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Welcome to OTCQX: PQEFF

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Petroteq Energy, Inc., Pioneering Technologies in the Energy Industry

I have enjoyed a 50-year career in the Oil Patch, rising to the level of President of Exxon operations in the Arabian Gulf. Over that career, both domestically and overseas, both upstream and downstream, I have handled very large budgets and a considerable multi-national workforce, while managing multimillion dollar projects.

Few people outside of the energy industry understand the complexity of the transactions that need to happen between getting crude oil from the ground to ultimately ending up as gasoline in your automobile. There are land lease agreements, royalty agreements, taxes, revenue shares, profit shares, among other ways to slice up the revenues we receive. Further there of government and political relationships that govern the transition of product across borders and tax jurisdictions. It is an extremely complicated business as any group of auditors and accountants will attest, along with the many engineers and operators that handle the hardware.

The Blockchain holds the promise of unlocking billions of dollars in profits for the Energy Industry by reducing the friction inherent in the business processes we need to control.

Petroteq is uniquely positioned to participate in this tidal transition for the energy industry because we can work with and partner with all of the majors and juniors and not be seen as a threat. Further, our organizational structure is such that we are nimble. Our organization is designed and dedicated to be flexible and innovative, while challenged to create a new opportunity. Blockchain is poised to be the biggest gamechanger for the energy industry for the next several decades. I am not a blockchain expert, but I will become one, and I am pleased to lead this venture. We have the resources and access to work with the leaders in the industry from our headquarters in California.

We are working with the team at First Bitcoin Capital (OTC: BITCF) to begin this effort and develop tools that we feel will bring value to the industry. It might be through a ledger structured blockchain product or it could be through a coin, or maybe both. We intend to then package up that technology and deliver it to the majors, so they don't have to do it themselves. We can create a network where all the players in the energy industry can send and receive crucial production, transportation, and accounting information in real time and save billions in costs. By developing these technologies and providing them as a service to the industry we feel we will be able to generate a new revenue stream for our company as well as benefit from the efficiencies of the platform ourselves. 

So remember that we are a technology company -- developing and monetizing all kinds of technologies for the benefit of the industry and everyone whose quality of life depends on oil and energy. Watch us as we progress in this mission. By the way, I am presenting at LD Micro's conference in Bel Air in case you're in California next week.

Jerry Bailey, Director & President



Petroteq Energy, Inc. is a Canadian-registered holding company, publicly trading on the TSX Venture Exchange (Symbol: PQE) and the OTCQX trading platform (Symbol: PQEFF). Its offices are located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Los Angeles, California and its initial plant location in Vernal, Utah.

Petroteq is focused on value creation through the development and implementation of proprietary technologies for the environmentally safe extraction of heavy oils from oil sands, oil shale deposits and shallow oil deposits.

Petroteq by way of its wholly owned subsidiary has a breakthrough, environmentally-friendly, proprietary oil sands extraction technology which is suitable for all hydrocarbon deposits. The closed-loop technology may also be applied for remedial project such as tailings ponds. After the launch of its first extraction plant in Utah, the Company is now intends on scaling up its capacity with several additional, higher capacity extraction units within the state, which has over 30 billion barrels of undeveloped but recoverable oil. (DOE Estimate.) Asphalt Ridge, the location of Petroteq's first plant, is one of Utah's 8 major oil sands deposits with over 50 million barrels of undeveloped oil sands deposits. (DOE Estimate.)

SWEPT Technology 

SWEPT Technology was developed for the Enhanced Oil Recovery (“EOR”) of heavy oil assets and is based on the impact on a productive stratum by cumulative waves in the radius of several well spacings. Science tells us that hydrocarbons that are caught in wave fields decrease in viscosity and become more liquid due to the thixotropy effect, which also decreases the density of heavy oil.

SWEPT Technology is applied via a specially constructed wellhead that generates cumulative waves of various shapes, amplitudes and lengths to the productive stratum.  Wave propagation in-situ can extend the length of a many well spacing, with recorded distances between 100 m to 1000 m and possibly even further based on the characteristics of the stratum. As the result of wave application, certain changes occur in the oil containing rock as well as the oil contained in those rocks.


The effects of SWEPT are typically enjoyed by a well for a length of 3-5 days, to realize the most efficient production the well should be retreated repeatedly. The effect on rock properties stays for indefinite time.
Furthermore SWEPT can be applied to overcome some of the industries most common obstacles, such as, low energy, high viscosity, low permeability and porosity and high water cut along with low oil saturation.

S-BRPT Technology

S-BRPT Technology is a proprietary technology and extraction process that was developed for the Enhanced Oil Recovery (“EOR”) of heavy oil located at shallow and extra-shallow depths, bitumen, kerogen, lignite and the like and is based on the natural ability of materials to exist in various aggregate forms with specific physical properties.

This technology allows resynthesizing of such organic compounds and organic chemical compounds into a marketable product.  The S-BRPT process is environmentally friendly as it has low energy and water requirements along with minimal greenhouse gas emissions.

The physical form of hydrocarbons down well changes from liquid (for oil) or hard (for bitumen, etc.) into a vapor/gaseous form, which allows it to travel more easily to the surface. 
Once at surface the paraphrase slurry is received into specially designed and constructed facility where the slurry is synthesized into a liquid/hard form based on the designed specifications.


Petroteq Energy, Inc. has developed a unique, environmentally-safe, continuous flow, closed loop technology... a first in North America... and probably in the world. The Company's philosophy is that the environment and the oil sands industry can work together harmoniously ... .without any of the resulting destruction seen in so many of the world's major oil sands projects. This extraction technology is the result of almost five years of research by Petroteq's research and engineering teams, headed up by the Company's Chief Technology Officer, Dr. Vladimir Podlipskiy, well known for his work with benign solvents. 


Stage 1: Crushed ore delivered into patented fluidized bed extractor. Extraction process is performed at temperatures between 50-60 C degrees

Stage 2: Solvent composition with extracted oil bitumen is delivered from extraction column to the evaporator and then to distillation column.

Stage 3: Hydrocarbons (oil/bitumen) are extracted from the solvent in the distillation column and pumped to the storage tank.

Stage 4: Solvent is recycled, warmed up and returned back to the extractor within the continuous flow, closed-loop system.

Stage 5: Purified sands leave extractor and go through the drying process.


Petroteq's oil extraction technology has been evaluated by a reputable engineering firm, Chapman Engineering Company (Calgary, Alberta) who are experts in petroleum and chemical engineering projects as well as providing economical analyses for resource development processes.

01/11/18 • 9:00 AM EDT  First Bitcoin Capital Corp. (BITCF) Recieves First Payment Under Blockchain- Based Supply Chain Management Application Contract. 

01/10/18 • 9:00 AM EDT  Petroteq Energy Inc. Receives Notices on New Patents in the US and Canada Covering Oil Extraction Technology.

12/27/17 • 9:00 AM EDT Petroteq Energy Inc.,Year End Message from Chairman.

12/20/17 • 9:00 AM EDTPetroteq Energy Subsidiary, PetroBloq, announces Membership in Hyperledger. 

12/18/17 • 9:00 AM EDT Petroteq Energy Inc. Receives Construction Permits and Completes Concrete Work.

12/13/17 • 9:00 AM EDT Petroteq Energy Announces Appointment of Joseph Abrams to Board of Advisors of PetroBloq. 

12/7/17 • 9:00 AM EDT Petroteq Energy Annoucnes Appointment of Dr. R. Gerald Bailey to the Board of Advisors of PetroBloq.  

12/6/17 • 9:00 AM EDT Petroteq Energy  Announces Membership in American Petroleum Institute.

12/4/17 • 9:00 AM EDT Petroteq Energy Announces PetroBloq's Membership in Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

12/1/17 • 9:00 AM EDT OPEC Extension Promises Faster Payback Period for Petroteq's Asphalt Ridge Plant. 

11/23/17 • 9:00 AM EDT Petroteq Energy Inc. Announces MOU for $10MM for Lease and Extraction Facility.  

11/15/17 • 9:00 AM EDT Petroteq Energy, Inc. Discloses Progress on New Upscaled Oil Extraction Facility. 

11/08/17 • 9:00 AM EDT Petroteq Energy, Inc. Announces Share Subscriptions.

11/06/17 • 9:00 AM EDT Petroteq Energy, Inc. and First Bitcoin Capital Corp. Announce Blockchain-Based Initiative to Optimize Oil & Gas Supply Chain Management. Subsidiary.


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