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PCT Ltd.


Latest News

September 24, 2019




The Registrant, through its operating subsidiary, Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corporation (PCT Corp), announced a successful phase one installation of PCT Corp.'s Annihilyzer® Infection Control System, in coordination with its primary healthcare distributor, ACE Janitorial Services. Founded in 1976, ACE Janitorial Services is a national distributor of janitorial cleaning systems and provides services to solve the critical challenges commonly faced by large-scale facilities and hospitals. PCT Corp.'s newest installation is occurring within Presbyterian Columbia Hospital in Manhattan, NY.


PCT Corp. recently designed, developed and finalized a new rack mount Annihilyzer® system that is being installed and deployed at Presbyterian Columbia Hospital. According to Darryl Patterson, PCT Corp.'s Director of Healthcare, "Some hospitals have limited space to accommodate installation of equipment so with that in mind PCT developed an efficient rack mount Annihilyzer System that takes up far less space, therefore giving PCT the opportunity to place more of the Annihilyzer systems in hospitals." Patterson further added, "This rack mount system provides all the same capabilities of monitoring, tracking and volumes of fluid solutions produced, as our larger cabinet model but this system fits into confined spaces. Our newest model allows even more areas within hospitals to be serviced."


In addition, PCT LTD is pleased to announce the receipt of another purchase order, through the efforts of ACE Janitorial Services, for an additional phase one installation of the Annihilyzer® Infection Control System at South Nassau Medical Center located in Oceanside, NY.


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Welcome to Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corporation

About Us

Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corp (PCT) is a technology licensing company specializing in environmentally safe solutions for global sustainability. The company provides innovative products and technologies for eliminating contamination from water supplies, industrial fluids, hard surfaces, food processing equipment, and medical devices.





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Mission: Infectious Disease and Contamination Control

The Problem:

Preventing Microbial Infections

Many billions of dollars a year are spent by individuals, organizations and the health care system to treat people who get infectious diseases caused by microbes including bacteria, viruses and fungi. With the advent of adaptive and ever more dangerous microorganisms called “super bugs”, the danger of acquiring life-threatening infections is real and growing. This danger affects everyone anytime they are in space where people gather, any microbe contaminating that space is a possible source of infection. With American’s spending 20 or more hours a day indoors, much of it in spaces that are not cleaned and sanitized/ disinfected properly, the threat of infection is constant, growing and dangerous, particularly to our vulnerable populations of the very young, elderly and infirm. 

Infectious diseases were associated with an economic burden of over $120 billion in the U.S. in 2014. Antibiotic resistant infections cost Americans $20 billion in direct medical costs and $35 billion in lost productivity in 2014. A particularly acute problem is Hospital Acquired Infections (HAIs) which are increasingly hard to kill or treat effectively. As a result, doctors struggle to contain, fight and cure increasingly antibiotic resistant infections such as MRSA, and C. Diff. The more antibiotics, medicines, pesticides and disinfectants are used to kill them, the quicker the microorganisms adapt, becoming ever stronger and more drug-resistant. Researchers estimate that, if the U.S. could reduce the number of hospital-acquired infections by 20%, healthcare providers would save nearly $7 billion per year. Insurance companies are beginning to deny coverage for treatment of HAIs, forcing hospitals to self-insure. This will create an immense financial and risk-management burden on hospitals, long-term medical, rehabilitation and assisted living facilities.


The Solution:

Overcoming the problem of microbial contamination and infectious disease can be straightforward. It requires proper products, equipment, protocols, education, and training for comprehensive and reliable cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting solutions.PCT Corp. offers these with its comprehensive “Green Cleaning” and Infection Control Systems. Infectious microbes cannot develop resistance to the cleaning and sanitizing products PCT Corp. uses and they are much less toxic to humans or pets than traditional agents such as bleach and ammonia.

The products are used through a commercially-ready, patented, integrated product and technology solution for total facility cleaning and sanitizing. This system and solution, The PCT Annihilyzer® Infection Control System, was specifically designed for use in hospitals, assisted-living and nursing homes and other large facilities. In various configurations, the solution system can be deployed in urgent care centers, medical, dental and veterinary practices and other health care facilities. A complete and custom turn-key cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection program solution can be provided to each facility. It is also adaptable to deployment in schools, prisons, hotels and many other facilities.

PCT has launched a major marketing and sales effort in the hospital facilities market and The PCT Annihilyzer® System has now been deployed in several hospitals in the eastern U.S.

Learn more about The PCT Patented Annihilyzer® System


The Annihilyzer® System
The Survivalyte System
Large Volume Systems
Small Volume Systems



Hospital-acquired infections (HAI) — also known as a nosocomial infection — is an infection that is contracted from the environment or staff of a healthcare facility. It can be spread in the hospital environment, nursing home environment, rehabilitation facility, clinic, or other clinical settings. In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated roughly 1.7 million hospital-associated infections, from all types of microorganisms, including bacteria and fungi combined, cause or contribute to 99,000 deaths each year.

Our goal is to provide solutions to this issue, by outfitting a healthcare setting with the technology and guidance needed to effectively get the job done - all through a dedicated partnership to prevent and eradicate the spread of infectious disease.

Oil and Gas:

Waste Water Treatment
Our system helps to decontaminate “frac” water for reuse in the fracking process, saving the industry millions of dollars and preserving the world’s water supply. Some of the many benefits of our system/process include: Elimination of highly toxic chemicals currently used for decontamination, reduced negative environmental impact, reduced recovery costs and potentially opening new areas for oil and gas retrieval.

Turning “Sour” Crude Oil to “Sweet”
In other areas in the gas and oil industry that presents a challenge is in treating existing wells for the presence of H2S of hydrogen sulfide. H2S is a large and growing problem in the industry, due to its continued introduction of bacteria in the fracking process. H2S causes increased production costs. Our solutions reduce those costs and reduce the environmental impact.


In the agriculture world, through USDA grants and multiple studies by universities around the world, Hypochlorous acid solutions have been tested and proven effective against yield-reducing crop pathogens in post-harvest applications to include sanitizing at point of harvest, point of packing and points of sale.

We are hoping to help stop these crop-devastating pathogens with our hypochlorous solutions that are known to be environmentally responsible and designed to improve and maintain crop yields, to produce a healthier overall harvest.

School Systems:

Dedicated to the success of students, schools are faced with a multitude of challenges to reach their goal of providing a solid education and an environment for healthy growth. To add to the list of responsibilities of school administrators, the battle of keeping absenteeism down, preventing the spread of infectious disease and keeping a clean environment bears a heavy load. Not only are the traditional cleaning products losing their effectiveness - thus allowing drug/antimicrobial resistant pathogens to wreak havoc - they are also polluting the indoor air with volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are known to cause respiratory-related issues, headaches and other ailments.

By providing daycare facilities, school systems and universities with a better alternative to poisonous, caustic chemical cleaning/antimicrobial agents, we’re providing a more productive environment. Not only are you killing germs with a product that eradicates them completely - keeping them from becoming resistant - you’re doing so with a product that doesn’t cause harm to the user, students or faculty.


Hotel and Tourism:

Similar to the healthcare environment, the hotel and tourism industry (i.e resorts, airports, cruise ships, etc.) are subject to communicable diseases. In the healthcare market, they are referred to as Hospital-Acquired Infections/Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) and in the hotel and tourism industry, they are known as Community-Acquired Infections. With as many different people traveling through these areas, from all sorts of countries and carrying various types of ailments or pathogens with them, consider the potential for an uncontrollable spread of these germs.

Outbreaks are typically caused by lack of proper processes and/or a failing product. Our ECA technology is designed to help anyone in the industry to get a grip on the issue and succeed at their main goal: providing an awesome experience for their guests.

Food Service/Production:

Our sanitizer strength solution meets the requirement of the FDA and USDA, to be a non-rinse sanitizing agent. In the world of dealing with food, why not use a product that actually kills food-borne pathogens - without containing any toxic chemicals that would harm the quality of the product?

Whether you’re dealing with meat, poultry or just need to maintain a facility’s defense against Salmonella/E. coli, contact us about using our solutions


  •  The Solution: ECA Technology

Germ Killing Power:

Forget harsh, toxic chemicals. Our process only requires salt, water and electricity to produce two products –a chlorine-based antimicrobial agent and an excellent degreasing cleaner.

Our technology produces an effective variable PPM hypochlorous acid solution that is created through an electrolytic process called Electro-Chemical Activation (ECA). It occurs by temporarily modifying the properties of water, by passing weak salt brine through an electrolytic cell and temporarily changing the properties of the salt water into a powerful oxidizing agent exhibiting highly effective antimicrobial properties.

An Excellent Cleaner:

Catholyte or sodium hydroxide, is an aqueous solution that is the natural byproduct of the electrolysis process, and is used to reduce microbe contamination and soil loads that can harbor germs on hard surfaces.

Catholyte is also a very effective degreaser and is a great option to safely clean floors without hazardous fumes, thus improving indoor air quality.


PCT LTD Announces New Purchase Order as the Result of a Successful Trial of Annihilyzer® Infection Control Systems

LITTLE RIVER, S.C., May 6, 2019
PCT LTD (OTC Pink: PCTL), through its operating subsidiary, Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corporation (PCT Corp), announced today that ACE Janitorial Supply Company (“ACE”), PCT Corp.’s distributor for the New York hospital and healthcare market, received a new purchase order for Morgan Stanley Presbyterian Children’s Hospital to continue using PCT Corp.’s patented Annihilyzer® Infection Control System following a successful 60-day trial within the facility. Morgan Stanley Presbyterian Children’s Hospital is the fourth hospital to become a customer of PCT Corp’s. and to take a proactive approach in providing patients, visitors and staff a new type and level of protection from the potential of hospital-associated infections.
Read Press Release

PCT LTD Installs a Large Volume Hydrolyte® System with Option Agreement for 4 additional LVH Systems with Oil & Gas Industry Customer

LITTLE RIVER, SC, February 25, 2019
PCT LTD (OTC Pink: PCTL), through its operating subsidiary, Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corporation (PCT Corp), a leader in environmentally safe, non-toxic, antimicrobial solutions announced today it has sold and is currently installing a large volume C-104 Hydrolyte® Systems to an existing customer, H2S Safe Treat, Inc. of Ada, OK (H2S). H2S requested and has agreed to an option to purchase four more C-104 Systems at the agreed pricing schedule on or before September 15, 2019. H2S currently operates a lower volume C-102 system purchased in July 2018 for the generation of fluids used in its proprietary treatment process, which removes environmentally and commercially harmful Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) from crude oil and natural gas. H2S is expanding the beta field-testing of its proven treatment and decontamination processes as it moves toward commercial scale operations.

PCT LTD Continues Expansion throughout New York Major Hospitals with its Patented Annihilyzer® Infection Control Systems

LITTLE RIVER, S.C., Feb. 21, 2019
PCT LTD (OTC Pink: PCTL), through its operating subsidiary, Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corporation (PCT Corp), a leader in environmentally safe, non-toxic, antimicrobial solutions for infection control, announced today its continued expansion and recognition throughout the State of New York for its patented Annihilyzer® Infection Control System.
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PCT LTD Receives Additional Purchase Order for Two Large Volume Hydrolyte® Systems from Existing Food Processing Customer

LITTLE RIVER, SC, February 12, 2019
PCT LTD (OTC Pink: PCTL), through its operating subsidiary, Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corporation (PCT Corp), a leader in environmentally safe, non-toxic, antimicrobial solutions announced today it has received a repeat order for two large volume Hydrolyte® Systems from one of its existing food processing customers. The referenced food processing customer’s plant currently has two systems at one facility and purchased another large volume system from PCT as a result of their 2018 plant expansion.

PCT LTD enters into Manufacturers Representative Agreement for Sales of Annihilyzer® Infection Control Systems in the Ohio Valley Region.

LITTLE RIVER, SC February 7, 2019
PCT LTD (OTC Pink: PCTL), through its operating subsidiary, Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corporation (PCT Corp), a leader in environmentally safe, non-toxic, antimicrobial solutions for infection control, announced today it has entered into a Manufacturer’s Representative Agreement with DTS of Cleveland, OH (DTS), for the sale of Annihilyzer® Infection Control Systems in Ohio, West Virginia, Western Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana and Kentucky.
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PCT LTD Executes New Master Service Agreement for Installation of Annihilyzer® Hospital Infection Control System at Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center

LITTLE RIVER, S.C., January 10, 2019
PCT LTD (OTC Pink: PCTL), through its operating subsidiary, Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corporation (PCT Corp), a leader in environmentally safe, non-toxic, antimicrobial solutions for infection control, secured a three-year Master Service Agreement and recently installed its Annihilyzer® Infection Control System at Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center in Carson City, NV. Carson Tahoe conducted in-house evaluations at their facility and produced several articles regarding the use of Hypochlorous Acid for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces in a hospital environment to reduce colony forming microorganism contamination. Hospital Associated Infections (HAI’s) currently costs U.S. hospitals over $35 Billion in infection prevention and control programs, HAI patient treatment and other significant HAI-associated costs.
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PCT LTD Announces Completion of Major Commercialization Milestones and Promotion of Jody Read to CEO Position

LITTLE RIVER, S.C., November 8, 2018
PCT LTD (OTC Pink: PCTL), a leader in environmentally safe, non-toxic, antimicrobial solutions for global sustainability, has reached significant company milestones through its wholly-owned operating subsidiary Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corporation (PCT Corp.). PCT Corp. has successfully completed two Beta Site trials and installations at major healthcare facilities, which have been converted into long-term agreements for its Annihilyzer® Infection Control Systems. PCT Corp. has also established agreements with several Manufacturing Representatives for geographical territories in the healthcare market. With these milestones achieved, PCT Corp. has commenced the full-scale marketing launch of its hospital infection control systems.
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PCT Ltd Secures Contract for 2 Annihilyzer® Hospital Infection Control Systems in Brooklyn Hospital

Little River, South Carolina, November 1, 2018
PCT LTD’s operating subsidiary, Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corporation (PCT Corp), announced today that, with its New York-based representative, it has entered into a contractual agreement for the installation and operation of two Annihilyzer® Infection Control Systems in a major Brooklyn hospital. The installation of the systems is currently underway and near completion.

Read Press Release

PCT Ltd enters into Master Services Agreement for Installation of Annihilyzer® Infection Control Systems in the Greater New York Area

Little River, South Carolina, October 26, 2018
PCT LTD’s operating subsidiary, Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corporation (PCT Corp), announced today it has entered into a Master Services Agreement with a New York-based hospital supply and services company for the installation of two Annihilyzer® Infection Control Systems to prevent hospital-acquired infections (HAI’s) in hospitals in its market area.

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PCT LTD enters into Exclusive Licensing and Distribution Agreement for the Treatment of Citrus Greening (Huanglongbing “HLB”)

LITTLE RIVER, S.C., September 26, 2018
PCT LTD (OTC Pink:PCTL), a leader in environmentally safe, non-toxic, antimicrobial solutions for global sustainability announced today it has entered into a license and distribution agreement with a long established agricultural chemical company through its wholly-owned operating subsidiary, Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corporation (PCT Corp.).
Read Press Release

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About PCT LTD 
PCT LTD (“PCTL”) focuses its business on acquiring, developing and providing sustainable, 
environmentally safe disinfecting and tracking technologies products. The company acquires and holds 
rights to innovative products and technologies, which are commercialized through its wholly-owned 
operating subsidiary, Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corporation (PCT Corp). Currently trading 
on OTC, “PCTL” aspires to and is actively engaged in preparations for up-listing its common stock to a 
national securities exchange. The Company established entry into its target markets
with commerciallyviable products and now prepares to gain market share.

PCT Corp’s business mission is to profitably provide state-of-the-art Electro-Chemical Activation 
equipment, disinfecting fluid solutions and PCT Corp's patented tracking system to hospitals and other 
facilities for the documentable remediation of Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI's) from organisms such 
as Clostridium difficile (C. diff.), MRSA, VRE, CRE, Klebsiella pneumoniae, and Pseudomonas,
 as well 
as to sell ECA fluid solutions to agricultural markets for the remediation, control and suppression of 
microbial contamination and disease of certain commercial crops. The Company's primary fluid solution, 
branded Hydrolyte®, is an EPA registered "hospital-level" disinfectant effective against common 
healthcare pathogens such as Tuberculosis (TB), HIV-1, Hepatitis C, Norovirus, Rhinovirus, Influenza A, 
Candida albicans, and more; food processing bacteria including E. coli, Listeria, and Salmonella; and 
organisms of veterinarian concern such as parvovirus, distemper and Bordetella. PCT Corp.'s proprietary 
equipment product line includes: 1) PCT Hydrolyte® Generators, 2) PCT Annihilyzer® Infection Control 
Systems, and 3) SurvivaLyte® equipment. The Hydrolyte® Generators produce large volumes of 
electrolyzed water for the agriculture, oil and gas, and fluid distribution markets. The Annihilyzer® 
Infection Control Systems, which boast patented RFID material tracking technology, Electrostatic Smart 
Applicators, on-site automated ECA generators, and Green Seal standards containing stringent 
performance, health, and sustainability criteria, are ideal for hospitals and healthcare facilities. The 
SurvivaLyte® unit is a portable, small volume generator with applications such as disaster recovery, 
emergency preparedness, remote on-site needs, farm and ranch, and personal use. PCT Corp's unique 
patented systems and human-safe products provide next-generation cleaning, sanitizing, disinfecting and 
decontaminating fluid solutions to the ever-present problems of microbial infection and infestation

Corporate History

Paradigm Convergence Technologies (PCT) has been in a development stage over the past five years, as the two founders, (Bayan Giltsoff and Gary Grieco) worked to assemble a portfolio of products and technologies. Eur-Eca, s.r.l. was established in 2010 in Italy and Eur-Eca, Ltd was established in April 2012 to expand the sales of the company's two core products (Hydrolyte and BioPlax) worldwide. Eur-Eca s.r.l. is now wholly owned by Eur-Eca Ltd. In June 2012 a headquarters was established in Chagrin Falls, OH. Prior to 2012, Eur-Eca was nurtured and financially supported by Bayan and Gary. In September 2015 the name was changed to Paradigm Convergence Technologies Corporation (PCT) to more closely reflect our primary markets and technology. In September, 2015, PTC established a research facility in Little River, SC to further upgrade its technology.



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