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*** PURPOSE of the BOARD- this board is for alerting both penny and big board stocks that are breaking out and in provide an open forum for both experienced and new traders alike to shares their stock picks, opinions and experiences. At one time or another, we were all new to trading and looking for a place to learn and understand the market, which is one of the main reasons this board was created, to provide new investors a place to learn and feel comfortable doing it. We are here to help -- let us know if we can be of any assistance. *** ALERTS are based on stocks that show an acceleration of price or volume, and are showing signs of reversing based on their chart and volume, and may not be suitable for all investors. Due to the increased volatility and high risk exposure with trading penny stocks, it is possible to loose your entire investment. Taking profits, due diligence & the preservation of your initial investment is a must. All stocks are welcome here from pennies to the big boards and everything in between. Do your own dd before you invest and never trade more than you can afford to lose. Traders should plan their exits before they trade and take profits on the way up. DISCLAIMER: Opinions expressed on this board and emails are just that. Opinions. I am not a licensed broker. Trading strategies discussed on this board are often high risk and not suitable everyone. If you are losing money in the market, you may wish to seek the advice of a licensed securities professional. No one is responsible for your gains or losses in the market except YOU. If you follow stocks, strategies discussed on this board, you may LOSE ALL YOUR MONEY. Please weigh the strategies discussed here carefully against what you are willing to risk. Please do your own due diligence before buying or selling ANY SECURITY in the open market, there are no guarantees.DISCLAIMER:
CHM Cannabis
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#57   $SURE: just needs vol. extremely thin MaxPowerLove$Ihub 04/20/18 01:37:06 PM
#56   $CHRO: good for long-term hold MaxPowerLove$Ihub 06/25/17 12:54:23 AM
#55   $SWHI, $SURE, $SDVI: $.0001 lottos MaxPowerLove$Ihub 09/07/16 10:06:06 AM
#54   $MEDT, $GNPT, $VGID, $COBI, $SURE: $.0002-.0010s~ Will bounce MaxPowerLove$Ihub 08/31/16 09:24:03 AM
#53   $CHRO: Going back to the green $$$ zone MaxPowerLove$Ihub 08/31/16 09:23:45 AM
#52   $MEDT: $.0003 up MaxPowerLove$Ihub 12/10/15 11:05:31 AM
#51   $LVVV making moves pistolpete 02/24/15 11:57:20 PM
#50   $DSCR: Chart & DD: MaxPowerLove$Ihub 02/24/15 09:32:54 AM
#49   $DSCR: Andrew Wilkie question on industrial hemp MaxPowerLove$Ihub 01/22/15 10:32:19 AM
#48   $DSCR: Discovery Minerals Engages In Joint Venture Discussions MaxPowerLove$Ihub 12/28/14 10:49:42 PM
#47   $UNQT: Union Equity Inc. Announces Shareholder Update MaxPowerLove$Ihub 09/05/14 09:09:59 AM
#46   $CLNP: CleanPath Resources Corp Announces Excellent Results From MaxPowerLove$Ihub 08/30/14 06:03:50 PM
#45   $DSCR: Hemp As A Bio-Fuel Is One Step MaxPowerLove$Ihub 08/30/14 06:03:38 PM
#44   $DOMK: accum/dist starting to turn up MaxPowerLove$Ihub 08/29/14 10:01:00 AM
#43   $LUSI, $FRGY, $IFIXQ: Tiny O/S MaxPowerLove$Ihub 08/26/14 10:43:01 AM
#42   $HPNN: needs to K.O. 4s MaxPowerLove$Ihub 08/25/14 02:10:45 AM
#41   $LUSI: $.0001x.0002 MaxPowerLove$Ihub 08/14/14 02:10:32 PM
#40   $KGRI: $.0001x.0002 MaxPowerLove$Ihub 08/14/14 02:10:15 PM
#39   $IDGC: ID Global Corporation Obtains Licensing and MaxPowerLove$Ihub 08/08/14 09:41:00 AM
#38   $CLNP: Dirt cheap; under $.0005s MaxPowerLove$Ihub 08/03/14 03:58:35 PM
#37   $IDGC: Mega Volume! MaxPowerLove$Ihub 07/30/14 10:16:23 AM
#36   IDGC, DSCR, NSAV, XUII! GO GET EM!! investormoneymike 07/25/14 11:22:20 AM
#35   $KGRI: 1s MaxPowerLove$Ihub 07/25/14 10:26:19 AM
#34   $EPAZ: $.0001x.0002 MaxPowerLove$Ihub 07/24/14 10:45:07 AM
#33   $EUOT: $.0001x.0002 MaxPowerLove$Ihub 07/24/14 10:44:50 AM
#32   $UNQT, $IDGC, $SRGL, $CLNP, $GEGP: oversold , looking MaxPowerLove$Ihub 07/20/14 08:16:43 PM
#31   $HPNN: chart near bottom again, ready for 100-500% gain MaxPowerLove$Ihub 07/20/14 08:15:42 PM
#29   $DSCR: Discovery Joint Venture Submits Industrial Hemp License Application[/b MaxPowerLove$Ihub 07/09/14 09:31:40 AM
#28   $DSCR: Discovery Minerals Provides Shareholder Update on Hemp Growing MaxPowerLove$Ihub 07/09/14 09:29:22 AM
#26   $LGBS: Bullish! MaxPowerLove$Ihub 06/30/14 11:43:54 AM
#25   $IFIXQ, $HPNN, $LUSI, $FRGY, $SDVI: On radar MaxPowerLove$Ihub 06/25/14 09:36:27 AM
#24   $EMLL, $UNQT, $DBMM, $FRGI, $LUSI, $GEGP, $SDVI: $.0002-.0004 MaxPowerLove$Ihub 06/25/14 09:36:12 AM
#23   $DSCR needs to stay above it MA 50 MaxPowerLove$Ihub 06/18/14 10:25:01 AM
#22   $GEGP: Buzzing MaxPowerLove$Ihub 06/18/14 10:21:50 AM
#20   LETS MAKE THIS THE BIGGEST BOARD!! investormoneymike 06/17/14 12:33:43 PM
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#14   New pick GESI Kipwilson 06/13/14 05:28:07 PM
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