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If I remember, Hoku, formerly Hoku Scientific, had cotton chopper 12/31/20 11:13 AM
HOKUQ Update creede 04/21/20 1:19 PM
What is going on with this stock? Still cotton chopper 03/25/19 4:20 PM
Hahaha no it’s not Pennyman300 03/08/18 5:37 AM
This boat already sinked and long gone lol 98040 12/05/15 11:12 PM
Waiting for $.0014 to load boat Seshet 07/22/14 6:15 AM
HOKUQ is looking great at this level kranthikumar 06/04/14 9:48 AM
HOKUQ is having perfect play kranthikumar 05/22/14 10:15 AM
Does this company have a chance or is Bigbucksdelux 05/09/14 6:28 AM
HOKUQ is smells like a winner kranthikumar 01/13/14 10:00 AM
HOKUQ is looking great this level kranthikumar 11/18/13 9:49 AM
Jim Cramer said to buy HOKU when it OTCChasing 10/14/13 4:02 PM
HOKUQ is smells like a winner kranthikumar 10/01/13 9:57 AM
HOKUQ is already up by 100% kranthikumar 09/27/13 9:59 AM
~ $HOKUQ ~ Daily Par Sar Buy Signal Penny Roger$ 07/23/13 7:34 PM
HOKU changed to HOKUQ: BK: Renee 07/12/13 5:46 PM
HOKUQ on Mon mkinhaw 07/12/13 3:22 PM
CH7 filed today! 0.01 so far! We should Value_Investor 07/09/13 12:08 PM
I guess this is goodbye HOKU. Quite Bigbucksdelux 07/05/13 3:22 PM
Wow, I was hoping somehow they would turn Bigbucksdelux 07/03/13 2:15 PM
Looks like ch7 filed mkinhaw 07/03/13 9:54 AM
Thanks MK. Bigbucksdelux 06/13/13 2:48 PM mkinhaw 06/11/13 10:06 AM
What is going on here?? Bigbucksdelux 06/01/13 3:15 AM
I'm wondering if this is a good time Bigbucksdelux 01/11/13 6:26 PM
I don't understand what's happening with the volume Seshet 10/02/12 3:05 AM
HOKU, OTC:Pink, files an 8-K to a non-reporting status. arizuela 09/07/12 5:41 PM
The only money to be made here is VinnyFuccahucci 08/14/12 11:50 AM
Bigfish1972, true, there could be a selloff if arizuela 08/14/12 1:52 AM
Talked with ihub on Friday about this ticker, bigfish1972 08/13/12 9:32 PM
Website is up and to be made here..... mailhot72 08/13/12 9:49 AM
Website is gone. Look out below.... VinnyFuccahucci 08/10/12 2:04 PM
Bigfish1972, OK, let me know if you can. arizuela 08/09/12 2:02 AM
Yeah, I subscribe to it (just the level bigfish1972 08/09/12 2:00 AM
Bigfish1972, on iHub, I think you have to arizuela 08/09/12 1:58 AM
I still can't pull up a level 2 bigfish1972 08/08/12 11:48 PM
Bigfish1972, Just what I've been thinking. LOL. arizuela 08/05/12 9:44 PM
Well, I'm going to have to keep a bigfish1972 08/05/12 9:32 PM
Bigfish1972, I can't post it either from Ameritrade. arizuela 08/05/12 9:02 PM
I keep trying to pull this up on bigfish1972 08/05/12 8:02 PM
HOKU public trading is open, it seems. arizuela 07/30/12 9:51 AM
Same here, Mine was AorN. Seshet 07/29/12 6:07 PM
perhaps all shares are in good hands murmel007 07/20/12 1:27 PM
Might want to watch this. UncleJimbo 07/20/12 1:06 PM
had buy a .01 diddn't get it. cowbdave 07/18/12 10:00 AM
who said HOKU was not going to the Seshet 07/17/12 12:15 PM
trading open down 46% cowbdave 07/17/12 11:38 AM
Thanks for the info. I'll be watching it. cowbdave 07/17/12 11:05 AM
Cowbdave, Delisting is considered official after 10 days arizuela 07/17/12 11:02 AM
i dont know murmel007 07/17/12 9:39 AM
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Hoku Corp. (HOKUQ)

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                                                                                                                        Company website:

1288 Ala Moana Blvd.
Suite 220
Honnolulu, Hi 96814

Hoku Scientific is a materials science company focused on clean energy technologies.
Historically, we have focused on developing new products for hydrogen fuel cells.
We are now diversifying our business by forming two new businesses:
an integrated photovoltaic, or PV, module business, and a polysilicon business,
which is a primary material used in the manufacture of PV modules.

Hoku Corporation,
incorporated in March 2001, is a solar energy products and services company. The Company focused on the design and
development of fuel cell technologies, including Hoku membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) and Hoku Membranes. The Company has two business units:
Hoku Materials and Hoku Solar. In September 2010, the Company discontinued the operations of its third business unit, Hoku Fuel Cells. Hoku Materials was incorporated
to manufacture polysilicon, a material used in photovoltaic (PV) modules. The Company's solar integration business focuses on the turnkey delivery of commercial,
industrial and utility-scale PV projects,both roof- and ground-mounted.

Hoku Materials
Hoku Corporation installed the first 16 out of a planned total order of 28 Siemens-process reactors at the Polysilicon Plant. As of March 31, 2011, it produced polysilicon using two of the 16 reactors. It produced the material after completing a system commissioning protocol, which culminated in deposition runs in a select number of its installed polysilicon reactors. The primary purpose of the testing was to confirm system integrity and validate operating procedures.

The Company's Hoku Materials segment competes with Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation, Renewable Energy Corporation ASA, Mitsubishi Polycrystalline Silicon America Corporation, Mitsubishi Materials Corporation, Tokuyama Corporation, MEMC Electronic Materials, Inc., OCI Company Ltd., GCL-Poly, LDK Solar Co. Ltd., and Wacker Chemie AG.

Hoku Solar
The Company is a provider in PV system installations. It focuses on designing, engineering and installing turnkey PV systems and related services in Hawaii using solar modules purchased from third-party suppliers.

The Company's Hoku Solar segment competes with SunPower Corporation, SunEdison, Chevron Energy Solutions, REC Solar.

Authorized shares as of 3/31/2007: 100,000,000
Shares Issued and Outstanding as of 1/31/2012: 54,940,000

Holding/Insider Summary link:

Daily chart

Weekly Chart


HOKU current report filing, May 23, 2012

May 22, 2012

August 11th 2011
Hoku Corporation Reports First Quarter Fiscal Year 2012 Results

August 4th 2011
Former Disposal Site Will Provide Clean Renewable Energy for Hawaii

July 28th 2011
Hoku Corporation Announces Earnings Conference Call for First Quarter Fiscal Year 2012

Other Links of Interest

Solar energy quick facts from the U.S. Department of Energy

Solar energy industry growth statistics

Solar energy facts, global performance

Link to SEC Filings =

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