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Origo Acquisition Corp. (OACQ) filed to change its name to High Times Media on December 29, 2017, and convert from a Cayman Islands company to a Nevada corporation and change its symbol. Origo merged with High Times Holding Corp., the publisher of High Times Magazine in July of 2017. Following the merger, the company has applied to be listed on the Nasdaq exchange under the symbol HITM. Its been months since the two companies announced a merger, but it has yet to close. The most recent filing said that the companies had until March 12, 2018, to complete the deal.
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14A Extension filed!! 

a proposal to amend (the “Extension Amendment”) Origo’s amended and restated memorandum and articles of association (the “charter”) to extend the date by which Origo has to consummate a business combination (the “Extension”) to June 12, 2018 or such earlier date as determined by the Directors (the “Extended Date”); and

Amendment to 14A Extension:

   On February 28, 2018 Hightimes Holding and Origo agreed that Hightimes Holding may unilaterally terminate the Origo Merger at any time on or after April 15, 2018. If we do consummate the Origo Merger and Hightimes Holding is able to meet the minimum initial listing requirements to list our Class A Common Stock on Nasdaq, Hightimes Holding’s Class A Common Stock will be withdrawn from trading on Nasdaq. 

Origo Acquisition Corp CIK#: 0001619551

Hightimes Holding Corp. CIK#: 0001714420

Barington/Hilco Acquisition Corp. disclosed that on February 14, entered into a letter of intent with Specialty Brands Holdings to purchase 100% of the capital stock of Papa Gino's Holding
The parties shall consummate the closing of the Transaction (the “First Closing”) on a date (the “Closing Date”) which if at all possible shall be within 75 days of the date of this LOI, but in any event not later than April 30, 2018
I'll toss in a good/small nugget (aka, gewd nuggg ) from New England; PG's has about 370 Italian-style locations in New England. Annual rev's @ ~ $250 million+.
Courtesy saturn_five

Solaris Power Cells, Inc. CIK#: 0001411730
Pixel Mags has recently become a part of Solaris Power Cells, Inc. but continues to function as an independent entity. "We are committed to the further development of Pixel Mags, Inc. business. To ensure that it stays at the forefront of digital publishing," said Neil Kleinman, the President and CEO of Solaris Power Cells, Inc.
(d) Holdings Capitalization. As at the date of this Agreement, (a) VC2 (as assignee of Vert Capital Corp.) is the record and beneficial owner of 25,950,000 outstanding shares of the common stock, par value $0.0001 per share, of Holdings (“Holdings Common Stock”) representing eighty-six and one-half (86.5%) percent of the outstanding shares of the fully diluted Holdings Common Stock1

Adam Levin
CEO of HighTimes Holding Corp.
CEO & Managing Director at Oreva Capital Corp 
Chairman of the board at Barington/Hilco Acq Corp.
 Chief Executive Officer of Pride Media, Inc.
On July 15, 2015, the Company executed an agreement with VC2 Advisors, LLC (“VC2”), a Delaware limited liability company, in which Michael Pope, the Company’s President and Director, is a managing member. VC2 is owned by Sugar House Trust and AEL Irrevocable Trust, trusts for the benefit of the families of Michael Pope and Adam Levin, respectively.
AEL Irrevocable Trust., a California trust u/a/d February 12, 2012 with Ada, Ezra Levin, as grantor, and Edwin Hur, as trustee (“AEL Trust”)
 On November 4, 2015, Mimio was acquired by Mim Holdings, Inc. (“Mim Holdings”), a Delaware corporation wholly-owned by Marlborough Trust. Marlborough Trust was established for the benefit of members of the families of affiliates of VC2 Partners, LLC (“VC2 Partners”). VC2 Partners and Mim Holdings are affiliates of Vert Capital. On April 1, 2016, Boxlight Parent acquired 100% of the membership interests in Mimio from Mim Holdings.


13G's Origo
filled 3.8.18  :Alan S. Silverman: 
Alan S. Silverman is the Managing Member of Owen Associates LLC. 
Percent of class: 5.3% 


Mr. Gosselin is president of each of SKI, the GP, GenPar 2009 and K2 & Associates.Mr. Gosselin is a citizen of Canada. 
Each of the Fund and the GP is an Ontario limited partnership. 
Each of SKI and GenPar 2009 and K2 & Associates is an Ontario corporation.
2.8.18:   Bulldog Investors LLC, Phillip Goldstein, Andrew Dakos and Steven Samuels 


13G's  Barington/Hilco 
12.31.17 WAM GP, Weiss Asset Management, and Andrew Weiss

 1 sof-ncsra.htm SPECIAL OPPORTUNITIES FUND, INC.,  Andrew Dakos Bulldog Investors, LLC (Origo Acquisition Corp. Barington/Hilco Acquisition Corp.

Origo, the company into which High Times will merge, recently acquired Penthouse Magazine and several other big media properties. The resulting High Times Holding Corp would be much larger than just High Times, and the Cannabis Cup. 

Adam Levin kicking off 420 day via cheddar 4/20/2018!!

Courtesy greenmachine242

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