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NECA now Third Bench Holdings

New America Energy Corp. Officially Acquires Third Bench

View Press Release here

"Pursuant to the terms of the Acquisition, the current officers and directors of the Company shall,
at the closing of the Acquisition, resign and appoint the officers and directors
as directed by Holdings"

"At the closing, Jeffrey Canouse, will assign 100% of  the Preferred A Shares"

View 8-k here

Third Bench is an industry leader that provides quality cabinets, countertops, and millwork throughout the Western and Southwestern United States. Third Bench has been the go-to partner for general contractors and home builders with a high degree of attentiveness at a local and national level. The management team and operating brands represent decades of experience with an operationally oriented partnership that manages North America-based architectural millwork, cabinets, countertops, and, generally, permanent “housing-infrastructure” brands. Third Bench has a particular emphasis on well run, long-standing, regionally dominant businesses owning a multi-year, established, defensive leadership position in a regional market. Alongside management, Third Bench fuels and implements transformative changes to drive rapid growth and sustainable value creation for customers.

The closing with Third Bench is expected to bring an estimated $24million in revenue to NECA in 2021.
However, this is complete speculation. There isn't anything on the books or reported that Third Bench has made $24 Million in revenue


Founded in 1925 as the architectural millwork department of O.G. Bradbury Construction Co., the division focused primarily on projects for its parent company. Focusing on Kaizen and Lean principles, with the latest in state-of-the-art technology, OGB Architectural Millwork consistently brings projects in on time and on budget.

Visit Website Here

Sher-Wood’s cabinetry, countertops, flooring, and closets have become an integral part of the southwest building community. We have grown from a small, humble corner of a borrowed office to a premier showroom
in Las Cruces and we are serving the El Paso area as well. Although our company continues to develop and change, one thing will always stay the same: the foundation of our company is built on SERVICE, VALUE and PRIDE.

Visit Website Here


Davis Kitchens and Baths will continue its long-term service of the Arizona housing markets a part of the Third Bench family. Third Bench is an industry leader that provides quality cabinets, countertops, and millwork throughout the Western and Southwestern United States. Third Bench has been the go-to partner for builders with a high degree of attentiveness at a local and national level.

Since 1975, Davis Kitchens has offered striking design, quality cabinetry,professional installation and first-class service. Davis Kitchens is Southern Arizona’s leader in cabinetry. We are a major Tucson, Arizona cabinet distributor for remodeling and new construction alike. We provide professional cabinet designs and installation for your kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodels, room addition, or new home construction.

Watch Video Here

Visit Website Here



David Fair Named in 2021 Wood Industry 40 Under 40

"Even a pandemic couldn't slow this entrepreneur.
Fair implemented strategic initiatives for operational efficiencies, introduced new commercial product lines,
and announced plans to be a coast-to-coast provider of cabinetry and woodworking products
before the end of 2021 through additional acquisitions."

David is an experienced executive with extensive involvement in executing growth and turnaround strategies.
He leads Third Bench’s executive management team, identifies suitable synergistic M&A targets,
and executes operational strategies. In addition to David’s Operational experience, he has spent over
a decade in various roles including investment banking, consulting, and strategy.

CEO David Fair Presents at Emerging Growth Conference August 4th 2021

Watch Webcast Here


New America Energy Eliminates Roughly Three Million in Debt Including
All Variable Convertible Notes


Third Bench Holdings to Present at the Emerging Growth Conference
on Wednesday August 4, 2021


David Fair Named in 2021 Wood Industry 40 Under 40


New America Energy Corp. Officially Acquires Third Bench



"The Company Has Operating Losses And May Not Be Initially Profitable For At Least The Foreseeable Future,
And Cannot Accurately Predict When It Might Become Profitable"

The Company is operating at a loss. The Company may not be able to generate significant revenues in the future. In
addition, the Company expects to incur substantial operating expenses in order to fund the expansion of the
Company’s business. As a result, the Company expects to continue to experience substantial negative cash flow for
at least the foreseeable future and cannot predict when, or even if, the Company might become profitable.


Share Structure

Market Cap

Authorized Shares

Outstanding Shares

10,668,617,932 - 2/25/22

Public Float

$NECA OTC Market Profile Verified after hours Dec 2nd




as of 12/14/21



This could be a sign of dilution.



NECA makes NO revenue.
NECA doesn't have a product it sells.
NECA doesn't have a service it sells.
It's just another pump and dump scam
by the CON-ouse scam factory.


1. Doesn't have any employees
2. Doesn't have a physical office
3. Doesn't have any product or service
4. Doesn't have any revenue
5. Financials are nothing but blank pages
6. Doesn't have any social media or online presense
7. Doesn't have any contact information

Third Bench

1. They only have 3 employees (per LinkedIn)
2. They don't or haven't reported to anyone on what their financials are so there isn't any way to prove there was $24M in revs
3. The last fins on 12/14/21 were unaudited

Last, is this company Third Bench or is it NECA???

This is exactly what CON-ouse has been sued for in the past. For fraud. This guy (or these guys) are smoking cigars from dumping on the last peak and washing their feet on the tears of bag holders.

Don't buy scams like this in the OTC that try to create FOMO buying. Stay away from CON-ouse associated bullshit.


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