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Intelligent Living Inc. (fka ILIV)

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The world has changed and no where more intensely than in the workplace. Every day career challenges become increasingly demanding. We’re being expected to work longer hours and with greater pressure to perform. With MIND360 you can improve your cognitive skills to think quicker, act faster and perform better. 

BrainTrainers are Mind360's exclusive scientific brain 'training' games designed to boost your cognitive skills.


Memory is the crucial cognitive process enabling us to organize information, encode it, store it, and retrieve data when required. Our memory abilities underlie every cognitive process including learning, recognition, data manipulation, and overall intelligence. People with "good memory" typically perform everyday tasks better.


Attention is the gateway for conscious information processing. It is the cognitive process that enables us to focus and process certain data while ignoring other. Since our ability to process data is relatively limited, our attention mechanism is crucial for performing everyday activities.

Executive Function

Executive functions are cognitive processes which control our ability to prioritize, plan, solve problems, make decisions, and adapt to changing situations. Executive functions play a crucial role in our ability to inhibit unwanted actions, while executing our desired ones effectively. 

Logic & Reasoning

Thinking and reasoning skills are critical for solving problems quickly and efficiently. They include good decision-making, abstract thinking, arriving at favorable conclusions, and correctly selecting from among various choices.

Visual Perception

Vision is one of our most important senses. Visual perception encompasses a variety of complex cognitive processes including our ability to cluster objects, manipulate them (spatially), organize patterns, and identify both visual regularities and irregularities. Visual perception plays a vital behavioral role in how we interact with our surroundings.

The mission of Intelligent Living is to improve a person’s day-to-day, functional life over a span of many years, through hormone therapy, nutrition, exercise and overall wellness development.

It’s not simply about living longer but about living longer at an optimal level of health and wellness. Not your lifespan but your healthspan: the number of years you are healthy and vital—unencumbered, to the fullest extent possible, by the effects of aging that we must all face.

Lifespan is something we all share and for the most part it's out of our hands. However we each have our own healthspan, and that is something that we most definitely have a hand in shaping for our maximum benefit.


Building Optimal Health - Our mission is to customize programs for total wellness and longevity. 
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Focused on the preservation of optimum human function & enjoying a high quality of life throughout the aging process.
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Scientific brain 'training' games designed to boost your cognitive skills including learning, recognition, data manipulation, and overall intelligence.
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Unique combination of clinical and patient data which can dramatically improve patient outcomes and adoption of treatment protocols. 
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Contact Info
Contact Info
  • 20801 Biscayne Blvd
    Suite 403
    Miami, FL 33180
Business Description

Intelligent Living Inc. operates as a development stage company focused on the ever-expanding eHealth and eCommerce markets. Its segments include exercise, nutrition, supplements, mental acuity testing and training, through our subsidiaries MIND360 Studios LLC, and Health and Beyond Nutra Company Inc. Intelligent Living Inc., based in Florida, is a health and wellness company engaged in the development of software and technology to aid in age management and cognitive health. The mission of Intelligent Living is to improve a person's quality and function of daily living over a span of many years.

More information about Intelligent Living can be found on the Company's website located at http://www.intelligentlivinginc.com

As of April 30, 2014, the registrant had 1.59 Billion shares of Common Stock, par value $0.0010, issued and outstanding.

From Recent SEC FORM 4 Filings
President - Anthony Paul Favata- Acquired 288,564,678 Shares Recently
COMMON STOCK   6/20/2014 6/20/2014   A    279430063 A $0.0017 289430063      
COMMON STOCK   6/20/2014 5/27/2014   A    9134615   A $0.0021 298564678    
CFO-Mark Burdon Lucky -Acquired 281,783,005 Share Recently
COMMON STOCK   6/23/2014 6/23/2014   A    281783005 A $0.0017 281783005    

#57066   No, Intelligent Living became a private company upon Renee 04/15/19 06:35:37 PM
#57065   So it is a shell now? CoderTrader 04/15/19 05:51:16 PM
#57064   ILIV registration revoked: Renee 04/10/19 09:36:19 AM
#57062   are you sure about that? CoderTrader 11/05/18 04:04:32 PM
#57061   Looks like some kind of split was just DjHiroller 11/05/18 02:33:24 PM
#57060   wow some volume here?!?!? CoderTrader 11/01/18 12:24:44 PM
#57059   Insane amount for something that's been asleep for kingxeno 10/24/18 09:06:59 AM
#57058   25 million sold yesterday Little Feat 10/24/18 08:56:53 AM
#57057   Nope! Same Name; separate entity. USS Pandemonium 04/25/18 09:11:18 PM
#57056   I might get 2 mill shares. It's just kingxeno 02/11/18 09:37:54 PM
#57055   Most definitely lol kingxeno 02/08/18 08:39:08 PM
#57054   Yea it can't get any lower lol....lotto throw starkd748 02/08/18 08:37:15 PM
#57053   This looks like it may be the new kingxeno 02/08/18 08:34:40 PM
#57052   Maybe its at its low point....need some nvsos updates starkd748 02/08/18 08:20:16 PM
#57051   This has to pump sooner or later. lol kingxeno 02/08/18 08:11:37 PM
#57050   https://thestocktalker.com/positive-buying-pressure-spotted-in-shares-of-intelli kingxeno 02/08/18 11:21:09 AM
#57049   Bids are here it is just not visible kingxeno 02/08/18 11:20:44 AM
#57048   Pretty sure I beat you to divorce in USS Pandemonium 02/06/18 03:55:20 AM
#57047   No that's you noobie now you are up starkd748 01/30/18 04:10:44 PM
#57046   You reach your limit? Lol USS Pandemonium 01/30/18 03:33:19 PM
#57045   Lol only 3 posts... starkd748 01/30/18 03:27:15 PM
#57044   You should have bought the Canadian weed stocks starkd748 01/30/18 03:26:18 PM
#57043   No bids here, either. Dump all. USS Pandemonium 01/30/18 03:24:25 PM
#57042   No bid .000000s starkd748 01/29/18 11:05:55 PM
#57041   Intelligent Living America Inc. USS Pandemonium 01/25/18 06:13:44 PM
#57040   About Intelligent Living Inc USS Pandemonium 01/25/18 05:37:14 PM
#57039   You think this company will ever bounce back LifeStyleLegendary 12/06/17 11:04:48 AM
#57038   looks like someone had 200 dollars to throw boohau 11/13/17 02:56:11 PM
#57037   DEAD kingxeno 10/10/17 12:54:43 PM
#57036   This company suck it didn't have to hit kingxeno 09/30/17 12:43:26 PM
#57035   no bid or asked on exchange ed3/6me 09/27/17 01:05:05 AM
#57034   Yeah but on ihub ask is at 25 cents kingxeno 09/26/17 08:20:38 PM
#57033   this is suspended ed3/6me 09/26/17 08:08:31 PM
#57032   What's going on with the ask? lol kingxeno 09/26/17 06:36:46 PM
#57031   ILIV SEC Suspension for delinquent Financials/Filings: Renee 09/20/17 09:39:46 AM
#57030   highly doubt it boohau 09/15/17 10:24:03 AM
#57029   This thing going anywhere, anytime soon? Maintenance_Man 09/13/17 10:04:01 PM
#57027   some buys today??? $ILIV CoderTrader 08/08/17 02:21:36 PM
#57026   MJ sector is heating up. 'Marijuana Justice Act kingxeno 08/01/17 04:31:40 PM
#57025   The companies website kingxeno 07/25/17 05:04:00 PM
#57024   What website were you talking about ? LifeStyleLegendary 07/25/17 04:35:48 PM
#57023   Ok I see kingxeno 07/25/17 02:09:56 PM
#57022   Talkng about the investor tools website LifeStyleLegendary 07/25/17 12:56:37 PM
#57021   How so? The website is nonfunctional kingxeno 07/24/17 07:59:03 PM
#57020   This website is leisure! LifeStyleLegendary 07/24/17 03:06:48 PM
#57019   ILIV 0.0001 trader53 07/22/17 04:12:42 AM
#57018   I believe the new owner aquired this company kingxeno 07/21/17 12:05:59 PM
#57017   That's what's I'm waiting for Maintenance_Man 07/21/17 11:56:15 AM
#57016   Anything from new management could send this thing flying. kingxeno 07/21/17 11:55:51 AM
#57015   Coming back to life Maintenance_Man 07/21/17 12:52:51 AM
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