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BREAKING NEWS:  HPIL HOLDING & The World Traditional Okinawa Karate Federation Will Jointly Develop And Market A Karate Video Game For The 2020 TOKYO OLYMPICS Karate Community On Various Platforms Such As Mobile Android


HPIL IS The Official Licensing Sponsor of The The World Traditional Okinowa Karate Federation 

Outstanding Shares 
Restricted     187,515,360 
Unrestricted 1,247,300,728

HPIL Holding is a worldwide diversified holding company. HPIL Holding is focused on investing in both private and public companies in differing business sectors. HPIL Holding does not restrict its potential candidate target companies to any specific business, industry or geographical location and, thus, acquires various types of business. Also HPIL Holding evaluates the acquisition of intellectual properties and technologies.

                           NITIN AMERSEY
                       Chairman and Director
Nitin Amersey, age 64, has 43 years of experience in corporate management, international trade, marketing and corporate strategy. He is well versed in brand creation and management. Mr. Amersey has served in various capacities as an executive officer, director and Chairman of companies operating in numerous industries. He continues to serve as a director of several companies, including OTC listed public companies. Additionally, he has extensive experience in textiles and fibers and has owned and managed farming operations, primarily focused in cotton. He has worked internationally in Canada, USA, India, the Caribbean and Japan. Mr. Amersey has a Master of Business Administration Degree from the University of Rochester, Rochester, N.Y. and a Bachelor of Science in Business from Miami University, Oxford,Ohio. He graduated from Miami University as a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Phi Kappa Phi. Mr. Amersey also holds a Certificate of Director Education from the NACD Corporate Director's Institute.
John B. Mitchell, age 67, is a Professor of Finance at Central Michigan University since 1975. Mr. Mitchell is also the Founder and President of the Chippewa Watershed Conservancy, a land trust operating in Clare, Isabella, Gratiot, Mecosta, and Montcalm counties of Michigan. Mr. Mitchell has authored or co-authored over 30 articles such as, "An Age-Based, Three-Dimensional Distribution Model Incorporating Sequence and Longevity Risks," Journal of Financial Planning, 2012; "Retirement Withdrawals: Preventive Reductions and Risk Management," Financial Services Review, 2011; "The Case for Flexible Retirement Planning," Journal of Personal Finance, 2009; "Financial Implications of Accounting for Human Resources Using a Liability Model," Journal of Human Resource Costing & Accounting, 2008; "Dynamic Retirement Withdrawal Planning," Financial Services Review, 2006; "Citation Patterns in the Finance Literature," Financial Management, 2001; and the "Stock Market Reaction to Plant Closings," American Journal of Business, 1993.
Investor Relations
Tel:  +1 (989) 252-8433
Email: info@hpilholding.com 
Twitter:   https://twitter.com/hpilhold
Web Site: http://www.hpilholding.com
News: http://www.hpilholding.com/news/news.php
HPIL Holding  Tel:  +1(989) 252-8433


NEW $HPIL **President**: Angela Collette  
**Cell Phone 321~216~7500 receives TEXT messages 
EMAIL: atty4defense@aol.com 

**New Registered Agent** : ~ CYNDY JACKSON **Cell Phone 307~640~8314 & Email: Cyndy.Jackson.CJ@gmail.com 

**************************************************HPIL HOLDING SUBSIDIARIES*********************************************
2.  SUBSIDIARY: Global Live Streaming Inc.
4.  SUBSIDIARY: Karate Games Company Inc
5.  SUBSIDIARY: NuUnlimited
NuUnlimited  is a 50/50 Joint Venture between HPIL Holding and nuUnlimited Ltd. (U.K.). 
7.  SUBSIDIARY: Crypto Currency Engine Inc. 

Subject to the execution of a definitive and mutually acceptable agreement of purchase and sale ("Purchase Agreement") within Sixty (60) days after execution of this Letter of Intent (the "Contract Negotiation Period"), the undersigned offers to purchase the subject property in accordance with the following terms and conditions:
1.   Seller(s): Rudy Enterprise Inc, with contact information as follows:
2.   Buyer: HPIL Holdings Inc. c/o Nitin Amersey, with contact information as follows: Buyer may assign his interest to any corporation, partnership or limited liability company in which he is the controlling party or to any other third party without Seller approval. Personal guarantees on mortgage may apple as well as property condition clauses and transfer of title statements.
3.   Subject Property: The property, which is the subject of this offer ("Subject Property"), is generally identified as 278 E Saginaw Road, Sanford Michigan. Together with the real property, Buyer is also purchasing all of Seller's rights, title and interest in all of the fixtures, improvements, leases, maps, reports, plans, and other such material is having to do with the Subject Property including all land use entitlements, governmental permits and allocations, and other such governmental and agency approvals as may exist concerning the property. In addition, this offer to purchase includes the following specific items: Lease of the “rear” building to the current tenant for a duration to be determined over the next 60 days (5 years with options for more).
4.   Purchase Price: $239,000 less prepaid lease credit to purchase price for net sale amount (i.e. $239,000 less $40,000 credit based on 5-year use of rear building and surrounding property equals $199,000 net sale amount).
5.   Terms of Purchase: $27,000 down with monthly payments based on an interest rate of 5.5% APR calculated on a 15-year amortization with an 8-year balloon with seller to finance net sale amount, less down payment.
6.   Earnest Money Deposit: Buyer deposits Two thousand ($ 2000.00) in the form of personal check showing good faith. This money, which will be applied to the sales price, will be deposited in Superior Title’s trust account. If the conditions/contingencies in this contract cannot be met, Seller authorizes the Broker or escrow agent to refund the deposit without the need for a Mutual Release signed by both Buyer and Seller. The Purchase Agreement and Mutual Escrow Instructions shall be mutually prepared and executed by Buyer and Seller within Sixty (60) days of execution by both parties of this Letter of Intent to purchase (the "Contract Negotiation Period").
SUBSIDIARY # 2 :  Global Live Streaming Inc.
Global Live Streaming Inc. Mr. Ionel Bara President and Founder of WTOKF said: "We look forward to monetizing our vast library of Karate videos and future events. We will provide HPIL with everything that is needed to make these karate games work . We are confident that it will be a real success, and beneficial to our membership.”
 E.g- https://www.streamingglobal.com/
HPIL Holding (the "Company") (OTC PINK: HPIL) is pleased to announce that the Company’s subsidiary RodDoc, Inc., has received notice from the U.S. Patent Office that its U.S. Patent Application no. 15/921,573 filed on March 14, 2018 “SPIRAL BANDING”, was published on February 21, 2019 under publication number US 2019-0056045-A1. The claims of the newly issued patent application are generally directed towards methods of spiral rod banding and identification, including performance of actions following therefrom. The Application generally permits patentees to be eligible for a reasonable royalty for infringement occurring between the publication date and the date the patent is granted. A relevant 8K was filed on March 12, 2019.
Mr. Christopher Philbrick, President of RodDoc, said, “This protection will ensure that the investment we have made in the development of the 'spiral banding' process and the custom equipment to accomplish the process remains RodDoc’s Intellectual Property for years to come.  Our market advantage becomes 'first to market' and ownership of the process should competition attempt to enter.” 
The application can now be viewed on-line at: https://portal.uspto.gov/pair/PublicPair
Mr. Ray Wong, COO of HPIL, notes, “This is our first step to establish and secure a primary and dominant position in the highly lucrative worldwide market of underground drilling refurbishment service.”  
Mr. Nitin Amersey, Chairman and CEO of HPIL HOLDING said, “RodDoc Inc., a Wyoming company, and 100% owned subsidiary of HPIL, services the underground construction industry with innovative value-added repairs for expensive wear items.  The global market for Horizontal Directional Drilling in 2018 was $7.37B and is expected to grow at the rate of 13.2% over the next 6 years to USD 17.6 billion.  RodDoc, LLC is uniquely positioned to offer customers a significant cost savings by making repairs to items that wear while drilling.  As the patent pending machines are mass manufactured and placed strategically in the drilling regions globally, we will offer maintenance services within comfortable travel distances to the major drilling customers.
The Spiral Banding machines will be placed with contract manufacturers that exist in the current supply chain already servicing this industry.  We will be able to grow our sales at an expedited rate with this model and capitalize on the thousands of unusable “worn out” components lying in equipment “bone yards” around the world.  Current customers claim that the spiral banded drill rods wear longer than new rods and are a fraction of the cost.”
UPDATE BREWING WITH_$HPIL-Subsidiary_**RODDOC INC.**- MICHIGAN INCOPORATIONhttps://michigan-company.com/co/roddoc-inc
SUBSIDIARY # 4 : Karate Games Company Inc
The Company, entered into a Brand License Agreement (the “Brand License Agreement”),  with the World Traditional Fudokan Karate Do Federation (the “WTFSKF”). Under the Agreement: The “Licensed Brand and Trademarks” shall mean the brand, marks, logos, names, service marks, trademarks, trade names, unexpired patents, utility models, and applications identified below in this note, and any other United States and foreign patents, utility models, and applications hereafter developed by the Licensor. The “Licensed Product(s)” shall mean the Licensor’s clothing, accessories and sporting goods, including basic sporting equipment and additional sporting merchandise, which are products covered, in whole or in part, by the Licensed Brand and Trademarks identified below in this note, and all modified, improved and derivative versions thereof manufactured by the Licensee after the Effective Date, and which are added to Exhibit B by agreement of the Parties. Pursuant to the Brand License Agreement, WTFSKF has granted to the Company the License to use the Marks of WTFSKF and manufacture and sell the Products bearing the Marks. Pursuant to the Brand License Agreement, in consideration for the License, beginning in 2018, the Company will pay to WTFSKF an ongoing License Fee. Additionally, the Company issued to WTFSKF 752,000 shares of treasury common stock (the “Shares”) of the Company in accordance with the Brand License Agreement. WTFSKF has agreed to provide to the Company annual projected sales forecasts based on its membership and their expected needs for Products (the “Projected Sales”). The Brand License Agreement requires the License Consideration to be subject to renegotiation by the parties in the event that Projected Sales exceed actual sales of the Products by more than an agreed upon deviation percentage. Additionally, pursuant to the Brand License Agreement, the Company may require WTFSKF to either return the Shares or pay to the Company the market value of the Shares at the time of the execution of the Brand License Agreement (approximately $6,805,600), if the Company terminates the Brand License Agreement as a result of such deviations within the first 52 months after the execution of the Brand License Agreement. The initial term of the Brand License Agreement lasts until December 31, 2042, at which time the Brand License Agreement will automatically renew for successive 25 year terms unless and until either party provides notice of non-renewal or terminates the Brand License Agreement.
Impairment of Brand License Agreement
At The time of the Agreement, The Brand License of $6,805,600 was measured based on the fair value of the stock issued, 752,000 common shares of HPIL Holding issued at $9.05 per share).
Addendum to Brand License Agreement to Acquire Broadcast Rights
The Company entered into an addendum to the Brand License Agreement (the “Addendum”) with the WTFSKF whereby the Company acquired the television, radio and internet rights to the WTFSKF World Karate Championship and the International Karate Gasshuku. The term of the agreement is for the life of the Brand License Agreement.
The Licensed Products
The Basic Licensed Products for Licensor’s affiliates (i.e. athletes, masters and leaders) shall mean: Kimono Karate, Complete Suit, Protection Woman/Man, Official Complete Suit, Hakama Complete Judge Suit, Embroidered Badge, Karate Belts Kyu Dan, Official Complete Suit (all together “Basic Equipment”).
The Additional Licensed Products for Licensor’s affiliates (i.e. athletes, masters and leaders) and available for fans and amateurs, and for general costumers shall mean: Sport Suit, Running Top, Running Shorts, T-Shirts, Sport Shoes, Sport bag, Sport Cap, Cap, Gloves, Scarf, Socks, Karate Slippers, other products need to be approved by the Parties (all together “Additional Sporting Merchandise”).
SUBSIDIARY # 5:   NuUnlimited

HPIL Holding (OTC PINK: HPIL) is pleased to announce today that, nuUnlimited North America Inc., (NUNA) (a jointly owned subsidiary of HPIL Holding and nuUnlimited Ltd. UK), is expanding its Provenance program in the US with a focused platform for businesses working in the Cannabis industry. NUNA has obtained authorization to work with the METRC API to integrate the NUNA provenance platform.
Ray Wong, Chief Operating Officer of HPIL Holding said, “We are excited to partner with entrepreneurs within all aspects of the cannabis community to simplify the compliance process. Our platform is applicable to any step of the process for Cannabis from seed to sale.”
“We’ve been working with METRC to integrate the robust features of our provenance platform with the compliance process within METRC for the state of Michigan,” said Matthew Dahley, president of NUNA. “Not only can we create a robust customer profile and granular level product transparency for those using our Provenance platform, now METRC integration makes it possible for those in any part of the process with Cannabis platform to be compliant with the METRC system at the same time, making it easier for companies to save time by completing multiple tasks in moments. We look forward to the completion of Michigan integration, as well as moving into additional markets such as Colorado.”
NUNA is taking an active role in helping Cannabis companies comply with regulatory agencies, maximize profit on investment via robust reporting, and connecting interested customers with detailed information on their Cannabis operation with information on sustainability, certifications, and the overall process of delivering a consumable product. Producers, Retailers and Consumers will be able to connect in ways never before possible, establishing trust and rapport naturally. This program is the latest example of NUNA initiatives aimed at enabling businesses to provide consumers clear information about the benefits of their specific products and processes and establishing or strengthening a powerful brand through the customer relationship.
NUNA’s provenance platform is affordable to small business and can be scaled up for large multi national applications as well.
The NUNA customizable provenance platform enables tracking of Cannabis from sale down to a granular level, enabling plant, batch, and retail tagging. The platform provides robust reporting based on a multitude of customer and producer required criteria such as origin, plant yields, testing results, fertilization and growth methods, processing methods, species and more. This gives cultivar, processing, transportation and retail partners unprecedented visibility and the ability to cooperate on a higher level, as well as valuable information to the consumer to allow informed decision making. NUNA intends to work in every state that is using METRC for their compliance needs in the Cannabis sector.
Mr. Ray Wong, Chief Operating Officer of HPIL, said, “An HPIL contingent attended the recent CannaCon event in Detroit, Michigan and we were very pleased with the good reception to our NUNA Cannabis Provenance Platform.” Mr. Wong added, "We look forward to attending future events across the country and meeting potential customers face to face." The NUNA platform is a very flexible platform and can be customized for use not only in the Cannabis sector but also for a wide variety of business and governmental regulatory needs.
NUNA is a jointly owned subsidiary of HPIL Holding, (OTC PINK: HPIL) and nuUnlimited Ltd. UK. HPIL Holding (hpilholding.com) is a diversified holding company listed on OTC Markets. HPIL Holding is focused on investing in both private and public companies in differing business sectors. HPIL Holding does not restrict its potential candidate target companies to any specific business, industry or geographical location and, thus, acquires various types of businesses. HPIL Holding also evaluates the acquisition of intellectual properties and technologies.
NuUnlimited Ltd, 142 Station Road, Chingford, London, United Kingdom, E4 6AN
WEB – https://nuunlimited.com/




Our Standard Real Time Reporting Unit uses your network access to the internet to broadcast coupons or other marketing materials to WiFi enabled devices in the proximity range of the box. Clients will find this offers the greatest flexibility for quick content changes as well as a traceable connection count. This package comes with an online dashboard where the reporting and content are accessible in real time.
Our Stand Alone Broadcast Box does not require internet connection for broadcasting content. All you need to use this unit is a standard electrical outlet to plug it in. This Unit has your content preloaded at our facility and shipped to you for an easy plug in and play broadcasting solution. This is the perfect fit for situations in which a internet connection is not available or limited. Trade Shows are a perfect fit for the Stand Alone Unit where the cost of an internet connection can be pricey for the exhibitor (See our Trade show page for more information). Content changes can only be done at the MyFlyWiFi facility, so if you need a content change we will flash you a new unit and the old unit gets shipped back to us.
What is Proximity Marketing?
Proximity Marketing, also referred to as location-aware advertising (LAA), mobile subscribers receive an advertising message based on their location. So shoppers wandering through a mall could set their mobile to accept all available mobile offers or just offers from a specific store.
LAA allows advertisers to deliver highly customized promotions, coupons and offers to a highly primed individual, specifically taking into account their geographical location, as well as the time of day of the offer. Also, LAA lets advertisers reach their customers when they are primed to make a purchase, and analysts predict that click-through rates on location-aware advertising will be five to 10 times higher than click-through rates on Internet advertising messages.
• Businesses with Heavy foot traffic     • Restaurants in Busy Areas   • Beach Boardwalks    
• Retail Stores in Malls   • Doctors Waiting Rooms     • Conventions   • Trade Shows
• Hospitals      • Any area with significant wait time
***MYFLYWIFI*** _http://myflywifi.com/
**TRUESKILL** is currently working on sourcing tie ups and marketing PPE and particular Surgical Masks and Nitrile Gloves.

      "" rel="nofollow" target="_blank">https://investorshub.advfn.com/8a1ca3bc-78aa-44e4-9a1f-2630a1126807"; style="height:243px; width:207px">
$HPIL_PARTNER_***TRUESKILL WEBSITE*** -http://www.energen.biz/index.htm

SUBSIDIARY # 7 : Crypto Currency Engine Inc.
E.g Site :- https://cryptoengine.app/
The Company signed a Crypto Coin Patent Licensing Agreement (the “Patent Agreement”) with Virtual Solutions Ventures LLC a Wyoming company, the “Licensor.” The Licensor is the owner of all right, title and interest throughout the world to a new idea, invention or product known as a “Browser Based Currency Miner”, United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) file number 62614253 (“Provisional Patent”). The Licensor has licensed the usage and marketing of this Provisional Patent to the Company (“Licensee) and is authorized to use and market the provisional patent within the United States of America, and worldwide to the World Traditional Okinawa Karate Federation (WTOKF) in Switzerland and its member country organizations. The Term of this Patent Agreement is five years from the effective date and it is renewable from year to year unless cancelled by either the Licensor or the Licensee. Initially the license to the Licensee is for the Crypto Coin known as Monero. The agreement also requires the Licensee to pay quarterly royalty fees based upon established milestones and benchmarks.
$HPIL CRYPTO CURRENCY NEWS __https://www.google.com/amp/s/nxtalpha.com/hpil-holding-otc-pink-hpil-buys-patented-browser-mining-technology/amp/

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HPIL News: WSGF - Vaycaychella Anticipates $100 Million In Sales In First Year After Launching P2P App To Finance Airbnb Purchases 12/08/2020 03:03:19 PM
HPIL News: Termination of Registration of a Class of Security Under Section 13 and 15(d) (15-15d) 08/12/2019 05:15:45 PM
HPIL News: Current Report Filing (8-k) 04/17/2019 10:57:44 AM
HPIL News: Current Report Filing (8-k) 03/15/2019 09:44:21 AM
HPIL News: Current Report Filing (8-k) 03/12/2019 09:57:18 AM
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