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An open, truthful and non-evasive forum to present, retort, discuss, debate and lampoon matters of interest great and small, even including political matters from other boards.

I hope to provide a safe place to share, and preserve, all manner of information, speculation, analysis, commentary, opinion and humor. (Kindly including source links when available.)

All points of view are welcome, but a Constitutionally based point of view is the main objective here.

As politics can be a passionate subject, heated arguments are understood and tolerated in context, so long as they remain focused primarily on points at issue.
Likewise, strong language, moderately used, is seen as a simple means of sincere emphasis.

All in all, this board is an attempt to leave a trail of breadcrumbs in the path to either restoring the Constitutional framework of the United States of America, or it's destruction by misguided ideals of a paranoid & fascist right and false notions of a confused socialist leanings of a weak minded and mamby pamby left.

Politicians, be they Democrat, or Republican, if they work to lead America away from it's Constitutional origins, if they consider the Constitution impertinent: a dead and dried up document of little importance, they probably are either actively, or passively working to undermine the average American's liberties and freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

This kind of Political extremism or lack of awareness of any flavor will lead us into a secondary, or tertiary state and status as a former democracy in a dangerous, and unavoidable decline under any such scenario.

In this very delicate and important time, we will chronicle HOW Americans avoided sliding into a global New World Order, or how it came to pass from here.

Just for the record.... ; )


What is Constitutionalism?



What are the principle of Democracy?

A written constitution contains the most important laws by which a nation's citizens agree to live, and it outlines the basic structure of their government. Thus, democratic constitutionalism -- based on ideals of individual freedom, community rights, and limited government power -- creates the framework for governing a democracy.

• Constitutionalism recognizes that democratic and accountable government must be coupled with constitutional limits on the power of government.

• A constitution defines the basic purposes and aspirations of a society, including the common welfare of the people.

• All laws must be written in accordance with the constitution. In a democracy, an independent judiciary allows citizens to challenge laws they believe to be illegal or unconstitutional and to seek court-ordered remedies for illegal actions by the government or its officials.

• A constitution provides the framework for government power -- its scope of authority, mechanisms for exercising that authority, and the procedures for passage of future laws.

• A constitution defines citizenship and establishes the basis for deciding who shall have the right to vote.

• A constitution establishes the political, administrative, and judicial foundations of the state including the structure of the legislature and courts, requirements for holding elected office, and terms of office for elected officials.

• A constitution lays out responsibilities of government ministries and grants authority to collect taxes and create a national defense force.
In a federal system, the constitution divides power among the various levels of government.

• Since a constitution is written at a certain point in time, it must be amendable so that it may adapt to the changing needs of the people in the future. Since the flexibility to meet unpredictable and unforeseeable challenges in the future is important, constitutions are usually written to specify general principles of government.

•Constitutions generally contain two different types of rights -- negative and affirmative rights.

Alright now, talk amongst yourselves and have fun!

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