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Hydrogen Gas (HHO) and Hybrid Fuels

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Hydrogen Gas (HHO) , Alternative and Hybrid Fuels

This forum has been established to discuss the future of hydrogen gas as a stand alone fuel and as an addition to existing fuels to form a “Hybrid Fuel”, defined as a combination of two or more fuel sources to make a superior fuel that burns cleaner (less emissions) and/or reduces fuel cost.

There’s a lot of misinformation about the effect HHO has when injected into combustion engines as an additive to the existing fuel. The internet is full of claims, both positive and negative concerning the effect of HHO injection. We believe that additional steps need to be taken in order to maximize and legitimize the use of HHO as a fuel source.

Our focus has been on the production of HHO through electrolysis. We have looked at several public companies (investment opportunities) promoting this technology. We have looked at engines that are best suited to utilize HHO as a fuel source. Piston engines, Rotary engines and others such as Turbines.

This board is open to all discussion on the topic including other alternative fuels such as methane, natural gas, propane etc. Please keep the posts accurate and backed by sound logic and science. We do understand that there is a large gap between believers and nonbelievers. It’s safe to say that many believe we need to explore all cleaner energy (lower emissions) possibilities that are economically feasible. We also understand that most readers and posters on Investors Hub are looking for investment opportunities. We hope to keep the discussion on public companies and possibly private companies which may intend to enter Joint Venture Agreements with a Public Company in order to develop these fuels.




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