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$MMMW Mass Megawatts will be a Full SEC Louied91 05/25/22 8:41 AM
$MMMW patent pending product to reduce electric prices
Edmcgrath 05/27/23 10:40 AM
I agree $MMMW with enough revenue to
Edmcgrath 05/27/23 10:38 AM
$MMMW with a market cap under $2
Edmcgrath 05/27/23 10:35 AM
$MMMW the lowest price solar is a great
Edmcgrath 05/27/23 10:32 AM
$MMMW will not need many sales to earn
Edmcgrath 05/27/23 10:30 AM
The $MMMW news release was in most new
Edmcgrath 05/27/23 10:28 AM
Mass Megawatts Launches Employee Incentive Program For Turbocharging cashforme 05/23/23 10:20 AM
Mass Megawatts Targets Fiscal Quarter Ending October 31, cashforme 05/01/23 5:09 PM
The main goal is to build a solar cashforme 04/15/23 6:49 AM
Mass Megawatts to Launch a Community Solar Subscription cashforme 04/13/23 9:15 PM
Mass Megawatts to Launch a Community Solar Subscription cashforme 04/12/23 7:49 AM
Mass Megawatts Announces Solar Project Marketing Innovation Using cashforme 04/06/23 8:48 AM
$MMMW only 80 million shares of its 149
Edmcgrath 04/02/23 12:16 PM
$MMMW less than $2 million market cap.
Edmcgrath 04/02/23 12:13 PM
$MMMW no toxic debt in its entire corporate history.
Edmcgrath 04/02/23 12:12 PM
$MMMW a patent pending solar tracker to increase
Edmcgrath 04/02/23 12:11 PM
See the bid?
Edmcgrath 04/02/23 12:09 PM
Great News! cashforme 02/16/23 11:57 AM
Rapidly declining cost of storage and batteries could Edmcgrath 02/16/23 11:01 AM
Ukraine war is helping solar energy grow quicker Edmcgrath 02/16/23 10:59 AM
$MMMW solar tracker can reduce cost of solar. Edmcgrath 02/16/23 10:58 AM
$MMMW has a very low market cap of Edmcgrath 02/16/23 10:57 AM
Good sales people should help your goal Edmcgrath 02/16/23 10:56 AM
$MMMW never had toxic debt in the past Edmcgrath 02/16/23 10:55 AM
Having good sales people by paying them well Edmcgrath 02/16/23 10:53 AM
$MMMW sales by paying the employees very well Edmcgrath 02/16/23 10:51 AM
$MMMW news today. Edmcgrath 02/16/23 10:50 AM
Down 14 percent on 1mm shares eyeownu 01/12/23 3:20 PM
It's a New Year. Let's make some Cash! cashforme 01/02/23 5:02 PM
Nice volume today cashforme 12/30/22 3:26 PM
I think we will see a big jump cashforme 12/30/22 1:20 PM
Looking good here today! cashforme 12/30/22 1:18 PM
Sales and operating profit will definitely take care Wolfy3 12/29/22 4:55 PM
$$$$ Getting ready to take off? cashforme 12/28/22 5:06 PM
Looking Good Today.$$$$ cashforme 12/28/22 5:05 PM
#NewsAlert Mass Megawatts Upcoming Solar Projects – $MMMW Singhania 12/28/22 10:10 AM
$$MMMW$$$ cashforme 12/28/22 10:08 AM
$MMMW Mass Megawatts Makes Progress Toward Several Solar Louied91 12/28/22 7:31 AM
Hopefully, $MMMW can turn profit soon. Edmcgrath 12/21/22 10:36 AM
$MMMW organizing their sales and business better is Edmcgrath 12/21/22 10:35 AM
$MMMW is a very low market cap Edmcgrath 12/21/22 10:33 AM
That is very good. Great payback. I know Edmcgrath 12/21/22 10:32 AM
That is great. Why is $MMMW a market Edmcgrath 12/21/22 10:30 AM
$MMMW should get rollin. I agree Edmcgrath 12/21/22 10:28 AM
$MMMW sales soon would be great Edmcgrath 12/21/22 10:27 AM
$$$$MMMW$$$$ cashforme 12/12/22 6:19 PM
$$$$MMWM$$$ lets get this thing rolling cashforme 12/12/22 2:58 PM
$MMMW Mass Megawatts Announces the Opening of a
Louied91 12/12/22 8:14 AM
Happy Thanksgiving! cashforme 11/24/22 10:34 AM
Time for this company to turn a profit! cashforme 11/21/22 12:43 PM
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Mass Megawatts Wind Power Inc (MMMW)

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$MMMW will be a Full SEC Reporting Company on July 7,2022.

No toxic debt

Two milestone goals
1- Develop with other companies a robust solar tracker
2- Getting  a solar tracker for market  with completed testing and review beyond initial test units

Mass Megawatts is a development stage company with the high risk of new technology, little revenue, and no profits.
The  information on the page contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties, including but not limited to the Company’s ability to produce a cost-effective wind energy conversion device. Among the important factors that could cause actual events to differ materially from those indicated by forward-looking statements in this release are the failure to successfully produce their new product markets and remaining competitive; the inability of the Company to sell ,offered for sale or any future sale, if needed, to finance the marketing and sales of its electricity; general economic conditions; as well as numerous other  risk factors related to investing in small development stage companies with little revenue, little cash and  no profits. 
  Mass Megawatts has  strived to innovate and improve alternative energy systems and technologies.  This includes new innovations that significantly improve the efficiency of solar power systems.  The latest innovation, the Mass Megawatts Solar Tracking System (STS), is designed to increase solar energy production by 30%.
In recent years, the patented pending, STS technology is designed to automatically adjust the position of solar panels to receive an optimal level of direct sunlight throughout the day.  Unlike other solar tracking technologies, the Mass Megawatts STS utilizes a low-cost structure that adds stability to the overall system while improving energy production levels.

The STS utilizes an innovative structural design that combines a simple, yet robust, A-frame design with a low-cost, protective outer-wall.   Using a non-electrical, and passive, tracking technology, the solar panels are automatically repositioned throughout the day as the sun’s position travels from east to west.   With ground fittings secured at multiple points, the system is designed to handle extreme weather and winds up to 120 mph.

The tracking technology allows the panels to receive more direct sunlight and to generate more solar power for the customer.  With this system, solar power production is increased by up to 30% as compared to stationary configurations.   Future versions of the STS will also offer a dual-tracking capability, which can further improve solar power generation levels by an additional 10%.

The STS allows Mass Megawatts to lower material costs and reduce the number of solar panels needed to generate the rated capacity.  Due to this advantage, Mass Megawatts can deliver more solar power production at a price similar to lower-capacity, stationary systems.  Specifically, we plan to offer 6.25 kW rated STS units at a price that’s competitive to stationary, 5 kW systems.  In many locations, this improved output translates into a 40% rate of return for the customer with investment payback occurring in the 3rd year.  Further, by taking advantage of a lease program or power purchase agreement (PPA) arrangement with the company, a customer may realize an immediate, positive cash flow, as immediate energy savings and/or revenues will be realized and/or exceed the monthly payments due

Starting at 6.25 kW rated units, a Mass Megawatts STS system is appropriate for ground-level, residential and business sites, as well as, commercial, roof-top installations, and has a rated life expectancy of 20 years.   Installation can be completed in a few business days, and there is no annual, routine maintenance to perform.  Mass Megawatts coordinates all aspects of system delivery, including permitting, installation, and working to obtain any available tax incentives.  They monitor the performance of each system, and provide a full, performance guarantee.
Mass Megawatts Wind Power, Inc. is planning to raise funds who are familiar with the regulations related to Crowdfunding and Regulation A+.   

Mass Megawatts would develop and maintain the community solar power systems and the investors would receive the low-cost energy that’s produced over the life of the system. The crowdfunding investors could use the electricity themselves or sell the electricity to other electric users. The new rules and regulations available in the near future will make equity crowdfunding available to the investors of the community solar projects. Crowdfunding in the past had been used to raise funds for charitable donations in a similar manner of engaging an audience to market products.  The generated solar-power is projected to be 10 to 20% below current utility prices.

There are many advantages realized with a community solar project, also known as a solar farm or solar garden.  This includes providing a cost-effective way for residents and commercial electric users, who do not have a suitable location for solar power generation, to invest in solar energy.  Investors also do not need to be concerned with installation, zoning issues, or maintenance concerns, as this is fully managed by Mass Megawatts.

 Mass Megawatts announced modifications of its Solar-Power Tracking System (STS).  The patent pending, STS is designed to increase solar energy production by approximately 25% for less than an estimated 7% additional cost as compared to stationary configuration.   The company plans to implement this advanced technology in their Community Solar projects.  Community Solar gardens provide attractive investment potential for residents and businesses across the country.

With its patent pending, Solar Tracking System, Wind Electric Power Generation system, only approximately 62 million shares issued and outstanding and very little debt, Mass Megawatts believes it is well positioned to ramp-up production in the shorter term while expanding its infrastructure to support mass-production goals in the longer term.

The Federal government has set an ambitious goal of ‘20% wind power by 2030,’ and generous subsidies targeted at every segment of American society have been set in place.
State subsidies for wind power are equally generous and can often be combined with Federal programs resulting, in some instances, in government funding equivalent to 80% of a wind power system’s total cost.

From families and farmers, to schools and non-profits, onto business owners and communities, there are government funding opportunities and tax incentives specifically dedicated to provide a basis that makes wind power generation a viable, economic and profitable choice for all of America.

All the same, we recommend that you take the time to explore the website of the‘Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency.’ This brings you to the most up to date and comprehensive listing of subsidies and tax incentives for the Federal government and all 50 states. It is the ‘online bible’ of government support of renewable energy.
Subsidies range from Direct Federal Grants, ITC’s (Investment Tax Credits) and PTC’s (Production Tax Credits) to a myriad of State Grants, Rebates and Tax Creditsavailable to all tax-payers, ranging from your family to Fortune 500 corporations.

This array of Federal and State subsidies and incentives has opened up the wind industry’s lucrative ‘tax equity opportunity’ to smaller investors for the first time. These subsidies provide investors with the ability to recoup their initial investment within 60 days of start up, depreciate 85% of total project costs in 5 years, while realizing decades of profitability; truly the opportunity to create the legacy of intergenerational wealth, with an increasing annuity that spans the decades.

Federally backed CREB and QECB bonds and USDA Renewable Energy Grants and Guaranteed Loans, along with many other types of incentives, ensure that municipalities, farmers and agricultural businesses, rural businesses, non-profits, school systems, universities all have the opportunity to access the national and state entitlement and subsidy programs, making wind power a viable and economically profitable choice for every American individual and group with an electric bill and access to a windy ridge, even if that ridge is 50 miles away from their township, school district, etc…

Mass Megawatts has the network and expertise to secure leaseholds on land possessing commercial grade wind resources for your investor group, will arrange for buyers to purchase your electricity and REC (renewable energy credits; yes, these are a wind power product and can be sold as easily as electricity) production. We can also introduce your group to organizations that are looking for strategic investment partners for project partnering. Often, these investors provide the land with the wind resource and purchase the wind farm’s electricity output.

Mass Megawatts can arrange for ‘low cost, long term’ financing on any wind power installation, from residential to large investor wind farms, often being able to position the ownership group to have over 90%, or more, of the permanent financing coming from government subsidies and private bonding.


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