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Insane Stocks with gains

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Welcome to

   Insain Stocks With Gains


 This Board will be a place to talk about low float 
Reporting and Alternative Reporting Standard Companies
short term plays and lomg term plays as well

Low float

bottom plays

Small market cap Shares of Stock

Vol alerts and waking stocks

SOS status changes

Insiders buying

Merger, Buyout potential

I will stand up for what I believe and for what I have always believed: Every person has a right to be

rich in this country and I want to help them get there

jim cramer


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#157  Sticky Note CEHD alerted today at .05 biggest undervalued ever,600k ash111 01/22/13 01:54:14 PM
#144  Sticky Note CHLO hit .147 from my .0025-.004 alerts ash111 01/08/13 01:14:20 PM
#162   JE dropped about 1.50 today :( due to Guitarmanlife 02/09/13 07:18:24 AM
#161   ZNTR,thanks. ash111 01/22/13 02:40:16 PM
#160   ZNTR about time, .0169 up. Get them Redlegs 01/22/13 02:26:24 PM
#159   WFSC.015,2m o/s,taking over possibility,look at this- $0.0300 13,9 ash111 01/22/13 01:57:32 PM
#158   CURRENT dollarland alerts: PCPZ and CEHD ash111 01/22/13 01:56:11 PM
#157   CEHD alerted today at .05 biggest undervalued ever,600k ash111 01/22/13 01:54:14 PM
#156   here is the next CHLO,even better,CMKM,i have a ash111 01/17/13 11:50:34 AM
#155   IFSG easy runner. Low o/s and huge numbers tony26 01/11/13 02:11:00 PM
#154   Inane email with great reports and gains now 180stocks 01/09/13 04:37:02 PM
#153   SKVY has huge potential. Bid building .009x.013 tony26 01/09/13 01:18:49 PM
#152   Yes, I agree. DRGV is next to go! TheProfit 01/09/13 12:20:28 PM
#151   DRGV is NEXT CHLO L@@K= http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.a [SMART MONEY] 01/09/13 12:18:24 PM
#150   Maybe DRGV is next? Same IR Firm...Alerted at TheProfit 01/08/13 08:08:39 PM
#149   Nice job and if you read my newsletter 180stocks 01/08/13 05:57:44 PM
#148   CHLO 4000%-7000% gains. ash111 ash111 01/08/13 05:03:52 PM
#147   CURRENT long term multibagger alerts: PCPZ,CPVD,HTMXQ ash111 01/08/13 05:01:23 PM
#146   ZNTR,thanks,check PCPZ and CPVD can be the next ash111 01/08/13 01:19:58 PM
#145   KABOOOOM Bro! Congrats! Redlegs 01/08/13 01:18:36 PM
#144   CHLO hit .147 from my .0025-.004 alerts ash111 01/08/13 01:14:20 PM
#143   New wave in the STOA & CHLO today 180stocks 01/07/13 02:27:39 PM
#142   CPVD the next CHLO ,5 pr's out,ACTIVATED as ash111 01/07/13 01:43:53 PM
#141   BUKX,nice one, on watch ash111 01/07/13 01:42:55 PM
#140   BUKX Go time http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=83093 pennymillionaire 01/07/13 01:41:58 PM
#139   CPVD .002 going, then game on ash111 01/07/13 01:41:37 PM
#138   SKVY 83% of shares owned by insiders. Last tony26 01/07/13 01:40:07 PM
#137   BBDA imo will pop soon and MDIN keep pennymillionaire 01/07/13 01:27:40 PM
#136   HTMXQ 10m float.0059,2.5 per value,the company just got$65m ash111 01/07/13 01:26:44 PM
#135   .0025-.004, many times before ash111 01/07/13 01:20:49 PM
#134   axlx real earnings low float updated today currently mvp_money 01/07/13 01:15:37 PM
#133   what price did you call it at? pennymillionaire 01/07/13 01:04:20 PM
#132   Watch SKVY close. tony26 01/07/13 12:58:12 PM
#131   keep a close eye on BUKX pennymillionaire 01/07/13 12:53:10 PM
#130   CPVD .002 going, SEE U PENNIES ash111 01/07/13 12:44:24 PM
#129   CHLO, even more,BPYT .004*.0065 buying opp.5m float,lots of ash111 01/07/13 12:34:57 PM
#128   here is a link why the CHLO is 180stocks 01/07/13 12:34:02 PM
#127   CPVD .002 up,REactivared recently,13 granted patents,one day will ash111 01/07/13 12:28:11 PM
#126   CHLO .028 970% DON'T FORGEt WHERE THIS WAS ash111 01/07/13 12:26:31 PM
#125   CHLO,Only "insane board with gains",UP 750% TODAY,.023 ash111 01/07/13 12:23:47 PM
#124   ZNTR,thanks,CPVD waking bigly after SOS updates,lots of patents, ash111 12/05/12 12:50:28 PM
#123   ZNTR Insane gains coming! News coming as Redlegs 12/05/12 12:14:54 PM
#122   PCPZ high alert,100 bagger potential: ash111 12/04/12 09:10:39 AM
#121   SRGE ps current as of today!!Dec 4, 2012 ash111 12/04/12 09:06:24 AM
#120   STLK on fire,.029 hit, alerted here.CAN SEE 10 ash111 11/30/12 09:47:03 AM
#119   ASH KEEP AN EYE ON THE PHIL SANT 180stocks 11/29/12 02:24:07 PM
#118   ZNTR .0059 436% INSANE ash111 11/29/12 11:32:35 AM
#117   NVAE .0002,40K CAP,420M O/S.A real beast in the ash111 11/29/12 11:12:08 AM
#116   ZNTR insane ash111 11/29/12 11:10:16 AM
#115   ZNTR .0037x.0048 Redlegs 11/29/12 11:08:37 AM
#114   CFGX .0052 UP Then .006 major developments ash111 11/29/12 10:25:42 AM
#113   PCPZ,.006, 50 cents target.320k vol yesterdya vs 100K AVG. ash111 11/29/12 10:24:07 AM