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KGNX registration revoked: Renee 04/26/19 9:41 AM
It's not suspended. Has been trading for the make it happen 11/11/17 2:14 PM
I just grabbed 3 mil at .0001 lotto make it happen 11/10/17 3:51 PM
KGNX suspended ouch! Pstats 09/27/17 8:41 AM
KGNX SEC Suspension for delinquent Financials/Filings: Renee 09/26/17 9:47 AM
I hope; it b en quiet here for stockyard10 08/18/17 12:17 PM
On watch. Patiently waiting to see what may Gravity 08/16/17 10:00 PM
Hello, hello, anyone home? stockyard10 08/15/17 12:55 AM
KGNX $$$ yes sir!! Pstats 06/07/17 10:55 AM
KOLLAGENX CORPORATION (OTCMKTS:KGNX) had a decrease of 54% Pstats 04/12/17 3:22 PM
2.1M 8's bought at the last 10 minutes Big Poppa Pump 03/24/17 4:31 PM
Shaping up nicely. Only a mater of Gravity 03/23/17 9:38 PM
Hope so. Can't wait. Will be sued for DarkPool 03/23/17 1:15 PM
L2 is setting up! It's only a matter Big Poppa Pump 03/23/17 1:02 PM
Next de listing karimo 03/21/17 5:26 PM
KGNX the pump is coming folks! SEAR and Pstats 03/17/17 12:16 PM
I have a nice chunk I've been sitting Big Poppa Pump 03/17/17 4:44 AM
All is quiet in goldy land?? Nothing yet? N-Deep 03/16/17 10:22 PM
Nice hits EOD yesterday. Like what one seeing. Gravity 03/16/17 6:49 AM
Rondel fletcher working with getting this company current Pstats 03/10/17 12:30 PM
Wow! If now they could just go current Big Poppa Pump 03/09/17 11:30 AM
KGNX launches product @: Pstats 03/09/17 10:32 AM
KGNX selling on WALMART & SEARS COULD GET HUGE HERE!!!!! Pstats 03/09/17 10:27 AM
KGNX is doing big things on low. So Pstats 03/09/17 10:26 AM
Lol, L2 looks beautiful for one doesn't it? -BPP- Big Poppa Pump 03/09/17 10:24 AM
Wait for the next pump! Coming soon! Pstats 03/09/17 10:13 AM
Guess all that glitters ain't GOLD? Just paint N-Deep 03/08/17 7:42 PM
Interesting action here today. Could it be time Big Poppa Pump 03/07/17 4:02 PM
Not alot of volume today but there have Big Poppa Pump 02/28/17 9:29 PM
If no post? Something is sure going on N-Deep 02/28/17 8:18 PM
Exciting day here! stockyard10 02/16/17 7:01 PM
Can't say but, sure the OS isn't 52M Big Poppa Pump 02/16/17 1:27 PM
Does anyone know KGNX float? Super..thin..on level 2. PutYourBigBoyPantsOn 02/16/17 12:21 PM
It's because their stuff is a Chinese knock DarkPool 02/15/17 11:16 AM
They haven't put a PR out in about Big Poppa Pump 02/09/17 4:01 PM
Nah !! Only way this will pop if Pstats 02/09/17 11:07 AM
Looking thin back up ! GreenKnight 02/09/17 11:00 AM
KGNX was pumped and got caught with with Pstats 02/09/17 10:49 AM
So you're saying more than a double from GreenKnight 02/09/17 10:16 AM
Lmao!! This turd is finished that 9m dump Pstats 02/09/17 10:02 AM
Lookin' good PSTATS GreenKnight 02/09/17 9:54 AM
Will keep accumulating KGNX shares before news. That PutYourBigBoyPantsOn 02/08/17 6:52 PM
Cheap shares and level 2 thin!! Buying more!! PutYourBigBoyPantsOn 02/08/17 12:51 PM
What Junk this has become. stockyard10 02/08/17 12:43 PM
Lmao!!!! KGNX will all the posting i did Pstats 02/06/17 12:26 PM
No one pumping. Just..waiting..for Walmart KGNX product news!!!! PutYourBigBoyPantsOn 02/03/17 2:06 AM
Email them tell them post some news on Twitter Punisherzx 02/02/17 5:19 PM
KGNX was nothing but a PUMP AND DUMP!!!! Pstats 02/02/17 2:20 PM
Just emailed KGNX to release Walmart news on PutYourBigBoyPantsOn 02/02/17 11:40 AM
Will keep accumulating KGNX shares before 0.0020+ run PutYourBigBoyPantsOn 02/02/17 11:32 AM
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04/26/19 9:41 AM
make it happen
11/11/17 2:14 PM
make it happen
11/10/17 3:51 PM
09/27/17 8:41 AM
08/18/17 12:17 PM
08/15/17 12:55 AM
06/07/17 10:55 AM
Big Poppa Pump
03/24/17 4:31 PM
03/23/17 9:38 PM
03/23/17 1:15 PM
Big Poppa Pump
03/23/17 1:02 PM
03/21/17 5:26 PM
03/17/17 12:16 PM
Big Poppa Pump
03/17/17 4:44 AM
Big Poppa Pump
03/09/17 11:30 AM
03/09/17 10:26 AM
Big Poppa Pump
03/09/17 10:24 AM
03/09/17 10:13 AM
Big Poppa Pump
03/07/17 4:02 PM
Big Poppa Pump
02/28/17 9:29 PM
02/28/17 8:18 PM
02/16/17 7:01 PM
Big Poppa Pump
02/16/17 1:27 PM
02/16/17 12:21 PM
02/15/17 11:16 AM
Big Poppa Pump
02/09/17 4:01 PM
02/09/17 11:07 AM
02/09/17 11:00 AM
02/09/17 10:49 AM
02/09/17 10:16 AM
02/09/17 9:54 AM
02/08/17 6:52 PM
02/08/17 12:51 PM
02/08/17 12:43 PM
02/06/17 12:26 PM
02/02/17 11:40 AM
02/02/17 11:32 AM

KollagenX Corp. (fka KGNX)

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KollagenX® is a cosmetics company whose main focus is nano gold technology also known as NGT®. 
The company's unique anti-aging skin care products restore a natural youthful glow and
a smoother, suppler appearance.





KGNX Share Structure 
  Authorized Shares 750,000,000  
  Outstanding Shares 52,000,000


KollagenX Has Proprietary Nano Gold Technology (NGT®)

In addition to antioxidant and antimicrobial powers, KollagenX Nano Gold Technology (NGT®) is praised for its ability to ward off UV damage, tighten lax skin and reduce the appearance of discoloration spotted skin. It can slow the breakdown of elastin, keeping skin firm and taut.
KollagenX® (NGT®) promotes increased circulation, helps eliminate toxins from the body and speeds up tissue repair. It promotes the growth of the skin cells by replacing the aging cells for revitalization. KollagenX Nano Gold is 99.999% pure gold, free of any hazardous metal elements KollagenX Nano Gold is 1/2000 the size of an average pore thus easily penetrating into the dermis Promotes lower capillary growth essential for supplying nutrients to cells Promotes multiplication of blood and endothelium cellsf Promotes development of connective tissues Helps eliminate free radicals and improves the healthy skin gene Diminishes or eliminate sun spots, premature age lines and wrinkles (NGT®) is anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-aging, and energizing


“KollagenX (KGNX), an advanced skin care development and marketing company, today announced the KollagenX 24KT Nano Gold Eye Serum is now available for purchase at select Costco Canada stores.”



KollagenX is in high end spas across the world $$$
Here are some of those plus product reviews:

Euphora Salon & Medi Spa  New York

At Euphora we rely upon the best hair care, skin care and wellness products specially created to deliver superior results.

Our award winning L'Oreal flagship hair salon carries an extensive selection of Karastase professional hair care and hair treatment products all uniquely formulated to enhance hair's natural beauty.

Our spa proudly features a complete array of Losanika, organic skin care products and luxurious, collagen infused, 24-karat natural gold Kollagenx treatment products that are scientifically proven to smooth away the signs of aging and give you an enriched, refreshing glow instantly.


Actual Customer's Review

I stumbled upon this line of cosmetics in a Queens spa called Euphora Salon & Medi Spa. I was actually getting my hair done there but I saw their display of Kollagenx products and asked if they had a sample. One of the associates offered to try it on me. So after the procedure was done, I was pretty freaked out I must say. It made my skin feel soo incredibly firm and I never thought that was possible. I have skin issues ranging from oilyness to acne to acne scars. The texture of my skin is far from perfect. And although it didn't get rid of all those problems it felt like it lifted my skin. Forget about botox. This is safer and cheaper anyway. It also kinda reduced my under eye puffiness. I came in not too long after waking up and I was in serious need of some under eye lifting. It did just that. After I researched their products it turned out that only 6 salons in NY carry their line, which is mind boggling for such a great product. I guess people just don't know about it yet. But thanks to the girl in Euphora for letting me try it!


Spa Reveil   Texas

"Gold facial" listed on the main page

Austin’s Top Rated Spa

Spa Reveil in Austin, Tx provides the best day spa experience. Featuring luxurious Couple’s Suite, Hammam, Sanctuary Lounge and our award-winning Healing rituals from around the world, Vichy therapy, Hydrotherapy, Chromatherapy, Gold facial, Oxygen Lift facial, Natural Face Lift, Microdermabrasion, Peel treatment, Waxing, Tinting and Nail therapy, Spa Reveil invites you to experience our exquisite spa treatments using only the highest quality Organic and Natural products. We also offer Spa Gift Certificates, Spa Packages, Bridal or Group Packages and Couple’s massage and treatments.

And then in the Menu under Holistic Skin Care...

And then...

"Spa Réveil was mentioned in American Spa magazine this month. The coverage includes a description of our 24K Gold Collagen Indulgence Facial which uses a KollagenX mask with 24-karat nano gold combined with Naturopathica products."

Article was in the November 2014 issue here:

At Spa Réveil (Austin, TX), the 24K Gold Collagen Indulgence Facial ($170, 60 minutes) uses a KollagenX mask with 24-karat nano gold combined with Naturopathica products. “It’s a holistic facial therapy that brightens, firms, and lifts the skin while stimulating cell renewal,” says spa owner Lidya Wati. “There is a rise in demand for such facial treatments, because they offer a unique combination of organic and natural ingredients with visible results.”


We've (Basically) Found the Fountain of Youth With These Spa Treatments

stephanie keller | January 8, 2015 | Style & Beauty


Contour Body Spa  Colorado

Venue Review:

Janelle F 
 Apr 03,2015

Contour Body Spa offers exception service. I so look forward to my LED And Hydration Gold Mask facial.
I walk out of the spa looking 10 years younger and continue to go back because of the amazing customer service, kind attention I receive, and
great results. Here's to no more wrinkles, redness, dark spots, or blemishes!


Bella Visage  Florida

Amazing Product Alert:


The Vince Smith Hair Experience  New York

"Products We Love"

"We have the perfect mask for you"


Elite Laser   Quebec


Skinique Med Spa & Wellness  Texas


Ultimate BodyLine


Honest Reviews Facebook Post:

Imperial Salon & Spa


Lumi Beauty Studio Arkansas


KollagenX was on the Runway at Vancouver Fashion Week in November 2015


$20-50m Revenue/FDA Registered Samson Pharmaceutical working with KollagenX >>

KollagenX Expands Formulations of Its 24kt Gold Product Line Through FDA Approved Samson Pharmaceuticals Laboratory in Los Angeles, California

CHINO, CA--(Marketwired - Nov 3, 2015) - KollagenX® Corp. (OTCQB: KGNX) -- KollagenX management has engaged Samson Pharmaceuticals to expand its 24KT Gold Skin Care Collection. KollagenX believes that Samson Pharmaceuticals is the right fit for KollagenX®; they are FDA registered and a drug licensed laboratory in the United States currently manufacturing a diverse line of products ranging from OTC, cosmetics, dietary supplements and others.




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