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Hybrid Coating Technologies Inc. (fka HCTI)

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Hybrid Coating Technologies, Inc.

Common Stock

OTC Markets Group Inc. ("OTC Markets") has discontinued the display of quotes on www.otcmarkets.com for this security because it has been labeled Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware). OTC Markets Group designates certain securities as “Caveat Emptor” and places a skull and crossbones icon next to the stock symbol to inform investors that there may be reason to exercise additional caution and perform thorough due diligence before making an investment decision in that security.

The Caveat Emptor Designation may be assigned when OTC Markets becomes aware of one or more of the following:

  • Promotion — The security is the subject of stock promotion that may be misleading or manipulative. Promotional activities may include news releases, spam email, and newsletters, whether they are published by the issuer or a third party. See OTC Markets Group's Policy on Stock Promotion.
    Investigation of Fraud or Other Criminal Activities — There is an investigation or other indication of fraudulent or other criminal activity involving the company, its securities or insiders.
    Suspension/Halt — A regulatory authority or an exchange has halted or suspended trading for public interest concerns (i.e. not a news or earnings halt).
    Undisclosed Corporate Actions — The security or company is the subject of a corporate action, such as a reverse merger, stock split, or name change, without adequate current information being publicly available.
    Other Public Interest Concern — OTC Markets Group may determine that there is a public interest concern regarding the security. Such concerns may include but are not limited to promotion campaigns (including third-party), unusual or unexplained trading activity, spam or disruptive corporate actions even when adequate current information is available.

OTC Markets will resume the display of this security’s quotes once adequate current information is made available by the issuer pursuant to the Alternative Reporting Standard or by the SEC Reporting Standard, and until OTC Markets believes there is no longer a public interest concern. Investors are encouraged to use caution and due diligence in their investment decisions. Please read our Investor Protection page and OTC Markets Policy Regarding Caveat Emptor  for more information.

#83955   Sure was, lot of us got pulled in EastShade 03/24/22 05:10:26 PM
#83954   too many lies... continuity 03/24/22 05:03:19 PM
#83953   Took a haircut here also ): EastShade 03/24/22 04:58:07 PM
#83952   total loss... the mourning is complete. continuity 03/24/22 10:53:33 AM
#83951   Still a little activity on the board, been awhile EastShade 03/23/22 07:36:57 PM
#83950   HCTI is dead. r clarke 02/28/22 05:31:27 PM
#83949   Dead starkd748 12/19/21 02:46:39 PM
#83947   Actually someone here asked a serious question regarding Huggy Bear 10/27/21 09:20:16 PM
#83946   You obviously have a comprehension problem, no one Little Feat 10/27/21 08:43:58 PM
#83944   There is no new HCTI for the investors Huggy Bear 10/27/21 08:31:08 PM
#83943   If anyone thinks they are going to get Huggy Bear 10/27/21 08:27:42 PM
#83942   Wow, you must be kidding. Of course they Little Feat 10/27/21 07:37:51 PM
#83941   The prior scam with the ticker was revoked. Tickers Huggy Bear 10/27/21 06:06:48 PM
#83940   Please read Clark's post again, Healthcare Triangle is Little Feat 10/27/21 04:20:17 PM
#83939   No, the stock is revoked lol. Huggy Bear 10/27/21 12:23:20 PM
#83938   The new HCTI is: r clarke 10/17/21 03:29:28 PM
#83936   It died on Sept 30th? r clarke 10/11/21 09:11:32 AM
#83934   You were pumping it...You lost money while I starkd748 09/13/21 01:38:35 AM
#83933   KING...THE IBOX LOOKS GOOD AGAIN starkd748 09/10/21 11:39:47 AM
#83932   Ummmm this is toast by September 30th since starkd748 09/10/21 05:46:23 AM
#83931   KING OF THE HILL NOW...R.I.P HCTISCAMORONI starkd748 09/09/21 11:15:56 AM
#83930   They did nothing ...Epic Faillllll !!!! LMFAO THIS starkd748 09/09/21 11:14:16 AM
#83929   Anybody a mod 9n this pos....New SEC rules starkd748 09/09/21 11:10:57 AM
#83928   What an epic fail this was...Sept 30th this starkd748 09/09/21 11:07:49 AM
#83927   Good to see ol friends :) aarlie 08/26/21 01:57:28 PM
#83926   Stick a fork in it. (Too kind, I know.) sharpei 07/31/21 09:23:50 PM
#83925   In case you really dont know how to r clarke 05/29/21 01:13:47 PM
#83924   HCTI WHAT DATE WAS IT REVOKED? okwife 05/23/21 06:46:31 PM
#83923   Having your broker flush it is the best way. r clarke 05/21/21 07:17:52 AM
#83922   Does anyone know if we can report to Rajanikanth 05/15/21 06:03:49 PM
#83921   Yes, dead and buried, with no Easter miracle. r clarke 05/05/21 09:39:45 PM
#83920   I still own this stock is it dead? bat1 05/03/21 05:21:33 PM
#83919   You're a better person than me. axconth 04/23/21 07:56:59 AM
#83918   No reaction, absolutely none. sharpei 04/13/21 09:19:50 AM
#83917   https://www.legacy.com/us/obituaries/name/joseph-kristul-obituary?pid=198253830 Santos18 04/06/21 11:49:27 AM
#83916   Joseph Kristul has Died.(for real) Santos18 04/05/21 01:02:41 PM
#83915   Hi Santos...So terribly sad about gonefishin'...It was cancer-related; sharpei 02/26/21 03:57:54 PM
#83914   Sorry to hear about GoneFishin..what happened? Santos18 02/22/21 10:52:37 AM
#83913   Appreciate it. Take Care Sharpei! otcsource 02/17/21 08:11:51 AM
#83912   No need for hate, otc. What was sharpei 02/15/21 07:39:57 PM
#83911   I truly hope you guys don't hate me otcsource 02/10/21 04:07:58 PM
#83910   Sry to hear;( my condolences Travis Crider 02/09/21 01:01:34 PM
#83909   Trying to make up for this mistake. Slowly Hawk NY 02/08/21 09:57:11 PM
#83908   Thank you, Clarke. Wish you well. sharpei 02/08/21 09:52:03 PM
#83907   Thank you for responding, Hawk. Yes, it sharpei 02/08/21 09:49:38 PM
#83906   Sorry to hear that Sharp. Its really too Hawk NY 02/08/21 09:43:19 PM
#83905   Any chance the sticky / intro could be updated? r clarke 02/07/21 01:26:00 PM
#83904   Sorry to hear Sharpei! HCTI really should otcsource 02/04/21 10:25:20 AM
#83903   Yes. sharpei 02/04/21 10:10:59 AM
#83902   He Die? otcsource 02/03/21 03:45:02 PM
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