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Genetics is the future of medicine.

Our vision.

Invitae is a genetic information company whose mission is to bring genetic information into routine medical practice to improve the quality of healthcare for billions of people.

Specializing in genetic diagnostics for hereditary disorders, Invitae is aggregating the world’s genetic tests into a single service with better quality, faster turnaround time, and a lower price than most single-gene diagnostic tests today.

What’s our plan? It takes three steps:

Make genetic testing more affordable and accessible than ever before.
Build a secure and trusted genome management infrastructure.
Design a new global community for sharing genetic information to advance science and medicine.
Today, we are reinventing genetic testing by lowering the barriers for clinicians and patients to obtain diagnostic genetic information. Together we can improve healthcare for billions of people.
Making genetic testing affordable and accessible.

Today, Invitae can deliver results for any genetic test in our catalog for $1,500 in an average of three weeks.

As a part of that catalog, the company currently offers the following panels:

Featured cancer panels

BRCA1 and BRCA2, including full gene sequencing and deletion/duplication analysis
Hereditary breast cancer, high-risk panel (7 genes)
Hereditary breast cancer, extended panel (12 genes)
Women’s hereditary cancer panel (18 genes associated with hereditary breast, ovarian and endometrial cancer)
Lynch syndrome (5 genes)
Hereditary colon cancer, high-risk panel(7 genes)
Hereditary colon cancer (14 genes)
Hereditary pancreatic cancer (17 genes)
Hereditary cancer syndromes panel (29 genes)
Featured cardiology panels

Brugada syndrome (10 genes)
Long QT syndrome (13 genes)
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (16 genes)
Short QT syndrome (6 genes)
Featured neurology panels

Charcot-Marie Tooth disease (28 genes)
Hereditary spastic paraplegia (17 genes)
Additionally, Invitae is committed to improving family health by leveraging the power of genetic information and innovative technologies. The “Invitae Family History Tool” is the first free family history collection app that enables genetic counselors to digitally build, modify, share, and save their patients’ pedigrees.

Learn more about the Family History Tool.
An unparalleled team.

Invitae has assembled a team of more than 130 of the world’s foremost experts in genetics, bioinformatics, engineering, technology, and commercial development, among other disciplines. The company was founded in 2012 by CEO Randy Scott (co-founder of Genomic Health [Nasdaq: GHDX] and Incyte [Nasdaq: INCY]) through an investment in Locus Development, founded by Sean George, Michele Cargill, Alex Furman and Mat Falkowski.

Since its inception, Invitae has collectively raised $207 million.
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