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What happened to lucky >>> I’ve been over WHITTENHALLJR 12/18/22 12:05 PM
$LFEX: You just saw $VINS pop over $1 makinezmoney 05/04/21 12:28 PM
$LFEX: Buy Physical Silver Ads are all over makinezmoney 05/04/21 11:53 AM
$LFEX: Hooowwwwwwww hot is SILVER right now ??????? makinezmoney 05/04/21 11:43 AM
$LFEX: 3Milly ounces of Silver Production expected this year makinezmoney 05/03/21 7:44 AM
$LFEX: Lucky Friday Shaft gonna drive higher Production outputs makinezmoney 05/03/21 7:43 AM
$LFEX: Love this sleeper here so low......... makinezmoney 05/03/21 7:40 AM
$LFEX: Silver is SuperHOT.... HECLA also up....... makinezmoney 02/01/21 7:41 AM
$LFEX: WSB about to squeeze Silver bigggggg time. https://twitter.com/quakes99 makinezmoney 01/30/21 9:48 PM
$LFEX Getting jiggy here, PPS .032 HOD .033 cableguy 07/14/20 10:21 AM
Although they were sells at .02 today the cableguy 04/14/20 11:52 AM
$LFEX: Silver is on fire....... time for $LFEX makinezmoney 02/25/20 8:54 AM
LFEX...Gold moving nicely. This one will too max8 02/23/20 3:10 PM
States different company (Hecla Mining) 232 employees voted, cableguy 12/21/19 3:07 PM
Pic here shows active with Idaho SOS why cableguy 12/21/19 2:49 PM
Silver in theatres near you!!! Shhh...Lost ticker about max8 12/18/19 6:33 AM
Ok man thanks for the word... cableguy 12/17/19 8:47 PM
Full Production MINE- AHEAD !!! chdobull 12/17/19 2:34 PM
Still good news https://www.otcdynamics.com/hl-hecla-ramping-up-lucky-friday-to- yankees18 12/17/19 8:17 AM
Turned down but company is accelerating hiring and yankees18 12/17/19 8:15 AM
Haven't seen the results yet yankees18 12/17/19 8:06 AM
So we’re back in the mines tomorrow? WHITTENHALLJR 12/16/19 5:26 PM
Ok, cool so I guess it was a cableguy 12/16/19 5:11 PM
They already voted. The count was at 3 today. yankees18 12/16/19 4:59 PM
Union Votes tonight Monday 12/16 to go back cableguy 12/16/19 3:21 PM
Grabbed a few 2s for fun! Come on WHITTENHALLJR 12/16/19 2:54 PM
Watching nice SS yankees18 12/16/19 2:29 PM
Let's see what the vote does to pps! WHITTENHALLJR 12/16/19 2:29 PM
LUCKY FRIDAY MINE $LFEX - Union chdobull 12/16/19 2:27 PM
LUCKY FRIDAY MINE $LFEX - Union chdobull 12/16/19 2:21 PM
$LFEX: I'm liking what I'm finally seeing makinezmoney 11/19/19 9:19 AM
lfex...come on lucky!..time to move here max8 11/13/19 1:38 PM
Ty...Market slow to respond WHITTENHALLJR 11/13/19 12:48 PM
SPREAD THE NEWS...to any twitter and website you chdobull 11/07/19 9:24 PM
THERE IS A TENTATIVE AGREEMENT !!! chdobull 11/07/19 9:21 PM
Hearing details of the proposed contract will be Soulman856 10/03/19 11:51 PM
Getting quiet here now...must be close to an Soulman856 10/01/19 1:54 PM
Another green day! Soulman856 09/30/19 5:34 PM
Geeze...hold your shares...For the love of Pete.. WHITTENHALLJR 09/30/19 10:45 AM
Sitting on massive silver and gold here. This Soulman856 09/30/19 9:37 AM
https://www.mining.com/web/atlas-copco-receives-first-order-mobile-miner-40v-hec WHITTENHALLJR 09/29/19 9:43 PM
I’m feeling it!! That machine looks like a WHITTENHALLJR 09/29/19 9:36 PM
Maybe the Atlas Copco continuous rock miner arrives Soulman856 09/29/19 9:22 PM
Yes... I’m buy dips... I think we’ll here WHITTENHALLJR 09/29/19 8:59 PM
Excellent timing to settle dispute max8 09/29/19 8:55 PM
Good dd whitten ...secret lucky mine here. max8 09/29/19 8:54 PM
Hecla's silver production has taken a hit since WHITTENHALLJR 09/29/19 8:24 PM
I know we'll get an impressive run...all numbers WHITTENHALLJR 09/29/19 6:03 PM
My opinion it should be at least 20 Soulman856 09/29/19 5:55 PM
What’s a reasonable market cap if they end jchords 09/29/19 5:44 PM
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Lucky Friday Extn MINING (LFEX)

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Property adjacent to Hecla's Lucky Friday Mine in the

Coeur d'Alene Mining District, Mullan Idaho

and is under lease to Hecla Mining Company.

The Lucky Friday mine east of Mullan, Idaho, is an outstanding example of a property in the Coeur dlAlene district where a small and insignificant-appearing silver-lead-zinc vein at the surface has changed at depth into a large vein of great importance. The Lucky Friday vein has little if any surface expression and above the 1200 level the ore shoots are small and discontinuous. Between the 1200 level and 2450 level, the lowest developed level, the main ore shoot has shown remarkable improvement on each succeeding lower level, and today the mine is one of the major lead-silver producers in the Coeur d'Alene district. History: The Lucky Friday property is on the north side of the South Fork of the Coeur d'Alene River in sections 25, 26 and 35, T. 48 N., R. 5 E., Hunter mining district, Shoshone County, Idaho. This is about one mile east of the town of Mullan, which serves the eastern portion of the Coeur d'Alene district. The southern part of the property is crossed by a branch line of the Northern Pacific Ry. and by U. S. Highway 10. This highway is the principal road crossing the panhandle of Idaho and connects the district with Spokane, Wash., on the west and Missoula, Mont., on the east. The main portal and surface plant of the Lucky Friday mine is at an elevation of 3365 ft, only a short distance above the valley floor and a few hundred feet from U. S. Highway 10. so the mine is readily accessible for year-round operation. The property is comprised of six claims, known as the Lucky Friday group, owned outright by the Lucky Friday Silver-Lead Mines Co. There are four patented claims, Good Friday, Lucky Friday, Northern Light, and Lucky Friday Fraction No. 2 (Mineral Survey No. 3028), and two unpatented claims, Hunter and Creek. In addition, Lucky Friday owns an undivided one-half interest in the Hunter Creek property. which adjoins the Lucky Friday group on the north: a 90 pct interest in the mineral rights in the Jutila Ranch (160A), which adjoins the Lucky Friday group on the east; and a 60 pct interest in the Lucky Friday Extension claim group, which adjoins the Lucky Friday group on the west. The company also has a long-term mining lease on the Hunter Ranch, which adjoins the Lucky Friday group on the west. The claims of the Lucky Friday group were located between 1899 and 1906. The Lucky Friday Mines Co. was organized in 1906 and did considerable exploration work by surface trenching and shallow underground workings, only to see the property sold by the Shoshone county sheriff to satisfy labor claims totaling $2000 in 1912. Another firm, Lucky Friday Mining Co., bought the claims in 1914 and spent 12 years driving what is now known as the tunnel level crosscut. This tunnel intersected a vein previously exposed in a higher tunnel, but it was only a few inches wide. The vein was followed a short distance westerly but was so unpromising that the work was discontinued in favor of extending the main crosscut tunnel several hundred feet north. No ore was found and all work was discontinued. The property was held in such low esteem by the firm that it let taxes amounting to less than $15 a year go delinquent for nine years. Then the property lay idle for two more years until in 1938 John Sekulic, a Mullan service station operator, took a lease, with a $15,000 purchase option, on the advice of an old miner who had worked in the mine. Sekulic re-opened the tunnel level crosscut and explored the vein with an easterly drift for about 200 ft. The vein was too narrow to be of commercial value but was believed interesting enough to warrant further exploration at depth. Lacking funds to explore the vein at depth, Sekulic tried to get the district's larger operating companies to take over his lease and option. They were not interested because of the lean tunnel level showing and the fact that the property lay between the White Ledge fault on the north and Osburn fault on the south, an area which geologists always considered unworthy of exploration. Sekulic then organized the present company and assigned his lease and option to it for stock. This was in 1939. Enough stock was sold locally to finance sinking of a shaft 100 ft from the tunnel level east drift. The vein at this additional depth still was not commercial but showed some improvement. Treasury stock was offered at 5 to 10C a share

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