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Todd Lunsford has been working for Dan Gilbert since the 1990s. He was Chief Information Officer of QuickenLoans from 2000-2007, then moved into the role of Chief Marketing Officer until 2009, then became President of FatHeads Inc (huge company owned by Dan Gilbert as well). Then became a partner in Rockbridge Growth Equity(another Dan Gilbert owned company) until 2015. Then became the CEO of Dan Gilbert’s newest loan company – RocketLoans. He has been the CEO/Chairman of RocketLoans since 2015.


Leandro Vera aka Leo Vera - CFO of PENC , and Founder/CFO of SwiftMile - 

The Leandro Vera addition is a huge one , and also indicates the company has something very special brewing. Joining a public company is out of character for him. He was CEO of Ergomotion Inc, a company doing $100 mil a year. After that he was COO of Reverie, also a company that does $100 mil a year. He worked at Reverie with PENC CEO , Tom Berman. He is currently the founder and CFO of SwiftMile. They are basically an international company who are on the forefront of the micromobility craze hitting cities all over the world (electric scooters, bikes, drones, etc.). They are backed financially by many huge investors, including Verizon. Their partners include, Google, Tesla, SpaceX, Verizon, Ford, and many more. Doesn’t get much bigger there, will be a $1 Billion dollar company soon. So what is he doing joining PENC?   What is Todd Lunsford, an established Executive for one of the largest private conglomerates in the world doing joining PENC?
They also just uplisted to OTCQB on 2/14/2020, the same day as adding Todd and Leandro.

They are gearing up for something big, and I cannot wait to find out more!

ONE OF PENC's Subsidiaries, with some nice paydays coming up.

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