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H-D International Holdings Group (HDIH)

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H-D International Holdings Group (U.S.A) is a listed enterprise of trans-boundary diversified industry and was registered in the
state of Nevada
,U.S.A. and the registered shares are 2 billion.  Adhering to the concept of green and environmental protection,
HDIH utilizes more than 20 patents for advanced technology invention
reducing environmental pollution,lowering energy consumption,
facilitating itself to grow fast and healthily in the field of environmental protection and then gained acceptance from state government and
federal government in U.S.A.

In H-D group landscape: there is environmental-protecting and energy-saving H-D brand heavy-duty automobile industry chain
which gains the authentication from U.S.A. state government and federal government; there is electric generator manufacturing
industry chain powered by solar energy
,natural gas and diesel; there is H-D green environmental-protecting new wallboard
industry chain constituted by several patents
(hopefully to replace traditional brick masonry wall
); there is SAB (silver antibacterial)
also called6 fields of silver ion products series that gained the British invention patent
all of which have close relationship with green,
environmental protecting,and energy-saving enterprises. H-D group considers enterprise has compelling obligation for sustainable development
of worldresources and environment
,and tries to lower energy consumption,save resources,reduce production costs by utilizing high-tech
invention patent
,making products more competitive,being responsible for the world and committed to be representative enterprise in the field
of green and environmental protection.


"We are effectuating the name and symbol changes

in anticipation of a planned merger with

H-D International Holdings Group (USA)"

Press Release

HD International Holdings Group(USA) Website

Website Verification: WHOIS Lookup

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HDIH(USA) Subsidiaries


Reverse Triangular Mergers 

"One of the most common types of reverse mergers
is the reverse triangular merger."

In this exampe of a reverse triangular merger structure, HD International Holdings Group (USA) incorporates a wholly-owned subsidiary 
(Merger Sub) HD International Holdings Group
 in the jurisdiction of TRKG

Upon closing, the holders of TRKG exchange their shares for shares in HD Int. Holdings Group (USA) and HD International Holdings Group
(Merger Sub)
 is merged with and into TRKG. At that point, the Merger Sub (HD Int Holdings Group) dissolves by operation of law and TRKG is the
surviving entity and becomes a wholly-owned subsidiary of HD Int Holdings Group(USA)Example Source 

Ummmm, I went over that 10 times and it still boggles the brain! 

The President of HDIH and HDIH (USA) are the same (Yong Ding) so they are affiliated. Check! Nevada SOS Confirmation HD 
Nevada SOS Confirmation HD(USA) 

HD international Holdings Group's Nevada SOS Filing Status is Currently Merge Dissolved and HD International Holdings Group (USA)'s
status is Currently Active. Check! Nevada SOS Confirmation 

TRKG would remain a wholly owned subsidiary of HD International Holding Group(USA). Check! 
HDIH Website

Reverse Triangular Merger on Investopedia


Merger Timeline Example

Here's an expanded view of the above text in the illustration

Note: The timing above as it relates to signing a merger agreement and closing are
illustrative only and depends on a number of factors, including the history and shareholder
base of the shell company
and deal structure


"What it Takes for Chinese

Companies to Succeed Abroad


The Effect of “Shell Company” Status on Rule 144 

According to the Rule 144(i) the "Evergreen Requirement", Rule 144 is not available for the resale of securities
initially issued by either a
reporting or non-reporting shell company
. Moreover, Rule 144(i)(1)(ii) states that Rule 144 is not available to
securities initially issued by an issuer that has been “at any time previously” a reporting or non-reporting shell company. 

As defined in Rule 405 and Rule 12b-2 of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, a “shell company” is a company
that is now, or at any time previously was, a company with no or nominal operations, and any one of the following:
 • no or nominal assets;
                                       • assets consisting solely of cash and cash equivalents; or
                                       • assets consisting of any amount of cash and cash equivalents and other nominal assets

RULE 144 "Evergreen Requirement"

Rule 144 now affects any company who was ever in its history a shell company by subjecting them
to additional restrictions
when investors sell unregistered stock under Rule 144. The new language in Rule 144(i)
hasbeen dubbed the “evergreen requirement.” Under the so-called “evergreen requirement,” a company that ever
reported as a shell must be current in its filings with the SEC and have been current for the preceding
12 months before investors can sell unregistered shares.

What this means for the shareholders: A company can NOT SELL ANY unregistered shares under the Rule 144
Exemption UNLESS they have BEEN REGISTERED with the SEC for NO LESS than (1) YEAR From the time the
and the company MUST BE CURRENT on their SEC filings!


*These rules were meant to curb abuses by holders of companies colloquially known as “shells”


Current Share Structure




What is a 'Free-Float Methodology' 


"A free-float methodology is a method by which the market capitalization of an index's underlying companies is calculated.
Free-float methodology market capitalization is calculated by taking the equity's price and multiplying it by the number of shares readily
available in the market. Instead of using all of the active and inactive shares, as with the full-market capitalization method, the free-float
method excludes locked-in shares such as those held by insiders, promoters and governments." 

BREAKING DOWN 'Free-Float Methodology' 


"Free-float capitalization can also be called float-adjusted capitalization. The free-float method is considered a better way of
calculating market capitalization, because it provides a more accurate reflection of market movements and stocks actively available for
trading in the market. When using a free-float methodology, the resulting market capitalization is smaller than what would result from a full
market capitalization method." 

"The free-float methodology has been adopted by most of the world's major indexes. It is widely used by Standard and Poor’s, MSCI and FTSE."



Merger Market Capitalization

The reason it would be necessary for the company HDIH to increase their Authorized share count: 

"in many instances the public company requires a pre-transaction recapitalization involving a reverse stock split and/or increase in 
authorized capital stock in order to have the available capital stock to issue at the closing of the merger or acquisition transaction and to 
provide the target entity and its shareholders with the agreed-upon share ownership and capital structure."

It should be noted that there would have to be enough "shares" to cover the total worth of all of it's subsidiary and/or merger companies, including any
employee stock purchase plans, in the Authorized Share Count. TRKG's previous share structure simply was not large enough to encompass the magnitude of
HDIH! With out knowing the financials of ALL of the companies involved in the merger(s) we can NOT assume that the CURRENT SHARE STRUCTURE 
is a negative thing. 

The good news is the company emailed me and told me that they were in the process of completing 4 mergers and they would be filing with the SEC 
after the merger processes are completed. (The email is located below in the iBox) 

Quote Source


Registered Agent Address Confirmed 


Registered Agent for HDIH(USA) 
Parcel Number - 138-33-720-108 (Copy & Paste) 
Address - 745 Wheat Ridge Lane NOT (WHEST RIDGE LANE) 
Las Vegas, NV 
o - Show present and prior owners of the parcel number 

***Click on the ETAL link after the CURRENT OWNER NAME HUA YU LING*** 
 (ETAL link is on the Clark County Website & NOT meant to be a functining link from this page)
Clark County Property Records



***Received @ 6:52 p.m. on 5/9/2018***

***Recieved @ 9:26 a.m. on 5/17/2018***

***Recieved @ 2:18 p.m. on 5/18/2018***


HDIH Daily Chart

HDIH Weekly Chart


Nevada Secretary of State Business Entity Registration

Business Entity Information
Status:   Active File Date:   10/27/2016
Type:   Domestic Corporation Entity Number:   E0472932016-3
Qualifying State:   NV List of Officers Due:   10/31/2018
Managed By:    Expiration Date:   
NV Business ID:   NV20161638384 Business License Exp:   10/31/2018
 Additional Information
Central Index Key:   
 Registered Agent Information
Name:   ALEX JING KUNG LI Address 1:   745 WHEST RIDGE LAND #202
Address 2:    City:   LAS VEGAS
State:   NV Zip Code:   89145
Phone:    Fax:   
Mailing Address 1:    Mailing Address 2:   
Mailing City   Mailing State  NV
Mailing Zip Code:       
Agent Type:   Noncommercial Registered Agent
View all business entities under this registered agent
 Financial Information
No Par Share Count:   0 Capital Amount:   $ 7,200.00
Par Share Count:   2,000,000,000.00 Par Share Value:   $ 0.0000036
   Officers  Include Inactive Officers 
 President - YONG DING
Address 1:   848 N. RAINBOW BL. #225 Address 2:   
City:   LAS VEGAS State:   NV
Zip Code:   89107 Country:   
Status:   Active Email:   
 Director - SHENG HUANG
Address 1:   848 N. RAINBOW BL. #225 Address 2:   
City:   LAS VEGAS State:   NV
Zip Code:   89107 Country:   
Status:   Active Email:   
 Secretary - PYNG JOU
Address 1:   848 N. RAINBOW BL. #225 Address 2:   
City:   LAS VEGAS State:   NV
Zip Code:   89107 Country:   
Status:   Active Email:   
 Treasurer - PYNG JOU
Address 1:   848 N. RAINBOW BL. #225 Address 2:   
City:   LAS VEGAS State:   NV
Zip Code:   89107 Country:   
Status:   Active Email:   
 Director - PYNG JOU
Address 1:   848 N. RAINBOW BL. #225 Address 2:   
City:   LAS VEGAS State:   NV
Zip Code:   89107 Country:   
Status:   Active Email:   
 Director - XIAOXIA LU
Address 1:   848 N RAINBOW BLVD STE 225 Address 2:   
City:   LAS VEGAS State:   NV
Zip Code:   89107 Country:   
Status:   Active Email:   
 Director - WEISONG SHEN
Address 1:   848 N RAINBOW BLVD STE 225 Address 2:   
City:   LAS VEGAS State:   NV
Zip Code:   89107 Country:   
Status:   Active Email:   
Facts about the so-called "registered capital" of HDIH: 

Registered capital is a relatively meaningless term when it comes to Chinese companies. 

"Even if all the registered capital was actually put into the business, it may or may not still be there. And even if the Chinese company still has all of its registered capital in a Chinese bank somewhere, the company might owe fifty times that amount in debt.

"Paying to Have More Capital Registered: 
it is, in fact, possible to simply pay a fee in order to have the capital for a company registration massively increased. This is arranged through business consulting companies who use their own, real capital for the process. Once the registration and paying up is complete, the service provider takes back their capital and uses it for the next client." 


Contact Info
Wen Liang Chou
H-D International Holdings Group

848 N Rainbow Blvd, Ste 225. Las Vegas, NV 89107 
(702) 202-8588

Reporting Status:  Dark/Defunct

Warning!  This company may not be making material information publicly available

Stop Sign/No Information: 
Indicates companies that are not able or willing to provide current disclosure to the public markets - either to a regulator, an exchange or OTC Markets Group. This category includes defunct companies that have ceased operations as well as 'dark' companies with questionable management and market disclosure practices. Publicly traded companies that are not willing to provide information to investors should be treated with suspicion and their securities should be considered highly risky

Share Structure: 

A/S 2,000,000,000 (1,990,000,000 commons 10,000,000 prefered)

 O/S 1,989,766,244 as of 05/08/2018 

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