene therapy design approaches. Pending successful results from these explorations, we anticipate initiating the regulatory process by the first half of 2024. However, our primary focus and investment priority lie in advancing the oncology platform, starting with pancreatic cancer research and development.

Renovaro Biosciences Targets Expansive Market Opportunities


Renovaro Biosciences: Pioneering Breakthroughs in Pipeline and Technology Platforms


Our integrated platforms encompass innovative interventions in advanced cell and gene therapies that provide hope for cures and/or life-long remissions for devastating diseases. Because of the relative ease of administration, our potentially ground-breaking interventions could be used throughout the world to transform the lives of millions of people.

Revolutionizing Cancer Treatment: Explore Renovaro Biosciences' Innovative Oncology Platform


Currently into IND-enabling phase with planned IND submission H2 2024

Renovaro Biosciences pioneers cutting-edge cancer therapies targeting immune evasion. Our innovative approach, leveraging genetically engineered dendritic cells, bypasses tumor defenses, and enhances tumor eradication. RENB-DC11, a breakthrough therapy, harnesses genetic modifications to bolster immune signaling, effectively targeting aggressive solid tumors.

“The fusion of AI and biotech opens up new horizons in healthcare. We have been advancing strategic partnerships with leading academic centers and technology companies while working to expand our existing relationship with NVIDIA. We believe our combined capabilities will help to accelerate both the ability to detect and treat cancer and other diseases.”

By Dr. van Kalken added,


Press Releases


Statement of Renovaro Inc

GlobeNewswireWed, Feb. 14


In summary…

In the realm of modern medicine, the quest to conquer cancer and infectious diseases stands as one of humanity's greatest challenges. Renovaro Biosciences Inc. (NASDAQ: RENB) emerges as a beacon of hope, dedicated to pioneering advanced allogenic cell and gene therapies to combat these formidable foes.

With a comprehensive pipeline spanning oncology, HIV, and HBV, Renovaro is at the forefront of cutting-edge medical innovation. In the oncology sphere, the company's groundbreaking platform targets solid tumors, leveraging genetically modified dendritic cells to bypass immune evasion and enhance tumor eradication. Promising preclinical results from RENB-DC11 demonstrate its efficacy against aggressive forms of solid tumors.

In the battle against HIV, Renovaro's innovative approach seeks to boost immune responses through preventive and therapeutic vaccines, potentially transforming the lives of millions worldwide. Meanwhile, their exploration of allogenic Natural Killer and Gamma Delta T-Cells presents a novel avenue for HIV treatment.

Additionally, Renovaro's foray into HBV gene therapy signals a promising step towards eradicating virus-infected cells, offering hope for those afflicted by this persistent infection.

With a focus on leveraging banked allogenic cell therapy and strategic collaborations with esteemed institutions like UCLA, Renovaro is poised to revolutionize healthcare delivery. As the company advances its mission to develop definitive cures and therapies, now is the time to keep Renovaro Biosciences Inc. on your radar as a leading force in the fight against cancer and infectious diseases.



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