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Politics and Money

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I'd like to establish a forum where World politics and the Power of wealth can be discussed.

What is the motivation?

What will make it all better?

It's my belief that we have all the answers.

Whether it be to our financial markets or political and social questions.

I'm doing this for my own education and having fun doing it.

My very basic ideas of the mechanics that drive our society:

1) Wealth is power. Political influence is power. Capitolism as a means to betterment in a fair market.
2)The greater good, the idea of sacrifice and an obligation to advance the human well being to make a difference in the human cause should be empowering.
Balancing the two ideals should be our goal.
Can we rise above the need for Kings and accept the responsibility of self rule ?

Democracy requires independance from the crutch of leadership and freedom respects the rights of others. Money is just a tool for trade.

We can rely on the lessons of our parents?
The traditions of our ancestors?
The lessons we have learned and humility to accept others as they can only add meaning to our lives.


Welcome to the board and please express your opinions.


#115289 DesertDrifter 06/26/17 07:30:32 PM
#115288   You might also be surprised that even DesertDrifter 06/26/17 07:11:44 PM
#115287   The fictional "scandals" that cost us taxpayers untold DesertDrifter 06/26/17 07:02:01 PM
#115286   OBAMACARE FACT OF THE DAY mr40 06/26/17 05:54:54 PM
#115285   Oh we haven't heard the rest of the mr40 06/26/17 05:34:07 PM
#115284   Are there more hating voters than loving ones? Garden Rose 06/26/17 03:37:47 PM
#115283   You are so tedious. What's next, another DesertDrifter 06/26/17 03:23:45 PM
#115282   Still a mile below your claim. mr40 06/26/17 03:21:58 PM
#115281   Here we go with the deflections and flood DesertDrifter 06/26/17 03:19:45 PM
#115280   Obama wasted billions of dollars gambling on picking mr40 06/26/17 03:18:52 PM
#115279   Go away, you trifling loser. Oh, per DesertDrifter 06/26/17 03:18:48 PM
#115278   You said "wealthiest" with no parameters mr40 06/26/17 03:15:21 PM
#115277   You, as always, neglected to qualify your spin DesertDrifter 06/26/17 03:00:25 PM
#115276   but we are the wealthiest country on earth, mr40 06/26/17 02:50:35 PM
#115275   Why should people who make their living off n4807g 06/26/17 02:45:31 PM
#115274   I agree this is a very limited group mr40 06/26/17 02:42:08 PM
#115273   Of course Trump's supporters hate Muslims - what PegnVA 06/26/17 02:35:57 PM
#115272   Well, in the present form, asset appreciation IS DesertDrifter 06/26/17 02:35:42 PM
#115271   Do you really believe that the richest are n4807g 06/26/17 02:29:33 PM
#115270   Nobody hates Muslims, only want proper vetting. Garden Rose 06/26/17 02:24:43 PM
#115269   I am very aware that the wealthiest pay DesertDrifter 06/26/17 02:16:33 PM
#115268   wealthiest n4807g 06/26/17 02:11:08 PM
#115267   Yes, the wealthiest class is so picked upon, DesertDrifter 06/26/17 02:03:38 PM
#115266   The economy DID recover in most sectors on n4807g 06/26/17 02:01:39 PM
#115265   Has anyone ever asked Trump why Saudi Arabia PegnVA 06/26/17 01:58:06 PM
#115264   Well, show me a wealthy wall streeter that DesertDrifter 06/26/17 01:53:14 PM
#115263   The economy DID recover in most sectors on DesertDrifter 06/26/17 01:51:30 PM
#115262   The strength in our country is not the n4807g 06/26/17 01:50:31 PM
#115261   Gee...if Obama were in office people would be n4807g 06/26/17 01:47:02 PM
#115260   Well, the system is being jolted and I DesertDrifter 06/26/17 01:46:08 PM
#115259   Just because the disparity is happening elsewhere also DesertDrifter 06/26/17 01:43:32 PM
#115258   I think sanders would have been light years n4807g 06/26/17 01:42:16 PM
#115257   You may be surprised to find out that n4807g 06/26/17 01:39:53 PM
#115256   Speak for yourself on holding the EU as DesertDrifter 06/26/17 01:38:35 PM
#115255   Most of the countries on the list are Garden Rose 06/26/17 01:34:42 PM
#115254   those who pay the most are in DesertDrifter 06/26/17 01:33:07 PM
#115253   Well we do like to point to the n4807g 06/26/17 01:27:15 PM
#115252   Relatives, schools, and businesses...If you have a link PegnVA 06/26/17 01:26:19 PM
#115251 jump on the bandwagon insist the "average" n4807g 06/26/17 01:25:59 PM
#115250   VAT hits the poor the hardest, of course. DesertDrifter 06/26/17 01:24:44 PM
#115249   Small % of those entering have relatives here, Garden Rose 06/26/17 01:23:49 PM
#115248   I doubt the so called "poor" in the n4807g 06/26/17 01:23:20 PM
#115247   Whatever.. but a kid that was saved by DesertDrifter 06/26/17 01:22:58 PM
#115246 can equivocate all you want, but the n4807g 06/26/17 01:16:19 PM
#115245   Technically, the public funding was from the March DesertDrifter 06/26/17 01:01:38 PM
#115244 DesertDrifter 06/26/17 12:50:00 PM
#115243   Kentucky and Arkansas have the highest number of PegnVA 06/26/17 12:47:57 PM
#115242   Wrong...the SC delivered a mixed ruling on Trump's PegnVA 06/26/17 12:32:55 PM
#115241 DesertDrifter 06/26/17 12:27:24 PM
#115240   You're right about the Ninth being a "circus". mr40 06/26/17 12:22:39 PM