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    Formerly Known As Amelot Holdings, Incorporated    

Symbol: AMHDD


30 N. Gould St
Suite R
Sheridan, WY 82801


Share Structure As Of 2-23-18

Authorized Common Shares : 500,000,000
Total shares outstanding common: 4,624,573  

Authorized Class A preferred Shares: 75,000.000
Total shares preferred common: 75,000,000
1 to 1000 conversion with no registration rights


“Based on the success of the United States listed in the Nanjing, Jiangsu, the United States Helekang Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd., has gone through 21 years of hard work under the leadership of the chairman of Mr. Liu Tong Ren, through the provision of "good health food products" and other products, has been marketing Nearly 100 cities nationwide.”

“At the listing conference on December 6, Mr. Liu Tongren, chairman of Helekang Group, said that Helekang has undergone a rigorous and standardized validation process in the United States for 18 months. Successful listing not only means that the traditional Chinese enterprises are going global The international exploration, but also means that the traditional Chinese medicine to promote the concept of health in the world, we will make unrelenting efforts to promote Chinese culture throughout the world. I am very grateful to all the people from China and the United States for their efforts in this regard. I also thank the elders of Chinese Taoist health champion Elvis Presley, Yin Jiancheng, the chairman of Hong Kong's Xuan Dao Health Group, the chairman of Taiwan's famous planning master Lv Wei, and the U.S. Bond Market Mr. Chad long-term strong support”

“HLK 5D health management training center”is a global chain brand which emancipate the mind, bold innovation and create a completely new, leading industry, the whole range. At present, we have more than 200 chain stores in the whole country. We are health messengers. We need to defend life. We need to help others with love and let more people stay away from diseases.

  • Hong Kong Helekang International Group Investment Co., Ltd. is an international comprehensive development and investment company with total assets of 250 million Hong Kong dollars. Headquartered at Windwind International Trade Center, 182 Queen's Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong. Group under the East Malaysia (Thailand) International Group, Thailand (Thailand) Thanksgiving Charity Foundation, Helekang (Nanjing) Health Food Co., Ltd., Shanghai Hua Ai Food Co., Ltd., Nanjing Lai Bi Fu Ni Biological Engineering Co., Nanjing Oteri Ri on the Limited, Nanjing Hao Ming Biological Engineering Co., Ltd., Nanjing Jinling International Beauty Center, Hangzhou Shen Yong soft capsule production Co., Ltd. and so on.
    Hai Lok Hong (Nanjing) Health Food Co., Ltd. in Nanjing in September 2004 listing, the registered capital of 10 million US dollars. The company has GMP factories, Chinese medicine, Institute of Chinese medicine; has a number of high-tech research and development personnel, and a number of senior management, marketing personnel.
    The Company has set up a market-oriented business operation mechanism, a management mechanism of training and escrowing, a people-oriented talent incentive mechanism, a product-centered management and control mechanism, and a customer-centric brand service mechanism. Constantly improve the education and training system, strengthen the management of the country's stores and the development of new markets.
    Hailikang in good faith-based, with the courage to innovate the concept of excellence and brand in the fierce competition in the market stand out. The company plans to use 2 years to build the well-known brands in China with the industry in Hong Kong; with 2 years to make the Hailikang stores gradually transformed into a national chain of Haili Kang convenience store; built with three years of sea music Hong Building; with 5 years to become a listed company


HLK Biotec Holding Group, Inc officially purchased the Amelot holdings, Inc. (symbol: AMHD) on November 15, 2017 and became a publicly listing company in the OTC Markets. HLK Group Co., LTD. is in the main health industry and engaged in research and development of high-tech health food, health care supplies, and low carbon environmental protection product for twenty years.

HLK (Nanjing) Health Food co., LTD. opened the business in Nanjing in September 2004. The registered capital is $10 million. The company owns GMP factory and TCM institute of traditional Chinese medicine; We have a group of high-tech r&d talents and a group of senior management marketing professionals to establish a market - centered business operation mechanism. The management mechanism of the escrow; People-oriented motivation mechanism; A product-centered control mechanism; The education training system is continuously improved with customer-centric brand service mechanism, and the management of national market and the development of new market are strengthened.

The Company was called Sino-British Joint Venture Nanjing Jinling (Yin Shi) Health Products co., LTD., before and was built in 1995 through producing health care products, cosmetics, daily necessities three big series of products. The company mainly develops chitin (chitosan) series of health food products, which is the only high-tech enterprise in China to develop the production of chitin series products. Company production of chitin soft glue product is 98 state-level spark program project, and won) the 2nd Canadian international food fair gold medal. Chitin soft glue won the national patent and its preparation method, by the national ministry of science and technology as the 2004 national key scientific and technological achievements to promote the project. HLK is a member of the international green industry association, which has passed the ISO9001 international quality management system certification. Awarded as national quality service credit AAA level demonstration unit; the quality of China's market products is recognized by the top ten brands; 2005 "national (product) national supervision and inspection quality stable qualified enterprises"; The 2nd China planning congress · the great hall of the people designated health care products.

HLK is based on integrity, and in the fierce market competition, innovation is the soul of enterprise and the continuous accumulation is the capital of the enterprise. With a new commercial information service platform, HLK will show the world with a unique commercial satellite network to achieve the true e-commerce. Create a " HLK 5D health management model” to build a new commercial forms. With the guidance of the new marketing idea, a chain of HLK 5D health management hall in China meet the needs of consumers and terminal consumers of all sectors of the community through "consumer self-employment self-employment" reflecting true consumption value.       


Introduction of HLK 5D health management center

In the government report of the two sessions in 2016, the focus of the future development of health industry in China will shift from treatment to prevention, mainly from prevention of infectious diseases to the prevention of chronic diseases. In the future, China will become the largest market for the global health industry. Among the most lucrative industries in the future, “big health industry” is the first on the list. The Communist Party of China (CPC) gave us a clear direction on October 18 2017 “the decisive goal is to build a moderately prosperous society in all respects, provided that only comprehensive health can be achieved”. President Xi stressed that the comprehensive elimination of medicine, adherence to prevention and development of the health industry.

“Health China” was first written into the government work report, “Push health industry new policies, develop 8 trillion market”, “health is the basic needs of the people, we have to constantly improve the level of medical and health care, creating a healthy China”. Innovation is the soul of the HLK, the staff of HLK grow in constant innovation. Through 20 years of development, they summed up a lot of valuable experience. They will “make a great picture” in this great situation. 2017 is the year of great health, and HLK people are well prepared.

HLK company was authorized to set up “HLK 5D health management training center”by the National Science and Technology Talent Cultivation Project Management Center and the National Science and Technology Talent Cultivation Project Health Care New Medical Committee. At the same time, China University of Health Committee HLK Diabetes Research Institute, is the vice President of the China University of Health Institutions. Under the leadership of the management center, the company actively carried out work and obtained some achievements. The company has been committed to the research and exploration of the big health industry. Speaking of maintaining health, we have to mention chinese traditional culture, “ Taoist health” is the real source. Group company joint Xuandao Health International Institute and Xudao Health (Hong Kong) Biotechnology Group co. LTD, under the guidance of the Taoist generation guru, Xuanhezi , developed a “fitness plan”, in view of the “modern lifestyle disease” (four high, eight types of metabolic syndrome). Its conditioning effect is remarkable, totally effectiveness. The company is trying its best to promote it... We should do it boldly for the interests of our people and benefit the future generations of mankind.

“HLK 5D health management training center”is a global chain brand which emancipate the mind, bold innovation and create a completely new, leading industry, the whole range. At present, we have more than 200 chain stores in the whole country. We are health messengers. We need to defend life. We need to help others with love and let more people stay away from diseases.

“HLK 5D health management training center”will create a “love body-health center” and promote it as “public welfare”to global. You will enjoy the free services of HLK 5D body health center”happily through “free physical examination”, “free physical therapy” and “free physical therapy”actions.
People need health, health care, also a kind of comprehensive care, comprehensive care, that is “HLK 5D health management”, health is needs to manage, The car needs maintenance of 5000 to 10000 kilometers, Mechanical equipment needs to be checked and maintained regularly, even the house needs to be clean frequently, the life is so precious, life only have once, why it was never be managed and cared?

“5D” was created by HLK group, this new, unique and original concept of 5D is to enable people to re-understand life through the platform of “HLK 5D health management center”, to know the value of life through “sound and light electromagnetic hot water and food,” etc., let life get comprehensive care, comprehensive care, keep you away from disease, let you get rid of sub-health.

The HLK people keep pace with the time and pull their heads together to build 10, 000 “HLK 5D health management center” stores in the world over the next five years. HLK health messenger “intelligent robot” will enter “HLK 5D health management center”. Robot examination: Blood pressure, blood sugar, blood lipids, taking the temperature and so on, through the sound wave, radio wave, optical wave, magnetic wave and heat therapy let the experiencer enjoys a “full range of free conditioning”.

Company will integrate social resources, cooperate with the government, gradually establishe “HLK 5D Health Mangement Convalescent Home” in provinces and municipalities, also called as: “Haikangle pension center”. Let the family and shareholders of HLK spend a wonderful time.

HLK group has a dream and a vision: we hope to realize the wish of repaying the nation with industry through our own efforts, and hope to be a reliable and respected everlasting enterprise. The grand platform of the new concept of healthy management of “Xuandao Health -- 5D health management” will keep you healthy and more beautiful. Life is easy, joyful, and happy. With the 30 years of China's reform and opening up, the economic development has been remarkable, and the world is in flux. HLK has also passed 20 years in the changing world. Get the consumer's heart, get the market. Along the way, thanks to the environment of reform and opening up;thanks to that we have been learning and summarizing in practice, the last but not least, we are constantly striving to achieve our goals. Success is our common dream, the vision is our common aspiration. But Rome was not built by one day. we need to prepare for the hard work. Creating excellent enterprises, making excellent team, we are in the endless exploration and pursuit. HLKcan build the stage without the stage of the ceiling for alll partners on the journey of realizing the vision to exhibit your talent and achieve your dream; We should make contributions to the development of China and the world economy.
HLK will make unremitting efforts to build a harmonious community and harmonious society in the spirit of emancipating our mind, seeking truth from facts, and keeping pace with the times.


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