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           ILUS International Inc., a mergers and acquisitions company, focuses on
 acquiring and developing technology and manufacturing businesses
         worldwide. It primarily focuses on emergency services, and life safety and
           related technologies, such as emergency response vehicles, electric utility
 vehicles, specialist vehicle conversions, disruptive firefighting
    equipment, wearable technology, and related software solutions. The
          company was formerly known as Ilustrato Pictures International Inc. and
 changed its name to ILUS International Inc. in January 2021. ILUS
                International Inc. was founded in 2021 and is based in New York, New York.
* Business Description

        Ilustrato Pictures International Inc is an investment company operating in
 New York, London and Dubai focused on adding shareholder value by 
 innovation and growth. The company is primarily focused on acquiring
 businesses in the Technology, Engineering, and Manufacturing space
       globally. It looks to acquire companies who have strong management and
 potential to grow rapidly and will benefit from cross-pollination of
 territories, products, and skills from other group companies.
* Morningstar

Press Releases, Letters & Quarterly Reports
Shareholders Meeting Youtube January 28th 2022.

ILUS International (OTC Pink: ILUS) Emerging Growth Conference 26 March 2, 2022

Confirms the Appointment of Its Official International Auditors March 15, 2022 09:50 ET

  Authorized Shares: 2,000,000,000 03/01/2021
Outstanding Shares: 1,271,530,699 06/03/2022
1,143,530,699 09/30/2021
                                    1,221,297,366 05/26/2021
                                     1,121,297,366 03/31/2021 
                                    1,031,297,366 03/01/2021
 ** 767,297,366 12/31/2020
         Restricted:  99,433,333 06/03/2022
206,933,333 09/30/2021
                              427,839,535 05/26/2021
                               500,489,535 03/01/2021
      Unrestricted:  1,172,097,366 06/03/2022
936,597,366 09/30/2021
                              793,457,831 05/26/2021
                               530,345,878 03/01/2021
        Held at DTC:  1,114,885,413 06/03/2022 
735,495,878 05/26/2021
                                 480,345,831 03/01/2021 
                    Float:     936,597,366 09/30/2021 
342,807,831 02/11/2021

* 11/15/2021 Quarterly Report - ILUS for Sept. 30, 2021
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OTC:ILUS acquires FB Technologies a global technology company in the Fire & Rescue market & appoints new CEO & Board 

United States, New York, Jan 26, 2021 ( - NEW YORK, January. 26, 2021 /Issuewire/ -- Ilustrato Pictures International Inc (OTC: ILUS), Mr. Larson Elmore has stepped down as CEO and appointed Mr. Nicolas Link as CEO, with immediate effect. The outgoing Larson Elmore spent almost 2 years looking for the right merger candidate for ILUS. The new CEO, Nicolas, is highly experienced as an entrepreneur, having founded and grown multiple international companies over the past 20 years in numerous countries including Asia, Middle East, Europe, and Africa. Under Nicolas, ILUS is refocusing as an M&A company, executing a roll-up strategy acquiring companies that are technology orientated, mainly but not limited to the Fire & Rescue sector globally. The company will also change its name to ILUS International Inc, with immediate effect, and has launched its new website. The first acquisition signed is an international technology group FB Technologies Global Inc, known as FireBug Group, which was founded by Nicolas Link in the UK and has a highly experienced management team with factories in the United Kingdom & Dubai, focusing on technology for the Fire & Rescue sector including the first 6x6 Electric UTV (EV) and who manufacture rapid response vehicles that are usually at least 63% more efficient than conventional Fire Fighting Vehicles. FireBug Group has invested almost $4mil into its Research and Development over the past few years and has received numerous patents, the company has been backed by 2 family offices in Europe who provided the initial founding capital. FireBug Group commercialized their product range in 2018 and have already supplied to many of the world’s leading brands in more than 20 countries. Nicolas CEO said, “FireBug merging into ILUS provides the ideal platform for the companies to grow their Brand, Footprint, Revenue, and the Shareholder value exponentially”. ILUS is in the late stages of bringing the company current and preparing to submit a Regulation A application for fundraising and has intentions for the company to become fully reporting during 2021. The fundraising is in order to facilitate further acquisitionsand working capital. The company has received early-term sheets from financial institutions for the first $5mil of the Reg A funding. The company is in late-stage negotiations with 2 further acquisition targets. Further information will be released and investors are encouraged to follow the company's Twitter 


OTC: ILUS, ILUS International Completes Acquisition of The Vehicle Converters LLC (TVC), Increasing ILUS Group Manufacturing Capability in Preparation for the ILUS EV & FireBug Technology Roll Out

Dubai, UAE, Feb. 04, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire -- ILUS International (OTC: ILUS):  The Vehicle Converters LLC, known as TVC, is a Dubai-based $3mil dollar annual revenue business (Pre Covid) operating as a specialist manufacturer and converter of service vehicles, primarily Medical, Military, Police, Fire & Rescue response vehicles, usually small rapid response type vehicles. TVC has converted more than 8,000 of the most advanced vehicles for some of the biggest brands in the world and is listed on almost every major Preferred Supplier List in the Middle East and North African Market. Many of the leading governments globally have been researching the possibility of having joint first responders in a single vehicle, meaning 1 small vehicle arrives with multi trained multi-skilled responders instead of sending a Fire Truck, Ambulance and Police vehicle to a small incident, wasting taxpayers money. The TVC medical & police vehicle experience combined with Firebug’s patented fire technology would make a world-leading solution that would be very difficult for any competitor to compete with. 

The management team at TVC is highly experienced and operates a good corporate governance system that fits strongly with the ILUS model. ILUS management believes that the strategic value of the acquisition will provide a return on this investment in a very short time. The FireBug & TVC factories will merge into one single facility during the second quarter of 2021, allowing consolidation, scale, substantial cost savings and skill enhancement. The acquisition was paid for in cash and restricted shares. 

The revenue consolidation into the ILUS group is a building block and the strategic value is placed on the manufacturing capacity, skill sets and established routes to market. While FireBug already supplies to many top brands in the Middle East, the Acquisition of TVC will speed up the access to a huge customer base of almost every top brand in the Oil & Gas, Military, Civil Defense & Medical Sector in the Middle East and North Africa Market.  TVC’s experience in the specialist vehicle market will allow the FireBug Group to expand their offering to customers in the rest of the world where TVC has not been active and FireBug is active in more than 20 countries. This gateway should bring exponential growth for both company’s core products and open the door to develop some new game changing products.  In addition to the core products, TVC has developed a range of products that are non-core to the ILUS group, the margins are very attractive and utilize the same manufacturing process and the products have an outstanding customer base and strong cashflow, and would create another platform for EV sales later, so ILUS will continue to develop this cautiously and structure it in a way that could allow possible divestment in future and does not distract from the core focus of the group. 

While TVC has strong manufacturing skills and IP, FireBug brings new more advanced, environmentally friendly, more cost-effective & longer lasting, lower maintenance & lighter-weight technologies. FireBug has its own Co-Polymer plastic vehicle body manufacturing technology and this will be introduced into the TVC products, replacing the old fashioned conventional GRP and Metal vehicle bodies with almost indestructible co-polymer bodies. 

Importantly TVC has the assembly capability to scale up the production of the ILUS ERaptor for the region. TVC has been successful over the years, providing vehicle conversions under partnerships with OEM vehicle manufacturers for the Middle East Market and ILUS will look to develop this further. 

Ultimately the TVC customer base in the region, who are mostly Blue Chip, Government departments and various agencies, are under immense pressure to move to EV. This opens the door for the ILUS EV sales. ILUS is heavily focused on the development of an expanded EV offering in the future. The majority of the sectors which ILUS Group target have not been modernized for decades so the demand for modernization way supersedes the supply.  

The Middle East and North Africa Market (MENA) has a population of 580mil people and is undergoing extensive re-focus and huge investment moving away from oil dependency, creating the opportunity for change. The market is largely under-serviced with the products that TVC supply and naturally being a desert, water saving is vital, which supports the FireBug water saving technology. One example is Saudi Arabia, who is creating an entire new Region called NEOM, which is a 2 Trillion Saudi Riyals (+$500 Billion) development, the demand for ILUS & TVC products in the region is incredibly large. Nicolas Link, CEO of ILUS, says that he expects that the acquisition of TVC will allow the group to maximise the potential in the region and exponentially grow revenue far quicker than could be done organically. The operational cost savings and efficiencies have a tremendous added value to the group too, and the benefit of a well established and respected brand like TVC will no doubt enhance ILUS, the brand, and shareholder value.

Both companies look forward to integrating the businesses and expanding the ILUS business in the Middle East & North Africa. 




For more Investor Information/Product Information/Presentations

**End of MM107's Ibox**

**** IBOX under construction by Tothe,   August 2021 ****
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