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NRP Stone, Inc. Logo (PRNewsfoto/NRP Stone, Inc.)


A/S 500,000,000

FLOAT : 68,000,000



Our Mission

1. Find one or more innovative precious metal and gem products.

2. Test and prove products for different profitable applications.

3. Introduce, educate, and develop various markets for the product(s).

4. Allow industry to find their own applications by providing them samples and ideas.

5. Structure sales and servicing agreements commensurate to customer’s new found savings or the new market value.

NRPI seeks products that fulfill the Company Mission, Vision, and Objectives.


Our Heritage

History of NRP Stone, Inc. (SYM: NRPI; OTC Pinksheets)

Before its purchase, NRP Stone, Inc. was a publically traded company with its operations and management based in Alberta, Canada. Its operations formally terminated and had not reported any financial information for over a decade. The thinly traded public company’s received a caveat emptor and the stock plummeted to micro-pricing between .0013-.0020.

NRP Stone, Inc. was purchased from its manager and controlling shareholders who both agreed to the purchase and resigned in 2017. Prior to and after successfully defending title of the Company in a legal battle sponsored by a group of attorneys attempting to obtain custodianship in 2018, its new owner cleaned up the public shell in order to use it for a new business opportunity. NRPI was updated, approved, and again began trading July 2019


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New Website  

July 12th PR https://www.nrpstone.co/blog/press-release


LuxiumPress Release | 08/01/2019

NRP Stone, Inc. provided additional information on the conductivity of Luxium during its due diligence process on Rare Metals and Gems Investors, LLC, a potential acquisition.

Luxium is a molecularly derived precious metal, containing 99% silver. Jewelry retail markets can be targeted for rings, necklaces, bracelets, broaches, and similar jewelry due to its brilliant finish and resistance to tarnish. These qualities, along with its hardness and conductivity, also make Luxium a candidate for a wide range of industrial uses. It may be used as an alternative to copper, silver, and gold in electronics, solar panels, aerospace, and many other industries. In addition, silver is cheaper than gold, harder than copper, and is the best natural conductor.

Conductivity of the top five metals is rated from highest as follows:


Silver 1.59 X 10-8
Copper 1.68 X 10-8
Gold 2.44 X 10-8
Aluminum 2.65 X 10-8 (Aluminum alloy is used for high tension electrical lines)

Conductivity of Luxium, like silver, is expected to be quantified and rated above copper, gold, and aluminum. This makes Luxium a candidate for electrical applications. Electrical transmission lines for the electrical power grid worldwide are made of one and one-eighth inch twisted aluminum stands reinforced with steel and silicon for strength. Aluminum was chosen because the raw metal is readily available, has a proportional high tensile strength, and can be purchased at a comparatively inexpensive cost.

The inherent problem with using aluminum as a conductor is its electrical resistance. For every one percent resistance incurred over high-tension electrical lines, power companies lose billions of dollars in lost wattage. With the introduction of nano-technology, a thin application of Luxium could create a dynamic solution for cost savings to electrical transmission companies. Because electricity travels around the metal conductor, an applied outside coating could decrease resistance. Luxium researchers are currently working on the creation of Luxium nanoparticles that will bind with existing and new aluminum power lines. They have also been developing particles that will bind with existing and new aluminum alloy used in the manufacture of power lines.

NRP Stone, Inc. Begins the Process of Acquiring Rare Metals and Gems Investors, LLCPress Release | 08/15/2019

NRP Stone, Inc. Begins the Process of Acquiring Rare Metals and Gems Investors, LLC

PR Newswire

DRAPER, Utah, Aug. 15, 2019

DRAPER, Utah, Aug. 15, 2019 /PRNewswire/ --NRP Stone, Inc. is pleased to announce that it has submitted a Letter of Interest outlining terms for acquisition of Rare Metals and Gems Investors, LLC. RMGI has negotiated a multi-faceted marketing agreement with the producer of two unique products: natural white and rare colored diamonds finished from raw yellow/brown diamonds; and, a trademarked, one-of-a-kind, molecularly derived precious metal called Luxium. The manufacturing company and its affiliates have agreed to use RMGI as a marketing arm for its two products.

NRP Stone, Inc. Logo (PRNewsfoto/NRP Stone, Inc.)

Both products are derived from Mother Earth's natural processes… with a technological twist. 99% of diamonds mined in the world remain unfinished by Mother Earth. They are yellow to brown in color because they were not given the time, heat, and pressure required to finish them into white and colored diamonds. As a result, these brown diamonds are typically crushed and used for industrial purposes, including diamond drills and saws. Only recently, these yellow or brown diamonds have been promoted as gemstones. However, with proprietary technology, yellow and brown diamonds can be graded and finished to their highest and best potential, white and colored gemstones. These gemstones stones are considered by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to be natural diamonds, because the technology to finish these diamonds replicates the earth's natural process, in a shorter period of time. Using these proprietary processes, brown diamonds can become white, as well as all colors of the rainbow, depending upon their chemical makeup, which is known before they are purchased. Finishing occurs without dyes, radiation, or synthetically growing them in labs. They are truly natural diamonds.

The second product, Luxium, is a proprietary silver-based precious metal that can be used for jewelry, as well as in industry. Because silver is the best-known electrical conductor to man, it has many industrial uses, but has been deemed unsatisfactory for many applications because of its soft and degradable nature, and thus being subject to tarnish. Because Luxium is 99% silver, it has the quality of silver's conductivity, but does not tarnish like silver, which makes it a superior choice for jewelry and industrial usages.

RMGI has represented that its diamond producer and its affiliates have been test-marketing finished white and colored diamonds to a major national jewelry outlet for several years. Its diamond customer has also expressed a desire to purchase jewelry-grade Luxium for brilliant gemstone settings, necklaces, bracelets, broaches, and similar jewelry due to its brilliant finish and resistance to tarnish. Luxium has a natural finished look of chrome, though it can be colored for different looks. Luxium is being viewed as a mid-market jewelry alternative in filling the gap between less-expensive silver that tarnishes and expensive gold, thus making it a stand-alone precious metal substitute.

Luxium's hardness, oxidation resistance, conductivity, and price point make Luxium a candidate for a wide range of industrial uses and alternative for silver, gold, and copper in electrical systems, circuit boards, aerospace, solar panels, non-acid based storage batteries, electrical transmission lines, and many other industries. Electronics and applications for existing and new electrical transmission lines used for the electrical power grid worldwide are initially being investigated. For every one-percent resistance incurred over high-tension electrical lines, power companies lose billions of dollars in lost wattage. A thin coat of Luxium could create a dynamic solution in cost savings to electrical transmission companies. Luxium researchers are currently working on the creation of Luxium nanoparticles that will bind with existing and new aluminum power lines. Solid and nanotized liquid Luxium are available for R&D industrial applications.

MGI Additional InformationPress Release | 08/21/2019

Wednesday, August 21, 2019, Draper, UT NRP Stone, Inc. (SYM: NRPI) is pleased to announce that with the presentation of the Letter of Intent for the acquisition of Rare Metals and Gems Investors (RMGI), RMGI disclosed that first generation Luxium has proven to be transformable from a solid into nanoparticles. These nanoparticles, in a liquid form, can be sprayed, thus creating many potential uses in industry that require a one-to-multiple atom thicknesses of coatings. One of these industrial uses is in the coating new and existing high-tension, overhead power lines.


As previously reported, Luxium has similar conductivity as silver, the worlds most natural conductor. Because electricity travels around power lines, an application of Luxium is believed to enhance conductivity. NRP Stone has been informed that RGMIs supplier has contacts in the Department of Energy who have agreed to allow a nanoparticle application of Luxium on a one-mile stretch of its existing, high-tension power lines. The test would be for conductivity, especially measuring the reduction in resistance. The DOE estimates that over $22 billion is lost each year due to loss of electricity through resistance in electrical transmission in the US alone. The DOE has indicated that if the Luxium coating test proves successful in reducing electrical resistance by a minimum of two to three percent, it would be interested in considering having RMGI spray all its electrical transmission lines. Greater conductivity with less resistance would create a significant savings for the Department of Energys transmission of electricity.


The field-test would also provide additional data regarding Luxiums hardness and durability because these DOE overhead power lines are in an area exposed to some of the harshest of atmospheric conditions in the US. This data could be useful in other industrial applications.


RMGI must prove the application of nanoparticles and show a reduction in resistance in the lab and in the field. A combination of robotics and drones is being considered for the application of nanoparticles. In the lab, nanoparticles are being tested on pieces of high-tension power lines. If lab tests prove satisfactory, application apparatuses will be developed and DOE field-testing will be formalized. The field test is contemplated for 2020. The protocol for lab testing and for the application of Luxium nanoparticles is being designed and researched. Once the lab work and the DOE field-test is performed and the Luxium application is endorsed by the DOE, NRPI could conceivably promote such applications to all electrical transmission companies in North America.


NRP Stone, Inc. is engaged in marketing and distribution of unique precious metals and gems. US OTC symbol: NRPI; CUSIP: 62940J200. Follow us on Twitter @NRPSTONE and at http://nrpstone.co.



Convertible Notes Extinguished and Director Matt Palmer ResignsPress Release | 08/22/2019

Thursday, August 22, 2019, Draper, Utah. NRP Stone, Inc. is pleased to announce that David Clark, a consultant to the Company and advisor to management, has made another bold move. This past year, he returned 305 million shares of his stock to the Company in order to make it easier for the Company to conduct its business. Now, Mr. Clark has voluntarily resolved to extinguish his Convertible Promissory Notes and replace them with simple interest bearing promissory notes.


Mr. Clark remarked, I elected to do this in order to quash any further criticisms that the Company has a toxic stock structure that could potentially put the stock in a proverbial death spiral. That was never my intent by default or by design. In fact, it was a long-time enemy of old management and frequent criticizer who brought this potentially harmful threat to our attention. He helped us identify and nullify the misconception. Management understands its fiduciary responsibility to its investors, private and public, and has no intention of betraying that trust.


NRP Stone also announced the resignation of Matt Palmer, a relative of the old management, who was independently interviewed and appointed as a Director and Secretary/Treasurer of the Company. He was chosen because of his background and skillset in the diamond and jewelry industry, thusly making him was a good fit in fulfilling Company objectives. The Chairman, David Clark, II, accepted his resignation. Mr. Palmer indicated that he has closed his business and will be moving out-of-state to pursue other interests. We wish him well in his future endeavors. In one respect, this may seem unfortunate for the Company, but it resolves another criticism that somehow old management has undo influence on new management and Company decisions.


NRP Stone clarified and reaffirmed its intention to fulfill its Mission and Vision in providing unique products and creating profitability for all interested stakeholders. In July, the Company announced that old controlling management including the Davy and Blum families sold their interests in the Company to new unaffiliated management. To quash any further rumors and disinformation promoted by some who may still have ill feelings toward prior management, the Company reiterates that old management is no longer associated with the Company and new unaffiliated management has full control. Mr. Clark asserted, In my opinion, further fact-less promotion of this sort could be viewed as libelous or slanderous; especially if the attacks are baseless, unfounded rants intentionally spewed out in order to cause controversy, to damage peoples confidence in new management, or to impede the Companys progress.


Mr. Clark continued, We understood that taking over an old company without changing the name might confuse some people, but we really liked the name. It fits our business plans. Therefore, we thought it best to keep the name and not reverse the stock. We did this so that old shareholders might have potential for what they may have thought was a total lost; and, we wanted new shareholders to share our vision. Its taken an inordinate amount of work, but we believe that we have repositioned everything so that the Company could start anew. The Directors were appointed on merit, because of their background and potential benefit to the Company. With the notes being restructured and with the departure of Matt Palmer, unfounded fears of old managements influence or a potential toxic stock structure has been neutralized. These adjustments, coupled with newly announced plans for an acquisition, positions the Company to become more than an empty shell with a hopeful story.


New management now has history of its own based in persistence. Through its diligent efforts, all requirement of the OTC were satisfied and the caveat emptor was removed, thus NRPI became a current reporting company. However, this week a warning and yield sign were placed on the company due to an omission in its 2019 Q2 filing. The OTC has been contacted and the omission will be remedied after vacation season is over so that the symbol can again have a green light in trading.

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