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Options Only Please.

Mabbers risk management.
Not sure if this helps you or not, but look at it this way. If you start with a $250 balance and just look for 20% gain each day, in 20 days you will have close to $10,000 in your account (minus commissions). Some days you will make more, others less. Set limits, and set targets for each day, too.....and write everything down so you know where you are at by the end of the week. If you don't hit your target, at least try to make a profit....then set a new target. 

Beerworld setup
I can toggle between all time frames but set up remains the same. but maybe not which I emphasize. I have bol bands and EMA 3 and 8. S1 S2 and R1 R2. under Wm%r CCI 14, RSI OBV and a MOM indicator. I am using 2 min and 5 min for short term trading. But to avoid too many whipsaws I need more than one confirmation. CCI is more of a confirmation . For turns I am more watching Wm%r and RSI.

Roy setup
It is an example of how I look for a reversal on a rising stock price to anticipate a top and reversal as a puts entry point. 
These are my actual indicators which have changed little. If you 
don't have a good chart service, wasting your time here. I use StockCharts, 30 bucks a month. 
Start with a stock that has been doing little for a while but on the 5-minute is executing a steep advance. You should be seeing RSI(14) already high (mostly above 70) Wm%R(14) similar, stock volume increasing with longer green bars, STO 14,3 beginning to climb, likewise STO 5,5: A/D level or beginning to slope down, Chaiken oscillator middling, OBV similar to A/D. 
All this is intraday. Watch the stock price climb steeply, supported by long green volume bars. RSI will wiggle around up and down mostly in the region of +70, actually preferably slightly lower highs and lower lows, not much, the thing is not shouting at you. Definitely do want RSI climbing with the stock. No, no. Wm is similar, slightly lower and wobbly up and down a little. A/D and IBV may have a little effect, but unless large, ignore. WATCH CHAIKEN OSCILLATOR: IT NEEDS TO BE GOING DOWN, diverging from the rising stock price. After a while (1/2 hour, hour, more?) There may be a hesitation in the stock advance, but resuming shortly AT A LESS STEEP SLOPE. Not a lot of time left. Look for shorter green volume bars and an occasional red volume bar, both shorter than the previous steep price advance. The thing is tiring, late arrivers have less money to push the stock up. Usually see a typical toppy candle: shooting star, dark cloud cover, or engulfing. See the RSI diving. See Wm%R dive through -50. Sto 5,5 has already turned over to below 80, Sto 14,3 has hooked and threatening to drop through 80. Buy the puts NOW.
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#40185   Psst! Got some beer on ice. Want one? :-D beachcomber1 05/24/19 02:12:12 PM
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#40183   AMZN needs to rise above 1830 , 50% Beerworld 05/24/19 01:04:16 PM
#40182   They may defend yesterday's close & bounce this mess. beachcomber1 05/24/19 11:03:39 AM
#40181   I'm trying to sell some AMZN above 1845 beachcomber1 05/24/19 09:53:23 AM
#40180   I tried to buy AMZN but it was Beerworld 05/24/19 09:49:17 AM
#40179   The PM pump is on. AMZN 3k target? Lol beachcomber1 05/24/19 09:01:46 AM
#40178   That is funny i only post my entries restripe 05/24/19 06:43:43 AM
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#40176   Yeah, I'm leaning a bit to the long beachcomber1 05/23/19 08:40:10 PM
#40175   Why so good word for me? I thought Art 05/23/19 04:07:17 PM
#40174   Not good you Fuken jerkoff restripe 05/23/19 03:31:19 PM
#40173   That's the plan. I'm looking for around about 1.00 johny1 05/23/19 02:16:47 PM
#40172   How your recent trade is paying you? Art 05/23/19 02:14:00 PM
#40171   This trade would have paid you great :) Art 05/23/19 02:06:45 PM
#40170   Painfully sloooooow. beachcomber1 05/23/19 02:02:32 PM
#40169   Held onto Puts (BUT) my timing is pathetic. gdl 05/23/19 12:51:58 PM
#40168   bot spy monday 281 calls at 2.34.bot baba dotnet 05/23/19 12:28:18 PM
#40167   AMZN Jun 14 2019 1880 Call 21.25 small beachcomber1 05/23/19 12:25:06 PM
#40166   $TSLA It's a Christmas Miracle Whoa! beachcomber1 05/23/19 10:02:50 AM
#40165   brave or stupid bot AMZN calls. Beerworld 05/23/19 09:54:44 AM
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#40163   Let's see, lately the night time futures boys Beerworld 05/22/19 10:05:22 PM
#40162   SPY 190528P285 Wish I was still holding these. beachcomber1 05/22/19 09:28:24 PM
#40161   GL. I'm just going to kick back & beachcomber1 05/22/19 01:52:53 PM
#40160   remx.rare earth etf.11% divi yield.annual dividend though. one dotnet 05/22/19 01:47:38 PM
#40159   They could threaten but I think that would Beerworld 05/22/19 01:46:21 PM
#40158   too many ifs then. Beerworld 05/22/19 01:44:44 PM
#40157   Then, I will bury myself into the Sierras beachcomber1 05/22/19 01:44:26 PM
#40156   what if china bans export of rare earth dotnet 05/22/19 01:39:43 PM
#40155   yes.me too never could trade this setup. of dotnet 05/22/19 01:38:10 PM
#40154   Pretzel is an e waver and I find Beerworld 05/22/19 01:31:53 PM
#40153   LMAO! Does he type in ALL CAPS? :-D beachcomber1 05/22/19 01:25:13 PM
#40152   I'm sorry but I find pretzel way to Beerworld 05/22/19 01:02:03 PM
#40151   looks like pretzel predicting the same.big down move. hmmn.... dotnet 05/22/19 12:01:10 PM
#40150   BTO SPY May 24 278.00 P@.06 Not a johny1 05/22/19 11:05:35 AM
#40149   Seeing multiple articles showing short and long term gdl 05/22/19 10:33:29 AM
#40148   bot 5/24 SPY 287 call @ .84 Beerworld 05/22/19 10:17:02 AM
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#40146   $MJNA Medical Marijuana, Inc. Major Investment Company SlaptheSwing 05/22/19 09:01:34 AM
#40145   $NIO Energy Long-Term: Bullish SlaptheSwing 05/22/19 08:58:51 AM
#40144   have anyone tried sleekoptions.com algo? sleeksetupupdates 05/22/19 01:24:45 AM
#40143   I would have an AMZN interest in the beachcomber1 05/21/19 10:32:19 PM
#40142   I am only hearing some is all their Beerworld 05/21/19 07:57:36 PM
#40141   Did you hear anything negative on AMZN yet? beachcomber1 05/21/19 07:49:30 PM
#40140   Hope you got AMZN 1855s Just bailed again. beachcomber1 05/21/19 02:07:57 PM
#40139   I doubt those Retail #s would affect AMZN beachcomber1 05/21/19 01:23:01 PM
#40138   Yep I missed as well, should have Beerworld 05/21/19 01:20:13 PM