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'Palladium Picks'Palladium The 'Tesla Stock Of Commodities,' JD400 02/19/20 11:40 AM
Palladium’s biggest miner says market is in a bubble JD400 02/04/20 12:37 AM
Yeah but this Bubble's just barely gotten started nowwhat2 01/20/20 2:58 PM
(Yep all Fake) Palladiums part of the bubble JD400 01/20/20 2:37 PM
Okay....well so, yer seeing these all as being nowwhat2 01/20/20 1:20 PM
Palladium Hyper bubble has most investors paranoid JD400 01/20/20 12:31 PM
Wild things happening (understandably - now) within the nowwhat2 01/20/20 9:15 AM
That's something I was wondering about and of nowwhat2 01/12/20 10:55 AM
Their going to try to reopen with IMPUF JD400 01/12/20 10:17 AM
Congrats it was fun while it lasted mate. nowwhat2 01/11/20 8:32 PM
Sorry to hear, but I appreciate not being Flygy481 12/24/19 12:31 PM
I lost a lot of money, as well. greendragon- 12/24/19 11:59 AM
North American Palladium and Impala Platinum Announce Creation JD400 12/20/19 1:56 AM
North American Palladium and Impala Platinum Announce Completion JD400 12/16/19 3:03 PM
PALDF: effective Dec. 17,2019: Impala Platinum Holdings Limited Renee 12/16/19 8:49 AM
Some of us did pretty good if you JD400 12/04/19 8:40 PM
Several reverse splits and the price tanking afterwards. Flygy481 12/04/19 7:35 PM
Looks like NAP will be de listed mid month JD400 12/04/19 7:33 PM
So, I’m confused, do our shares stop trading Flygy481 12/04/19 4:46 PM
$PALDF North American Palladium Announces Voting Results From JD400 12/04/19 2:57 PM
Implats expects merger with NAP to be finalised JD400 11/26/19 4:11 PM
Proxys out today for Dec.4th meeting JD400 11/13/19 6:33 PM
re: Proxy vote - have not followed this ItsMyOption 11/13/19 9:22 AM
North American Palladium Reports Q3 2019 Record EBITDA¹ JD400 11/08/19 3:12 PM
Been almost a month and I haven't even JD400 11/05/19 1:37 PM
$IMPUY Release of first quarter production update for JD400 10/31/19 11:24 AM
$PALDF today announced that the Company will release JD400 10/25/19 9:17 AM
Implats opts to expand footprint outside Africa JD400 10/11/19 12:17 AM
NAPs neighbor to the South news JD400 10/10/19 4:35 PM
Hunt for palladium riches sends South African miners abroad JD400 10/09/19 1:25 PM
Yes this is a international effort by both companies JD400 10/08/19 5:07 PM
Do you think we’ll receive shares from the Flygy481 10/08/19 4:42 PM
Cool thx Flygy481 10/08/19 4:32 PM
Starting Up IHUBs $IMPUY Board JD400 10/08/19 4:29 PM
Thx. I’m down large with 105 shares left. Flygy481 10/08/19 4:25 PM
I read Implats is committed to "Longer & JD400 10/08/19 2:39 PM
What happens after we receive our money? Do Flygy481 10/08/19 1:35 PM
South African Impala Platinum offers $1 billion for JD400 10/08/19 9:56 AM
News Reel Brookfield Business Partners Sees $130 Million JD400 10/07/19 6:37 PM
I think the minority considerations represented the premium JD400 10/07/19 5:57 PM
How come there's no buyout premium being paid ?..... nowwhat2 10/07/19 5:00 PM
What happens to our shares/money going forward? Flygy481 10/07/19 4:45 PM
I’m just an old pro that likes reading!!! Pro-Life 10/07/19 4:38 PM
So, I see common shareholders get $19.74 per Flygy481 10/07/19 4:35 PM
Pro-Life Thank You We knew it was just JD400 10/07/19 4:22 PM
Impala Platinum Holdings Limited to acquire North American JD400 10/07/19 3:52 PM
Implats to acquire North American Palladium for R11.4bn cash JD400 10/07/19 3:51 PM
Just saw on TV that Implats is buying Pro-Life 10/07/19 2:54 PM
What can I say ?..... nowwhat2 10/04/19 3:33 PM
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North American Palladium Ltd. (fka PALDF)

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North American Palladium


  Canada's Foremost Producer of Palladium

  • LDI produces approximately 4% of global palladium supply
    Significant producer of nickel concentrate
  • Substantial by-product metal production (Pt-Ni-Cu)
    Unhedged palladium production


Share Structure


NI 43-101 Technical Reports

 * Authorized Shares = The authorized share capital of the Company consists of an unlimited number of Common Shares, an unlimited number of special shares, issuable in series. There are no special shares outstanding.
*Institutional Ownership 18.43%
*Short Interest as % of Float 12.08%

* Common Outstanding Shares



As of 1 March 2014




268,984,277 M (issued & outstanding)

295,804,643 (fully diluted)





NI 43-101 Technical Reports


 Transfer Agent

Computershare Trust Company of Canada Inc.
100 University Ave.
Toronto, ONT M5J 2Y1

Canada Phone: +1 416 263 9200




Headlines and Quotes








Palladium is typically produced as a by-product metal from platinum mines. According to the CPM Group, most of the world's palladium is produced in Russia (35%), the Republic of South Africa (34%) and North America (12%). Global supply of palladium increased by approximately 3% in 2006 (the last year for which data is available) to 8,437,000 ounces. Of this total, mine production accounted for approximately 7,030,000 ounces (an increase of 3% from the prior year) and secondary recovery of palladium accounted for approximately 1,407,000 ounces.


Global fabrication demand for palladium (excluding investor demand) increased by 11.0% in 2006 to approximately 7,722,000 ounces, primarily as a result of the strong performance of the industries that use palladium and the relative attractiveness and affordability of palladium compared to substitutes (such as platinum, rhodium and gold). The year 2006 represented the third consecutive year of double-digit growth in palladium demand, and the fifth consecutive year of growth in palladium demand overall.

Approximately 50% of the global demand for palladium in 2006 stemmed from the automotive industry. The majority of the balance of palladium demand in 2006 stemmed from electronics (16%), jewellery (4%), Chinese demand for electronics and jewellery (10%), dental applications (13%) and other chemical applications (5%).



Business Summary

The primary use for palladium in the automotive industry is in the manufacture of catalytic converters, which reduce harmful vehicle exhaust emissions by converting them into less harmful carbon dioxide, nitrogen and water vapour. Palladium, platinum and rhodium are the primary components in catalytic converters. The demand for palladium in the automotive industry has more than doubled in the last ten years due to the larger number of vehicles being manufactured and the tightening of emissions standards that require the use of catalytic converters. Catalytic converters are now included in over 96 percent of new cars. With the palladium price currently substantially below that of platinum, automakers have a strong financial incentive to switch their catalyst formulations for gasoline vehicles from those based on platinum to palladium.

Palladium is also used in the manufacture of jewellery and may be used either on its own or as an alloy in "white gold". In the electronics industry, palladium is used mainly in the production of multi-layer ceramic capacitors, which are used in electrical components for cellular telephones, personal and notebook computers, fax machines and home electronics. In the dental industry, palladium is widely used in alloys for dental restoration. Additionally, various chemical applications use palladium, including the manufacture of paints, adhesives, fibers and coatings. Palladium is also used in the manufacture of polyester.



North American Palladium, Ltd. engages in the exploration and mining of platinum group metals, and base and precious metals in Canada. It produces primarily for palladium, platinum, gold, copper, and nickel metals. The company owns and operates the Lac des Iles Mine located approximately 85 kilometers northwest of the City of Thunder Bay, Ontario; the Haines-Conacher properties located approximately 80 kilometers southwest of Thunder Bay, Ontario. In addition, it has interest in Arctic Platinum project located in Finland. North American Palladium was founded in 1968. It was formerly known as Madeleine Mines, Ltd. and changed its name to North American Palladium, Ltd. in 1993. The company is based in Toronto, Canada.


Contact the Company


Contact NAP Investor Relations

North American Palladium
Head Office
2116-130 Adelaide St. W.
Toronto, ON M5H 3P5
Tel. 416-360-7590
Toll-free: 1-888-360-7590

  Linda Armstrong
Director, Investor Relations
T. 416.360.7971 ext. 226
Toll-free: 1-888-360-7590

Lac des Iles Operation

Open Pit and Mill Complex, Lac des Iles Mil

Daily View 

The Big Picture Trend Revealing Weekly View



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