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International Sports and Media Group International Sports and Media Group,Inc Founded in 1997, ISMG is a sports and news communications firm focused on increasing brand awareness using its expertise in the sports and media sectors with services including, Internet marketing, hospitality and sponsorship. "Our overall long-term objective is to establish International Sports and Media Group Inc. (ISMG) as the premier media company with a range of high quality products and services. This will position ISME to attract new investment capital for initial expansion and provide the means and ability to reach NASDAQ National Market System status in the future. With selective acquisitions and strategic partnerships, ISMG will look for dramatic increases in revenue and focus on profitability in the near future." >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> DD Info: Symbol: ISME Corporate website AS of May 10,2005 A/S 500,000,000 Preferred Stock 80,375,782 O/S common 183,758,942 June 2,05 O/S 184,193,942 June 20,05 O/S 208,638,140 Float 103,383,160 Insider Holdings As of April 12,2005 Approx. 34% Ceo Gordon Lee (53) 36,000,000 Pres Yan Skwara (40) 18,121,428 Corp Sec. Lonn Paul (33) 50,000 Investor Relations: Chuck Cibulka Investor Relations Phone: (858) 488-7775 ext. 203 Fax: (858) 488-2828 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Most Current info: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 6/01/05 Stock Dividend ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5/27/05 10Q released ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5/27/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5/23/05 Stock Dividend ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 5/12/05 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pres. Interview 4/01/05 and 3/18/05 Note you may have to down Realplayer to view ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ and 3/17/05 RB "noworryca" post 1488, came up with this ISME mention: 13 companies Participate in The First Ever Monthly Voluntary Reporting System. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Presidents Interviews Feb 11,2005 Jan 6,2005 New CEO Gordon F. Lee Oct. 5,2005 SEC Filings General News >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ISMG GOES: Oct 5,2004 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Affilations ISMG completes acqisition of USSoccerUK website: Jan 18, 2005 Website and Interesting Info: International Sports and Media Group acquired, which is one of the most active soccer websites in the United States. This particular website will be positioned under ISMG’s network, the Total Soccer Network (TSN), with an additional network of proven Internet soccer properties that have significant traffic. This will be supported with sports news and videos. currently produces world class soccer content to approximately 280,000 Internet readers. The site currently produces 4.5 million pages views monthly and has a significant number of premium services subscribers.* *per company website IMSGs Soccer Internet Media Divison What is TSN Signs agreement with SmartSMS Initiates Deployment of SMS on USSoccerUK: Jan 3,2005 ISMG goes live with SMS Feb 3,2005 GoloLotto.Com: "In compliance with applicable U.S. laws, we cannot accept wagers from within the United States or its territories" GoloLotto's Sports book has all the variety you'd expect from a Las Vegas or European Sports book in one complete package. You'll find straight wagers, parlays, futures, props, teasers, point spreads, totals, prices, money lines and more. The worldwide sports wagering industry is estimated to be over $100 billion in size. GoloLotto’s Internet sports software has added a new dimension to sports betting that makes it dynamic and exciting to millions of sports fans. (I assume this type wager info can be only seen on the site where legal internet wagering is allowed) "On February 7, 2003, we entered into an Asset Purchase Agreement (the "Purchase Agreement") with Latin American Futbol Corporation ("LAFC"),(for) Golo Lotto", (taken from ISMEs SEC filing 424B1 page 19 dated 10/01/04, later changed from a purchase into a marketing agreement to better be comformed with the "Compliance" noted above.) Website: Interesting Forward Looking type Statement note from SB-2 Dated 2/10/05 Although we have undertaken no marketing efforts to date, we intend during 2005 to direct our marking efforts involving Golo Lotto to the following target markets: - 1.5 million Internet users in Columbia - 3.2 million Internet users in Chile - 6 million Internet users in Argentina - 7 million Internet users in Mexico - 8 million Internet users in Brazil We believe that there are also several Internet cafes, bars, stores, and areas throughout the capital cities of these countries where the website may be accessed by soccer fans. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Joint Ventures: BioTech Medics,Inc Most Current 5/09/05 BioTech Website United States Basketball League USBL Draft to be held April 12 SMS Text Messaging Center: Jan 26,2005 USBL WEBSITE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ El Salvador National Soccer Team Certain Media Rights [Feb 2,2005 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Joint Venture: Broadband Internet Television Broadband TV content ISMG's Total Soccer Network (TSN) is expected to become the world's largest Internet Soccer Network in the United States and eventually the world. The site will include live, streaming and downloadable Soccer Matches and Archived Matches from World-Class Soccer Libraries. The site's development is in partnership with American IDC and their Broadband Internet Television (BIT) technology. Total Soccer Network will integrate Broadband TV content, Internet content, Internet Gaming and "Premium Mobile Messaging", by employing text today, and video messaging service soon. July 27,2004 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> PARTNERS: Website: Website ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Aqua Fiji Water/Lotuz US Home: Nov 12,2004 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Champ Thai Inter Beverage Home: Nov 8,2004 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> $10 Million line of Credit 3/12/05 SEC Filing WithDraws Registration of SB-2 dated 2/10/05 with Dutchess "No Securities were sold" as of 3/21/05 SEC filing 8K this Credit line has been canceled and No Shares were Sold Jan 28,2005 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Little Oilwell 90:00 Minutes Soccer Magazine: Premired in July 2002 Website Started in 2002 by ISMG sold 90:00 Minutes to LiveWire Sports Group Inc in Oct 2003 with these certain conditions: "We have a limited right to continue to solicit advertising for the magazine, and LiveWire will provide five full pages in the magazine per issue to be used by us or advertising obtained by us. We will receive a commission of 90% of monies received from advertisers utilizing the five guaranteed pages and between 10% and 20% on all advertising thereafter." >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Dividend site Link >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Disclaimer: Information presented at this site has been gathered from public news reports,SEC filings,companies wesbites and by google searches of the web. Information presented here is NOT a recommendation to buy! Investing in ANY companies stock contains RISK. Please do your own DD before you invest in any stock. ****** Terms of the Board: see Post # 365 *******
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#660 ISME officially done. Reverse 1 for 100 split lakers17 11/30/2005 03:14:54 PM
#659 Stevo51, I see that the extension was filed bsdaddy 11/15/2005 10:17:28 AM
#658 Reverse split any time now per the DEF14c. exposescams 11/03/2005 11:36:04 AM
#657 I'm in the same boat. Just not lakers17 10/11/2005 01:47:38 AM
#656 From what I understand, unfortunatley, they are out brazillian80919 10/10/2005 06:40:47 PM
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#654 10q: stevo51 09/21/2005 04:19:35 PM
#653 2 hours till market close. Has anybody bsdaddy 09/21/2005 02:07:35 PM
#652 did hear tonight earlier, that the filing is stevo51 09/20/2005 11:47:54 PM
#651 I believe the company's back is to the mikeymac 09/20/2005 01:21:52 PM
#650 I have no idea. Low volume drop FWIW. mgland 09/20/2005 01:15:20 PM
#649 Anything out there that might give a clue mikeymac 09/20/2005 01:13:04 PM
#648 New 52 week low. Wish for once they mgland 09/20/2005 01:05:09 PM
#647 from what I am hearing today..look liks isme stevo51 09/20/2005 01:08:29 AM
#646 ISME(E)I see a new company on pan american stevo51 09/18/2005 09:17:33 PM
#645 ISME(E)Got this off of my ISME(E)newsletter I sign stevo51 09/18/2005 04:11:41 PM
#644 PPTL Quote..this ought to really help move us stevo51 09/15/2005 04:28:05 PM
#643 here is a little more reading : stevo51 09/15/2005 03:56:32 PM
#642 here is more : stevo51 09/15/2005 03:54:37 PM
#641 Finally we will start to move and things stevo51 09/15/2005 03:52:26 PM
#640 Steveo, what's your take on the lack of bsdaddy 09/15/2005 11:27:32 AM
#639 very interesting stuff going on between par and stevo51 09/15/2005 01:14:49 AM
#638 If you click on that soccertv link you stevo51 09/10/2005 06:49:44 PM
#637 Well It was not filed must be stevo51 09/09/2005 07:46:58 PM
#636 Well, here we are Friday another week gone NewInvestor2005 09/09/2005 09:41:35 AM
#635 bsdaddy yes I did talked to him last stevo51 09/08/2005 11:42:36 AM
#634 Steveo, Did you relate to Yan the bsdaddy 09/08/2005 08:50:37 AM
#633 Chart:Looks like it is ready to test that stevo51 09/07/2005 09:04:31 PM
#632 Keep a close eye on this one,very,very close..the stevo51 09/07/2005 09:00:52 PM
#631 Take it how many grains of salt you stevo51 09/07/2005 07:28:29 PM
#629 International Sports and Media Group Announces Successful Live bsdaddy 09/06/2005 09:05:22 AM
#628 i fell asleep..I emailed mario about 1/2 into stevo51 09/04/2005 01:26:39 PM
#627 Did the pay for view come off Friday lakers17 09/04/2005 12:18:10 AM
#626 Yan just about comes right out and says stevo51 09/03/2005 09:26:55 PM
#625 Have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend every NewInvestor2005 09/02/2005 04:12:50 PM
#624 Boy that rally ended fast. Let's hope the lakers17 09/02/2005 02:45:50 PM
#623 We've hit a penny. Yahoooooooo! bsdaddy 09/02/2005 11:05:47 AM
#622 Chairman gives interview on watch.. stevo51 09/02/2005 10:50:21 AM
#621 Naw on the dummy, just impatient like everyone bsdaddy 09/02/2005 10:09:39 AM
#620 Your right on that 10q..I just noticed it stevo51 09/02/2005 10:02:38 AM
#619 Steveo, It appears that the 10q that was bsdaddy 09/01/2005 11:32:01 PM
#618 The next one and the one after that stevo51 09/01/2005 07:05:44 PM
#617 quarterly is not very encouraging sorry to say... villebout 09/01/2005 06:44:19 PM
#616 Next MM's are pennies..bout next week..jmo stevo51 09/01/2005 04:15:50 PM
#615 Great close:.009 x .0099.Got a feeling alot more stevo51 09/01/2005 04:13:48 PM
#614 Please accept my apology I did not have NewInvestor2005 09/01/2005 03:23:43 PM
#613 ismee is showing up 35% with a vol villebout 09/01/2005 03:01:53 PM
#612 Quarterly out: lakers17 09/01/2005 02:59:10 PM
#611 I'll assume you mean you're up 35% at NewInvestor2005 09/01/2005 02:53:29 PM
#610 Got a feeling they are going to get stevo51 09/01/2005 02:37:29 PM
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