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NNUP: effective Sept. 2,2022 a one for 10 Renee 09/01/22 10:29 AM
Just read that some big investors just put rtrstock 05/26/22 9:58 PM
One of few remaining from Raging Bull days puffadder 08/06/21 7:51 PM
New security clients being developed? Can this be ranchhand71 12/10/20 3:50 PM
That‘s what I would hope since I have Traderfan 07/12/20 5:31 PM
I wonder if your current streak of 10 Involuntary-Recluse 07/12/20 4:55 PM
Almost closing in on a 10bagger on some Traderfan 07/12/20 5:24 AM
Earnings leak? puffadder 07/09/20 12:31 PM
One of the nicest charts in the OTC SPM555 06/10/20 10:23 AM
Yes still holding some. Looking pretty good. Traderfan 05/08/20 4:28 AM
You still holding? $NNUP looks poised to explode here. SPM555 05/07/20 9:14 PM
But not a daytrader here, holding NNUP for Traderfan 11/13/19 3:07 PM
daytrader myself so i can rely on what 514 11/13/19 3:01 PM
I admit I trade too many different stocks Traderfan 11/13/19 12:18 PM
bro i tought w 6 monitors i was 514 11/13/19 12:02 PM
Great quarter out. 200k in net profit. I Traderfan 11/13/19 10:30 AM
Adjusted operating profit increased about 50% year over year. Shredder13 03/30/19 9:02 AM
Another big quarter filed. 10k coming in with Traderfan 03/29/19 5:46 PM
FY18 Normalized operating profit should come in around Shredder13 03/07/19 11:15 AM
Yes but the good thing is they restarted Traderfan 01/25/19 9:32 AM
Since APS went under these promos are all puffadder 01/25/19 9:29 AM
Yes there was, also see Golden Cross‘s posting. Traderfan 01/25/19 5:09 AM
Didn’t know there was one - quite a pop puffadder 01/24/19 5:49 PM
Usually happens after a promo. Traderfan 01/24/19 5:29 PM
Almost all the way back - strange puffadder 01/24/19 3:03 PM
With bottom feeder OTC stocks with low average AC7880 01/22/19 1:49 PM
Explosive day. Pump over? Macaveli 01/22/19 12:10 PM
$NNUP IS POISED TO REPORT RECORD REVENUES IN $$ Golden Cross $$ 01/22/19 9:42 AM
Activist group of shareholders filed a 13D. Shredder13 12/14/18 2:00 PM
Is this the same Axel of hockey fame? thejerryb 09/20/18 12:23 AM
Quarterly looks better than it actually is due Shredder13 08/23/18 3:57 PM
Good One > NNUP 02opida 11/11/16 8:10 AM
Great Q. 170k net profit quarterly for less Axel 11/10/16 9:29 PM
that would be good 02opida 07/25/16 1:57 PM
Just 20k at 178. I smell a big jump Axel 07/25/16 12:43 PM
August? Next week? Can't wait Axel 07/22/16 10:18 PM
Hope you you're all loaded Axel 07/20/16 12:07 PM
Reversal in play Axel 07/01/16 8:59 PM
DUMP time cjmeyer 07/01/16 11:07 AM
82x100 Axel 07/01/16 10:26 AM
true 02opida 05/20/16 2:10 PM
Nice to see a penny again Axel 05/20/16 2:00 PM 02opida 05/18/16 10:56 AM
NNUP 140x209 Axel 05/18/16 9:45 AM
NNUP 02opida 05/12/16 2:08 PM
Nocopi Technologies Inc. is a provider of secure 02opida 05/12/16 11:05 AM
NNUP 02opida 05/12/16 11:04 AM 02opida 05/12/16 11:03 AM
.022 test is critical here. Could bounce nicely Bottompikka47 04/19/16 5:52 PM
This has been quiet lately. Anyone see Tubal 04/16/16 11:46 AM
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Nocopi Technologies Inc. (NNUP)

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Company Website About the Company: The Retail Industry has seen a recent surge in diversion, (or gray marketing), of it’s products. An issue that was once isolated in such industries as perfumes and fragrances is now reaching out to affect nearly every well known branded retail product on the market. Finally there is a company focused on technology based solutions to product diversion issues. Since its inception in 1985, NoCopi Technologies, a publicly traded company, has been developing and marketing systems to prevent copying, altering and transmission of confidential information and sensitive documents, as well as systems to protect and authenticate packaging, labels, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, software, video cassettes, soft goods, games, coupons, or any branded product. NoCopi Technologies holds patents on a number of products and processes which are available for purchasing or licencing, but our strength is in technical problem solving and thorough research and development for specific applications. The key to the strength of NoCopi Technologies is the covert aspect of the ink markings/code. The exact nature of the technologies is discussed with prospective clients only under strict terms of confidentiality. In fact, we require a mutual NDA with our clients to ensure that only a select few in the organization even know a marking system is in place. We secure the entire process from prying eyes. This protects what's yours New Products: DIGITAL SCRMABLER As the business world moves to more and more digital document creation and distribution, the need for document security becomes a critical component. Here at NoCopi Technologies, we have created a digital version of our proven Scrambler Document Security technology. Now, you can embed the digital version of the Scrambler technology right in your document at point of creation! Once distributed, the document now has inherent security built right in. Every time the document gets printed, the Scrambler technology is your silent witness, protecting your proprietary information from illegal copies. Call today to find out how you can license this technology for your business document security needs. APPAREL PROTECTION Now you can guarantee your signature will never be counterfeited again! Our Patented Rub & Reveal Security ink is now available in a Security Signature pen. Just sign your legal documents, and later you can authenticate the signature with the color changing action of Rub & Reveal. The color changing action is reversable, so the authentication process is non-destructive. Call today to find out how NoCopi can help you protect what's yours. AIRLINE TICKET SECURITY We at NoCopi are proud to be able to offer a practical solution to the overreaching concern about airport and airline safety. Our chemists and technicians have worked diligently to produce mock-ups of airline tickets embedded with our patented Rub & Reveal Ink Technology. This process allows for instant and easy authentication of tickets and boarding passes at multiple security check points either through a simple scratch of a fingernail, or the application of specially formulated chemical pens. Once activated, these ink markings go from inert to vibrant and distinct colors such as red or blue. We are in discussions for possible applications in our nation's airports, train stations and bus terminals. Wish us luck as we do our best to help solve these issues of national concern. TAMPER ALERT ENVELOPE We at NoCopi are proud to be able to offer a practical solution to the overreaching concern about the safety of the mail. Our technicians have produced mock-ups of envelopes utilizing our patent protected Rub and Reveal covert inks. Our tests show that the invisible Rub and Reveal ink will react with a distinct color change to blue when dry or wet heat is applied to the envelope markings. This allows us to work with our partners to produce envelope products to prevent against tampering. We are in discussions and beta tests with a major manufacturer of envelopes. In the meantime, we welcome inquiries from potential business partners. DIRECT MAIL SOLUTIONS We at NoCopi are proud to be able to offer a practical solution to the business concern about Direct Mail advertising. Our technicians have produced mock-ups of envelopes utilizing our patent protected Rub and Reveal covert inks. Our tests were designed with a message for the consumer where the Rub and Reveal ink will react with a distinct color change when the consumer is engaged and rubs the indicated message area. This gives the consumer the comfort they need to understand that the direct mail piece is from a trusted source and is OK to open. Your message gets the attention it deserves instead of being tossed in the garbage due to a concern about the safety of the mail. We are in discussions and beta tests with a major manufacturer of envelopes. In the meantime, we welcome inquiries from potential business partners. Contact: Nocopi Technologies Inc. 9c Portland Road W. Conshohocken, PA 19428 Tel: 1-800-NOCOPI-1 (662-6741) Email:
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