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OTC BB Pulse: Daily and Weekly Stock Picking Challenge (UPDOWN)

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Last Post: 10/14/2009 12:07:33 PM - Followers: 48 - Board type: Premium - Posts Today: 0

I create this thread with a goal of finding the next runner before the bell, so people who have a day job and cannot watch the market closely will still be able to make money with the help of more experienced traders. Another goal is to find the bounce plays of the day, so daytraders can have fun to participate this thread and enjoy the fruit as well. Stock picking challenge is not a new thing, a similar and very good thread can be found in http://www.siliconinvestor.com/stocktalk/subject.gsp?subjectid=31291 This thread is divided into three challenge: Daily 1. The challenge with the most up percentage for the day. 2. The challenge with the most down percentage for the day. Weekly 3. The challenge with the most up percentage for the week. The rules of the challenges are listed here: 1. Must be an OTC BB stock or a Pinksheet stock. 2. Each person can enter at most three picks in the daily challenge, but one pick only for the weekly challenge. 3. Volume must be over 25,000. 4. The spread at yesterday's close cannot exceed 20%. [eg. $100x$120 is ok (20%), but not $80x$100 (25%), the bid price is what it counts.] 5. The percentage calculation is based on yesterday's closing price. 6. The picks must be entered before 9:30 am Eastern Time based on the "iHub Time Zone", that means the weekly up challenger needs to submit his/her pick before Monday 9:30 am. 7. Overlap picks from different posters are allowed, so we can measure the "hot" level of the picks. Winners with the most up percentage and down percentage will be listed here after market closed. The list of challengers will also be listed here as a summary after market opened. Reports on the picks and results will be sent to subscribers of the ChairMail below. Posting format for the header (the first line): Up: [symbol1], [symbol2], [symbol3] (your iHub username) Down: [symbol1], [symbol2], [symbol3] (your iHub username) Weekly: [symbol1] (your iHub username) Example header 1: 2 picks for the most up percentage challenge Up: ABCD, EFGH (Bernard Ng) Example header 2: 3 picks for the most down percentage challenge Down: ABCD, EFGH, IJKL (Fatt Matt) Example header 3: 1 pick for the weekly most up percentage challenge Weekly: MNOP (alexed) For people who want to join all three challenges, please separate your picks into two posts, one UP, one DOWN, and one WEEKLY pick. I hope that this can be a profitable thread, and happy trading everyone!
#6436   DVME volume and is increasing and the chart olandug 10/14/09 12:07:33 PM
#6435   EFUL IS LOADED AND running soon Imo. UltimateMan 04/08/09 09:27:11 AM
#6433   "RCCH" will move for th next two weeks TwinTurbo 09/21/08 11:13:52 AM
#6430   ADOV, some volume today after some quite period. GreatSuccess 05/20/08 01:19:37 PM
#6429   LCOL- BIG MOVES EXPECTED... :) UP 20% $tockDoc 08/20/07 10:50:21 AM
#6427   SBMI, INXR, and FMLY for the daily challenge gavinz1970 05/20/07 07:35:43 PM
#6426   Watch WHKA for a big bounce. The overachiever 02/18/07 06:16:01 PM
#6425   Hey all, cm3i long termer 11/03/06 04:49:06 PM
#6424   MONDAY , OCTOBER 02, 2006 10:55 AM americano 10/02/06 02:11:42 PM
#6423   stockcharts.com/c-sc/sc?s=ITSI&p=D&b=5&g=0&i=t07294810433&r=1163 americano 10/02/06 12:40:18 PM
#6422   ANDR Looks like it will post a profit the Q True Blue 10/02/06 03:22:10 AM
#6421   Unisyn Voting Solutions. ES&S will provide 4,900 InkaVote americano 09/28/06 03:57:22 PM
#6420   stockcharts.com/c-sc/sc?s=ITSI&p=D&yr=0&mn=6&dy=0&i=t13768772580&r=4212[/ americano 09/28/06 02:37:34 PM
#6419   XKEM...on the move again...could break the 50dma tomorrow...as jabberstox 09/21/06 05:41:13 PM
#6418   Gold Rush Stocks what the hey it seems americano 08/04/06 10:55:25 AM
#6417   chdt look at it jim1234 07/14/06 04:29:07 PM
#6416   MLON? HAHAHA! NO. PTSN? YES! Chinga 02/18/05 03:14:27 PM
#6415   HDVY Low float up 6.38% on 3x daily Hyland 02/03/05 11:00:02 PM
#6413   MLON, check the chart...looks sweet! thepennypicker2004 06/05/04 08:50:24 PM
#6412   CDED is ready to take off. eom. prekupec 06/03/04 03:54:22 PM
#6411   Well, there is actually another solution, if I Bernard Ng 11/24/02 10:14:36 PM
#6410   *** OTC BB Pulse: VERY IMPORTANT NOTICE *** Bernard Ng 11/24/02 09:53:14 PM
#6409   Hi Caradoc, bbgold 11/10/02 01:46:51 PM
#6408   LOL Gordon, that's why I went to trade Bernard Ng 11/02/02 11:31:27 AM
#6407   Hi Bbgold! Can't argue with your logic or Caradoc 11/01/02 09:07:45 PM
#6406   Hi Caradoc, bbgold 10/31/02 04:57:26 PM
#6405   OT How to Post Charts to iHub augieboo 10/31/02 04:02:28 PM
#6404   Good thoughts! Thanks. EOM Caradoc 08/29/02 03:20:07 PM
#6403   Hi Caradoc, bbgold 08/29/02 12:25:05 PM
#6402   bbgold: One indication that bottom is near is Caradoc 08/29/02 11:56:00 AM
#6401   Hi Caradoc, bbgold 08/29/02 08:03:18 AM
#6400   bbgold: Pennies will be hot again during the Caradoc 08/29/02 07:39:30 AM
#6398   Watch this one go up! DNAP (.039) lowroller 08/20/02 12:14:04 PM
#6397   Say it ain't so! bbgold 08/20/02 09:31:05 AM
#6396   *** To all: Bernard Ng 08/19/02 10:29:36 PM
#6395   UP: wdgi, kkti,rubm (alexed) alexed 08/19/02 09:30:18 AM
#6394   Up: CNCE, FCSH, KBFP jobynimble 08/19/02 08:58:27 AM
#6393   Weekly up: KBFP jobynimble 08/19/02 08:57:56 AM
#6392   Weekly up: theo (alexed) alexed 08/19/02 08:36:49 AM
#6391   DOWN: SLGLF, dtmg, epho (alexed) alexed 08/19/02 08:33:03 AM
#6390   UP: kkti, rubm, muinq (alexed) alexed 08/16/02 09:25:10 AM
#6389   UP: FLNT, CYTP, GBSV (rager) Rager 08/16/02 08:42:45 AM
#6388   DOWN; aisc, myid, lgov (alexed) alexed 08/16/02 07:21:58 AM
#6387   Down: MTOR, BTLY, FSTI (Bernard Ng) Bernard Ng 08/15/02 10:27:07 PM
#6386   Up: ACCO, GMXX, MPTT (Bernard Ng) Bernard Ng 08/15/02 10:25:51 PM
#6385   Thursday's Weekly Up Picks Performance Bernard Ng 08/15/02 10:24:21 PM
#6384   Thursday's Down Challengers and Results Bernard Ng 08/15/02 10:24:10 PM
#6383   Thursday's Up Challengers and Results Bernard Ng 08/15/02 10:24:03 PM
#6382   UP: fclo, asit, rubm (alexed) alexed 08/15/02 09:29:40 AM
#6381   Up:FLNT,EMAX,CYTP (rager) Rager 08/15/02 09:21:41 AM
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