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Welcome to Penny Lotto Stocks!

Join our e-mail list to receive alerts before we announce them to everyone else!!

Getting in early means BIGGER and BETTER gains!!!

This is a board for people that want to earn serious money, dont miss out on our next pick.



As we send out plays for everyone to play, please feel free to stop in and tell us how they went.  This will be like a testimonial.  It gives us feedback and puts a smile on our faces! Here at LOTTOPICK we want nothing more than to know that you're making money using our picks!  We want to put cash in your hands, or even better, have a positive effect on your financial situations!

Before I get into detail why we did this, I'm going to let you know how the 3 of us got together. We are everyday tra15ders from different areas who each have made very good money trading, as we all have other careers out of this field as well. As we talked, we got more and more pi**ed about the so called other promoters out there that "pump and dumb" everything.  As we all three lost quite of bit of money when we first started in penny stocks.  Mostly because we jumped into some e-mail promoter list and didn't know when to get out or what not.  It flat out sucked and almost caused us to quite trading altogether, but we kept messing around and now have the know-how to make good profits on most all of our trades. 


The reason we started this board and are currently working on a web page is simple. We are sick and tired of seeing BS e-mailers and promoters using picks and "clients/customers/subscribers" to make money for themselves. They push people to buy so that the price increases, they get out making nice gains, then the pick crashes and the so called "clients/customers/subscribers" are stuck with a big loss most of the time. 

After years of trading and deliberation, we have decided to start our own board/site to make picks that we truly believe will help others make some money. We have been trading and making picks for several years now and are finally certain we will make everyone money. All three of us have had really good success with our picks and have made really good money doing so, we take each pick and really go into it, making certain we all three agree that it should see a good gain the day we alert it. Some picks are day trades and some we will suggest for a little longer if we think it's only going to get better.  Listen, we will try and tell you exactly how long we think you should keep this and so forth, if we are really confident in it. The key to our picks is to take a gain when you get it, don't be greedy! No gain is a bad gain, but waiting for more and seeing the stock plummet is a nightmare! Once again….don't be greedy!!!                        

Has anyone heard of Timothy Sykes?   He started out with 12k, following the same rules we set to make our picks and made 2,000,000 in a year.   Think it's a fluke? Think again, he continues to do so every year. He's not the only one either. J This is our inspiration!!! If they can do it, then we certainly can too.


We will list every pick we make, not just the winners!! We will not make picks everyday like most others, we want to do our DD and make sure we are confident in our picks!

Disclaimer: Penny stock trading involves substantial risk, so always research every alert before trading, consult with a licensed professional before trading, only invest what you can afford to lose, and always trade with caution. Past winners listed here are examples of our very best alerts and NOT what you can typically expect. PENNY LOTTO and its staff are NOT licensed investment advisors of any kind, in any jurisdiction. Alerts are not a solicitation or recommendation to buy securities, but merely investment ideas that should NEVER serve as the basis of your trading or investment decisions. View the risks of investing in penny stocks at www.sec.gov

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#39   No picks as of lately...just want a for SSStock 03/15/13 09:20:35 AM
#38   I got in JALA, looks like its gonna SSStock 03/10/13 09:18:27 AM
#37   BTHR looking to be very impressive ! schap 03/09/13 09:13:26 AM
#36   Yea no kidding never can tell. I wanted HardMoney84 02/11/13 04:02:52 PM
#35   looks to me like BMSN was a keeper... coudashoudawouda 02/11/13 03:45:27 PM
#34   We are looking for major gains, so get SSStock 01/22/13 08:17:03 AM
#33   Very good pick, low float 1-2 day play SSStock 01/22/13 08:15:50 AM
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#31   CDFT looking good today schap 01/18/13 09:41:12 AM
#30   QLTS chart jhnvtjll 01/18/13 04:19:40 AM
#29   PMBS---http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=PMBS CAJUN 01/15/13 09:23:13 AM
#28   METH has backed up, might be CAJUN 01/14/13 02:50:27 PM
#27   CHLO showing some strengh CAJUN 01/14/13 02:48:44 PM
#26   Nice run I'll watch it might be a HardMoney84 01/14/13 10:50:41 AM
#25   BMSN LOOKING good don't for get to take HardMoney84 01/14/13 10:32:18 AM
#24   URBF riding the 10 day up. Just beginning CAJUN 01/14/13 08:16:59 AM
#23   RTGV chart jhnvtjll 01/12/13 05:57:21 AM
#22   EPGL chart jhnvtjll 01/12/13 05:57:07 AM
#21   BMSN was the play. Wow 325 million in. HardMoney84 01/11/13 05:10:03 PM
#20   ATTENTION FOLLOWERS I announced a FAST CASH play HardMoney84 01/11/13 03:13:58 PM
#18   Did you get in that pick this morning SSStock 01/11/13 10:41:51 AM
#17   Agree new deal will most likely be closed HardMoney84 01/10/13 08:34:56 AM
#16   almost 300% at HOD yesterday, setting at 169% SSStock 01/10/13 08:23:15 AM
#15   Almost 400% now HardMoney84 01/09/13 02:39:17 PM
#14   108% increase so far since our first alert....thats SSStock 01/08/13 09:28:13 AM
#13   DNAG, Show Signal Strength and Direction Shask 01/08/13 08:35:40 AM
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#10   Thanks! SSStock 01/07/13 10:09:06 AM
#9   Hey guys...Nice TICKER ;) Simonb217 01/07/13 01:39:40 AM
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#1   Are first pick will be out after new HardMoney84 12/27/12 07:55:01 PM