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Homeland Security Corporation with over forty years of security and surveillance experience provides a complete range of systems and sub-systems for the Medical Marijuana/Legalized Marijuana (MMJ/MJ) industry. The total requirements for protection of MMJ/MJ facilities is different than any other operation and thus requires special knowledge and techniques only gained from work on the ground and in the field.



Homeland Security Corporation Provides Corporate Update and MJ Summary

Gary Williams, VP HSC, stated, "We are currently working with several MMJ/MJ facilities in CO, CA and WA which will be announced in the coming weeks. We are working closely with Cannabiz Holdings of Spokane WA, a venture capital group, designing and providing complete compliance and security solutions for their new 'Totally Weed' marijuana retail stores."
We are on track to meet and exceed our 2014 projections for a continued profitable core business and explosive growth in the MJ sector.



HSCC Share Structure
updated 4/7/2017 
Source Transfer Agent
Authorized Shares 200,000,000
Outstanding Shares 191,275,065
Restricted (Insiders) 131,312,313
Float 59,962,752



Homeland Security Corporation based in Newport Beach, CA was incorporated in 1997 in Nevada.

In 2003 Homeland Security Corporation received a General Services Administration (GSA) contractor's award from the United States Federal Government. This award is an authorization to sell to the Federal Government and all other state, county and local agencies.

In November of 2005 Homeland Security Corporation, completed a reverse merger with Homeland Security Source, Inc. a Nevada Corporation whereby Homeland Security Corporation acquired 100% of the outstanding shares of Homeland Security Source. Pursuant to an agreement and plan of exchange, Homeland Security Corporation acquired all of the share ownership of Homeland Security Source, Inc. by the issuance of common capital stock.

In November 2005 Homeland Security Corporation began publicly trading under the pink sheet symbol of HSCC and is considered to be a development stage "C" Corporation in Nevada. Corporate headquarters are located at 1280 Bison, Suite B9-611, Newport Beach, California 92660.


HSCC Share Structure

**The total shares outstanding for Homeland Security as of 02-28-2013 are 189,525,065 shares outstanding with 58,409,388 shares free   trading and 131,115,677 restricted shares with 250,000,000 shares authorized. 

A 300k share change in 3 years which are restricted shares. 

The total shares outstanding for Homeland Security Corporation HSCC are 189,225,065 shares outstanding with 58,384,800 shares free trading (Float) and 130,840,265 restricted (held by insiders) with 1,000,000,000 shares authorized. There are 226 shareholders as of 2/06/10. These numbers reported by the Transfer Agent.

Update **The total shares outstanding for Homeland Security as of 3/15/11 are 189,225,065 shares outstanding with 58,395,774 shares free trading and 130,829,291 restricted shares with 1,000,000,000 shares authorized.
These numbers reported by the Transfer Agent.



Email to transfer agent

Date: Mar 8, 2010 4:33 AM
**The total shares outstanding for Homeland Security as of 3-8-2010 are 189,225,065 shares outstanding with 58,390,438 shares free trading and 130,834,627 restricted shares with 1,000,000,000 shares authorized.

posted by Dude Dilegence. 

Share structure has not changed in over a year...last update was 7 months ago.


Date: April 8, 2011

Homeland Security Corporation Announces 75% Reduction of Authorized Shares http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Homeland-Security-Corporation-iw-1223243.html?x=0&.v=1

The new Authorized Shares number is 250,000,000


HSCC Subsidiaries

HSC Security Source Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Homeland Security Corporation (HSCC), was developed for the purpose of distributing security, surveillance and life safety technologies through the Internet. HSCC offers one of the industry's broadest product portfolios, over 10,000 products covering intrusion/access control using biometrics, smart cards and proximity readers. Video surveillance, counter-surveillance, CCTV's, DVR's, process monitoring, GPS tracking, fire detection, and management of assets. HSCC products are used to protect people and property across a wide range of industries, including retail, production, shipping, trucking, law enforcement, military, government, education, healthcare, mass transit and the home owner.


HSCC Goals

Our evolving goal is to be the premier MMJ/MJ compliance and security systems innovator for the cannabis and hemp industry, leveraging our team of professionals. The MMJ industry is one of the most scrutinized industries in the world. From seed to sale all aspects of the MMJ industry including growers, producers, and dispensaries are under twenty-four hour recorded surveillance.

Over the past four years HSC Vice President Gary Williams was based in Colorado working directly with a leading MMJ compliance organization, the Colorado Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division (MMED), and also with other state regulatory agencies. While working with a team of MMJ consultants Gary Williams gained invaluable experience structuring and developing security systems to comply with rigorous Colorado MMJ statutory regulations. His experience proved essential in designing the systems for growers, producers and dispensaries insuring them 100% legal compliance. More importantly his diverse security experience put him in a pivotal role in advising regulators to formulate the laws now in place in Colorado. HSC is now leveraging this experience gained in Colorado in the state of Washington where complete MJ legalization efforts are underway. We strive to create awareness within our industry, develop environmentally friendly, economically sustainable businesses.


HSCC Strategy

HSC's plan is to understand the evolving needs of customers and provide value added solutions to meet their requirements. Our vast experience in the security industry, our expansion into a new emerging market, combined with our network of consultants gives us the ability to diversify our business on multiple fronts


HSCC Commitment to Shareholders

To create long term shareholder value through superior financial performance driven by the delivery of a diversified range of innovative, customer-focused products and services and supported by an operating culture based on the highest levels of teamwork, efficiency and integrity.

The value behind Homeland Security Corporation's name lies in its tireless effort to challenge the ongoing threats facing this great nation today. Homeland Security Corporation does not believe in coddling terrorists. We succeed in delivering a diversified and integrated portfolio of innovative, customer-focused security and surveillance products and services by remaining true to our operating ideals and well-proven formula-regularly asking, can this be done better? By applying this level of discipline to our corporate, institutional, government and retail sectors, we are able to deliver long-term value to our customers and to our shareholders.


The NOBO list shows a more complete and comprehensive shareholder profile than is typically available on a shareholder list provided by a transfer agent.
The shares in the DTCC (Depository Trust Clearing Corporation) system are held by many different shareholders. These shareholders consist of two types: "NOBO" (Non-Objecting Beneficial Owners) and "OBO" (Objecting Beneficial Owners). "Objecting" or "Non-Objecting" refers to whether or not the shareholder wishes for the issuer to know if they own the issuer's stock.

Non-Objecting Beneficial Owner
A beneficial owner who has given his/her brokerage or bank permission to release his/her name and address to the publicly-traded companies in which the beneficial owner has stock. A beneficial owner is the effective owner of a security or asset, even though the security is actually held by the brokerage or bank. Registering oneself as a NOBO enables the company to contact the beneficial owner about the general meeting and give him/her other information.

There are 53,531,059 (93%) shares of HSCC held in 1440 NOBO shareholder accounts

Note: Some of the largest NOBO shareholders have up to 5 accounts.

21,557,403 (37%) HSCC shares are held by the 3 largest NOBO shareholders
31,790,695 (54%) HSCC shares are held by the 10 largest NOBO shareholders
44,974,339 (78%) HSCC shares are held by the 50 largest NOBO shareholders
48,256,580 (84%) HSCC shares are held by the 100 largest NOBO shareholders
51,325,449 (89%) HSCC shares are held by the 200 largest NOBO shareholders
53,531,059 (93%) HSCC shares are held by approx 1400 NOBO shareholders

4,004,788 (7%) shares of HSCC held in 160 OBO' shareholder accounts

The NOBO and OBO shareholders combined make up a total Float of 57,538,547 shares of HSCC held in 1600 shareholder accounts

Of the 57,538,547 Float

10,381,956 (18%) HSCC shares are either held by insiders, restricted, or have been repurchased on the open market. (This number has increased since date of report (11/05/2010) and will continue to increase with share repurchases)

47,156,591 are the free trading shares. This number has decreased since the date of report (11/05/2010) and will continue to decrease with share repurchases.



Gary Williams designs and builds the first pencil sized camera in his garage workshop, Venice Beach, CA.



Dave Shade based in Newport Beach, CA incorporated in 1997 in Nevada.


Gary engineers a smaller version of the pencil sized camera at his newly formed company, SPYWORKS, Venice Beach, CA. This smaller version of the pencil camera was designed for use in covert and mobile/airborne applications where a rugged ultra small low power camera is required to fit on robots, military drones, UAV's, Smart Bombs and small radio controlled aircraft.


First "Nuclear Camera" system installed at Westinghouse Nuclear Power Plant, CA. This extremely small camera was designed to be integrated with the nuclear tools so all work could be recorded and verified as it was completed.



Dave Shade designs and builds world's first wireless internal body cavity search device. A five volt camera was used; Liquid Sand of California, custom blew the glass device. A process designed by Dave Shade and Byron of Liquid Sand allowed the camera to see at such close range. A small LED white light was used at the tip to make sure there was enough light to see color in such a dark environment. The unit was demonstrated at our Costa Mesa facility before delivery.

September 2001

World Trade Center Terrorist attack.



SPYWORKS name changed to Homeland Security Source.


HSCC engineers a camera system for Sundance kilns. Cameras installed inside the kilns monitor the manufacturing processes of scientific glass, at temperatures up to 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. The Kiln Camera System enables the control room operator to view into the kiln and to gauge the efficiency of the glass joining process by continuously monitoring the size, shape, color, and direction of the flame. Provides operators with data needed to adjust fuel feed, cooling rates, and other important variables.



Homeland Security Corporation receives a General Services Administration (GSA) contractor's award.


Installation of CCTV Video monitoring system Camp Pendleton Marine Base Hospital, CA.



Homeland Security Corporation installed wireless transmitters and Pan-Tilt-Zoom cameras and monitors on Coast Guard Cutters, Washington State.


October 2005

Homeland Security Corporation, completes a reverse merger with Homeland Security Source, Inc. begins publicly trading under the symbol HSCC.

January 2006

HSCC $5 million contract installation of wireless remote automatic water reading and monitoring for Texas municipal water districts.


February 2006

HSCC provides security and surveillance systems to Navajo Nation casinos in Utah, Arizona and New Mexico.

August 2006

HSCC awarded contract first of over 100 mobile Video Security systems on LA School District buses.


August 2006

HSCC distributes real-time GPS Child Tracking Device.

November 2006

HSCC awarded additional contract to supply security systems to Honeywell's Twin Turbo manufacturing facility in Bucharest Romania.



Engineered and installed "Crane Safety Systems" on 100 Ton Zenar cranes for fortune 100 company. Each system consists of 4 computerized smart cameras that track a specific target and follow it anywhere in a warehouse or outdoors. If one camera loses the target the other cameras identify its location. Crane operator has digitally recorded bird's eye view of load at all times preventing accidents, and injuries.


January 2007

HSCC begins first of 5 installations of security systems on Hydroelectric dams in Tennessee.


January 2007

HSCC approved as the only Security vendor for a Fortune 100 manufacturer exclusive purchasing website. The direct order website is accessed by the companies over 6000 engineers and purchasing agents.

February 2007

HSCC begins distribution of GPS monitored bracelets for prisoners.


May 2007

Six men arrested on charges they plotted to attack Fort Dix Army Base, New Jersey. The men planned to assault the Army base and slaughter scores of U.S. soldiers with automatic weapons and rocket-propelled grenades. Several of them said they were ready to kill and die.

May 2007

HSCC contract for wireless surveillance system at Assault Craft Unit 5 - Landing Craft Air Cushion (ACU-5 LCAC), Camp Pendleton Marine base, California.


January 2008

Portable Video System engineered for Fortune 100 Company. Emergency and maintenance backup for HSCC 16 camera systems on multiple production lines. Also very effective determining if video would be beneficial for process monitoring in areas or production lines that currently do not have video. Smaller formats designed for use with fire, rescue services, mobile command centers and the film industry.


June 2008

Installation of surveillance, monitoring, access/control system Bay Pines Veteran's Administration Hospital, Bay Pines, Florida.


September 2008

HSCC completes 3rd of 5 security systems on Hydroelectric dams in Tennessee.



HSCC working directly with front line US Army troops in Iraq engineered wireless infrared portable cameras with small DVRs for IED/EFP bomb detection. Wireless IR Cameras can be mounted on lead Humvee or convoy vehicle. Helmet mounted wireless cameras simultaneously record and transmits live video to a command vehicle or center as soldiers move about outside their vehicles. This integrated system increases situational awareness, enhances IED/EFP detection-protection along with recorded video for debriefing and training, saving lives.


Liquid Cooled, Dust-proof outdoor camera housing, with Compressed Air Curtain to keep lens clean. 2 Cable Outlets At The Rear Of Housing, Indoor & Outdoor Mounting For All Weather, Compressed Air to Form Wind Curtain & Keep Camera Window Clean. One of a kind design keeps the outer lens of the housing clean without smearing or wiping.

November 2009

Fort Hood Terrorist Attack.

November 2009

Homeland Security Corporation works thru the Thanksgiving Holiday expanding and upgrading security systems at Camp Pendleton Marine base, California.

April 28, 2010

Homeland Security Corporation Announces the Launch of Its New Website www.homelandsecuritycorporation.com.
In the coming months we will be revamping our subsidiary HSC Security Source Inc. online sales website. Once completed, it will be linked to our main site.



May 24, 2010

Homeland Security Corporation Announces Share Repurchase Campaign.
The program was initiated in the fall of 2009 and continues in 2010. Open market repurchases will continue based on optimum market conditions. The goals of the share repurchase program are simple:

1. Reduce the free trading shares (float)
2. Minimize or eliminate market inconsistencies concerning HSCC share price
3. Increase Shareholder value

July 1, 2010

HSCC provides additional underwater camera systems and recorders to the Oregon and Idaho Department of Fish and Game for the purpose of supplying pertinent data on how many and what species of fish are currently in the Columbia River.


July 6, 2010

Homeland Security Corporation and ONYX Scientific Inc. Announce Joint Venture to Develop Advanced Surveillance/Security Systems

November 2010

HSCC Orders NOBO/OBO/Share Range Report. These lists shows a more complete and comprehensive shareholder profile than is typically available on a shareholder list provided by a transfer agent.

February 2011

Development of Oil Industry Gas Flare Management and Warning System. Triggers a wireless signal when the flame in the flare stack goes out. A camera verifies that the flame has been extinguished. Sends a signal to a computer network and or cell phone until a response is initiated. Turns on warning lights or sirens to warn of the flare being extinguished.



February 2013

Homeland Security Corporation Announces Expansion Into America's Emerging Medical Marijuana Industry.


March 1st, 2013
Homeland Security Corporation Consultant Featured on KIRO 7 News Seattle, WA
"Legal Marijuana LCB holds forum about pot consultant job"
Newport Beach, CA--(Marketwire - 03/01/2013) - Homeland Security Corporation (PINKSHEETS:HSCC) a leading innovator of surveillance driven technologies announces that one of its consultants, Gordon Fagras is in the news. Gordon attended the Washington marijuana legalization meeting held in Tacoma, WA earlier this month. The state of Washington is looking for consultants to help them develop a legal marijuana program as part of the statewide Initiative 502 that was passed by voters last fall. The mandate for the regulatory side of the program will fall under the control of the WA State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB). I-502 calls for the entire legal/regulatory system to be in place by December of 2013. HSC's plans to use the legalization model they and a team of consultants developed in Colorado, refine it, expand it and adapt it to each state that plans to go through legalization process.
HSC is working alongside an accomplished team of industry consultants, producers, laboratories, suppliers and even a marketing and consulting group created by former military pilots. These are driven, intensely goal oriented individuals that take Think Outside the Box to a whole new level. We are able to draw upon a network of experts from many different fields beyond our normal scope, broadening the potential and reach of HSC. This integrated and expanded team effort will greatly benefit HSC and its shareholders. For more information see the KIRO 7 news video on HSC's main website Homelandsecuritycorporation.com.

CLICK HERE for the Video

Feb 28th, 2013

NEWPORT BEACH, CA--(Marketwire - Feb 28, 2013) - Homeland Security Corporation ( PINKSHEETS : HSCC ), a leading innovator of surveillance driven technologies, announces its expansion in the Marijuana (both Medical Marijuana-MMJ and Marijuana-MJ) marketplace providing services ranging from legal and regulatory compliance to security surveillance. The MMJ industry is one of the most scrutinized industries in the world. From seed to sale all aspects of the MMJ industry including growers, producers, and dispensaries are under twenty-four hour recorded surveillance.

Over the past three years HSC Vice President Gary Williams was based in Colorado working directly with a leading MMJ compliance organization, the Colorado Medical Marijuana Enforcement Division (MMED), and also with other state regulatory agencies. While working with a team of MMJ consultants Gary Williams gained invaluable experience structuring and developing security systems to comply with rigorous Colorado MMJ statutory regulations. His experience proved essential in designing the systems for growers, producers and dispensaries ensuring them 100% legal compliance. More importantly his diverse security experience put him in a pivotal role in advising regulators to formulate the laws now in place in Colorado. HSC is now leveraging this experience gained in Colorado in the state of Washington where complete MJ legalization efforts are underway.

David L. Shade, Chairman and CEO, Homeland Security Corporation, said, "HSC plans to take the model we helped develop in Colorado, refine it, expand it and adapt it to each state that plans to go through legalization and compliance efforts." This places HSC and its team of consultants at the forefront of this expanding multi-billion dollar industry as it works to guide state regulators through the process. The company plans on publishing the Financials for the past 2 years within 2 weeks on the websites below.

http://finance.yahoo.com/news/homeland-security-corporation-announces-expansion-143200687.html  ;

March 14, 2011

HSCC designs and engineers an underground mining camera and video system for the world's largest supplier of phosphate and potash. HD picture below :)


Mission Overview

Our primary mission is to protect people, property, infrastructure and our client's "high value assets", by mitigating threats.

We believe that the first, best and most cost-effective way to achieve this is to develop technology-driven security systems designed to integrate into and leverage established client infrastructure. From US Marine Corps assault craft to Coast Guard Cutters, nuclear power plants to power generating dams, elementary schools to college campuses, Veterans Hospitals to Veterans Administration centers, and commercial businesses to homeowners. Homeland Security Corporation is dedicated to turning our client's needs into leading products and services tailored to solve their security, tracking, production and surveillance issues in any kind of environment.

Our vast suppler network enhances the financial capabilities of our clients by decreasing material needs and capitalizing on integrated products that have been tested in some of the harshest conditions on land, sea and on the battlefield.

Our sales are concentrated in the following areas:

  • 1. Government and Military
    2. Commercial industry, Infrastructure, Business, Homeowners
    3. Health Care
    4. Internet sales
    5. Schools

With a consistent focus on outstanding execution, each of the HSCC business groups provides value to its customers through innovative product and service offerings that meet their current requirements and anticipate future needs. The resulting strong performance ensures the company's sustained growth, leading to debt free and profitable operations with the goal of continually increasing value to its shareholders.

Some of our customers include:

  • FBI
    DEA agents
    US Secret Service
    US Border Patrol Agents
    US Navy Seals
    US Marine Corps Camp Pendleton
    US Army
    US Coast Guard
    US Military Academys
    Veterans Administration
    LA School District
    Idaho Fish and Game
    Oregon Fish and Game
    Tennessee Dams
    Texas Municipal Water Districts
    Westinghouse Nuclear Power Plant
    American Control Technologies Ltd.
    Ball Aerospace
    Fluor Corporation
    Houston Rockets
    Rockwell Automation
    Many state and local law enforcement agencies.
    International Security Organizations.
    G-3 Tele Broadcast Convergence Ltd, New Delhi India.
    Many small business owners
    American homeowners

We are focused on building value for our shareholders today by integrating our security technologies into as many vertical markets as possible. We also maintain our strong commitment to continued innovation. We have many visual and audio surveillance systems in our portfolio of strategically compatible security systems. These include rugged miniature all-weather wireless cameras, bullet and explosion proof cameras, high speed cameras, optics that can see thru solid surfaces, infrared and night optics, motion detection, miniaturized GPS tracking, computer mitigation technologies, high speed process monitoring, surveillance, counter surveillance applications and much more.


With an ever evolving threat of domestic and global terrorism, Homeland Security Corporation is continually advancing the newest technologies that improve government and military base security, monitor high value assets, industrial complexes, make schools safer, and help homeowners protect their properties. We also integrate new security technologies with existing equipment, infrastructure and IT systems. Integrated systems capture valuable data you can use to improve procedures, investigate events and prevent future events from happening at all. HSCC systems save valuable resources, manpower and money.

Commercial Markets

Whether you're a corporate CEO, military commander, a small business owner or the head of a household, security is your business. That's why HSCC offers so many security solutions to meet the widest range of needs; protect your office facilities, employees and assets. Deter shoplifters at your store. Protect your children from bullies on the school bus. Secure access to medical records. Deter property damage, and mitigate threats. No matter what line of business you're in, HSCC is the smart choice for security.

Security technologies from HSCC can help you reduce inventory loss while making more cost-effective use of your security staff. Conspicuous/Inconspicuous video surveillance provides a powerful deterrent against theft, along with evidence to show exactly what happened if there's an incident like a customer dispute or a liability claim. What's more, HSCC can integrate your security systems into an IP platform that lets you watch high-quality streaming video over the Internet or your cell phone. So you can look out for your business, whether you're at church, the casino or strip club, wherever you are.

We have products and systems to help you protect and manage anything from childcare centers to large industrial production facilities to entire college campuses.

Management Team

David Shade

Chairman, President, Chief Executive Officer, Founder of Homeland Security Corporation
Mr. Shade oversees the strategic direction of Newport Beach, CA based Homeland Security Corporation. He is responsible for driving the financing, acquisition, development and commercialization of the company's surveillance technologies, and facilitating the realization of the company's mission to build shareholder value by employing the latest security technologies in multiple vertical markets. Mr. Shade served as the company's Chief Executive Officer from 1997 to present. Mr. Shade has also served as the company's chairman from 1997 to the present.

Mr. Shade is a graduate of Cal Poly University, College of Business Management B.S.,1969, Long Beach State University, Graduate School of Management (M.B.A.,1972), and University of West Los Angeles School of Law (J.D., 1976). Mr. Shade holds a Juris-Doctorate in Law. Mr. Shade has been a member of the California State Bar and an attorney since 1976. Mr. Shade has extensive experience in corporate formation, business law, and entertainment law and as Vice President of a Venture Capital Registrant has become a specialist in mergers, acquisitions and private/public offerings. During his practice of law Mr. Shade served as a Judge Pro-tem in both California Municipal and Superior Courts. David Shade's vast network of business relationships, entrepreneurial insights, and technology vision serve as a driving force increasing HSCC presence in an estimated one hundred billion dollar market.

Gary Williams

Chief Operational Officer, Vice President
Gary Williams brings over 20 years of system engineering, manufacturing optimization, procurement and operations management experience to Homeland Security Corporation. Mr. Williams has developed many of HSCC's security system innovations and he leverages his role at the apex of operations to help phase the company's new technologies into commercial viability. Over his career, Gary has made contributions to many patented devices and technologies: he was one of the original designers of small hidden video cameras. This technology is present in most miniature cameras and optics today. Gary currently has a patent pending for a one of a kind self-cleaning lens housing for outdoor cameras systems and has another for advanced acoustic listening system in the works for patent application.
Prior to joining Homeland Security Corporation, Mr. Williams worked for McDonnell Douglas, and Rockwell International, both global leaders in Aerospace industries. Mr. Williams held positions of increasing responsibility to include multimillion dollar contract negotiations, major contract procurement, and as an engineering liaison on the B-1 Bomber and C-17 aircraft. He also worked in sales handling solutions. There he was responsible for capital equipment sales to the Military and U S Government. In this position he effectively reformed the sales team to grow sales and innovate new products and systems for these industries. Notably, Mr. Williams led the team as it worked with management in the commercialization of its proprietary defense technology.

At HSCC Mr. Williams played a critical role in the engineering and installation of a large scale version of security technology, the only one of its kind in the world, in Tennessee where it effectively monitors and protects several TVA dams. This security surveillance system operates 24 hours per day, 7 days per week using Homeland Security Corporations components in conjunction with Fluor systems to provide the highest resolution, viability, reliability and ensuring the protection of these crucial High Value Assets. Mr. Williams is a co-founder of Homeland Security Corporation, and serves as the President of SPYWORKS- HSCC Division of Technology and Advanced Surveillance Systems.

Ted C. Connolly

Chief Financial Officer, Director of Homeland Security Source
With more than 40 years experience in corporate finance, accounting and consulting for multi-national, fortune 100 companies. Ted Connolly brings a broad perspective to the Homeland Security Corporate team. As a consultant, Ted was responsible for developing and strengthening market presence, managing business partnerships and pursuing new growth and productivity initiatives. Ted has extensive experience overseeing business performance and strategic growth initiatives. Ted is responsible for all the financial activities at HSCC including its subsidiary - Homeland Security Source - as well as it's advanced technology development organization known as SPYWORKS. His expertise includes financial planning and analysis, accounting, estimating, contracts and pricing, integrated scheduling, rate forecasting, earned value management compliance, and productivity improvement. Ted holds a bachelor's degree in accounting and MBA from the University of Iowa.

Supporting Our Troops

People are our nation's greatest asset. We respect, honor, and support all those who devote themselves to serving our nation's military. Our support of these brave men and women begins before their deployment and extends beyond their return. From on base security systems at US Marine Corps Camp Pendleton to extremely rugged, highly specialized cameras and detection devices designed for all types of combat conditions, HSCC is there with our troops to meet the difficult issues they face with responsible, innovative solutions.

Our history of supporting national interests is strong, and our work today continues to build that strength. The result is a stronger, better company providing new and useful solutions to some of the nation's greatest challenges.


In 1997 Venice Beach, CA. Gary Williams engineered a camera system to be used at Westinghouse Corporation's Nuclear Power Plant. This extremely small camera was designed to be integrated with the nuclear tools so all work could be recorded and verified as it was completed. This first "Nuclear Camera" engineered by Gary insured Westinghouse nuclear power plant the strictest adherence to quality control and safety standards. Gary named his newly formed company SPYWORKS.

SPYWORKS is now the Research and Development organization within HSCC.

SPYWORKS primary focus is the development of advanced surveillance products and technologies. Research and development dedicated to military and commercial applications. SPYWORKS has been a driving factor behind nearly all of the company's large contracts. SPYWORKS designs and engineers unconventionally, yet efficiently, resulting in innovative products and applications.

HSCC & ONYX Systems

HSCC recently joined forces with Onyx Scientific Inc to expand its product offerings and areas of operation. ONYX Scientific Inc, an engineering solutions and technology firm has numerous new breakthrough innovations.

ONYX provides a cross-disciplinary perspective, with knowledge ranging from particle physics to aerospace engineering, from product prototyping to information systems and from advanced mathematics to materials science. ONYX leadership also has uncommon experience and intellectual discipline, each with 30 or more years professional engagement in Fortune 100 companies as well as the U.S. government and military.

The HSCC and ONYX synergy enables us to provide our customers with a very complete solution for their applications and allows us to maximize cross selling opportunities for our product offerings.

ONYX Scientific Inc. is deploying multiple products and technologies through ventures with HSCC and both anticipate a mutually successful long-term relationship. The first collaboration of HSCC and ONYX's joint venture is Surveillance Systems. In the coming weeks and months other links will be updated as projects and content is completed. This venture creates a division within HSCC dedicated to launching ONYX/HSCC key border security surveillance technology to provide a complete solution for one of our nation's greatest challenges.


Crane Video System

The Advanced Crane Payload Surveillance System (ACPSS) will provide increased overall visibility to Crane Operators of a wide variety of Crane Systems for almost any environment in the world. Our Crane video system is currently installed in a Production and Manufacturing facility and is helping that organization to be a safer place to work.


Current Price
Bid Ask Day's Range
  • 1D
  • 1M
  • 2M
  • 3M
  • 6M
  • 1Y
  • 2Y
  • 3Y
  • 5Y
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#10324   What any short seller doesn't understand is that dude iligence 04/06/17 11:53:31 PM
#10323   Reducing AS is definitely bullish. That naked honestengine_rh 04/06/17 11:45:54 PM
#10322   sometime in the last 3 yrs. I would dude iligence 04/06/17 11:08:38 PM
#10321   Thanks. Do you know when authorized shares honestengine_rh 04/06/17 11:02:18 PM
#10320   No those numbers are wrong Heres the correct dude iligence 04/06/17 09:35:29 PM
#10319   I have 600K. Is the outstanding shares honestengine_rh 04/06/17 08:54:53 PM
#10318   Good article, hscc has been profitable for yrs dude iligence 04/05/17 06:52:51 PM
#10317   Interesting article from 2015. They seem profitable honestengine_rh 04/05/17 02:34:40 PM
#10316   500k shares is requirement to become a member dude iligence 04/03/17 11:25:17 PM
#10315   If I see ppl selling mid $0.02, I Hellomoney15 04/03/17 11:11:01 PM
#10314   Hellomoney15 excellent, It looks like it might churn dude iligence 04/03/17 11:08:18 PM
#10313   I just bought this 217k today. XD Hellomoney15 04/03/17 05:36:49 PM
#10312   Hellomoney15 when HSCC closes the 3rd day above dude iligence 04/03/17 02:16:04 PM
#10311   Phase 1 is accumulation, would you rather accumulate dude iligence 03/31/17 01:06:38 PM
#10310   The thing is even though it's 0.3 now. Hellomoney15 03/31/17 12:23:01 PM
#10309   HSCC .03 steadly moving higher dude iligence 03/31/17 12:03:55 PM
#10308   correction 8.911% of the float not 89.11% dude iligence 03/16/17 12:25:04 PM
#10307   HSCC 5,343,345/59,962,752=89.11% of the float is what I dude iligence 03/16/17 11:51:16 AM
#10306   $HSCC The Marijuana Industry Could Hit $18 Billion mc67 03/16/17 03:25:23 AM
#10305   What is the oldest MJ stock? most will dude iligence 03/15/17 12:39:59 PM
#10304   There is 14k at .0329 does anyone want dude iligence 03/15/17 11:43:50 AM
#10303   I thought I saw a 500k blk on dude iligence 03/15/17 11:41:29 AM
#10302   4sure thanks dude !! mc67 03/15/17 11:03:26 AM