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As of 12/31/2019 there are: 
450,000,000 AS 
183,759,841 OS

  54,938,375 Float


LiveStreaming + BlockChain + Cryptocurrency + 5G = LiveDao = LiveChain Inc

LiveDao Sponsors 2019 World Blockchain Digital Technology Conference!!! (WBDC)

DD Post  https://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=152203348

In this short video https://www.ixigua.com/i6757971903509430787/ Dora Tang, CEO and co-founder of Exchangilly (https://exchangily.com/ gave a speech talking about the trading platform's compliance with China's new policy and regulations during the WBDC round table session.

The background shows LiveDAO logo, indicating LiveDAO was a sponsor.

The background shows following participants: 1. Rabbi, VP of Coinall; 2, XU Liwei, VP of Foxcon; 3, Zong Qingzhu, senior analyst of Alipay; 4, HUANG Tianwei, rep of LiveChain; 5, LI Shuang, founder of QBTC (qbtc.com); 6, ZHAO Gang of Good.top; 7, Bobo of LiveChain Technology Company.

An article written about the conference



On November 10, the 2019 World Blockchain Digital Technology Conference (WBDC) and Digital Technology Ecology Month and the 10th Anniversary of the Blockchain Champions Night were held in Chengdu. The conference was hosted by Huarong Capital, under the guidance of the China Council for the Promotion of International Economic and Technical Cooperation and the Digital Science and Technology Development Working Committee. Demonstration of the achievements of the past ten years, linking the global ecology, driving the development of digital technology has become the keynote of the conference. All ecological units, exhibitors, investors, industry guests, diversified media and other well-known personalities in the industry went to the event to interpret the development of blockchain technology and applications.

The conference covered 4 chapters. November 10 is one of the series of the conference-the interpretation of the new policies of the international politicians and the implementation of digital technology application scenarios of the blockchain. At the same time, on the afternoon of November 23, there will be a series of articles on the blockchain digital technology mining ecology; on the afternoon of November 24, a series of three-the blockchain technology integration of digital technology applications; on the evening of November 24 , Will hold a series of four-Champions Night Awards Ceremony. This conference showcases the development achievements of the tenth anniversary of the blockchain through industry exhibitions and reports that last for one month.

The organizer Huarong Capital CEO Xie Keni addressed the scene and pointed out: Any technological change will bring the upgrading of the industry, and the emergence of blockchain will bring more opportunities and challenges to the world. Under the leadership of the government and the supervision of relevant agencies, we must regulate development, move forward steadily, and empower entities.

In addition, Yang Chunguang, chairman of the China Council for Promotion of International Development, Wang Zhiguo, vice chairman of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, Ren Yuling, counselor of the State Council, Nie Linhai, inspector of the Department of E-commerce of the Ministry of Commerce, Dai Jian, founder of Alipay Alipay Sesame Credit, mayor delegation of Toronto, vice president of Foxconn Xu Liwei, Chairman of the State Council's Digital Technology Development Working Committee Zhang Zhiping, and other leaders made speeches on the spot and put forward wonderful perspectives on blockchain security, supervision, and applications.

Yang Chunguang, the chairman of the China Council for the Promotion of National Development, delivered a speech at the scene, saying that blockchain has recently entered the public's field of vision, and General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that blockchain is the breakthrough point for independent innovation of core technology. However, the blockchain has only been with us for 10 years. Blockchain technology is not equal to virtual currency. It should be seen that the blockchain is still in the early development stage, and it needs continuous development and improvement in terms of security and supervision. The development of the blockchain needs to gather resources from all parties, promote its empowerment of the real economy, continuously play the role of blockchain value Internet, and achieve high-quality development.

State Councilor Ren Yuling delivered a speech entitled "The Impact of the Central Bank's Digital Currency and the Interpretation of Digital Technology Policies", stating that as China's new economy, 5G, Internet of Things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain and other new-generation information technologies are accelerating innovation. Accelerating towards new breakthroughs, this has become a world trend and unstoppable.

Wang Zhiguo, the vice chairman of the Federation of Industry and Commerce, gave a speech entitled "How National Enterprises Take off with the Digital Economy" and pointed out that if people were still exploring the blockchain a few years ago, they were still worried about the blockchain. Then after the Central Learning Conference, President Xi proposed to learn the blockchain technology, which also provided us with the means and ability to solve the risks and use technology to achieve development. We also hope that blockchain technology can continue to advance, enter people's daily lives, change lives, and bring more innovation possibilities.

In addition, Nie Linhai, inspector of the e-commerce department of the Ministry of Commerce, Dai Zhan, founder of Alipay Sesame Credit of Alibaba, delegation of the mayor of Toronto, Xu Liwei, vice president of Foxconn Group, and Zhang Zhiping, chairman of the Digital Technology Development Working Committee of the China Council for Promotion of Development, applied development From the perspective of many exciting points.

It is worth mentioning that the round-table dialogue centered on "Exploration of Exchange Compliance under the New Policy" and became a stage for the gathering of ideas from industry leaders. Many senior practitioners in the industry exchanged views on the compliance, development and innovation of the exchange.


It is worth noting that the afternoon of the conference also held a global community alliance listing ceremony and on-site raffle, and also held a project roadshow. The parties at the conference actively explored blockchain technology and sought win-win cooperation.

The conference ended gradually. The host broadcasted the follow-up related content of the conference. The participants responded positively and laid the foundation for the subsequent exploration of the mining ecology and
digital technology application scenarios.


A Look at China's Multi-Billion Dollar Live-Streaming Industry

In China, live-streaming has become a mass phenomenon. Considered one of the country’s most popular forms of entertainment in the past few years, its socio-cultural impact is immense


A little past midnight, Xiao Yu goes on the air on Chinese live-streaming app YY, from what seems to be her bedroom. Xiao Yu is a good-looking woman in her early twenties, her face slightly round and covered in heavy makeup. The audience is understandably small at this time of night—only 813 viewers, including me, are currently logged in to watch Xiao Yu. Chinese pop songs are playing in the background and Xiao Yu is singing along. It may just be the late night hour, but her voice sounds soft and comforting. In between songs, Xiao Yu answers questions sent by viewers via chat about her plans for tomorrow—she intends to sleep-in late and then get back to work—and complains about not having a boyfriend. She sometimes adds Snapchat-like effects, turning her face into a pig’s face for several minutes or simulating an audience’s applause. “Xiao Yu, I want to be your boyfriend and love you,” one viewer writes as she giggles bashfully.

Live-streaming was created and developed in the West. It is usually one of many features in popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, though Amazon’s Twitch is dedicated solely to this feature. In China, however, live-streaming has become a mass phenomenon. Considered one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the country in the past few years, its socio-cultural impact is immense.

The app I was using is one of several live-streaming pioneers in the country. Its developer, Guangzhou-headquareterd YY Inc., listed on Nasdaq in November 2012 at a valuation of $600 million and is currently being traded at a market capitalization of $5.6 billion—more than nine times higher, in just six and a half years. In its fourth-quarter report for 2018, YY stated it has 90.4 million monthly active users, 8.9 million of whom are paying customers, who generated 15.7 billion yuans (approximately $2.29 billion) in revenues for the company in 2018.


SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- LiveDAO (www.livedao.io) announces that it aims to build a secure and private Live system for live broadcasting, making all rules implemented in a truly fair and transparently manner.

The issue of live broadcast industry
At present, the booming live broadcast industry give prominence to chaos and problems, which is mainly reflected in the following fields:

  1. The content of Live is not "free" enough: For now, limited by privacy and security, the content of Live actually is not unrestrained enough. The monotonous content results in a variety of inferior and frequent eye-catching events.
    High cost of Live operation: In the operating process of the live broadcast system and platform, the cost of server and bandwidth increase exponentially with the users increasing.
    The opaque of liquidation and settlement: 90% profit of live broadcast platform comes from gifts and rewards, while the authenticity of gifts, the transparent and fair of the settlement process cannot be guaranteed by the centralized platform. Some people are forced to change platforms but, they are only trapped by another platform.

LiveDAO, an innovative live broadcast system
In order to solve the above problems. LiveDAO provides an innovation decentralized Live system which is composed of "The Cloud" and "The Mist".

The Cloud
The Cloud has an innovative decentralized Live system, A public chain which utilizes the BFT-DPOS consensus algorithm -- LiveChain. Decentralized Live system is utilized for sharing the content safely while the LiveChain is utilized for rules implementation and assets circulation, both of them is utilized for every member in the ecosystem to ensure transparent rewards and punishments.

The decentralized Live system
LiveDAO complete the building and governing of decentralized Live system by LiveChain supernode. Composing The Mist normal streaming node to support bandwidth and streaming, the decentralized Live system could make the content more freedom.

The LiveChain
For achieving better governance and performance, LiveChain chose to utilize the BFT-DPOS consensus algorithm building the public chain. With 21 supernodes worldwide, LiveChain can carry millions of transactions per second, exempt transaction fee and registration costs, meanwhile executing complex smart-contracts in a decentralized way.

By LiveChain and Smart-contracts, make Live settlement and liquidation efficient, transparent and fairness.

The Mist
The project utilizes the brand new P2P live broadcast technology, which can be used in conjunction with 5G cellular network perfectly. Every 5G phone could become a streaming server so that the cost of the Live broadcast system and bandwidth may be reduce to 1/400. The Mist Node can become Normal streaming Node and utilize the PoNS (proof of network sharing) mining block. According to the rules, all activity of contributing bandwidth to the ecosystem can get a reward.

With this innovational P2P Live tech, the cost of Live operation reduces rapidly.

The token -- LIVE
LIVE is the token that reflects the right of LiveDAO ecosystem, with a total supply of 3 billion. 67% is used for mining, the others are used for team and ecosystem construction. The mined LIVE tokens can trade immediately. Others would be lock continually and will be unlock by community voting.

LIVE token is used for staking and consumption, for example: staking LIVE to get a right of broadcasting, get a Live Chain supernode application right and get the right of LiveChain supernode voting, and pay LIVE for products.

Organization infrastructure
Our core team comes from LiveChain. Inc., founded in Nevada and listed on OTC Markets, and is responsible for constructing The Cloud. Another team from Ukraine's L2L studio is responsible for constructing The Mist.

LiveDAO will have a merger and acquisition of ecosystem-valuable institutions (such as ITs, CPs, Celebrity Incubator, etc.), the M&A funds come from LiveChainHolding, which scheduled to be listed on NYSE in December 2019.








                                                                                                                                                       What is LiveDAO


LiveChain, Inc. is a high-tech company established in Nevada, USA, and listed on the OTC Markets.

Committed to the development of distributed live broadcast technology and the use of public chain technology.


LiveDAO is a community of participants from distributed live broadcast systems.

Through the use of the technology of LiveChain, Inc., live broadcasters around the world continue to join the LiveDAO community.


All of LiveDAO's digital assets are based on public chain bearers and have a comprehensive blockchain browser and wallet.

LiveDAO system composition

LiveDAO consists of three parts, decentralized distributed live broadcast system, LiveChain live broadcast chain, clear settlement system. The decentralized live broadcast system is used to carry live content securely and privately. The LiveChainlive broadcast chain is used to carry asset circulation and rule execution, and the clear settlement system allows assets to have high liquidity while ensuring high availability. With this structure, LiveDAO is able to achieve complete decentralized operations.


Decentralized live broadcast system


LiveDAO has developed a live broadcast system. In this decentralized distributed live broadcast system, each mobile phone is a live broadcast server.

The live stream is forwarded through the complete LiveDAO live protocol built into the LiveDAO APP , and this process is completely unfeeling and secure.

Live stream encryption

In the process of live stream propagation, LiveDAO uses a special fragmented code encryption technology to allow random segments of the live stream to use different encoding methods. Maximize the privacy and security of live broadcasts. At the same time, LiveDAO has developed a complete authentication system to protect the rights of broadcasters and protect the rights of viewers. LiveDAO has set up an authentication system based on the decentralized control system to maximize the protection of the rights of ecological members.

Strong client node

LiveDAO has developed a strong client node. The strong client node is connected to the live broadcast network by the 5G network, which is small in size and can be carried around. The strong client has a stronger push flow capability, and the design has a push flow of 7-15 at the same time . When the live broadcast volume is low, the strong client prefers to watch less live stream push; when the live broadcast volume is saturated, the optimal network path push is preferred.

Clearing system


The power of LiveDAO's clearing and settlement capabilities is mainly reflected in fairness, efficiency, low cost, ease of use, and multi-asset support. It all comes from the LiveChain live chain and the LiveChain cross-chain technology. All eco-digital currencies are issued through the EOS main chain to ensure the security of assets. At the same time, eco-assets can be saved in any EOS- enabled wallet and compatible with any EOS-enabled exchange. All of LiveChain 's assets are cross-chained to the live chain through cross-chain technology.


5G technology helps LiveDAO

LiveDAO is able to implement a fully decentralized distributed live broadcast system thanks to the new 5G network. The 5Gnetwork not only brings 1GB of uplink and downlink peer-to-peer bandwidth, but also brings a revolutionary network structure.

Because the decentralized distributed live broadcast system must be based on a complete cellular network, it is not possible under a star network. The 5G network happens to be a complete cellular network, and more features perfectly support the implementation of the decentralized distributed live broadcast system.

LiveDAO Ecology

                                                                                                                                         Strong governance

LiveDAO believes that live streaming should be a tool to make the world a better place, so LiveDAO puts an end to everything that is done here. LiveDAO 's bottom line for live content is:

Resolutely resist content that violates the interests and security of all human beings.
Content that is seriously contrary to human nature must also be removed.

In order to achieve the goal, LiveDAO has recent and long-term planning. Since the live broadcast is encrypted, in the early days, LiveDAO uses the report and random check to lock and mark the abnormal live broadcast, and then adds the feature code to the relevant anchor and live stream, and disables the relevant feature code by broadcasting the whole network. The live stream is forwarded. Through a period of governance, LiveDAO will introduce AI image recognition and deploy it in a distributed manner on the live broadcast chain to improve the efficiency of the governance community.

                                                                                                                                          Future LiveDAO

In the future, LiveDAO will focus on the IP protection of the anchor , resolutely crack down on any way to steal the anchor IP , and firmly support the rights of the anchor.

At the same time introduce a complete system to help the anchor. Such as: lowering the live broadcast threshold, training the anchor to grow quickly, helping the anchor to increase revenue, and so on.

 LiveChain inc just hired Investment Banker/Lawyer John B Lowy as counsel!!!! 


John Lowy is the founder (in 1990) and senior partner of the law firm John B. Lowy PC, and is also founder and CEO of Olympic Capital Group, Inc. ("Olympic"), founded in 1993. The law firm specializes in corporate and securities laws, and has represented clients that have gone public (via IPOs, reverse mergers and other ways) and have raised capital, in hundreds of transactions. Olympic is a boutique NY-based investment banking firm which specializes in assisting its clients, both public and private companies, in raising capital, both debt and equity; enabling companies to become publicly traded and/or listed on Exchanges; and providing consulting advice to help companies grow their business. John is also a FINRA-registered Series 79 investment banker.

John has been a panelist at many securities laws conferences, and regularly writes articles that are published in MicroCap Review, one of the most respected and widely-circulated publications in the microcap sector.

Olympic also provides bridge financing to qualified private companies that want to become publicly-listed through reverse mergers.

Both the law firm's clients and Olympic's clients are located in the U.S., Asia, Africa, Central and South America, and Europe, and are active in many sectors, including tech, oil & gas, food, mining, cannabis, cryptocurrency, hospitality, microfinance, pharmaceuticals, transportation, etc. Transaction size ranges from $5M-$250M. John has completed more than 200 transactions: capital raises, reverse mergers, listings on Exchanges, etc., which have increased shareholder value by more than $5B.

Specialties: Capital raises, liquidity transactions (e.g. reverse mergers, IPOs, M&A), representing publicly-held companies, corporate consulting.



LiveChain inc has ties to Mr. John F. Wallace, the Former Vice Chairman of Nasdaq

RiseandShine Member Level Friday, 12/20/19 02:23:53 PM Re: floridany post# 141180 Post # 14130

RiseandShine Member Level  Friday, 12/20/19 02:23:53 PM
Re: floridany post# 14118 0
Post #  of 15084 
Have you came across any more info about John Wallace and the connection here?

According to this SEC filing John Wallace was VP Chairman of Nasdaq also.

Mr. John F. Wallace, the former Chairman of the Philadelphia Stock Exchange, the former Chairman of the Philadelphia Depository Trust, the former Chairman of the Philadelphia Clearing Corp and the Former Vice Chairman of Nasdaq OMX PHLX, is the current CEO and Chairman of DBOT and serves as Executive Chairman of NextGen. Commenting on this transaction, Mr. Wallace stated, “We are thrilled to further partner and form a deeper business relationship with SSC as DBOT and its various business lines become key engines that power SSC’s Global Trading Platform Network for Initial Exchange Offerings.”


floridany Thursday, 11/21/19 03:55:03 PM
Re: RiseandShine post# 13141 0
Post #
of 14130
I tried to find your post about the post about LiveDAO on a Chinese website, but couldn't find it. Anyway, that poster mentioned about John Wallace of DBOT promoting/endorsing LiveDAO. I dug a little bit more. Here is what I found out.

Wallace has been actively involved in bringing Chinese companies to the US markets. He gave a speech at a summit called something like NASDAQ Listing Express: http://www.hscbw.com/a/zonghe/2019/1030/142491.html

Wallace was responsible for TXCB (http://txcb.com/home/index/home.html) trading on OTC and is helping the company's uplisting on NASDAQ (https://www.jianshu.com/p/e37cc4624a93).

People at LiveDAO posted Wallace's greeting for the WBDC.

Putting all these together, it is reasonable to speculate that Wallace might be involved in the work of LiveDAO Holding's IPO on NYSE in December.   

of 15053 Have you came across any more info about John Wallace and the connection here? According to this SEC filing John Wallace was VP Chairman of Nasdaq als


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