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A Virtual Trade show for CryptoCurrency Investors and Corporate Issuers and Entrepreneurs to Meet


The DC Offering business provides a “Virtual Trade Show” for Investors & Corporate Issuers.  DC Offerings brings Cryptocurrency Investors and Corporate Issuers together under one virtual roof, a virtual tradeshow of sorts.  While the Investor will pay no cost to enter, the issuer will pay a “Booth” fee to present their business investment opportunity to the on-looking Crypto investors gathering at the show.  The corporate issuer will pay an additional service fee when an investment transaction is effected and finalized.  The service fees will not be subject to FINRA or SEC scrutiny as they are not calculated off the size or scope of the investment transaction.   Again, initial fees will be produced by presenting issuers the ability to set up a “booth at the DC trade show”.

The DC Offerings Process

The process and platform we’ve created checks all the boxes. Not only do we have a safe and efficient way to take crypto as an investment, we can also save companies and investors considerable time, money and frustration in the process.

First, the paperwork is completed whereby both parties agree to value proposition of the investment.

Then the potential investor goes through the same process they would to open a brokerage account; KYC/AML (Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering), and, where applicable, an accredited investor verification. They sign an offering memorandum, or engagement contract, as well as an escrow agreement. The crypto is then sent to escrow; the escrow service verifies the documents, takes a fee and transfers the balance of the funds to the company. The investor receives confirmation of escrow completion and is issued their documents relating to the investment; and the company is issued a distribution document.  Once these confirmations are completed, the cryptocurrency is transferred into an established account for investor.

Sounds simple, and it is to an investor because they get 100% value for the digital asset they are using. From the company’s perspective, they are willing to incur the cost of the escrow service to facilitate the process, because the escrow company is assuming the responsibility for the proper transfer and liquidity of the transaction, not the investor. DC Offerings deals with all the legal, custodial, regulatory and technology issues, including probably the biggest, volatility, liquidity and all disclosure issues. 



A hassle free, completed transaction in which escrow receives the digital currency (BTC or ETH) via an immediate, secure peer to peer order placed by the investor which the escrow agent sends to the conversion entity for disbursement to issuer.

What we at FEP through our DC Offerings service are doing is taking the investor through an investment process where the majority of the work and efforts are done by the DCO team or its outside relationships.

As with any investment, the team is an important consideration. FEP has assembled an experienced and outstanding group of professionals who are experts in the various disciplines including the cryptocurrency industry to facilitate the process for our customers.


Headquartered in Sugar Land, Texas with satellite locations in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas and Scottsdale, Arizona, Momentous Entertainment Group, Inc., trading under the stock symbol MMEG, is striving to become one of the most successful standalone interactive entertainment companies operating globally. Our focus is on online and mobile gaming.

Our current game portfolio includes some of the strongest earnings per user of games played on FaceBook. Our entertainment network has over 1 million users and we’re continuing to expand our capabilities across new platforms, genres, audiences and geographies.

We use eCommerce to support additional revenues on our gaming platforms to sweep with as broad a brush as possible toward revenue generation. And, we’re proud to work with some of the best and brightest talents across entertainment, media and technology.

On December 20th, 2017, Momentous entered into an exclusive Letter of Intent to acquire Ignis Studios LLC; founded by Momentous’ Chief Technology Officer Nathan Levine and his team who have created games for Chimera, Lucas Film Ltd, Sony, Tencent, Blizzard and Good Game Studios, among others.

Ignis Studios is comprised of a team of 15 game developers creating 30 new games over the next two years. This strategy is based on the knowledge that 2-3 games with low adoption produce significant revenues, and that if even one game becomes viral, gaining mass popularity, it would produce exponential revenues for the Company.

Strong history of results in the gaming industry

Reached 500+ million gamers with previous titles

Creating 30 mobile games for the market by 2020

$9.37M projected in 2018

$29.94M projected in 2019

$52.26M projected in 2020


Ignis team members were key contributors on the following games:

World of Warcraft –  Over $10B in revenue

League of Legends –  $2B in revenues annually

Overwatch – earning $1B in revenue

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft – $500M in revenue

Diablo 3 – earning over $500M

StarCraft 2 – earning over $500M

Figures published by GameRevolutionVB (Venture Beat)and Gamerant.





Hoplite Hero is a match 3 style puzzle game where you can matchmythical creatures, create massive chain combos, power-up your gameplay with special items, and solve difficult challenges through one hundred fun levels! Join your friends on the leaderboards!




Die Zombie Nation! is a strategy RPG where you can combine weapons, fortify your territory, defend against the infected, attack rival survivors, and rule the nation! Join with your friends to form a crew to conquer it all!



Seed of Lux is a survival MMORPG, where you play as a strange energy, known as Lux. As a Lux, you’ll endure the hostile world of Noch (pronounced Knock), while trying to uncover why you exist.


“A potential Ark-beater, with its beautiful art style and grand scale; Lux has all the makings of a fantastic survival game."  


Three games are set to launch in Q1 2018.




Digital game revenues will account for $94.4 billion or 87% of the global market. Mobile is the most lucrative segment, with smartphone and tablet gaming growing 19% year over year to $46.1 billion, claiming 42% of the market. Ignis is currently developing games for mobile and tablet. In 2020, mobile gaming will represent more than half of the total games market according to the Newzoo Global Games Market Report

Total revenues in North America to reach $27.0 billion. Most of this growth will come from smartphone gaming.


Get Skin Scientific

Related image

Skin Scientific has experienced extraordinary growth since its inception in late 2016; selling products to over 28K customers, generating more than $4.9+ Million in sales in its first year in business. 

Skin Scientific is an exceptional ecommerce retailer that provides cutting edge, scientifically advanced topical anti-aging skincare products. The company offers unique formulations with ingredients that are selected based on scientific studies that provide sufficient evidence to their effectiveness in improving the quality and appearance of the face, eyes and neck, producing noticeable results.



Nutritional Systems, Inc. Patented and Proprietary Supplements


Nutritional Systems, Inc. a Momentous Entertainment Group wholly owned subsidiary, announces licensing agreement with NutraPharx LLC to market their patented and proprietary nutritional supplement products through eCommerce platforms.

These supplements have a previous history of annual sales of $10M

The Company has licensed patented and proprietary nutritional supplements including:

  • Natural sleep aide
    Daytime supplement for staying awake & alert
    Fitness workout recovery supplement
    Proprietary formulated product for enhancing libido while aiding erections

Xplosive Energy all-natural Mental Energy Booster

An exciting new energy product. Instead of providing a massive spike of short-lived artificial energy, Xplosive Energy’s effects are much more subtle, and its approach much more healthy. No sudden thrusts of manic energy. No crash-and-burns afterwards. And, no dangerous side effects! You may simply feel that you are on top of your game. You can effortlessly handle whatever obstacles may come your way with the high energy level you’ve always dreamed about!

Nutritional Systems will be launching Q1 – 2018

Current Roll Up Strategy


Momentous Entertainment Group, Inc. is in the process of completing a restructuring of its share capitalization to obtain additional financing to complete several acquisitions the Company has identified. The Company intends to strategically position itself to attract a mid-tier Investment Bank willing to back an aggressive expansion in the digital space. The goal is to acquire enough top line and bottom line revenue to up-list to the New York Stock Exchange Marketplace or NASDAQ and then leverage its stock to pursue larger profitable acquisition targets.

The Company’s roll-up strategy focuses on acquisition of established, cash flow positive companies in the following areas: gaming, subscription based direct to consumer ecommerce products, ad networks, data analytics; with future expansion into Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence (AI).


Momentous has identified several private stage growth companies for potential acquisition in the areas of technology, gaming, ecommerce, data analytics and subscription based consumer products in the acquisition range of 1.5 to 4X earnings. It is anticipated that the arbitrage value from a private to public company could be as much as 4X the acquisition price (8x – 16x earnings for technology companies). The acquisitions are being made in partial cash, stock and seller carry back financing. Momentous looks to acquire companies at the rate of one per quarter over the next two years. Companies are targeted based upon their business strategy, financial performance, and ability to complement and integrate with our current business operations and other target acquisitions.


All aspects of the Company’s business plans require financing to implement. The Company is seeking such financing through various avenues. No assurances can be given as to the likelihood or timing of receiving the necessary financing to implement all or any part of the Company’s business plan.



Coming Soon to Momentous Entertainment Group

OTT Streaming Media Content Online Distibution

Watch Anywhere
Use your iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, Roku or Android device to watch anywhere!

The Company has signed an agreement to deliver film, TV and sports content on a video on demand and subscription video on demand business model. The Company will source the film, TV and sports content from their Hollywood and global relationships and work with a designated video delivery platform to fulfill the integration into various worldwide social media websites.




  Momentous’ guiding premise is that content is a value creator. Contents value continues to increase even as the distribution markets mutate. Despite the changes in consumption patterns, paid content penetration remains well above 80% of households in the U.S. Even without a paid content subscription, most "cord cutters" still consume media content. OTT offerings such as Netflix and Amazon Prime have created their own content, both services require deep libraries to gain and retain subscribers. Given the ongoing demand for content, Momentous believes content creation is not a zero-sum game, as quality content will always find an outlet and create value for shareholders.


Business Model

Momentous Entertainment Group is divided into four primary business segments, Media Development - Film, Television and Music, Ecommerce - Gaming, and Subscription or User Based Platforms
We thrive on seeing our ideas become a reality. Stay tuned as Momentous continues to grow shareholder value by both creating content and finding new ways to distribute that content through it's Social Media Network Platform.

Film & Television, which produces unique content ranging from feature films and documentaries to reality television;
Financial Equity Film Partners, Inc., a company subsidiary which utilizes strategic partnerships to facilitate film finance and distribution;
Music One Corp., a subsidiary formed to manage live events;
Momentous Music, a division leveraging worldwide distribution channels to produce and distribute adult contemporary and faith musical talents; and
Direct Marketing & Retail, a division focused on direct response TV to promote consumer merchandise and MMEG's film and music products.

Social Media Acquisition

P00lworks Germany

meinVZ / studiVZ

Poolworks'studiVZ and meinVZ record more than 10 million registered users between the ages of 16 and 59 and over 45 million page impressions per month. Established in Germany in 2005, Poolworks has evolved into a recognizable household name by developing new platforms, integrating content, and marketing social games. To learn more, visit Poolworks' websites: www.studivz.net and www.meinvz.net

The Poolworks acquisition will provide an internal sales force which can monetize Momentous' content properties providing for bottom line revenues, positive cash flows, and assets.

Acquisitions like Poolworks will provide Momentous a clear path to profitability.

Online Gaming Content Division

MomentousEntertainment Group's Chimera Games Unit Launches Its Hit Game on the Russian Social Media Platform VKonatakte (VK)!



Momentous recently acquired Chimera® Games. ChimeraCompanyGames.com is a well-established game platform with a portfolio of seven popular games and a loyal user community containing over 1 million users and 550,00 email addresses which produce an excellent ADPU (Average Dollar Per User) that exceeds the gaming industry average.

The sale includes two website domains, www.ChimeraCompanyGames.com and www.ChimeraCompany.com, all online and social media games currently available on these websites, several Facebook social media accounts, all current customer accounts which include 1 million unique users and 550,000 email addresses. The games within the Chimera portfolio include: (i) The Mob: Rise of the Don, (ii) Monster Island, (iii) Renegade, (iv) Zombie Rezurrection, (v) Syndicate (vi) Mercenary Star, (vii) Heroes: Knights of the Realm.

The Facebook performance statistics for Chimera's leading games indicate that the Average Dollar per User (ADPU) is considerably higher than the competition. Additionally, the conversion rate from Free Player to Spender is well above the industry average.
The assets are monetized by offering free to play games on social media and web portals with premium currency sold in game. The current primary driver of user traffic comes from Facebook but additional customers play the games directly on the Chimera games website portal at www.chimeracompanygames.com. Momentous will be expanding the worldwide usage and revenue generation of these social games by making them available on Momentous’ previously acquired Poolworks (MeinVZ and StudiVZ) social media networks in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.  Chimera® Games

Film and Television

MMEG’s film and television division is responsible for producing a range of unique content, including feature films, documentaries and reality television. The company’s current lineup of projects includes the Bobby Dale Earnhardt Reality TV Series, The Dennis Gile Quarterback Academy Reality TV Series, and a reality television show focusing on ARCA Truck Racing Series. Also within this division is Financial Equity Film Partners, Inc., the project financing arm of MMEG.

Upcoming Reality TV Shows

                                        The Bobby Dale Earnhardt Reality TV Series

Filming started on October 16, 2015, for The Bobby Dale Earnhardt Chasing a Legacy TV Series. Chronicling the daily life of Bobby Dale Earnhardt, the first grandson of NASCAR great Dale Earnhardt Sr and nephew of NASCAR's Dale Earnhardt Jr (voted NASCAR's most popular driver) the show will present an intimate look at the grind of becoming a NASCAR driver and what it takes to claim the coveted NASCAR Championship’ title.

Being an Earnhardt doesn't bother Bobby Dale - he is proud of his famous name and wants to be the next to carry on the legacy his grandfather started. What he doesn't like is the preferential treatment that comes with being an Earnhardt. If Bobby Dale is going to make it as a driver, he wants it to be because of his ability behind the wheel, not his lineage. Instead of getting help from his family, the series begins with Bobby Dale working as a cook at a fast-food restaurant while struggling his way up to a NASCAR status!

The Earnhardt Advantage

*A current Internet podcast by an Earnhardt family member has more listeners than Duck Dynasty and The Kardashians, according to USA Today.
*Dale Earnhardt, Sr. is the top selling deceased celebrity in the world.
*Bobby Dale Earnhardt has more than 92,000 followers on Facebook.
*The Earnhardt family has more than 2 million followers.
*ARCA Truck Racing states that its website visits increase by 5 times when there is news on Bobby Dale Earnhardt.
*Bobby Dale’s uncle, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is the most popular driver in the world’s most popular spectator sport, according to NASCAR
*The Earnhardt's are the most popular family in sports - anything “Earnhardt” attracts large audiences, according to USA Today and the Auto Racing
Club of America




Dennis Gile Quarterback Academy Reality TV Series


Many athletes dream of being America’s top quarterback and will do whatever it takes to climb to those heights. Former NFL player and renowned coach Dennis Gile trains the country’s elite quarterbacks and gives them the tools they need to step-up their game and reach their goals. Getting into athletes’ heads, Gile pushes quarterbacks beyond their physical and mental limits.  Gile’s goal is not just to develop his athlete’s throwing talents, but also to "make them better husbands, better fathers and better men" by pushing them past their highest expectations in every area.

Gile has successfully coached thousands of young quarterbacks in his career, including Notre Dame's Malik Zaire and the NFL’s Tim Tebow, Tom Brady, Cam Newton, and Colin Kaepernick. Gile’s current roster of quarterbacks includes Zaire, Newton and Kaepernick, as well as Kyle Allen, Brett Hundley and Tyrod Taylor. This documentary-style reality TV series follows a group of talented young men as they train under Gile to become the best athletes they can possibly be.


ARCA Truck Racing


MMEG recently signed talent agreements with ARCA Truck Racing (www.ARCATruckRacing.com) owners Robbin Slaughter and Tom Cumbow, adding additional power to the company’s sports racing-themed reality TV series.

The ARCA Truck Series (ATS), which began in 1999, is based in Millersport, Ohio. ATS has completed six full seasons under a licensing agreement with the Automobile Racing Club of America (ARCA), and has grown into one of the most versatile in short track racing.

As veteran racing drivers, Slaughter and Cumbow have first-hand knowledge of the grit, persistence and skill it takes for a driver and team to compete in an auto racing series. Through their agreement with MMEG, Slaughter, Cumbow and the ARCA Truck Racing team will deliver this unique view into the action-packed sport of truck racing.


Financial Equity Film Partners, Inc.


Financial Equity Film Partners (FEFP) (www.financialequityfilmpartners.com) provides short-term film and other content project financing for studios, distributors, production companies, online platforms, established filmmakers and producers, banks, finance institutions, industry reps and consultants, and talent agencies. Collectively, FEFP’s managing partners have over 150 years of experience structuring financing and distributing films. 

Every 15 to 20 years a window opens, via a new technology, that creates enormous turbulence in the existing entertainment market. This window provides a short-term opportunity for a few new entrants in to what traditionally was a highly consolidated, high barrier to entry business.

Financial Equity Film Partners’ managing partners collectively have over 150 years of experience structuring financing and distributing films.

As a private specialty finance company, FEFP is not burdened with the same regulatory restrictions and requirements of commercial banks, allowing it to be more nimble and dynamic relative to traditional lending sources.

FEFP can provide mezzanine debt, allowing for a greater array of financing options to producers and studios in structuring film financings.

FEFP will have its own international sales agency, enabling FEFP to capture greater economics of selling films into the international market and greater access to information on international distributors.

As a private specialty finance company, FEFP is not burdened with the same regulatory restrictions and requirements of commercial banks, allowing it to be more nimble and dynamic relative to traditional lending sources. The company can provide mezzanine debt, allowing for a greater array of financing options to producers and studios in structuring film financings.

FEFP will have its own international sales agency, enabling the company to capture greater economics of selling films into the international market and greater access to information on international distributors.

Music One Corp


Music 1 Corp http://www.music1.biz/ a Nevada corporation, will take lead in organizing and operating MMEG’s concert events business. MMEG engaged South Florida live venue entrepreneur Charlie Rodriguez, of Charlie Rodriguez Live Entertainment (www.MiamiDiscoFever.com), as president of the Music 1

Rodriguez has been active in the business since the mid-1980s, and has promoted and produced concerts in South Florida, drawing as many as 15,000 people to a single event. With his expertise, MMEG plans to provide entertainment to a segment of the population that has been underserved.

While MMEG is pursuing an aggressive business plan through vertical growth opportunities, both in its primary markets and in satellite markets, the formation of Music 1 and appointment of its president supplements the company's ongoing organic growth efforts.


Momentous Music

As MMEG’s recording division, Momentous Music (www.momentousmusic.com) records, produces and distributes various contemporary, faith and gospel musical talents through worldwide distribution channels, raising its business profile as a global player and delivering consistent quality musical content.

Momentous Music is offering an album to the faith market entitled the “Greatest Story Every Sung" with music from Roger Clark and Suzanne Olmon and narration of the story of the life of Jesus by Stephen Baldwin. The recording division has also commenced work on a second album project, titled “Crossing – From Here to Eternity,” which will feature Suzanne Olmon on vocals and focus on the adult contemporary listening market.

Momentous Music recently completed its first music video, a performance of Suzanne Olmon singing "I Believe,” which was submitted to the 2014 Grammy's in three categories, including Best Contemporary Christian Album, Best Engineered Album (non-Classical) and Best Produced Album (non-classical). 

View the new music video here: https://youtu.be/rHgxQ1t0ZEg

The division is also working on a second video project -- a production of "A Baby Changes Everything" -- slated for release in upcoming months.


Direct Marketing & Retail  

MMEG’s marketing division is responsible for the public sales of the film and recording produced by the company’s other divisions, with an occasional joint venture to sell content produced on behalf of others.
The company will leverage its network of experts in the fields of music, film and TV to incorporate the latest delivery technologies and the most innovative sales and distribution strategies to deliver sales-driven content directly to consumers.


MMEG has established a broad range of partnerships designed to meet the needs of our diverse customer base 


SugarHill Studios     Wire Road Studios  -   Studio City Sound  
Andrew Bradley - Tom Wier - Dr. Howard Harris - Paul English

Sugarhill Studios 
Hosts many local concerts and events and also records for local bands in Texas

SugarHill Recording Studios, a piece of Houston Texas history, is a recording studio. The studio was important in launching the careers of such artists as Lightnin' Hopkins, The Big Bopper, George Jones, the Sir Douglas Quintet, Roy Head, and Freddy Fender. It is renowned for its collection of vintage recording equipment, reverb chamber rooms, EMT plates and a long history of music. A landmark in the Houston music community, SugarHill celebrated its 74th year of operation in October 2016.


SONY Music EntertainmentEPIC Records, Universal Music Group, Atlantic Records, Island/Def Jam Group, Cash Money Records as well as artists like Pat Green BandBusta Rhymes, Ludacris, James Fortune, Future, T.I. and Beyonce

Studio City Sound
Clients Include:
Rod Stewart, Weezer, Limp Bizkit, Phantom Planet, Mary-Kate Olsen, MC Hammer, The Buzzcocks, Lisa Loeb
Kelly Clarkson, Eric Clapton, Willie Nelson, Shaggy, The Go-Go’s, T.I., Keith Richards, The Roots, No Doubt, Blondie, Ryan Adams, Warren G
Interscope, Capitol, Geffen Records, Fender Records, Kung Fu Records, Surf Dog Records, A&M Records, Universal, Rounder, Jive

Corporate Leadership

Each of MMEG's corporate officers brings a unique blend of leadership, vision, experience and creative energy necessary to fulfill these strategies. With more than a century of combined experience in entertainment and marketing, this team has set MMEG on track to achieve its goals and make major contributions to the global entertainment industry.

Kürt E Neübauer

President - Chief Executive Officer and Director


Kürt E Neübauer - Founder, Chief Executive Officer, President and Director

Kürt E. Neübauer , Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer of Momentous Entertainment Group, founded the Company in 2013. He is a versatile, action-oriented, executive producer with over twenty five years of increasingly responsible management positions. Mr. Neübauer has been involved in all phases of high corporate business including research and development, acquisitions, packaging, financing, budgeting forecasting and taking companies public.

Working primarily behind the scenes, he has developed and implemented financing facilities, designed and implemented domestic and international sales and marketing campaigns. Over a career that spans 35 years, Mr. Neübauer has identified and developed many unique ideas and products and converted them to successful businesses, on both a domestic and an international scale. These enterprises include successful efforts in the oil and gas industries.

Mr. Neübauer's significant knowledge and expertise in all aspects of business development, marketing, and corporate structure, include decades of successful leadership in taking companies public. Since 1998, his responsibilities have included all areas of operations, working and reporting to the SEC, managing shareholder expectations, securing financing, populating, communicating and cooperating with boards and affiliated governances. This broad experience in the multi-disciplinary sectors of taking companies public will be key to the current market opportunities being sought for Momentous Entertainment. Mr. Neübauer overall brings discipline and structure to an industry which often times is somewhat anemic in these areas.


David Micek
Chief Operations Officer

David Micek - Chief Operations Officer

David Micek, a dynamic marketing and product management executive with innovative business and proven skills in the IPTV, OTT Streaming, brings more than 35 years of senior-level product development, sales, marketing, operations and general management experience to Momentous Entertainment Group.

Mr. Micek is a recognized leader with a strong track record of product marketing build & grow skills and successes who drives rapid growth through innovative new product designs.

With a proven track record of developing, launching and growing new products into market leaders, he has an established reputation for achieving dominant market share positions for some of the most well-known technology brands.

Mr. Micek past accomplishments include serving as president at Internet search company AltaVista where he led a restructuring and sale of the company's enterprise software business. Before AltaVista, he was president and CEO of wireless networking company Zeus Wireless

Mr. Micek was also president and CEO of broadband video applications company iKnowledge. Prior to iKnowledge, he was Vice President and General Manager at Texas Instruments.

Micek holds an MBA from the University of Southern California. Mr. Micek has demonstrated repeated success leading product lines, business units and companies from the start-up level on up to over $250MM in revenues.



Tim Williams
Senior Executive Vice President, Director and Corporate Secretary

Tim Williams - Senior Executive Vice President - Business Development, Director and Corporate Secretary

Mr. Williams was an original founder of 24HR Fitness with Leonard Schlemm and Mark Mastrov. As the company’s first President, he pioneered and oversaw the original implementation of Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) to the fitness industry. This process brought predictability to the health club industry and set the stage for Private Equity investment and National growth.

He was part of a group that purchased the rights to manufacture, distribute, and franchise Nautilus equipment in Japan. After establishing a showroom in Tokyo, a triventure was formed with Sumitomo and Mitsubishi to distribute Nautilus equipment. The group later sold the franchise rights to Sumitomo separately.

In the early 1990’s, he founded Results Sports and Fitness, a chain of full service Fitness clubs, which he sold to USA Health Technologies, a NASDAQ Public company, and became its President. He expanded the company rapidly by structuring deals using stock for acquisitions.

In 1997 he became CEO of Cosmedix, a laser hair removal company with multiple locations in four States. The company expanded to offer Botox, Facial Peels, and various Cosmetic Procedures through its Physician partners.

In 2003 he became Chairman and CEO of National Developers, a Real Estate Development firm in Phoenix AZ. The Company was involved in Land Development and Entitlement. It had an in-house Architectural and Engineering firm as well as a Design Center. The company built housing communities and platted over 2000 residential lots. It owned, designed and permitted a 21 story condo loft project known as Cosmopolitan Towers.

Mr. Williams was a Chairman to Espion International, an Artificial Intelligence venture based internet gateway security company. Espion’s Technology applies Probabilistic Reasoning, which allows it to learn and adapt to a company’s email flow without slowing or growing over time. The platform also assists organizations with Regulatory Compliance in areas such as HIPPA, GLBA, and Sarbanes Oxley. Clients include Major Universities, Hospitals, Governmental Agencies and Fortune 500 companies.



Spencer D Proffer
 Spencer D Proffer - Corporate Advisory Board

Spencer Proffer has been at the forefront of successful and inventive multimedia projects for years. Throughout an extensive entertainment career, he has consistently broken new ground with pioneering work on both creative and business fronts. As a marketing and media architect with an anchor in how music plays an organic role in various platforms, he has created and then implemented numerous initiatives on behalf of major television networks, advertising agencies, online, record, and motion picture companies. He also has a meaningful history of producing socially conscious events and enterprises which have both charitable as well as commercial components.

2014 enterprises which Proffer is quarterbacking are listed in PROJECTS & PARTNERS on our M17 site.

Here is Spencer's current Wikipedia page: Proffer's Wikipedia page.

Check out an interview he did with the Huffington Post by hitting this link: Huffington Post interview. His progressive thinking and results are also highlighted in both The Wall St Journal article on the Citizens Of The World enterprise which he architected and co-produced as well as in the Huffington Post where they have premiered M17 band Flying Machines’ English language version of “Citizens” with an embedded player and free download.

Spencer is a highly regarded media producer and strategist with a long history of connecting with audiences. His productions have garnered Academy, Golden Globe, Emmy, Grammy and Tony awards and nominations, and as music producer, Spencer has sold millions of gold and platinum records.

In 2010, Proffer, together with long time collaborator and composer Larry Brown, won the Grand Prize Gold Medal at the 7th Annual Park City Film Music Festival for their his production, songwriting, scoring and music supervision work on the acclaimed documentary film, narrated by Dr. Maya Angelou entitled "As Seen Through These Eyes." It was financed and premiered on The Sundance Channel. As Seen Through These Eyes.

As a Music Director/ Supervisor,, he had handled over 160+ films/television projects in a proactive, hands-on capacity for most of the key motion picture studios and major broadcast television networks (see IMDB for a detailed listing of Spencer’s film and television music work).

In addition to implementing the creative elements, Spencer’s work included negotiating all talent, licensing and soundtrack elements on behalf of the respective studio, network or production company. Over 35 of these were nominated or won major industry awards, and includes work with CBS, NBC, ABC, MTV, VH-1, Showtime Networks, TNT, USA Networks, Paramount, Touchstone, Lions Gate, 20th Century Fox and New Line Cinema. Additionally, he oversaw Showtime’s music interests on all levels for seven years, off campus.

Proffer has worked in a production capacity on twelve financed and distributed films and continues to do so now. Some highlights are: Spencer served as a Producer & Cast Album Producer of the 4 time Tony nominated Broadway hit, "It Ain't Nothin' But The Blues“; the 2 time Emmy nominated television special, "Robbie Robertson, Coming Home", CBS mini-series “Shake Rattle and Roll” and HBO’s award-winning multi-cultural series “Happily Ever After,” as music producer/director, songwriter. He was also a Co-Executive Producer of “Gods and Monsters” which won Academy, Golden Globe, Independent Spirit and other major awards.

Spencer’s music career and credits are equally formidable, having produced and overseen projects involving: Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, Beyonce and Destiny’s Child, Darius Rucker/Hootie & The Blowfish, KISS, Green Day, Godsmack, Aerosmith, Sheryl Crow, Eric Clapton, Keith Urban, Britney Spears, 3 Doors Down, BB King, Heart, Cheap Trick, Jeff Beck, Brian May of Queen, Ritchie Sambora of Bon Jovi, Graham Nash, Alanis Morissette, Beach Boys, Quiet Riot and N’Sync to name a few. Amongst the 190 albums which Spencer has produced throughout his career, he helmed Tina Turner’s Acid Queen album from her role in The Who’s “Tommy” while serving as worldwide chief of A&R at United Artists as well as Quiet Riot’s “Metal Health”, the first debut hard rock album to reach no #1 n the Billboard charts, selling over 7 million copies at that time.

As an early pioneer of laser light shows, Spencer also shepherded the first #1 rock album (Billy Thorpe’s Children Of The Sun) to be developed into computer-animated laser choreography and exhibited in planetariums across North America.

Spencer is an honors graduate of Loyola University School of Law and UCLA; has taught numerous courses at UCLA, USC and Syracuse U. and served on the Dean’s Council at the American University School of Communication in Washington, DC. Spencer is married with two sons, Morgan and Sterling.


Tim Williams Vice President of $MMEG is the Executive Director for Clique Vodka. Recently Clique announced it will be producing "Cannabis infused Vodka"



   A/S: 24,950,000,000   a/o Oct 30, 2017
10,967,374,360      a/o Nov 20, 2017 
  Float: ?     Nov 20, 2017

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#61151   Happy NewYear My Friend!!! watchful eye 33 12/31/21 06:57:44 PM
#61150   That's because they got revoked and the ticker jhnvtjll 12/06/21 05:51:33 PM
#61149   Hope U had a great TG, MMEG will JMC$ 12/06/21 01:14:09 PM
#61148   Happy Thanksgiving!!! watchful eye 33 11/25/21 05:28:12 PM
#61147   I've been outta this pos for awhile artmaniac 04/05/21 03:14:11 PM
#61146   junk stock pkc89 02/06/21 03:32:45 PM
#61145   How We Lookin, Baby!!! Has anything surfaced??? Vert watchful eye 33 02/03/21 11:18:14 AM
#61144   Things Are Not looking very Momentus over here... Wow. Skipper_70 01/28/21 10:32:49 AM
#61143   Next to zero chance, IMO. jhnvtjll 09/06/20 03:41:20 PM
#61142   Any chance of reinstatement here? BayTrader280 09/05/20 10:40:05 AM
#61141   Doing well , My Friend!!! My Big Chin watchful eye 33 09/05/20 10:27:18 AM
#61140   Im doing great. Hows life treating you?? LJ Silver 09/02/20 11:47:21 AM
#61139   How We doin, Baby!!! watchful eye 33 09/01/20 09:59:14 PM
#61137   Not really..Buy current stocks with tight floats ...otcmarkets.com starkd748 04/22/20 10:12:18 PM
#61136   It’s a revokapalooza in all these Vertville stocks. LJ Silver 04/22/20 09:46:41 PM
#61135   Sorry its toast bro...Turn the lights out on starkd748 02/14/20 08:56:47 PM
#61133   Sorry I got beat to it! But thanks LongFutureShot 02/07/20 10:32:44 AM
#61132   Yw jhnvtjll 02/06/20 04:35:14 PM
#61131   TY watchful eye 33 02/06/20 04:30:28 PM
#61130   Outstanding Shares 5,512,483 as of May 3, 2019. jhnvtjll 02/06/20 04:21:49 PM
#61129   Somewhere between 3 & 5 if I recall. watchful eye 33 02/06/20 01:25:07 PM
#61128   Hey Long, could you please refresh my memory watchful eye 33 02/06/20 01:22:40 PM
#61126   This one and neither is the pixie pixel starkd748 12/15/19 09:34:43 PM
#61125   I forgot I wrote that, and I didn't jhnvtjll 11/15/19 05:17:05 PM
#61124   LMFAO this has to be one of the VASH87 11/15/19 02:30:34 PM
#61123   Revoked starkd748 10/07/19 01:52:42 AM
#61121   THIS POS STOCK IS DONE...SECOND REVOCATION IN A starkd748 10/05/19 08:38:52 PM
#61120   Trying to one up Tesla and the launch LongFutureShot 10/03/19 05:55:13 PM
#61119   Maybe they're trying to dispose their Greatest Christian jhnvtjll 10/03/19 05:49:09 PM
#61118   And today Momentous followed NASA on twitter lol, LongFutureShot 10/03/19 05:46:24 PM
#61117   Thanks, Renee. jhnvtjll 10/03/19 01:47:43 PM
#61116   The only purpose for agreeing with the A.L.J. Renee 10/03/19 01:20:52 AM
#61115   MMEG actually submitted an "Offer of Settlement"? jhnvtjll 10/02/19 09:45:34 PM
#61114   they were all lier's leaker's an worthless turd's nickelandime 10/01/19 05:54:31 PM
#61113   how could they revoke stock like this 12ka 10/01/19 05:49:23 AM
#61112   Business plan for REVOCATION lmfao starkd748 09/28/19 05:21:23 PM
#61109   I had to dig this up to remind specutator 09/27/19 02:20:13 PM
#61108   This pos is now revoked ...Glad I never starkd748 09/27/19 10:05:56 AM
#61107   MMEG registration revoked: Renee 09/27/19 09:31:26 AM
#61106   REVOKED. Really sorry to those of you gastric 09/27/19 09:20:47 AM
#61105   very true words,,we now wait an see??? nickelandime 09/24/19 10:31:31 AM
#61104   I think their incompetence has caught up with TheRealMrPirate 09/24/19 09:34:12 AM
#61103   9/20/2019 has come an gone????,,I think they are nickelandime 09/24/19 08:53:08 AM
#61102   $MMEG - investorshub.advfn.com/uimage/uploads/2019/9/24/xupqqCapture.JPG[ TheRealMrPirate 09/24/19 07:03:44 AM
#61101   FINRA Daily List: Trading Halts specutator 09/20/19 10:26:51 AM
#61100   Three days (9/20) to start trading again! specutator 09/17/19 01:41:36 PM
#61099   Yes!! RockRoll 09/12/19 03:07:18 PM
#61098   Would you say "A Momentous SERIAL SCAM"? 24x7 09/12/19 01:27:21 PM
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