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November 27th, 2017

NC - NetCents Technologies

"The Company offers consumers and merchants online services for managing electronic payments by a variety of payments methods through its processing platform"

"NetCents Technology Signs Five Year Contract with Aliant Payments Systems, a Half a Trillion-Dollar Annual Volume Payment Processor"  

Our new Partner backed by Wall Street!

NC has 33,887,961 Shares Outstanding

Currently trading at $4.8 per share

This equates to a very small $158M Market Cap

With the new partnership with Aliant, and now over 500 BILLION in volume processing, market cap should be 300 million, or $8/share or more! 

See below on the latest news to give justification.  Going to be huge and revolutionary!  

NEWS  November 23rd, 2017

VANCOUVER, B.C., November 23, 2017 – NetCents Technology Inc. (“NetCents” or the “Company“) (CSE: NC / Frankfurt: 26N), is pleased to announce a five (5) year revenue sharing agreement with Aliant Payment Systems (“Aliant”) that will see Aliant offering a white-labeled NetCents cryptocurrency processing solution to their network of nearly 7,000 US-based merchants.

Through this agreement, NetCents is white labelling Aliant its streamlined cryptocurrency processing widget. The NetCents platform will be the underlying technology that processes all of Aliant’s cryptocurrency transactions and give access to their nearly 7,000 merchants to automatically accept the NetCents Coin as a settlement option after the coin is released into the NetCents ecosystem December 1, 2017.

Aliant Payment Systems has been in business for more than 20 years providing processing services to a variety of industry segments including small businesses, retail outlets, restaurants, petroleum/convenience stores, and merchants in high-risk industries. Annually, Aliant processes over $560 billion and has 15.5 billion transactions.

50 acquiring banks worldwide have authorized Aliant to be the final say and approval on onboarding new merchant accounts, both national and international, into their system – all while offering flexible terms and conditions to business owners.

Clayton Moore, Founder and CEO of NetCents stated, “Our agreement with Aliant allows their merchant network access to both our proprietary digital currency platform and the NetCents Coin. With almost 7,000 merchants in their network, processing over $500 billion a year in transactions, it will provide NetCents with multiple points of distribution over the coming months.”

Eric Brown, CEO of Aliant payments said, “Aliant Payments was proud to be one of the first payment processors to offer merchants the ability to accept payments in bitcoin, and now we’re excited to offer a digital currency solution that is opening to multiple coins. We look forward to showing merchants what digital currency can do for online payments and what NetCents is doing for businesses transferring value globally.”

Mr. Moore closed by saying, “As this relationship grows we look to integrate even more of our respective services and product offerings such as; gift and loyalty cards, point of sale (POS) terminals, and ATM access to name but a few.”

News November 27th, 2017

NetCents Technology Inc. Presale Coin Release Exceeds Internal Expectations by far

As of today, the first tranche of five (5) million coins has been completely sold and already half of the second tranche of five (5) million coins has already been purchased.  NetCents Coins can still be purchase as part of the presale until November 30. NetCents Coins from the second release are now being sold at USD $2 per Coin.  

"Clearly investors and consumers see the value in a transaction based asset backed cryptocurrency. With the announcement of our agreements with Flexepin and Aliant last week, people have come to understand that this is truly going to be a transaction currency. With the deals which we announced, no other cryptocurrency currently has such established merchant channels to transact with their cryptocurrencies. This truly is a game changer," stated Clayton Moore, CEO of NetCents Technology Inc.

The NC Exchange, where the NetCents Coin will be bought and sold, will go live on December 1, 2017. When the exchange goes live, the market value of the NetCents Coin will be based on where the company is at with its releases. Should the second release be fully subscribed to before December 1 st, the third tranche will be released at USD $4 per coin.




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