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Market Direction and Trends

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:::::::::::::::::::  Welcome to Market Direction and Trends  ::::::::::::::::::: 

$ Plays For Profit $

 The purpose of this board is to help others with Short & Long term Market direction & Market Trends.  

 This is strickly an educational  board helping traders to learn market direction, swing and bottom trading as well as picking potential
   stocks for profits. Will try to post charts daily of potential swing trades and bottom plays.

 Keep it simple by taking profits above reading of 80  and buy above reading of 20 on the slow stochastics (Slo STO).

 Monitor closely the Exponential Moving Average (EMA 250), investments will return to the EMA 250 line.

 I ask that everyone respect opinions on the board whether you agree with them or not.  We are all here to make money and avoid the
  minimum loss we can.


To be a winner in the markets you can never trade from emotion.
and the only way to eliminate emotion is to have the iron
discipline to follow your own plan. It's said most traders never
plan a trade never mind have the discipline to follow one.
If you want to become one of the few market winners you must
"Plan every trade and trade every plan"

Rules of the Board

Most of this board's WATCHERS are "lurkers" who appreciate info available without the need to sift through tons of "empty" posts.
1. Respect everyone opinions on trades.
2. No Pumping of Stocks.


To help us evaluate our performance, please "BoardMark" the board if you find it useful.
To do so, just click on "Add to Favorites" Button at Right just above the Posts Dates.


 Presently, the Board has 177 Boardmarks, Thank you!


10 Price Action Tips That Will Make You a Better Swing Trader:

 1. Identify support and resistance levels
 2. Analyze swing points
 3. Look for wide range candles
 4. Narrow range candles lead to explosive moves
 5. Find rejected price levels
 6. Learn the 50% rule.
 7. The gap and trap price pattern
 8. Measure the depth of a swing
 9. Consecutive up days and down days
10. Location of price in a trend

If you get stock ideas that you think are worthy, please post them, if you can add a chart.  Be aware no one here is responsible for any stocks or equities or whatever that you choose to put money into, except yourself.  
*Information Posted on this Board is not Meant to Suggest any Specific Action, But to Point Out the Technical Signs That Can Help Our Readers Make Their Own Specific Decisions. Your Due Deligence is a Must.

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