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2020-08-19 10:43 ET – News Release VANCOUVER, BC / ACCESSWIRE / August 19, 2020 / Makara Mining Corp. (CSE:MAKA)(FSE:MK0)(OTC PINK:MAKAF)
“Makara” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has acquired the right (the “Option”) to earn 100% of the Idaho Creek Property (“Idaho” or the “Idaho Property”),
which borders the Company’s existing Rude…

  1. Success Breeds Success – Makara Mining (MAKAF) is led by a CEO who transcends the term legend.
    In fact, many gold investors have a difficult time naming anyone in gold mining as acclaimed as Grant Hendrickson.
    He spent 16 years in the Gobi desert as the geologist who designed and directed construction of the outrageously expensive Oyu Tolgoi mine.
    The complete buildout will approach $26 billion. But this gold and copper mine will have a 100 year life expectancy.

    Rude Creek, Yukon – Makara’s (MAKAF) 16-square mileYukon property is like a bullseye on a dart board that holds $25 billion.
    It’s Kenora, Ontario, mine is in the Thunder Bay neighborhood, which found the famous Hemlo gold mine delivering 21 million ounces over the past 30 years.
  1. Pandemic – Covid-19 is shutting down gold mines across the globe. Makara (MAKAF) has no such worries because it has local crews, back home in the Yukon having cleared quarantine.
    Bad Economies Ignite Gold Prices – Gold has always been an investor’s “safe haven” during uncertain economic times.
    Its recording setting Great Recession run powered it to  nearly $1,900.
    When gold is high it makes mining it super profitable because it costs miners about $550 to bring an ounce to market.

    Peak Gold – Makara’s (MAKAF) Rude Creek project could be one of the world’s last great gold mines. That’s an amazing notion for a company with a stock that trades around $1.



Share Structure

Market Cap Market Cap

Authorized Shares

Outstanding Shares

    $MAkAF Makara Mining (MAKAF) has claimed two high-potential gold properties in vast Canadian wilderness.

That happened in May 2020, so with the pandemic dominating the news, and good-news stories being cast aside, it’s still possible to be one of Makara’s (MAKAF) earliest investors. A rare thing.

If You Can Tame Outer Mongolia, The Yukon Should Be A Snap
While mining ventures always have an element of risk, veteran investors will likely want a piece of Makara (MAKAF) for a single reason…

Because, if there’s anyone who can take advantage of a far flung gold property, history says it’s Grant Hendrickson.

That’s because he led a team of very skilled Geoscientists to discover and define and the world’s biggest and most expensive gold and copper mine.

It’s in one of earth’s most untamed environments – the Gobi Desert, Mongolia.[3]

Nearly 20 years ago, Hendrickson was one of the first handful of men on that Gobi site at Oyu Tolgoi.

He was the Chief Geophysicist for the then upstart Ivanhoe Mines (IVPAF).

The small mining team lived in tents in a place that looks like Mars… in a place where hostile wind blew sand into huge drifts and drove the temperatures to 40 below zero.

Oyu Tolgoi was 400 miles away from anything that remotely resembled civilization… and not a single road on which to get there, just 400 miles of desert,
massive plumes of sand and dust behind speeding Toyota Land Cruisers, and a GPS as a guide back to civilization.

His Obession Could Lead To $100 Billion Or More In The Gobi
Hendrickson said he intended to spend six weeks at the site doing bore hole testing. That turned into six months, which turned into six years, then 16 years.

The Oyu Tolgio was his obsession.

Today, thanks very much in part to Grant Hendrickson, more than 12,000 people work at the Oyu Tolgoi mine for Turquoise Hill Resources (TRQ), an Ivanhoe subsidiary.

The mine, which could ultimately cost a total of $26 billion to complete, is planned to yield 425,000 ounces of gold a year for 100 years.

Of interest should be the fact that between 2008 and 2011, Turquoise Hill shares were up 1,096%[4]

Those years are not unlike the economic stress the world is experiencing today.

If you’re like me, though, the sadness and uncertainty of a pandemic are different.

By the way, I’m Lee Bellinger, founder of a publication called Off- Grid Confidential.

You’ll see more about me below, but I wanted to make sure you know Makara Mining’s (MAKAF) story is reported to you by someone with 32 years’ experience cluing my subscribers into stocks…
particularly where the money is made in bad times, such a recessions.

Now, let me get you back to the stunning opportunity that is Makara Mining (MAKAF).

Does The Road To Riches Now Run Through The Yukon?
Because, while there are many colorful stories in the gold mining business, there are thousands of dreams, and hype, and hooey too.

But, there are very few winners in gold mining. Please remember that.

Makara (MAKAF)is a speculation; you could lose your money.

That said, Grant Hendrickson is one of the gold’s big winners. His legend is well earned. He gives your Makara (MAKAF) speculation better odds of success.

Because his persistence is why commodities investors should pay immediate attention to his latest ventures.

He now controls two-high potential gold properties… a fact that will come as no surprise to industry insiders.

Also, that these gold projects are cloaked in bitter chill-to-the-bone cold most of the year will come as no surprise either.

That’s because when it comes to finding gold, Hendrickson is a Jack London type.

And, after the Gobi Desert, it’s fitting that there’s likely no more appropriate place than the Canadian Yukon for such a man’s latest mining venture.

Everything About Rude Creek Screams “YES”
Known as Rude Creek… Makara Mining’s (MAKAF)’s 70% interest,16-square mile property is in the heart of the Yukon’s famous White Gold District and on the edge of Dawson Range Gold District.

Makara’s (MAKAF) vast property is surrounded by a stunning amount of gold… reasonable estimates put its gross value at more than .

Rude Creek’s closest neighbor, seven miles away, is Western Copper and Gold (WRN). Its monster mine’s reserve is 8.9 million ounces gold.

Figure an all-in cost of $550 an ounce to mine it, and Western is sitting on a potential $11.1 billion in gross profit at its Casino mine.
Goldcorp is another impressive neighbor.

Just 26 miles northeast of Makara’s (MAKAF) Rude Creek gold property, Goldcorp’s Coffee deposit has a gold reserve estimated at 3 million ounces.[5]

Figure an all-in cost of $550 an ounce to mine it, and Goldcorp is sitting on nearly $4 billion in gross profit at its Coffee deposit, which has an estimated 10-year mine life.
It’s why Goldcorp, a subsidiary of  Newmont (NEM), was willing to pay Kaminak Mining C$520 million for the Coffee deposit in 2016.[6]

Just 18 miles up the road from there, White Gold (WHGOF) looks set to knock it out of the park too, at two deposits.

It’s Golden Saddle deposit has an estimated reserve of 1.1 million ounces of gold while its Vertigo deposit likely holds 710,000 ounces.

Again, figure an all-in cost of $550 an ounce to mine it, and White Gold could be sitting on nearly $2,2 billion in combined gross profit from it Vertigo and Golden Saddle deposits.
Makara (MAKAF) Is In A Swaky Neighborhood
As you would expect, proximity to it neighbors suggests Makara’s (MAKAF) Rude Creek project shares some strong similarities, including these:

They are within the Dawson Range gold district.[7]
They are at least in part, hosted by phases of the Whitehorse plutonic suite.[8]
The Supremo zone – within the 3-million ounce Coffee deposit – has been intersected in drilling at the Trombley zone.
That trends within the Northeast gold soil anomaly on the Rude Creek Gold Project.[9]
There is a similarity in the size, shape and tenor of the gold in soil anomalies at Coffee and Rude Creek.[10]
The Yukon Is Home To Big Money Projects Craving Rude Creek Sight Unseen
Now, there’s a straightforward reason for comparing Rude Creek with its competitors.

It’s because Grant Hendrickson and his team have just started to dig into the property. Actually, they started exploration in June 2020.

Makara (MAKAF) acquired the lease on May 5, 2020, in the heart of the global Covid-19 pandemic.

Back then, travel in Canada was severely restricted and the Makara (MAKAF) team thought it might not set foot on Rude Creek until next summer at the soonest.

That’s because while heavy equipment can mine the property year round, temperatures are so inhospitable at Rude Creek,
the ground so frozen that it can only be explored, and bore-hole tested, in the summer.

But Hendrickson’s team caught a break and was fortunate to get on the property.

Covid-19 Can’t Shade This Potential
That fortunate turn of events happened because Hendrickson was able to start exploring Rude Creek using “local” crew that had Whitehorse, Canada, as their base.

Gold mining crews work globally. But, Covid-19 is shutting that down .

Hendrickson’s crew was sent home to Canada and had gone through quarantine.

This is part of a big trend in gold mining. Because as the novel coronavirus pandemic continues to spread worldwide,
quarantines and lockdowns are preventing scores of mining employees from going to work.

The hardest-hit areas are Africa, Mexico, and Latin America. And, according to S&P Global Market Intelligence,
while all commodities are potentially at risk, production of gold, copper, and platinum are particularly affected.[11]

Makara (MAKAF) Has A Huge Home Court Advantage
That means having access to mining crews is a massive advantage for Makara (MAKAF), because it won’t have to ride out the pandemic.

I cannot overstate the huge advantage this gives Makara Mining (MAKAF).

While most global companies can’t mine or explore, Makara (MAKAF) is breaking ground on a huge gold property that could hold hundreds of millions of dollars in gold…
just like its neighbor’s mines.

This is a potential edge for commodities inventors of Titanic proportions.

It’s all about huge demand… tight supply… and a pandemic crippled industry.

That means while the majority of its competitors sit idle, as soon as its recent exploration results are examined,
Makara (MAKAF) can get to work either on a more thorough look at Rude Creek, or it can start to build the gold mine there.

So, you can see why today is special because it’s likely one of the best days to make a move that could  maximize a speculative investment in Makara Mining (MAKAF).

It’s one of the few global gold companies that can explore.

And, Makara (MAKAF) has a low stock price because it’s relatively unknown.

Covid-19 Means These Investors Bought Sight Unseen
That Covid-19 has shoved Makara (MAKAF) under the radar, but has not completely hidden it.

Because if a gold mining legend such as Hendrickson commits $3.1 million to a project sight unseen,
he must have a pretty darn good idea what he’ll discover when he finally digs in.

Professional mining investors seem to agree, too.

Because less than three weeks after Makara Mining (MAKAF) closed on its Rude Creek options, it staged what turned out to be an over-subscribed private placement offering.

In the heart of the pandemic, professional mining investors put nearly $2 million into Makara Mining (MAKAF).

All they had to go on was Hendrickson’s reputation and a small set of expropriation notes from Michelin Mining, a company that had an option on the property in 2019.

What it found was encouraging.

In deep bore holes, on varying azimuths, Michelin found significant gold samples between 144 feet and 150 feet.[12]

Calculations determine that at those depths the gold would be found at a rate between 3.75 grams per ton and 4.25 grams per ton.[13] At higher depths it was 1.42 grams per ton.

The Prospect Of Four Grams Of Gold Per Ton, Or More, Could Put Makara Mining (MAKAF) And Its Rude Creek Project On The Map Of High Grade Potential Mines
Consider this: gold only makes up about 0.003 parts per million of the earth’s crust.[14]

And, it’s no longer found in concentrated amounts like the chunks of riches that were found in the Klondike and California back in the 1800s.

In fact, gold is so scarce today that mining it is much like standing in the middle of a swift river, closing your eyes, reaching into it, and blindly grabbing a trout first time.

This realization has led miners to use extreme measures to mine the scant amount of gold that remains on earth.

They look for specks of gold amid hundreds of millions of tons of excavated earth.

Generally speaking, a mine should yield at least one gram of gold per ton.
In fact, a report from Visual Capitalist found that the average grade of gold deposits in the world is around about 1.01 grams per ton of rock and soil that’s dug.[15]

From Tiny Specks Of Gold Spring Great Companies
Think about that for a moment. One gram (0.035 oz) is equal to the mass of a small paper clip. This small amount of gold is usually not even in one place
– it’s dispersed through a ton of rock and dirt.

It’s why the pick and shovel of yore have been replaced by huge 200-ton trucks capable of carrying vast amounts of dirt to a processing facility.

And that’s why, Makara’s (MAKAF) Rude Creek project could be such a true rarity.
A working mine there could hold as much as four times more gold than what is generally thought to define an economic mine.

And, again, when it came to Makara Mining (MAKAF), professional mining investors aggressively bought MAKAF shares at a May 2020 private placement.

This could all add up to a no brainer for bold Main Street gold investors, who understand that Rude Creek is still pure speculation.

Another Huge Opportunity 4,000 Miles Away
But, Makara Mining (MAKAF) has another stellar attribute that makes it a super-worthy candidate for junior explorer investors.

It has a project in the Kenora Mining District of Northwestern Ontario, Canada.

It’s another brutally cold place where only true gold explorers go.

This Makara Mining (MAKAF) property is located about 305 miles west of Thunder Bay and 130 miles east of Winnipeg.

The TransCanada Highways #17A and #17B cut through the property and provide the bulk of the access as does The Canadian Pacific Railway mainline.

There’s a lot to suggest that the Kenora project could be a huge home run. Because it’s also in the Thunder Bay neighborhood with the famous Hemlo gold mine,
which has delivered 21 million ounces for Barrick Gold (GOLD) over the past 30 years.[16]

Kenora Has Some Positive History
As for Kenora, miners have known that there’s gold somewhere on this property since way back in 1894.

Just before a management shakeup, Canstar Resources (CSRNF) spent a small fortune on an exploration program that had extremely good success.

The highlight of the campaign was discovering a 68 gram per ton sample on the property’s east side,
and a 9.8 gram per ton sample from a sheer zone that was thought to only have high-grade gold in hard-to-mine quartz veins.[17]

The rest of the sampling program found gold in a range between 5 grams per ton and 2 grams per ton.[18]

The one-two combination of Rude Creek, in the Yukon, and Kenora out east near Thunder Bay could make Makara Mining (MAKAF) an ideal speculation for aggressive gold investors.

That’s doubly true when considering Grant Hendrickson is Makara’s (MAKAF) CEO.

Junior Miners Can Be Risky Ventures
But there’s also no denying that the Covid-19 pandemic has thrown a wrench onto many junior miner’s exploration plans.

And, that thought created a good place for me to offer you a caveat about mining.

If you’re reading this you might be wondering how I came to be an investing expert.

The answer is, I’m not, per se. I’m not a certified financial analyst. But, I learned lot about the commodities during the time I spent as a legislative assistant to two members of Congress.

And, I have been a dogged financial publishing researcher for 32 years, since 1988.

So, I have more time in investing research than most people spend in a single job during their careers.

And, to be frank, as in this I sometimes do paid endorsements, but only if I really, really like the company.

I started my deep dive into gold years ago when I found that investors turn to hard assets in times of uncertainty. My goal is to put you into quality.

While I see Makara (MAKAF) Gold as unique opportunity because it’s led by a mining legend, it’s a junior mining venture, and every mining venture – every darned one – is a speculation.

This is why, when it comes to mining I urge you to never invest more than you can safely afford to lose.

This Is A Unique Time To Own A Huge Gold Property
And, cautious, glass-half-full investors, will understand that Makara’s (MAKAF)share price could remain low for the next year.

That would create multiple buying opportunities.

But this would only be for investors who are willing to

Speculators are not known for their patience – though Makara Mining (MAKAF) could make for an outstanding exception.

Then, of course, Makara (MAKAF) could get swept higher in the economic uncertainty slip steam that’s pushing all gold higher.

After all, the VanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF (GDXJ) jumped 152% between March 13 and July 22.[19]

While Direxion Daily Junior Gold Miners Index (JNUG) was jumping 349%.[20]

The soaring prices were pandemic driven because…

Gold Thrives On Uncertainty
Uncertainty is 2020’s overriding theme.

That should be no surprise given the global pandemic and the state of play in U.S. foreign policy.

Combine those with the very real fear, the uncertainty, that the U.S. Fed won’t have enough interest rate wiggle room to quickly end the Covid-19 recession,
plus a too high stock market, a weakening dollar, and the tumult, tweets, and tantrums of a hotly contested U.S. presidential election…

And you’ll find a crazier world than the Great Recession’s brutal economics, which led gold to reward investors with an exhilarating five-month ride to from $1,400 to $1,889.

This time the ride could be wildly more profitable.

At least that’s the word from Frank Holmes, a world renowned gold authority and CEO of U.S. Global Investors, which is famous for its mining mutual funds.

Gold $4,000
Holmes said If history is any guide, we could be heading toward $4,000 gold.[21]

He told Kitco News that the price of gold has historically correlated with the expansion of the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet.

That balance sheet has now ballooned more than $3 trillion because of the Fed’s coronavirus economic stimulus plan.
That drove the current balance sheet to more than $7 trillion. Holmes said he thinks that will grow to $10 trillion before all is said and done.

Given the historical trends, that’s extremely bullish for gold.

“In the next three years, if we look back, if [history] repeats itself, from 2008 to 2011, that three year run saw gold go from a $750 – $800 range up to $1,900,” he said.

“If we forecast that because we have the same expansion of the balance sheet of the Fed then it would project, if cycles are exactly the same, gold could go to $4,000.”

Thanks to the sudden economic paradigm shift, the gold market is on a roll again.

And, junior mining stocks, such as Makara Mining (MAKAF), should be considered as an important element in a 2020 and 2021 gold investment strategy.

Global Gold Mine Production Has Peaked… That Could Be Great for Gold Prices
Let’s not forget, while Makara (MAKAF) Gold is a pure play gold investment, there are other strong factors to support a thesis that says, “buy Makara Gold (MAKAF) now.”

In today’s global gold market, the pandemic, trade and economic worries have created strong demand at the very worst time. That’s because the precious metal’s supply is dwindling.

It’s not just that it takes men such as Grant Hendrickson to find new gold in the middle of wildernesses.

Gold outputs in key producing countries such as Australia and Peru is set to slump to generational lows in the mid-term.
And, as I noted, the pandemic is causing quarantines that shut down mining operation.

That tightening supply could also help keep gold prices soaring.

And, that’s a classic setup that favors companies that can feed the voracious demand for gold.

It’s why a company such Makara Mining (MAKAF), looks perfectly positioned.

It could, within 30 months, be set to deliver nearly as much as 300,000 ounces of gold to the market over a three-year period.

If that happens, Makara (MAKAF) could see its shares quickly jump from their currently undervalued price.

That’s because across the globe, gold mine production is facing serious headwinds.

Gold Mining Is Like A Tire With A Slow Leak…
For example, as it regards supply, in 2018, U.S. gold mines produced 211 metric tons. A year earlier, they mined 237 metric tons.[22]

This represents a year-over-year decline of close to 11%, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.[23]

The story on the global scene is more dire.

The World Gold Council reports that global gold production growth is down more than 79% over the past nine years.[24]

Indonesia’s  annual output plunged 24%.[25]

South Africa had the most shocking drop… production fell 18% compared to 2017.[26]

Gold output in Peru fell 9% compared to 2017 as the local opposition to mining that has occurred during recent years took its toll.[27]

Peak Gold Could Mean Soaring Gains For Companies Like Makara Mining (MAKAF).
It all adds up to a disturbing thought. Though it’s one that could have a tremendous influence on the share price of Makara Mining (MAKAF).

Unless wilderness explorers go farther afield successfully, it looks as if the world could be set to reach a moment of “peak gold.”

Supply is maxxing out.

From now on expect production to steadily decline. That’s the word from two of the world’s leading gold authorities.

One of them is Ian Telfer, Goldcorp’s former chairman. The once head of a huge multinational miner says we’ve found all the gold. There is no more.[28]

“If I could give one sentence about the gold mining business… it’s that in my life, gold produced from mines has gone up pretty steadily for 40 years,
” Telfer told the Financial Post in May 2018.

“Well, either this year it starts to go down, or next year it starts to go down, or it’s already going down. We’re right at peak gold here.”[29]

 *DISCLAIMER *The Board Monitor and The Board Assistants herewith, are not licensed brokers and assume NO responsibility for the actions, investment decisions, and or messages posted on this forum.
• We do NOT recommend that anyone buy or sell any securities posted herewith. Any trade entered into risks the possibility of losing the funds invested.
• There are no guarantees when buying or selling any security.


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