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Planet Resource Recovery


Updated Information on November 2021:

The Company is in the process of acquiring a product line focused on the recreational industry. The target product line was first launched in 1969 and was in production until 2016. The Company is finalizing negotiations for the acquisition and looking to re-launch the entire product line as well as inherit the parts business derived from the product's 50-year existence.

 The company is operating out of an office/warehouse space that operates as its corporate headquarters and a distribution center for parts until a new manufacturing facility is acquired and set up for production.



Planet Resource Recovery, Inc. Acquires MAX Amphibious Six-Wheel Drive All-Terrain Vehicles - November 29th, 2021

Planet Resource Recovery, Inc. (OTC:PRRY) is pleased to announce that the company acquired MAX Amphibious All-Terrain Vehicles product line, assets, tooling, and intellectual property from Agile Vehicle Technologies Limited on Friday, November 26, 2021.

Recreatives Industries Inc. of Buffalo, New York began production of the MAX Amphibious All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) in 1969. In 2013, the MAX product line and associated assets were sold to new management and remained in production until 2016. The total number of MAX ATVs built between 1969-2016 exceeds 25,000 vehicles.

Andrew Lapp, CEO of Planet Resource Recovery, Inc. stated: This is an extremely unique opportunity for an OTC company. Our first task is to begin the process of re-establishing the supply chain for vehicle components and parts with previous vendors along with re-opening an assembly line for new vehicle production around Buffalo, New York. As a result of the massive success of MAX ATVs over a span of 47 years, the vehicles dominance in the Amphibious ATV market has created a viable revenue stream for replacement parts and accessories for an estimated 10,000 vehicles in existence today. Planet Resource Recovery, Inc. intends to re-launch the MAX parts and accessory business for the current market of MAX vehicles as the company begins the process of re-introducing MAX ATVs into the all-terrain vehicle market.

We are also excited to announce the appointment of Mr. Galen Reich as President of Planet Resource Recovery, Inc. Mr. Reich served as General Manager and Marketing Manager for Recreatives Industries Inc. from 1993-2013 and continued managing MAX ATVs under its new management from 2013-2015. Upon Mr. Reich joining Recreatives Industries in 1993, he began implementing his strategies for business development, assembly line production, sales leads, marketing, dealer network expansion, and military contract negotiations. This resulted in the company achieving a 24% compounded annual growth rate in sales revenue during the first 5 years. We are confident that Galen brings the needed experience to successfully re-launch the MAX brand and evolve the product line as we enter into a new generation of MAX ATVs.

Planet Resource Recovery
Currently headquartered in Sarasota, Florida, Planet Resource Recovery, Inc. is the manufacturer of MAX Six-Wheel Drive Amphibious All-Terrain Vehicles. First launched in 1969, MAX ATVs have been used in numerous applications relating to recreation, hunting, commercial, industrial, and military. Planet Resource Recovery Inc. will produce the MAX ATV product line along with MAX parts and MAX factory original accessories. For more information about PRRY, visit our new corporate website at or contact Investor Relations at / (561) 402-8025.



Planet Resource Recovery, Inc.


MAX ATVs first went into production in 1970 with the MAX II (2-seater) model. The pictures below include the first brochure of MAX in the early 1970's, the most recent brochure, and some never before seen photos of some of the body molds, handcrafted out of aluminum. Visit for more information on the world's most versatile ATVs!

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