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Re-Evolution 2011: A Chronicle of Events (FUSE)

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Last Post: 1/1/2021 9:18:33 PM - Followers: 3 - Board type: Premium - Posts Today: 0

This board is meant to chronicle the upcoming and current socio-economic events of 2011 and 2012 which to my mind will lead to a certain global calamity and a subsequent revolt against the "elitist financial forces" seeking to control the Earth and it's resources to their exclusive and private advantage. Therefore, it is to be a journal of utter facts; the "who, what, where, when, how and why". However, may it also to be a discussion board. But only about these matters at hand and how conditions are being either reacted to, (negative, knee-jerk action), or responded to (positive, considered action) by the various groups. This is not a board to point fingers and find blame among ourselves. That blame is universal. WE let this happen to ourselves through personal carelessness and misplaced trust of authority. We know the saying "United we stand, divided we fall" is not only wise, but a proven truth. Anything else creating a separation is a sham meant to keep us busy, arguing and divided. That being race, gender, politics, sexual orientation, and the like.  Those falling for such as simple ploy probably have little to contribute here. Those deservedly here should know who the real troublemakers are; the clever and stealthy financial, legal and global elite who have for generations set us up, used the earnest labor of the average man while at the same time stripping from those same men a portion of their bounty and now wish to discard of them entirely. We must find and share ways on the internet to undermine the elitist (corporate) manipulation of water, food, housing, politics, legal remedy, and all under their erstwhile control. It is my belief the American people have yet to awakened from their stupor to a full realization of what is becoming of them. Perhaps lagging behind as they are to feel the full effects and come to real terms with the true intent of the destructive legal actions being focussed against them buys time to find answers before the pain begins. Thus, I hopeful there is still time to learn the lessons necessary to rebuild anew. I have no illusions THAT ALONE is what it will take. There will be no repair old wineskins here to paraphrase a biblical sentiment. We'll have to begin fresh. The elite and their minions are well-entrenched,  They will not easily give up centuries of gains. It will get bloody, violent and reactionary at first. Anger will seethe, it will get chaotic, but after the first irrational, reactionary events, I suspect that reason takes hold. The elite can stand up to direct, bloody assault. They will simply hide while directing attacks upon the citizenry. It is unwitting cooperation of the earnest that got the clever this far. End that and UNDO what has been done against you and they will be sputtering red-faced in anger and frustration. They can not stand up to non-chaotic, non-violent, non-cooperation. That doesn't mean protesting in the streets. That's expected and impotent. No,... it means simply doing the opposite of what is expected of you. You aren't protesting anything. You just live. Don't feed the machine. Just stand together. Build community among yourselves. Grow your own food. Support and fund your OWN community. Put your effort into that which helps you and YOUR neighbor. Take control your own resources however you can. Don't send your money more than 10 miles away. Decentralize everything possible. Learn mental judo, use the power of the system against itself. Scares the fuck out of them. That's why all REAL peace makers are killed. Think about that. Time to begin. Join us to regain what has been taken from you.
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