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Nanogen, Inc.


New url http://www.epochbio.com/ ©2011 Nanogen, Inc. — All rights reserved. (Old url http://www.nanogen.com/)

 PARIS, FRANCE – June 25, 2009 – The ELITech Group, a French privately held group of companies and worldwide manufacturer and distributor of in vitro diagnostic equipment and reagents, announces that an order has been entered in the Bankruptcy Court of the District of Delaware approving its acquisition of substantially all of the assets of Nanogen, Inc. (Pink Sheets: NGEN), Epoch Biosciences, Inc., and Nanotronics, Inc., including Nanogen Advanced Diagnostics S.r.l., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nanogen, Inc., under the terms of an asset purchase agreement dated May 13, 2009. This court order now clears the way for ELITech to complete the acquisition of Nanogen and, subject to customary closing conditions, the parties expect to close the transaction on or about June 30, 2009.



Nanogen Advanced Diagnostics

Based in Italy, Nanogen Advanced Diagnostics (NAD) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Elitech Group and the European base of operations. NAD and has been active as a supplier of advanced diagnostic products since the early 1990s when it began commercializing molecular diagnostic reagents.



 The ELITech Group

 The ELITech Group (http://www.elitechgroup.com) is a high-growth, profitable in vitro diagnostics company with global sales and distribution capabilities in over 100 countries. The group offers clinical chemistry, microbiology, immunology and electrophoresis products and operates globally, leveraging products from its own clinical chemistry and microbiology equipment and reagents facilities in Europe and North America, as well as complementary third-party products. In May 2007, the ELITech Group acquired Wescor, Inc., Utah (http://www.wescor.com) to broaden its biomedical product platform and to provide a base for business expansion in North America. In October 2007, the ELITech Group acquired Vital Scientific B.V. in the Netherlands to allow the group to offer a complete clinical chemistry solution. The ELITech Group plans to actively pursue its external growth strategy in the coming years.

For additional information, please contact Pierre Debiais :
(tel. +33 (0) 1 41 45 07 10).


SYN Biotechnology

SYN Biotechnology; is the ONLY authorized vendor all across the country among the distributor of Applied Biosystems, Nanogen Advanced Diagnostic, Prionics AG, Molgentix products.



2010/01/28 - The ELITech Group announces the sale of microarray assets to Gamida for Life

PARIS, FRANCE – January 26, 2010 – The ELITech Group, a privately held group of companies and worldwide manufacturer and distributor of in vitro diagnostic equipment and reagents, announces that its Epoch Bioscience division of Wescor, Inc has sold the intellectual property and tangible assets associated with its electronic microarray technology, previously acquired as part of the ELITech Nanogen asset purchase, to the Gamida For Life Group. The microarray technology includes all properties associated with the so-called NC400 electronic microarray product line."Our NC400 technology is an important nucleic acid profiling platform with particular applications in single nucleotide polymorphism applications. The microarray technology will be developed and applied within the Gamida for Life Group principally by Gamidor Diagnostics and Savyon Diagnostics, who are strong diagnostic solution providers with a growing molecular diagnostics presence. The Gamida for Life Group has developed a variety of focused applications for the NC400 and we believe that our divestiture of these former Nanogen assets to it will allow the full and appropriate realization of the potential for this cutting-edge technology.
The asset sale allows ELITech to remain focused on our core strengths and gives us the ability to enhance our presence in molecular diagnostics through our attention on real-time PCR relationship", said Pierre Debiais, the ELITech Group's President and founder.

The ELITech Group has become a major player in the international medical market. The Elitech Group has brought together IVD specialty companies to provide the best offering of innovative, unique and also routine products to laboratories operating closer to the patient. It comprises:
- Vital Scientific and Seppim which manufacture a full range of clinical chemistry analyzers and reagents;
- ELITech Microbio (former International Microbio) which manufactures microbiology kits;
- Wescor which manufactures unique laboratory instruments such as strainers and sweat test devices;
- inoDiag which manufactures a unique multiplex serology device;
- Nanogen which manufactures leading edge technology molecular biology kits;
- SERFIB which develops and manufactures well established microbiology and immunology kits such as reagents for the detection of parasites and rheumatoid factors. Through direct sales in Europe and North America and distribution capabilities in over 100 countries, the ELITech Group offers clinical chemistry, microbiology, immunology and molecular biology products from its own facilities as well as complementary third-party products see www.elitechgroup.com.

Gamida for Life is a privately-owned international group of companies dedicated to the healthcare field. The principal holding company is Gamida for Life BV of the Hague, the Netherlands. Through subsidiaries in Bulgaria, France, Israel, Turkey, the United Kingdom and elsewhere and distribution networks worldwide, the Group markets, sells and services diagnostic systems, medical rquipment and devices and products for scientific research sourced both from its own development and manufacture and from leading international suppliers.  



Gamida for Life site

Welcome to the Gamida for Life site.

We are an international group of companies operating in the healthcare and related fields.
With our administrative base in the Netherlands, we presently operate through member companies in France, Israel, Bulgaria, Turkey and the United Kingdom and a worldwide network of distributors and other collaborators.
The group's purpose is to generate and implement ideas for both preventive and contingency actions that will improve people's quality of life and thus assist their self-fulfillment. This purpose is realized through close relationships with customers, suppliers and researchers as well as the group's own manufacturing, quality assurance, distribution and service facilities. 
Gamida for Life achieves capital gain by initiating start-up ventures for which the funds accruing from its operating companies provide the necessary seed investment.
For more information please contact us at: info@gamida-for-life.co.il


The company forms part of the international Gamida for Life Group, which is privately-owned and dedicated to the healthcare field. The principal holding company is Gamida for Life BV of Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

In France, Gamida SA and its subsidiaries are engaged in the development and production of medical equipment and devices for sale in both the home market and abroad, as well as in the distribution in France of products from international suppliers.

In Israel, the Group's interests are more diverse. Medical equipment and devices, as well as pharmaceutical products, are distributed by Gamida-MedEquip Ltd, which also offers a specialized supply service to industrial critical environments. Danyel Biotech Ltd. distributes biotechnological products to research laboratories. Through GamidaGen Ltd. and GamidaSense Diagnostics Ltd, the latter being a joint venture with the principal scientists involved, the Group is engaged in the research, development, production and sale of diagnostic products. Volcano Ltd. has recently been established to develop and exploit technology in the same field. Gamida for Life BV is also the founding shareholder of Gamida Cell Ltd, which is developing new techniques for cell and gene therapy.

Healthcare researches, develops and produces in vitro diagnostic tests for sale worldwide under the SAVYON name. Healthcare has acquired two of the Group's major Israeli operations: Gamidor Ltd, which distributes product lines for research and industrial laboratories, and Gamidor Diagnostics, which supplies systems, instruments and reagents to clinical laboratories. It has also promoted a number of start-up research and development ventures, such as Glycodata Ltd. in the field of glycobiology.

Elsewhere, the Group's interests include distribution houses under the Gamidor name in Bulgaria and Turkey.

In addition, through Gamida for Life (Israel) Ltd, the Group is engaged in the development and dissemination of a range of educational tools for businesses, institutions and individuals in both Israel and the Palestinian autonomy.

Whenever needed, the Company is able to draw upon the knowledge and skills of colleagues throughout the Group, with whom close contact is maintained.

Gamidor Technical Services Ltd
Biomedical Services & Supplies
6 Hawksworth, Southmead Park
Didcot, Oxfordshire, OX11 7HR
United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0)845 054 0616
Fax: +44 (0)845 054 0626
Email: service@gamidor.co.uk



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03/30/2009 (17:08 ET) NGEN: Filed New Form 8-K, Material Event Disclosure - Edgar
03/27/2009 (06:11 ET) NGEN: Filed New Form 8-K, Material Event Disclosure - Edgar



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