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javascript:copytext(document.forms[0].charttocopy); bella99 08/01/09 4:03 PM
Hedge funds stop cash withdrawals johnlw 10/25/08 9:16 PM
excellent fund - has great choice in stocks feint 07/17/08 12:08 PM
MNR Mediterranean 26,522,600-share private placement Tackler 11/08/06 12:44 PM
African Copper shareholder RAB discloses holdings johnlw 03/23/06 7:05 AM
WOW shoulda reloaded. Tackler 02/08/06 11:37 PM
Yes, noticed a little vol. Think they were Jackjc 01/14/06 3:48 PM
CCE... Tackler 01/14/06 12:42 AM
Commerce Resources Ltd. on BTV Tackler 12/08/05 11:32 PM
Yup, this tantalizing play attracted RAB... Tackler 12/07/05 4:04 PM
Yes took the 15 PP a yr ago. Jackjc 12/05/05 2:15 PM
Lots of volume Friday, you in? Tackler 12/04/05 8:16 PM
Interesting, they are drilling a Uranium prospect now. Tackler 11/17/05 8:50 PM
Heard RAB funding 1M to CCE Tantalum deposit. Jackjc 11/16/05 1:33 PM
Looks interesting, lots of bag holders from August. Tackler 11/16/05 8:17 AM
ACU Ed Monton 11/16/05 7:31 AM
African Copper Plc: Disclosure of Shareholding Ed Monton 11/16/05 7:30 AM
HBM HudBay says RAB Special holds 2%, not 40.24% Tackler 10/08/05 7:49 PM
RAB's Richards says U.S. more than Asia to Tackler 08/13/05 11:14 AM
RAB Capital increases assets under management Tackler 08/13/05 11:13 AM
Hedge fund article discusses RAB... Tackler 08/13/05 11:12 AM
BUFu Buffalo Gold 3.1-million-share private placement Tackler 08/11/05 12:12 AM
KLM Kermode Resources five-million-share private placement Tackler 07/30/05 1:46 AM
PAF Pan African Mining 1.5-million-share private placement Tackler 07/24/05 10:48 AM
PAX Pacifica 10.92-million-share private placement Tackler 07/24/05 10:45 AM
NOM Norsemont 3,985,878-share private placement Tackler 07/24/05 10:44 AM
CCH Campbell Resources Q1 loss grows to $2.67-million Tackler 07/24/05 10:43 AM
Star Performing 2200% Gainer RAB Special Situations Fund Tackler 06/13/05 8:31 PM
RAB has had a busy month... buying low. Tackler 04/28/05 9:28 PM
IFU shares privately placed with RAB Tackler 04/28/05 9:27 PM
MEX Midlands Minerals sells 4.5 million shares to RAB Tackler 04/28/05 9:25 PM
PCL Piper Capital shares acquired by RAB Special Situations Tackler 04/28/05 9:24 PM
WAR War Eagle raises $1-million for Tres Marias Tackler 04/28/05 9:23 PM
GGC Genco 4.51-million-unit private placement Tackler 04/28/05 9:22 PM
GAL Galantas Gold raises $3.5-million privately Tackler 04/28/05 9:20 PM
TGX True North units bought by Special Situations, Richards Tackler 04/28/05 9:19 PM
GDX Goldex Resources 4.5-million-share private placement Tackler 04/28/05 9:19 PM
BPM Bralorne Gold one-million-share private placement Tackler 04/28/05 9:16 PM
FPX First Point Minerals 4,345,001-share private placement Tackler 04/28/05 9:14 PM
BLR Baltic shareholder RAB subscribes for 1.5 million units Tackler 04/28/05 9:10 PM
VST Vast sells one million shares to RAB Tackler 04/28/05 7:47 PM
SLV Stealth shares acquired by RAB Special Situations Tackler 04/17/05 11:39 PM
RAB SPECIAL SITUATIONS L.P./Majestic Gold Ed Monton 03/16/05 6:37 PM
Consolidated Global Minerals -CTG.V- siempre33 03/12/05 7:05 PM
Century Mining -CMM.V- siempre33 03/12/05 6:52 PM
RAB buys 2.5M units of Apogee -APE.V- controls siempre33 02/22/05 11:37 AM
RAB controls 21.32% of Zaruma Resources..... siempre33 02/21/05 9:45 AM
I know there have been several recent purchases siempre33 02/21/05 9:31 AM
ADT Ed Monton 02/16/05 9:54 PM
Adt is ob the move. speardoon 02/16/05 9:41 PM
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RAB Special Situations (RAB)

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Moderators RAB Capital has several funds, one of which is the RAB Special Situations Fund now listed on the London exchange. The strategy of the Special Situations fund aims to produce maximum returns, with minimum investment restrictions. Awarded New Hedge Fund of the Year at the EuroHedge Awards 2003. RAB Capital is listed on the London exchange: RAB Special Situations fund also listed in London: Philip Richards - Chief Executive RAB Capital Philip Richards is Chief Executive of RAB Capital plc and co-founded the Company in 1999. He is the investment manager of RAB Special Situations LP and RAB Special Situations Fund, as well as Chief Investment Officer. From 1987 to 1998, Philip worked at Smith New Court (later Merrill Lynch) where he was a founding member and executive director of the European equity division. At various times, he was responsible for Belgian, French and Italian equity research at Smith New Court and, after its acquisition by Merrill Lynch in 1995, he became Managing Director of European research and later Managing Director of investment banking for Belgium and Luxembourg. Philip holds a BA (Hons) from Oxford University (Corpus Christi College) in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. Assuming Mr. Richards knows what he is doing maybe some money can be made tracking his investments. When posting RAB Capital fund holdings, please post the stock symbol in upper case at the start of your post followed by the release, link to info or comment. AAB ACU ADA ADB ADT AFK AMC APE APM BDI BLR BM BPM BPR BUFu BYRE CCE CCH CGC CMM CPN CQ CT CTG CZQ DIB EAM EAS ECC ENM EXR FPX FR GAL GCL GDX GGC GL GLD GML GSL GWG HAT HBM HLO HPU IAU IFU IPR IRK JBO JLB KAN KGI LGO LV MAW MEX MIO MJS MNR MTS NDL NIB NOM ORS OTZ PAF PAX PCL PLG PRZ PVL ROK RSM SKY SGV SGVL SLV snv SPM SRG SRU SQZ SUN SVL TBM TDC TGX TIO TLG TMI TNR TPC TVC TWD VAN WAR XE ZMR
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