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Princeton Security Technologies (fka PSGY)

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  Princeton Security Technology, Inc.

303C College Road
Princeton, NJ 08540

Phone: 609-924-7310

PGTI Website






 Company Profile


Princeton Gamma-Tech Instruments is a leading supplier of X-ray and Gamma-ray Detectors and Spectroscopy systems, portable Radioisotope Identifiers, and portable Chemical Analyzers. We serve a broad customer base in scientific research, industrial materials analysis, and Home Land Security. PGT operates a full customer service and Reachback program, backed by a modern manufacturing and service facility.

Princeton Gamma-Tech has been a leader in the field of semiconductor gamma- and X-ray detectors for over 30 years. When General Electric first produced high-purity (intrinsic) germanium crystals in 1972-73, PGT manufactured the first commercial HPGe planar detectors, soon followed by the first HPGe coaxials. Since that time, PGT HPGe detectors have explored outer space, gone to the depths of mines in search of beta-beta decay in enriched germanium, and found uses throughout the world in nuclear power plants, environmental measurements, and aerospace studies.



  Share Structure



Outstanding Shares           14,408,513  as of October 31, 2011

                      Authorized Shares              90,000,000    





SAM Defender - Isotope Identification using field portable radiation monitors for industrial, medical and SNM charaterization. GPS, detector options and software with reachback support

MCA 2500R - A new all-digital multi channel analyzer. The MCA2500R offers compatibility with existing 2100R software and detectors, and gives nuclear spectroscopy systems a power bust with 75000 CPS. University bundling options also.

1035 Spectroscopic Area/Portal Monitor - A modern, economical and proven system for continuous monitoring of user defined areas and locations with isotopic identification of all gamma nuclides and neutron emissions. Applications include: Indoor / Outdoor Smart Building Security, Smart Perimeter Monitoring, Smart Portal Monitoring and High Volume Flow of various Industrial Materials . Systems communications options available and numerous detection configurations are available.

Nuclear Spectroscopy Software - The Quantum Family of Software offers nuclear spectoscopy tools ranging from less technical classroom products for general teaching to advanced qualitative and quantitative measurements for the spectroscopists in the field. New demo version available for introductory nuclear spectroscopy work.

Gamma-ray detectors - Full line of gamma ray detectors for research and industrial applications. Materials such as NaI (sodium iodide) and LaBr6 (lanthanum bromide) are paired with appropriate multi channel analyzers and spectroscopy software, giving users unmatched value in the entire system.

X-ray detectors - Full line of both Si(Li) and HPGe detectors for X-ray analysis. MCA 4000 electronics and Excalibur spectroscopy software give users full X-Ray Spectroscopy systems with state-of-the-art capabilities.

Sahara silicon drift detectors - Silicon drift detectors with 'Variable Z' functionality, allowing the researcher to position the active detector closer to the source. Well recognized innovative breakthrough by PGT in the X-Ray spectroscopy community.

Multi-element arrays - Si(Li) and HPGe multi element arrays are available for the highest throughput available for Synchrotron beam line applications. Multi-elements are combined in a single area giving the users low peak-to-noise ratios and unprecedented detection abilities. Over 60 MEAs installed worldwide.

Multi-channel analyzers - A complete spectroscopy electronics package to compliment your detectors. New digital units offer faster throughput, CPS and compatibility with a broad range of detectors and software options.

Nuclear Spectroscopy Systems - A variety of gamma-ray detectors (HPGe, NaI, LaBr6, etc...), 2048 channel, all digital MCAs and Quantum Gold analytical software all operating in concert to give users a high performance, low cost nuclear spectroscopy system.

You Tube Videos 
PGT Handheld Nuclear Isotope Identifier

PGT Lite

PGT X-Ray Fluorescence Silicon-Drift Detector





 Recent Press Releases

1/24/2012 ~ Princeton Security Technologies, Inc. Completes Radiation Sensor Testing on Large Displacement Unmanned Underwater Vehicle

1/19/2012 ~ Princeton Security Technologies, Inc. to Expand Its Distribution in China

12/21/2011 ~ Princeton Security Technologies, Inc. Announces Cash Dividend







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