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NutraNomics, Inc. (OTC: NNRX), a 26 year-old Holding Company, focuses emphasis on nutraceutical research and development, formulation, and manufacturing of life changing nutritionals and nutraceuticals. NutraNomics is uniquely positioned to significantly expand its family of holdings through mergers and acquisitions in the area of Plant based nutritionals. NutraNomics is in the process of creating a strong network of raw producers, manufacturers, distributors, and technology partners, and empowering their success through critical capital investment required to meet growing demands. With the support of significant financial resources behind us, we are poised for tremendous growth through the financial and operational empowerment of our valued subsidiaries.


Company size
11-50 employees
Supplements, Healthy Living, Wellness, and Whole Food

CEO: Jonathan Bishop




NutraNomics, Inc. Announces New Executive Team Member in Operations
Press Release | 11/11/2019




Nothing in the contents transmitted on this board should be construed as an investment advisory, nor should it be used to make investment decisions.
There is no express or implied solicitation to buy or sell securities.
The author(s) may have positions in the stocks or financial relationships with the company or companies discussed and may trade in the stocks mentioned.
Readers are advised to conduct their own due diligence prior to considering buying or selling any stock. All information should be considered for information purposes only.
No stock exchange has approved or disapproved of the information here.

                             Current Products

NutraNomics’ products are based on the company’ clinically proven, patented Assimilation Enhancing System (AES), a unique blend of enzymes with their activating co-factors that enhance nutrient assimilation and absorption.

Each product is uniquely packaged for branding recognition and aesthetic appeal.

Stock Product - Detox, PhytoNutrients, Enzymes, Whole Food Vitamins, and many more

Clinically Proven Products - Joint Products, Female Hormone Herbs, Anti-Stress Products, Immune Boosters, Glutathione, stem cell boosters, diabetic products, etc.

Specialty Formulas - Heart Health, Anti-Virals, hGH Boosters, Omega Fatty acids, Weight Loss, Trace Minerals

* All products contain the patented AES


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How bout for years now…. But this one cdotmann 07/06/2022 06:31:20 PM
cannabis is not where your money should be 6of1 07/06/2022 04:50:02 PM
once the dilution stops, then up we go....i misterfishman 07/06/2022 03:07:33 PM
The next time we do, we'll lose the AzteCanada 07/06/2022 02:32:59 PM
Great we need to get current again. N-13 07/06/2022 01:57:14 PM
Someone needs to buy the 600 million on N-13 07/06/2022 01:40:26 PM
Holding 10Mill shares here! Let's go!!! Chartmaster 07/06/2022 01:28:36 PM
Large number of shares for sale on the N-13 07/06/2022 01:26:24 PM
Diluting into good news at 3s. underwraps 07/06/2022 01:22:39 PM
"good news"? "employee" dumping-free-tickets-4-paychecks continues Sat Naam 07/06/2022 01:19:15 PM
If they would announce that and no more lanemyers 07/06/2022 12:34:16 PM
300 million on the bid @.0002 the move justatrader 07/06/2022 12:11:35 PM
well if we see .0002's on the ask RMS555 07/06/2022 11:42:51 AM
A reverse split would not help the company bjl 07/06/2022 11:12:42 AM
lets hope so,if not i just go back misterfishman 07/06/2022 11:08:25 AM
Today could very well be the last day, justatrader 07/06/2022 10:57:26 AM
with 100 customers today, I now do think RMS555 07/06/2022 10:20:22 AM
We expect to be in more than 250 PennyHeaven7 07/06/2022 10:17:52 AM
Today’s news release in very informative and made justatrader 07/06/2022 10:16:20 AM
NEWS!! NutraNomics Launches Multiple New Cannabis Product PennyHeaven7 07/06/2022 10:16:10 AM
Why does the PPS not move at all ygold 07/06/2022 10:12:17 AM
Short shares on the ask. lanemyers 07/06/2022 09:52:54 AM
long term peeps,buy and flip other plays but misterfishman 07/06/2022 09:46:22 AM
long term peeps,buy and flip other plays but misterfishman 07/06/2022 09:37:35 AM
we should see a new Share Structure next RMS555 07/06/2022 09:34:30 AM
Lets Go NNRX !!!!!!!! RMS555 07/06/2022 09:31:33 AM
$NNRX NutraNomics Launches Multiple New Cannabis Product Brands, Louied91 07/06/2022 09:27:58 AM
Agreed, GTLY. 87 LC2 07/06/2022 08:55:48 AM
Cannabis is fine. 1 side has the power. Billy75 07/05/2022 10:34:57 PM
Does any one think that when NNRX submits justatrader 07/05/2022 07:55:32 PM
Very surprised it hasnt been addressed yet AzteCanada 07/05/2022 04:45:02 PM
Yep. Another year of going nowhere! ihorchu 07/05/2022 03:43:24 PM
ceo_got_da_bishopping-spree_G(r)IFT-OF-THE-G(r)AB Sat Naam 07/05/2022 03:07:55 PM
ceo_on_forever_tiny-hand-5-finger-discounted_bishopping-spree_4/bagholder-cash Sat Naam 07/05/2022 03:07:46 PM
Yep Otay Buck 07/05/2022 12:22:43 PM
Q is still delinquent. SMH 87 LC2 07/05/2022 11:29:57 AM
big boy pants needed here... NNRX needs to upline999 07/05/2022 09:21:11 AM
Good morning NNRX! lanemyers 07/05/2022 08:45:16 AM
Excellent overview!!! Many here are concerned about William777 07/05/2022 06:58:56 AM
Gm and true that bro. misterfishman 07/05/2022 06:41:31 AM
Yes, i agree William 777, NNRX has everything PennyHeaven7 07/05/2022 12:53:17 AM
By 2027 this may get to. 0005! ihorchu 07/04/2022 11:08:49 PM
By 2027, the global legal cannabis industry is William777 07/04/2022 10:36:50 PM
.0003 or .0004 tomorrow? William777 07/04/2022 10:28:08 PM
. 0001 or. 00001 tomorrow??? ihorchu 07/04/2022 06:57:12 PM
#64271 bones jones 07/04/2022 05:47:20 PM
We are all still here... BigMoneySal 07/04/2022 04:29:47 PM
Yeah right. Wishful thinking. ihorchu 07/04/2022 02:13:32 PM
Run to $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ William777 07/04/2022 01:45:41 PM
I see this "run" as going to .0004 ihorchu 07/04/2022 01:25:44 PM
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