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Well it's been a while....DB and co. have
habsguy 01/27/23 6:47 PM
Nano One and BASF enter into a Joint Twister 05/31/22 9:36 AM
Progress update and 1st Qtr results! Twister 05/19/22 1:39 PM
Dear John letter...Finally a chance for real revenue! Twister 11/30/21 9:37 AM
Eight Capital cut target to $6.00...Credibility crisis continues! Twister 11/17/21 11:43 AM
3rd quarter results with update! Twister 11/11/21 1:21 PM
China, technology and another rabbit hole... Imagine that! Twister 11/11/21 1:13 PM
NANO technology real world use remains absent! Twister 10/17/21 3:14 PM
nice The Night Stalker 09/10/21 12:51 AM
Article spotlight on NANO process/progress! Twister 08/03/21 2:56 PM
New NANO ticker in place. Thanks IH! Twister 07/06/21 12:31 PM
TSX:NANO kayakbob223 06/21/21 1:50 PM
Good product promotion summary! Twister 04/22/21 10:44 AM
Good product promotion summary! Twister 04/22/21 10:44 AM
Added shares on off-chance they finally license/sell something! Twister 04/06/21 12:43 PM
Thanks Dick nowwhat2 12/18/20 12:18 PM
Nano One has entered into cathode evaluation/benchmark agreement! Twister 12/18/20 10:14 AM
Such a strong chart spells..... nowwhat2 12/13/20 10:49 PM
They've raised enough money...And money goes to money! Twister 12/07/20 8:10 PM
NEWS: More Discounted Shares and Even More Dilution! Twister 02/05/20 2:41 PM
Up 33% in last half hour in Canada today. kayakbob223 01/16/20 6:42 PM
trading action is weird today oldmanhowie 12/02/19 2:35 PM
NEWS of dreaded dilution released to public! Twister 07/31/19 12:14 PM
Global Automotive Company Issues Purchase Order to Nano One Twister 06/20/19 9:41 AM
Nano One Approved for $5 Million Funding Twister 05/31/19 9:30 AM
I like it! oldmanhowie 01/21/19 5:10 PM
Money will decide the issue. Ubertino 01/21/19 3:34 PM
This is good news. Unfortunately with relations oldmanhowie 01/21/19 11:00 AM hebbeke47 01/21/19 4:15 AM
SEDAR is closed for maintenance today but open tomorow: Ubertino 01/20/19 2:44 PM
Nano One + Saint-Gobain: Ubertino 01/20/19 2:32 PM
Stock is halted news coming hebbeke47 01/20/19 2:05 AM
Nano One Inks Deal With Materials Giant Saint-Gobain! Twister 12/18/18 10:29 AM
Plans for new EV battery production in Europe! Twister 11/09/18 10:09 AM
Is our future in this article? kayakbob223 11/06/18 5:44 PM
Dr. Stephen Campbell Takes on Role as CTO! Twister 10/09/18 5:39 AM
Nano One Chairman Awarded Entrepreneur of the Year! Twister 10/01/18 10:38 AM
Agreed. I’m just impatient. Been in this since oldmanhowie 09/20/18 2:47 PM
Likely significance here... Serious sales focus/efforts/strategy finally emerging! Twister 09/20/18 10:42 AM
Blah, blah, blah. Sales? oldmanhowie 09/20/18 10:00 AM
VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Sept. 20, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) Twister 09/20/18 8:20 AM
Nano One Innovation Provides Cost and Performance Advantages! Twister 07/18/18 10:29 AM
NEWS... Lots of words produced, none of them sales! Twister 07/10/18 10:25 AM
Nano One Receives $760,145 Milestone Payment from SDTC! Twister 06/19/18 9:19 AM
Race to cut cobalt dependency! Twister 06/06/18 10:16 AM
Current float is 53.85Mil according to Seeking Alpha- Buqqq 05/30/18 4:27 AM
Novel Coating Technique for a Longer Lasting Battery! Twister 04/19/18 10:26 AM
Powder potential.......Wondering where these powders can take u?....go habsguy 03/23/18 12:11 PM
Article regarding Cobalt (pricing stress) from prior post... Twister 03/15/18 2:26 PM
Interesting new actions set for Congo mining! Twister 03/15/18 1:55 PM
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Nano One Materials Corp (NANO)

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About Nano One Materials Corp.

Nano One Materials Corp. is focused on developing novel, scalable and low-cost processing technology for the production of high performance nano-structured materials. Nano One Materials Corp.'s mission is to establish its patent pending technology as a leading platform for the global production of a new generation of nano-structured composite materials.

Nano One Materials Corp.'s primary market is the multi-billion dollar cathode materials supply chain for lithium ion batteries that are used in consumer electronics, electric vehicles and industrial storage. Testing in 2014 by Canada's National Research Council has validated the efficacy of materials supplied by Nano One Materials Corp. Based on these tests, Nano One Materials Corp. believes their enhanced processing technology has the potential to address demand for cheaper higher performing batteries. The three-stage proprietary process uses common industrial equipment that is suited to commercial high volume production of nano-structured materials.

Nano One Materials Corp. has six patents pending in the United States, five worldwide (PCT) and one in Taiwan.

While Nano One Materials Corp.'s processing technology will initially be focused on lithium ion batteries, it also proposes to leverage its platform technology in health sciences, 3D printing, catalysts, ceramics, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, aerospace, communications and other materials markets.
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