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BlastGard International (BLGA)

The very best of all the "TRUMP" stocks, yet under the radar and undiscovered until NOW!


BLGA just posted record revenues for 2016, have a huge backlog of orders for 2017 yet the share price has remained extremely low! President Trump is set to increase military spending by a record amount benefiting BLGA, their top customers are the US Military!




BlastGard International (BLGA) manufactures and distributes a unique range of leading security products and personal protective gear through its subsidiary HighCom SecurityThey supply military, law enforcement and government agencies around the world! 

BlastGard International (BLGA) is EXTREMELY UNDERVALUED!! It should be trading in the 25-50 cent range, yet is now trading at 2 cents a share near historic lows UNDISCOVERED under the radar! Don't get left behind, buy as many cheap shares as you can now BEFORE the share price corrects itself, this is about a sure thing as you can get in the stock market!

Check out BlastGard International (BLGA) TOP CUSTOMERS:


BLGA Top customers are the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security. 

BLGA just posted RECORD revenues of $7.9 million in 2016 and are projected by Management to to continue skyrocketing! This is the most undervalued and under the radar of any of the "TRUMP" stocks, stocks that are expected to benefit due to the policies of the new Trump administration! The new Trump Administration has made it clear that they intend to spend BILLIONS more on upgrading the US Military!


-October 2016 - "I'm gonna build a military that's gonna be much stronger than it is right now. It's gonna be so strong, nobody's gonna mess with us..." Trump said on NBC's "Meet the Press"

-February 2017 - President Trump told state governors at the White House his budget plan included a "historic increase in defense spending to rebuild the depleted military of the United States of America." - New York Times
-March 2017 - "Trump to Seek $54 Billion Increase in Military Spending"- Business Insider


-President Trump speaks to Navy and shipyard personnel aboard nuclear aircraft carrier Gerald R. Ford at Newport News Shipbuilding in Newport News, Virginia, on March 2, 2017.AP Photo / Steve Helber

Trump added: "We will give our military the tools you need to prevent war and, if required, to fight wars, and only do one thing. You know what that is? Win!"

This stock should be trading in the 25-50 cent range, yet is now trading at 2 cents a share near historic lows UNDISCOVERED!

Summary, highlights, DD and speculation for BlastGard International (BLGA)

All DD below can be verified and comes straight from the CEO Michael Gordon, SEC filings and Official Press Releases!

-BLGA has strong ties with the State of Israel and has granted an Israeli company named  Lancer a limited exclusive right to sell BlastGard products in the State of Israel on defined and agreed projects. Lancer intends to use BlastGard products including container and baggage storage for aircraft, public and specifically school safety as well as various military applications within Israel.


-BLGA subsidary HighCom Security management team is comprised of highly trained and knowledgeable Israeli and American ex-military and law enforcement personnel, with significant operational experience in the security industry.

-BLGA subsidary HighCom Security performs security work for Israel in the US, theChief of Security, Israel Consulate to the Pacific Northwest said “I want to thank your security officers for their excellence in establishing a safe and secure environment for our event. Your officers superbly demonstrated their experience in operating the walk through metal detectors, identifying potential vulnerabilities and maintaining a secure perimeter. Their professionalism and attention to detail made all staff and attendees feel at ease. Great job to a great staff of an excellent company!”

This stock should be trading in the 25-50 cent range, yet is now trading at 2 cents a share near historic lows UNDISCOVERED!

Website PennyStockTweets has renowned TV STOCK PUNDIT JIM CRAMER touting BLGA. NOW is the time to buy!



-BLGA revenues are increasing quarter over quarter, year over year!

-BLGA has a backlog or firm orders for the first quarter 2017 of approximately $1,300,000. ($1.3 MILLION)

-BLGA At December 31, 2016, the Company had a working capital surplus of $2,134,811.

(That's over $2 MILLION CASH in the bank!---VERY HEALTHY)

-BLGA just posted RECORD revenues of $7.9 million in 2016 and are projected by Management to to continue skyrocketing!

-BLGA has almost $11 million dollars in assets

-BLGA has minimal debt, no dilution!

-BLGA and it's patented BlastWrap® technology has been designated as Qualified Anti-Terrorism Technologies and placed on the “Approved Products List for Homeland Security.” BLGA was awarded the “Designation” and “Certification” for our technology by the Department of Homeland Security,

-BLGA technologies protect lives from bullets and bombs!

-BLGA is a leader in advanced ballistic armor manufacturing

-BLGA products are GSA approved list for Federal Agencies to purchase. Most companies CEO's would give their right arm to be on the approved GSA product list!


Just look at all the customer sector that BLGA serves:

The primary target markets are:

U.S. Department of Defense 
1. Army 
2. Marines 
3. Air Force 
4. Navy 

Other government agencies 
1. Homeland Security 
2. State Dept. 
3. FBI 
4. DEA 
5. U.S. Marshalls 

Local law enforcement 
1. Police 
2. Highway patrol 
3. City police 
4. County Sheriffs 

Foreign governments 
1. Military 
2. Security 
3. Police 

United Nations peace keeping forces


BLGA its subsidiary HighCom Securitypatented BlastWrap® technology effectively mitigates blast effects and suppresses post-blast fires. This unique technology can be used to create new, finished products or be used to retrofit to existing products

-BLGA amazing BlastGard® Technology extracts heat, decelerates both blast wind and shock waves, and quenches the hot gases in all blasts and fireballs. BlastWrap® does not interact with the explosive elements, and is therefore not altered by them. BlastWrap® adds little extra weight and cost but builds in a large amount of threat protection to existing platforms

-Management believes that the test results provide evidence that BlastWrap ® can protect vehicles, structures, and ships against very intense blasts.

Watch these short videos demonstrating the success of BlastGard® Technology and why it is so much demand!


-BLGA is now working on cutting edge technologies to manufacture PASGT (personal armored systems for ground troops) and ACH (advanced combat helmets) ballistic helmets. 

-BLGA here are just some of BLGA products:


Type IIA body armor- minimal protection against smaller caliber handgun threats.
Type II body armor – provides protection against many handgun threats, including many common smaller caliber pistols with standard pressure ammunition, and against many revolvers.
Type IIIA body armor- provides a higher level of protection and will generally protect against most pistol calibers including many law enforcement ammunitions, and against many higher capacity revolvers.
Type III and IV body armor – provides protection against rifle rounds and are generally only used in tactical situations.

Security Products include the following:

Ballistic helmets
Ballistic soft body armor vests
Ballistic hard armor plates
Ballistic shields
Ballistic blankets

More about BLGA and it's  amazing BlastGard® Technology


BlastGard International (BLGA) and it's subsidary HighCom Security, and their BlastWrap® technology Industry applications. 

-In aircraft dry bays, cargo holds, and containers. BlastWrap® technology offers the only practical means of protecting commercial aircraft against internal detonation of solid explosive charges without requiring specially hardened luggage containers. BlastWrap®, for example, can be used as cargo compartment linings and partitions. BlastWrap®'s weight and dimensions are well within the allowable margins for these aircraft. Use of BlastWrap® linings in air cargo containers enhances protection capabilities, and BlastWrap® is unique in being suitable for retrofit in existing containers.As walls to protect buildings against vehicle bombs

-Aboard naval vessels and merchant ships to minimize damage from breaching blasts emanating from mines, cruise missiles, and torpedoes

-To surround fuel tanks for suppressing fireballs' and explosions

-As dividers to suppress fireballs and fuel mist explosions from accidents aboard both aircraft and ships, in process facilities, and on offshore platforms to suppress fireballs and explosions

-As separators and partitions in explosives manufacturing and handling facilities, such as a load/assembly/pack (LAP) depots, fireworks plants, and propellant manufacturing sites

-As pallets and buffers between stacks of palletized munitions and ordnance

-To line portable and fixed magazinesTo make missile launch boxes for military vehicles and naval vessels

-To make cabinets and containers for handling fuses, small rockets, and explosive devices

-To build and maintain reputation as industry leader and reputable supplier

-To expand market size and share, exploiting past sales, contacts, and technology innovations to maximum advantage.

Check out BLGA awesome websites:

BlastGard International


HighCom Security



BLGA is extremely undervalued and a "TRUMP" stock that has gone unnoticed until now! It should be trading in the 25-50 cent range, yet is now trading at 2 cents a share near historic lows UNDISCOVERED! Now is the time to BUY shares before the market corrects itself

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