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this is a room dedicated to Old School no BS Traders with thick skin

If you can't stand the heat stay out of the kitchen

this is a no BS no spin zone

there was literally thousands of  hours of planning that went into the creation of this board, but no one thought to bring a pencil or any scratch paper to the meetings.  Because of that we are not going to load up the I-Box with a bunch of glitz and glammor.  During the last meeting we all came to agree we should just launch and figure it out as we go.  I am still trying to figure out where my wallet is from the last meeting...my transit pass is in there.



picture below is compliments of  CelsiusHoldings ......... a gentleman and a scholar .......




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#9039   I took a job at Taco Bell Ole Broke Azz 09/02/16 07:30:16 AM
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#9037   what sort of an attorney spends his days Ole Broke Azz 06/07/16 02:08:22 PM
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#9035   shouldn't there be like an IQ test or Ole Broke Azz 06/03/16 06:37:42 PM
#9034   I just have to keep asking myself... where Ole Broke Azz 06/03/16 02:31:39 PM
#9033   and that is a damn shame Ole Broke Azz 06/02/16 03:07:59 PM
#9032   "Natural selection" swimnbike 06/02/16 02:58:51 PM
#9031   Natural is clearly a painfully slow process. swim swimnbike 06/02/16 02:58:19 PM
#9030   where do the idiots that fall for some Ole Broke Azz 06/02/16 10:39:44 AM
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#9028   getting by Ole Broke Azz 03/18/16 06:00:16 PM
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#9021   a few tickers lately have been such blatant Ole Broke Azz 11/25/15 09:01:35 AM
#9020   Ah. Gotcha! vantillian 11/25/15 08:57:51 AM
#9019   buying tops on your own is one thing Ole Broke Azz 11/25/15 08:57:29 AM
#9018   i've bought tops before. heck i do it vantillian 11/24/15 07:29:18 PM
#9017   not as much a particular ticker as it Ole Broke Azz 11/24/15 07:06:13 PM
#9016   what ticker(s) inspired that one lol vantillian 11/24/15 07:03:57 PM
#9015   some people will never learn and god bless Ole Broke Azz 11/24/15 05:49:11 PM
#9014   at least you don't have bedbugs vantillian 11/19/15 05:29:23 PM
#9013   boredom is setting in and I have bedsores Ole Broke Azz 11/19/15 02:10:29 PM