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All In Crypto is about every type of crypto.  I play them all.  My favorite now are DeFi's which pay reflections on the AVAX chain like FOOK, BURNIT,  BABYKRAKENS, AFFINITY, COINEUS (formerly DIVVY and LAVA) and others relaunching.  You get paid USDC on all buys and sells just for owning the coin.  Basically, better than any dividend you will ever find.  Potentially huge passive income.  Also find the next DOGE or SHIB in the micro alts.  Everyone is looking for that in crypto land.  Losing 2 to 5 zeros can make someone a millionaire.  And of course the large cap crypto.  My favorite right now is AVAX and its chain.   All opinions are welcome.  Pro and con on any coin. Feel free to talk about the OTC stocks which I still love playing.  Especially penny stocks involved with crypto.   If you want to learn how to buy a De-Fi, micro alt crypto, or any crypto, we can help you here. 

No spamming or personal attacks allowed as judged by me.  No baiting other posters.  Any constant, repetitive negativity about crypto overall and redundant posts, will be deleted, as this thread is for people looking to learn about crypto and how to invest or speculate in crypto.  We all know crypto has its many ups and downs.  And this site is not about charts, technical analysis and predictions by charts. There are other sites for that.  I will allow some off topic discussion as I want this to be a friendly thread where we can discuss anything. (Disclaimer:  I am not a financial advisor nor do I work for the markets in any capacity.  Everything here is just my opinion.  Only invest in the OTC and cryptos what you can afford to lose)

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