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Politics and Money

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I'd like to establish a forum where World politics and the Power of wealth can be discussed.

What is the motivation?

What will make it all better?

It's my belief that we have all the answers.

Whether it be to our financial markets or political and social questions.

I'm doing this for my own education and having fun doing it.

My very basic ideas of the mechanics that drive our society:

1) Wealth is power. Political influence is power. Capitolism as a means to betterment in a fair market.
2)The greater good, the idea of sacrifice and an obligation to advance the human well being to make a difference in the human cause should be empowering.
Balancing the two ideals should be our goal.
Can we rise above the need for Kings and accept the responsibility of self rule ?

Democracy requires independance from the crutch of leadership and freedom respects the rights of others. Money is just a tool for trade.

We can rely on the lessons of our parents?
The traditions of our ancestors?
The lessons we have learned and humility to accept others as they can only add meaning to our lives.


Welcome to the board and please express your opinions.


Blue Eagle Lithium
High Times
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