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Legion M - Scam or Legit Risk?Can I make money from this?
That’s the whole point! This is completely different than Kickstarter or Indiegogo, where you donate in exchange for a reward, perk or pre-sale of the product. When you invest in Legion M, you are buying stock in the company. Our job is to make the value of that stock go up!

How does Legion M make money?
We’re taking a proven business model (content production) and adding a twist that gives us a competitive advantage: fan ownership! Hollywood is fiercely competitive, but there is money to be made if you are successful… especially if you are working with people that have a track record of success.

Will Legion M pay dividends?
Not in the foreseeable future. As an early stage company, all revenue from projects will go back into the business, allowing us to invest in more projects and to continue growing the value of the company overall.

Do you offer perks?
Your investment level doesn’t “buy” you perks. After all, people who invest in Apple don’t get free iPhones! Giving away perks like that dilutes our ability to make our projects successful. Instead, we offer something much better… a chance to peek behind the curtain, become part of a community, participate in fun events and help steer a media company to success!

Are there other benefits to investing?
Absolutely! As a Legion M shareholder, you get to come along for the ride as we work with top Hollywood creators to release exciting new projects. You’ll get invites to shareholder-only online hangouts with the cast and crew, live-streamed tours of the set, invites to exclusive shareholder meetings, and all sorts of stuff like that.

Aren’t you afraid of having too many cooks in the kitchen?
Just because we bring you behind the scenes doesn’t mean you get to call the shots. Great art isn’t made by committee--it’s made by empowering great artists (and then getting out of their way!). A lot of creators gets excited about working with us to find fun ways to engage with fans, but ultimately, we leave all the creative decisions to the creators.

Why hasn't anyone done this before?
Recent changes to securities law (the JOBS Act) have opened the door for the public to invest in early stage ventures like Legion M. Before then, only “accredited investors” (i.e. the wealthiest 3% of the population) were legally allowed to invest in companies like Legion M. Now, we’reopening the gates of Hollywood for the rest of us!

Do I get to pick the projects my investment goes toward?
No, and there is good reason for that. Hollywood is a hit-driven business, which means that it’s very risky to back any single project. Legion M is working with our creative allies to build a diversified slate of projects. Some may fail, but others will likely succeed, and the money we make from the hits will allow us to fund a new batch. In that way, we're really no different from how Hollywood studios operate because we'll spread the risk around to ensure Legion M can keep doing this for a long time.


From the board director.
I started this board because I invested a small amount of money in the initial Wefunder "IPO" for Legion M and would like to get some additional un-restricted input about the company and or its goals.
This company is privately held and not currently listed on any index. Investment is exclusively through occassional public offerings by Wefunder (https://wefunder.com/legionm) crowd sourcing.
This comppany has expressed far reaching intent to publicly list.
If you wish to post, please feel free.
All posts will be reviewed from time to time for content and information.
Posts that are offensive will be deleted and postor will be warned or flagged at my sole descretion.
Posts that are non-informative or simply stupid, will be deleted again, at my sole descretion.
Posts of "opinion" will be accepted so long as they follow the above rules. Please try to add (IMO) to your opnion posts.
Verifyable facts that include the source are desired and welcomed. If you have a source, you don't look like an idiot for posting it.
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