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Pending News in Pennyland

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Welcome to

Pending News in Pennyland!


This board will spotlight the penny stocks that have an upcoming event (a press release, new product, a merger, major announcement, ...etc.) in the very near future. For example, company XYZ just released a PR which states that on the 20th of the month, they will be unveiling their latest product.

Unlike other boards out there that highlight recent stock news, we specialize in bringing only confirmed, quality newsworthy events that have yet to unfold. Just think of the opportunity this presents by getting in on a stock before it delivers its goods to the masses!

This is a HUGE advantage!!

With that said, our primary objective is for our board members to discover these stocks and to be able to find answers to these three questions:

1) When is the date of the company's forthcoming event?

2) What is that company expected to announce or do on that date?

3) What is the exact link to this pending news?


By providing JUST those three answers, we'll all become aware of the Pending News in Pennyland and be in prime position before the news event actually occurs! So feel free to post your penny stock symbol to the board and please provide as much information as possible. All current pending news events will be updated and stickied on the board at least once a week. 

The 5 Levels of Confirmation

A Level of Confirmation (LOC) value will be assigned to each symbol in the Hot Ten list below, so that you have a method to filter which stocks you might be interested in. All LOC values are subject to change should the stock's news deviate from its original timeframe or if its LOC improves or falters. The five LOC values are defined as follows:

LOC #1: The highest rating; the forthcoming event is confirmed by a PR directly from the company.

LOC #2: Second best rating; emails and/or other confirming correspondence from the company.

LOC #3: Third tier rating; the confirming news link provided is vague or incomplete.

LOC #4: Stock's pending news has been postponed at least once before in the recent past.

LOC #5: Stock fails to deliver its news in promised timeframe and removal from the Hot Ten is imminent.

The Hot Ten

Here, you'll find up to ten of the hottest trending penny stocks with the most significant pending news (as deemed so by the board moderators and/or board popularity).

All symbols in the Hot Ten are hyper-linked to their I-Hub quote page for your convenience.

Event dates that are highlighted indicate that the pending event is to take place this upcoming week!

Stocks that appear in this chart will be updated once a week on the discussion board under the "Current Pending News Links" sticky.

*You MUST provide a link to your stock's pending news for it to be considered in the Hot Ten!*

Symbol Alerted LOC Current PPS Event Date Pending News Results
HBRM June 12th, 2012
3 0.0047 TBD Merger With China Resource, Inc  

As always, please do your own due diligence before buying any stock.

Best of luck and happy trading!

*** Recent Board Highlights! ***
Symbol Alerted LOC News Results
DGRI May 11th, 2012
1 NASDAQ MarketSite Announcement, May 17 High of 0.0049 on May 15th
for a 104% gain!
AUCI May 11th, 2012
2 CEO Announcement, Week of May 13 High of 0.0040 on May 15th
for a gain of 122%!
IMGG May 17th, 2012
1 Conference Call with CEO High of 0.0230 on May 18th
for a 53.33% gain!
PPBL May 16th, 2012
1 Reverse Merger to be completed High of 0.0130 on May 17th
for a 36.36% gain!
DNAD May 27th, 2012
2 "The Naked Gun" ICUP Game release date High of 0.0070 on May 29th
for a 89.19% gain!
AUCI June 5th, 2012
2 Business Plan and possibly financials High of 0.0020 on June 13th
for a gain of 33.33%!

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