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this company may have been in ibox before. not sure...
READING BELOW IS WHAT PVRE shows for profile.

got all ingredients as PGCR had.



71431 Halgar Rd, Rancho Mirage CA 92270
Telephone : (323) 356-7777
Email : sterling.peter@gmail.com 



 Corporate Website: http://www.placergoldcorp.com/

Reply from Peter Sterling....

Wow, he is fast, gotta give him that.

From: Peter Sterling <sterlingpeter@yahoo.com>
Sent: Tue, December 29, 2009 12:59:35 PM
Subject: Re: Placer Gold Corp Status Request


We are working on resolving it as we speak.

Peter J Sterling
Placer Gold Corp (PGCR)

Placer Gold Corp. (PGCR)
Finally enough free clean wind power to solve the worlds energy pollution problems.

North America Projects;

Presentation: PGCR Wind Projects OCT 22ND-2009 Version B. PPS WEB (4.7MB) 

New Summary Great Lakes wind Power Projects MS Word (12.7MB)

In 2008, the Land Policy Institute (LPI) at Michigan State University issued an offshore wind power report finding the potential for nearly 322 GW of generation capacity off the state's coast.

U.S. could develop 900,000 MW of offshore wind: Report 11 November 2009-- The U.S. Offshore Wind Collaborative (USOWC) released its study "U.S  . Offshore Wind Energy: A Path Forward "in late October. Citing a DOE finding that the United States has the potential to develop 900,000 MW of electricity from offshore wind resources.


CANADA:  Atlantic Coast Mega-Project. Multiple Wind Farms of 10,000MW each; News  


The additional wind power proposed from this mega-wind project would allow Canada and America's targeted C02 emissions reductions to be met at a lower allowance cost, saving consumers an estimated $10-$20 billion per year in carbon taxes.


NEW YORK STATE; October 21st, 2009 Great Lakes Wind power project News


Michigan State October 22nd, 2009 Great Lakes Wind power project News


New:   IEA renewable Energy Roadmap Report Nov 2009

View the full PGCR chart at Wikinvest



The global oil industry is pulling what's left of the conventional oil out of the early-discovered super-giant oil-fields and taking the gas too. When it comes to Peak Oil,  we're already on the far side of the peak.

Venezuelan economist Carlos Rossi stated to ASPO his analysis of oil trends in the U.S. "You are worried about your foreign oil imports now", he said. "You in the U.S. import about 65% of your oil today. You don't like it. But if you follow the clear trends, by 2025, you'll be importing about 92% of your oil. You'll like that even less."

The future of conventional petroleum output is all downhill, even with the future output from the deep-water offshore discoveries. That deep-water oil will help, but it won't power the world of the future the way it powered the world of the past. We live in a different world now. Thus, the energy future is all about transition to something else.

PGCR plans to become the Breakthrough renewable Energy Stock All the Major Energy Companies will soon want to take over.

Electric vehicles will be a large part of the energy future.

Millions of Electric Cars will soon hit the US market.


No-one is asking the obvious question;



Where's the 500GW per hour of new Clean electricity going to come from to make them all work?

"...Right now, nearly every automaker on the planet is gearing up to flood the market with some form of electric-powered car:

  • Daimler AG (NYSE:  DAI)  plans to roll out a hybrid version of its S-Class sedan later this year. The entire Mercedes lineup eventually will be available as hybrids in the next five years.
  • Tesla Motors Inc .,  of San Carlos, Ca., has already delivered theTesla Roadster, a stunning electric two-seater that sells for more than $100,000.
  • Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.  (ADR OTC:  NSANY)  retooled a factory in Smyrna, Tenn. to produce a pure electric vehicle. Nissan expects to sell as many as 50,000 units of the hybrid Altima in its first year.
  • Ford Motor Co.  (NYSE:  F)  is bringing out the pure electric Transit Connect commercial fleet van in 2010 and plans to invest $550 million to retool a Michigan truck plant to manufacture a pure electric Focus in 2011.
  • Chinese carmakers  Hafei  and  Coda  are planning to bring a mass-produced electric car to market in California in fall 2010.
  • And  General Motors Corp. (OTC:  MTLQQ,  NYSE:  GRM), is counting heavily on new-technology lithium-ion batteries to power the Chevy Volt, its revolutionary and much-hyped PHEV, which is due to debut next year..." Source Money Morning.

Nissan Executive Vice-President Mitsuhiko Yamashita said the company plans to cut gas emissions by 90 per cent by 2050, "a challenge that goes far beyond what hybrids can achieve but not electric vehicles."

All these millions of electric vehicles will need new sources of clean electricity. We are the only group that has the clean renewable power plans large enough to supply all  of them.




Please visit;    http://www.placergoldcorp.com/    


Contact;  sterling.peter@gmail.com


Share Structure
Share Structure - September 21, 2009

TA Confirmed this morning:
A/S: 500,000,000 - 500M
O/S: 368,000,000 - 365M
Certificate Shares: 210,710,867 - 210.7M
Book Shares: 154,799,133 - 154.8M

Number of Shareholders: 964
Float: 120,000,000
Insider Ownership: Unavailable
Market Cap @ .0039 = $1.42M
Max Estimated Float: 154.8 M
Max Estimated Float in $ @ .0039 = $603K
CEO Estimated Float in $ @ .0039 = $390K





1785 E. Sahara Avenue Suite 490
Las Vegas, NV 89104
Contact Investor Relations:
Phone:   323-356-7777  323-356-7777    323-356-7777  323-356-7777
E-Mail: ir@arcticoag.com


Registrar and Transfer Company
10 Commerce Drive
Cranford, NJ 07016-1010
Phone:   800-368-5948  800-368-5948    800-368-5948  800-368-5948
E-Mail: http://www.rtco.com/



PGCR.PK > SEC Filings for PGCR.PK > Form 10-Q on 4-Jan-2010 All Recent SEC Filings



Quarterly Report

We were incorporated in the state of Nevada on August 23, 2004. We have started operations. We have not generated revenues from operations, but must be considered a start-up business. Our statutory registered agent in Nevada: The Corporation Trust Company of Nevada, 6100 Neil Road Suite 500, Reno, Nevada 89511 From the proceeds of our offering, we subleased office space to commence operations. Our telephone number is (323)-356-7777.

On May 25, 2006, we completed our public offering by selling 3,862,500 shares at $0.02 per share, totaling $77,250. We began our operations as described in the business section of our registration statement during June 2006.

On June 22, 2007, our shareholders approved increasing our authorized shares of common stock to 200,000,000; effecting a five-for-one forward stock split (pro-rata increase) of our issued and outstanding shares of common stock; and, amending our Articles of Incorporation to create a class of blank check preferred stock with 20,000,000 shares authorized. Under the forward stock split, each one share of the our common stock was converted automatically into five shares of common stock. The effective date of the forward stock split was July 23, 2007.

On November 16, 2007, Arctic Oil & Gas Corp (formerly known as Bulldog Financial Inc.) entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement with United Oil and Gas Consortium Management Corp., a Nevada Corporation, Strategic Nine Corporation, also a Nevada Corporation and Sterling Oil and Gas (NZ), a New Zealand Corporation, pursuant to which it acquired a thirty percent interest in certain oil and gas claims as set forth in the agreement. These claims arise from a joint filing made, on May 9, 2006, by United, Strategic and Sterling with the United Nations General Assembly and the countries of Canada, Russia, United States of America, Norway and Denmark. The filing claims, as a responsible oil and gas development agent of the "common heritage of mankind", the sole and exclusive exploitation, development, marketing and extraction rights to the oil and gas resources of the sea floor and subsurface contained in the entire Arctic Ocean Common area beyond the exclusive economic zone of the Arctic Ocean's surrounding countries (the "Arctic Claims").

In consideration of Arctic acquiring a thirty percent interest in the Arctic Claims, Arctic agreed to issue 1,750,000 restricted Common shares to United in its own right and as agents for Strategic and Sterling, or their assignees.

On November 26, 2007, Scott McDowell tendered 23,750,000 Common shares to the treasury of Arctic for cancellation as registered direct holding. By Agreement dated as of November 26, 2007, Arctic cancelled the shares. Following the cancellation there were 6,862,000 shares outstanding.

On Nov 27th, 2007?, our shareholders approved increasing our authorized shares of common stock to 500,000,000; effecting a twenty for-one forward stock split (pro-rata increase) of our issued and outstanding shares of common stock; and. Under the forward stock split, each one share of the our common stock was converted automatically into five shares of common stock. The effective date of the forward stock split was Nov 27th, 2007.

On November 27, 2007, Scott McDowell resigned as president and secretary/treasurer of Arctic and appointed the following persons as officers:

President - Peter Sterling
Secretary/Treasurer - Peter Sterling
Vice-President - Edward M. Lawson

Immediately thereafter, McDowell, as the majority stockholder, appointed Peter Sterling and Edward M. Lawson as directors and then resigned as a director.

On November 27, 2007, the company changed its name from Bulldog Financial Inc. to Arctic Oil & Gas Corp.

On November 27, 2007 Arctic increased its authorized capital to 500,000,000 of par value $0.0001 per share.

Effective November 30, 2007, Arctic increased the number of issued Common shares, by exchanging each such share for 20 Common shares, each with a par value of $0.0001.

In January 2008, M. Lawson resigned as director and Kelvin Williams was appointed as a director.

Current Directors are;

President - Peter Sterling
Secretary/Treasurer - Peter Sterling
Vice-President - Kelvin Williams

On January 22nd 2009 the Company changed its name to Placer Gold Corp.



Focus For 2010: While the Company continues to seek alluvial gold projects to bring into production, its primary focus in 2010 is to secure strategic equity positions in large-scale wind energy leases and bring one or more of them into production, using off-balance-sheet government government-backed commercial project financing and grants wherever possible.

On September 30th 2009, the Company acquired strategic 20% equity interests in a Joint Venture which has interests in an expanding number of large-scale Wind Power Project proposals. The successful development of any one of the wind power projects proposed by the Wind JV would catapult the company into a major green energy producer.

The proposed wind power projects would utilize revolutionary next-generation patent accelerating wind turbine designs, which promises a 300-400% increase in electricity power output per unit of capital, thus lowering future wind energy costs to the lowest cost clean power system on the planet. The large quantities of available global wind resources, if developed using the new turbine, could enable the entire world population to enjoy forever, low-cost renewable energy.

The company acquired an initial 20% interest in two large proposed coastal wind power projects in the Eastern Seaboard of the US from Zero Carbon Wind Energy Corp. The Wind JV Agreement also allowed the company to participate as a 10% equity partner in future Wind JV additional future wind power projects at no additional cost. Consideration was the issuance of 80 million restricted shares and payment of a 50% share of nominal preliminary expenses.

Since the JV agreement was consummated the Company has participated as 10% strategic partner in a number of high-level project proposals lodged for super-giant, potentially nation-changing wind power projects in the US Great Lakes, Canada-Maritimes, France, UK., Ireland and Denmark. More proposals are expected to follow in 2010. The JV anticipates eventually developing at least one of the projects proposed.

Individual Wind power project proposals are typically for a number of modules of 10,000 Megawatts each, to be built over a twenty five year timeline.

Potential clean energy revenues of up to $1 billion per year could accrue to PGCR's 10%-20% equity for each one of the projects if completed.

The Company and partners plan to secure 30% clean energy US government capital grant and loan guarantees to finance up to 100% of the US Great Lakes and other proposed wind US projects construction costs.

Turbine development government grant funding has now been applied for in various jurisdictions.


All the millions of electric vehicles planned to replace the fossil fuel fleets of the world will need new sources of clean electricity. The Wind JV is the only group that has the clean renewable power plans large enough in scale to supply all of the future electric vehicles with clean, affordable, renewable electricity.

Further Wind Projects information is available at; http://www.zero-carbon-energy.com/ style='background-color:yellow;'>PGCR.htm


Sterling Wind Power


Ongoing Scale Model Testing of the patent Sterling Wind accelerator technology indicates that we can make wind electricity so cheaply, that technically; "The Global Energy Crisis Is now Officially Over"


Move over expensive, polluting fossil fuels, Cheaper Sterling Accelerator Turbines, (SAT) are coming like a jet engine to a wind farm near you, to free the entire world from being held hostage to imported fossil fuel supplies.

Sterling Latest Generation, Patent, Accelerating turbine design is more compact than ever and will turn even marginal Class 3 wind sites, (16-17mph average speed) into 60mph plus JET-SPEED wind sites making them viable - and extremely profitable.

Sterling Patent "JET-SPEED Accelerator Turbine" will make forever wind power as cheap as Hydro Power.

There is enough easily recoverable wind energy flowing worldwide to generate 400% of the world's currently generated electricity (53,000TWh/year). The world uses only around 15,000TWh/year today.

The wind-technology problem; Current technology offshore wind generators have a capital cost of approximately US$4,000 to $5,000 per KW hour of generating capacity, operate at full-rated power for only 40% of the time and thus yield a paltry 6%-8% financial return per year to their owners. This low return is barely sufficient to compensate for the various risks involved.

The Solution; Sterling Next-Generation JET-SPEED, Wind Power Generators, capture full higher rated power for double the annual hours making inexpensive zero-emissions renewable wind energy the dominate cheaper alternative energy resource.

Sterling Next-Generation JET-SPEED, Wind Power Generators will Provide all the extra power needed for the emerging next-generation clean electric vehicles at a cost competitive with any other power source and with zero pollution.


Conventional large wind generators are difficult to build and maintain. The remote large blade sizes means they can more easily suffer catastrophic failures. The latest version of the Patent Sterling Accelerator Grid-Parity wind generator amplifies the ambient wind speed by at least 4 times free stream values (e.g., 25 mph ambient speed becomes 100 mph Jet-Speed wind at the "Jet-Engine" single-stage turbine rotor.

We will use ultra-reliable, single-stage turbine, jet engine technology to extract the maximum possible energy from the super-fast airflows created by the Patent Sterling Wind Accelerator.

Note to Wind Turbine Manufacturers

As soon as the 300-400% more profitable, Sterling Patent Grid-Parity Accelerator Wind Turbine design reaches full production, all ambient-wind 3-blade wind turbine designs will become obsolete and un-saleable dinosaurs.

In order to ensure your company has a future in the wind turbine business we suggest you enquire as to licensing opportunities. Manufacturing licenses are available on a worldwide, regional, or per-country basis.


More Information


Peter Sterling Director sterling.peter@gmail.com




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