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So is it now .20 cents? phrocks 09/23/16 4:12 PM
lol, I wonder if they'll have better luck janice shell 09/23/16 3:47 PM
They're back! new symbol cayman_west 09/23/16 3:38 PM
Wouldn't trust TDAmeritrade for this type of info .... molee 04/12/16 2:03 PM
My Ameritrade acct didn't reflect GHGH till April pick em low 04/12/16 12:40 PM
Check it's history at OTCMarkets. Slojab 04/11/16 2:19 PM
Greys. What happens next sidedraft 04/11/16 1:45 PM
How could there be trade volume if there's phrocks 04/11/16 1:28 PM
We have a trade! 142 shares Slojab 03/28/16 5:37 PM
Is that will take long time? luaysideeq 03/28/16 4:43 PM
It would be nice if it would start phrocks 03/27/16 1:50 PM
Still Gray market. exdeed 03/26/16 2:14 PM
Schwab too luaysideeq 03/25/16 5:23 PM
TD also trev 12345 03/25/16 11:14 AM
Scottrade is reflecting new share amount and symbol. phrocks 03/25/16 10:57 AM
Their timetable for doing anything here could be Slojab 03/15/16 4:20 PM
Yes. I wonder if they've found someone janice shell 03/15/16 4:17 PM
And may be grey for quite awhile. Slojab 03/15/16 4:15 PM
Well I tried, lord knows I tried. sidedraft 03/15/16 3:30 PM
I think the problem is simply that someone janice shell 03/15/16 3:11 PM
I'll let you know, and you let me phrocks 03/15/16 3:03 PM
idk, hoping this week or next, checking daily, trev 12345 03/15/16 2:12 PM
When do you think it will show up? phrocks 03/15/16 2:08 PM
TD doesn't show it eather yet, 3/15 today trev 12345 03/15/16 2:01 PM
Still not showing the corrected number of shares phrocks 03/14/16 1:28 PM
Yeah, I'm still trying to figure out how Slojab 03/11/16 3:52 PM
Somewhere in the massive mountain of stuff on pantherj 03/11/16 11:55 AM
I can only think of a few stinkier Slojab 03/11/16 10:22 AM
Be patient. It could take a few weeks. Slojab 03/11/16 10:21 AM
I still don't have my new shares in pick em low 03/11/16 9:34 AM
GHGH history: AuGRID Global Holdings Corp. changed to Renee 03/11/16 7:25 AM
It should be entertaining, anyway! Nothing this world pantherj 03/11/16 3:12 AM
Sometimes, the Chinese are good for one. Slojab 03/10/16 8:13 PM
It certainly does look promising. janice shell 03/10/16 8:10 PM
What? Have you already forgotten that it Slojab 03/10/16 8:10 PM
I needed another occupant in my stable of Slojab 03/10/16 8:07 PM
AGHDD changed to GHGH: Renee 03/10/16 4:20 PM
Well, it's still Grey. So... janice shell 03/10/16 1:46 PM
Again, it can't get worse (.0001) so this phrocks 03/10/16 11:52 AM
I could have been knocked over with a pantherj 03/10/16 11:09 AM
Symbol change 3/11/2016 to GHGH molee 03/10/16 7:21 AM
Subj to CA Flag Removed molee 03/10/16 7:20 AM
No, never believe that MJ won't try the Slojab 03/09/16 11:22 PM
And am I supposed to believe that MJ sidedraft 03/09/16 11:15 PM
Here's a working link to their website. Slojab 03/09/16 10:54 PM
Not so long as there's a chance to Slojab 03/09/16 10:52 PM
Ahh, SANDRA SALIM, will she ever leave? sidedraft 03/09/16 10:46 PM
Yes. Good point. janice shell 03/09/16 10:34 PM
True. But then, someone has to BE Slojab 03/09/16 10:34 PM
It could hardly look more suspicious. janice shell 03/09/16 10:29 PM
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GuanHua Corp. (GHGH)

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Augrid Global Holdings Corp.  (AGHD.PK)



SEC, U.S. Attorney and FBI Announce 13 Charged in Connection with Securities Kickback Schemes

SEC Suspends Trading in Seven Companies


Washington, D.C., Dec. 1, 2011 - The Securities and Exchange Commission, U.S. Attorney for the District of Massachusetts, and Federal Bureau of Investigation today announced parallel cases filed in federal court against several corporate officers, lawyers and a stock promoter alleging they used kickbacks and other schemes to trigger investments in various thinly-traded stocks.

The SEC suspended trading in seven microcap companies involved in the kickback-for-investment schemes:

  • Augrid Global Holdings Corp. (AGHD) based in Houston


The following individuals were charged today:

Muhammad ("M.J.") Shaheed, 44, of Houston, Texas (CEO of Augrid Global Holdings Corporation), charged with mail and wire fraud.

Subject: CUSIP's to be exited from CNS and future trades designated trade for trade

05106P700 Augrid Global Holdings Corporation

Then this, today also:

DTC has suspended all services, except Custody Services, for the below referenced issues. The suspensions are effective December 22, 2011.

05106P700 Augrid Global Holdings Corporation
Common Stock
Grey Market

OTC Markets has discontinued the display of quotes on for this security because it has been labeled Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware) and because adequate current information has not been made available by the issuer of the securities. It has been labeled Caveat Emptor for one of the following reasons:

  • Questionable Promotion - The security is being promoted to the public, but adequate current information about the issuer has not been made available to the public.
  • Spam - The security is the subject of spam promotion having the effect of encouraging trading of the issuer's securities.
  • Investigation of Fraud - There is a known investigation of fraudulent activity involving the company, its securities or insiders.
  • Suspension/Halt - A Regulatory Authority has halted or suspended trading for public interest concerns (i.e. not a news or earning halt).
  • Disruptive Corporate Actions - The security or issuer is the subject of corporate actions, such as reverse mergers or serial stocks splits and name changes, without adequate current information being publicly available.
  • Unsolicited Quotes - The security has only been quoted on an unsolicited basis since it entered the public markets and the issuer has not made adequate current information available to the public.
  • Other Public Interest Concern - There is, in OTC Markets' view, a public interest concern.

Consequently, OTC Markets has removed the quotes from this website until adequate current information is made available by the issuer pursuant to OTC Markets Group's Guidelines for Providing Adequate Current Information (PDF) and until OTC Markets believes there is no longer a public interest concern. Investors are encouraged to use care and due diligence in their investment decisions. Please read our Investor Protection page for more information.

5847 San Felipe
Suite 1700
Houston, TX 77089

Phone: (713) 821-1755      Fax: (713) 821-1400



Augrid Global is a holding company, which seeks wholly-owned or partial ownership interests in a diversified number of operating businesses. Augrid Global Holdings is currently focused on acquiring synergistic companies, which the Company is actively reviewing several such candidates for and/or completing due diligence on by the Company's corporate and securities counsel. Upon completion, each acquisition is targeted in part to bring an increase in assets, and revenue generation capabilities, all in the direct pursuit of building significant shareholder value.

Company Directors:

M.J. Shaheed, CEO, Director, Ops.

MJ Shaheed has been a director and Chief Executive Officer of our Company since January 2000. He also Initialized a standard corporation for the purpose of Research and development in the area of Flat panel display (TCRT-Thin Cathode Ray Tubes) Interfaced on a regular basis with The Sarnoff research Center in Princeton NJ and The Rutherford Appleton laboratory in Oxford shire England. Help manage relationships with global HR networks of Talent & Learning, and support web architects in liaisons with Talent Net and Learn Net. Manage Corporate People developments, assist in the evaluation of enhancement requests and build cases for enhancements and create detailed functional specifications with SAP consultants.

MJ has invested in many different industries over the past 20 years but he has never been as excited as he is today about Augrid Global's opportunities to help create a synergistic holding company. MJ loves to hear from investors. Please contact him at

Currently MJ has been arrested by the FBI for mail and wire fraud and awaits conviction and sentencing.

Sungwoo Kim (a.k.a. Sean Kim), President Sp & Sons Inc.

SEAN KIM has been the President of Sp & Sons Inc. since 2006. Sp & Sons services the real estate and asset utilization markets by providing real estate consulting services to new immigrants from South Korea. Working with real estate brokers, sales agents, escrow and mortgage companies to provide one stop service to our clients. We also work directly with property management teams to manage our clients' assets. We manage construction teams to remodel and upgrade properties.

Sp & Sons has diverse experience in many different fields and industries over the past 11 years: Exported feeds to  South Korea, Offered Heavy Metal Scraps from U.S. to companies in South Korea, new product launches such as electronics, carbon steel pipes and stainless steel products.

 Augrid's Strategic Vision

The strategic Goals for Augrid Global Holdings Corporation along with the core vision is simply stated "growth". Over the past 10 years in the global market place management has experienced remarkable economic events. We have witnessed hyper growth and conversely hyper contraction. Our core strategy for growth is to acquire small private companies in the United States, these acquisition targets are and always will be companies that have easy ramp-able revenues and profits, but equally as important the companies that Augrid takes interest in must show a keen ability to grab additional market share within that private companies particular sector. Our vision is to promote growth thru acquisition and access to the capital markets. Through this access and infusion of Capital into the private entity that is acquired, Augrid helps the management of the particular wholly owned subsidiary take more market share by creating access to capital. Our eventual end to this strategic vision with each company is to take the healthy company and introduce it to the public markets to trade independent on its own or IPO. With each acquisition inevitably the share holders of Augrid will benefit from each successful deployment of a new public company.

Click-A-Link Due Diligence Center:

 .  . .

         .       .       . 


Authorized Shares: 
5,500,000,000 as of June 30, 2011


Outstanding Shares:


As of April 18, 2010
302,724,400 As of June 10,2010
866,224,400 As of October 26, 2010
2,984,724,100 As of May 12, 2011
3,806,724,400 As of June 30, 2011


106,279,644 As of December 16, 2009
106,279,644 As of April 18, 2010
682,979,644 As of October 26, 2010
2,789,979,644 As of May 12, 2011
2,789,979,644 As of June 30, 2011



Type Received    
Corporate Bylaws Aug 2, 2010
Initial Company Information and Disclosure Statement Aug 2, 2010
Articles of Incorporation Aug 2, 2010
Attorney Letter with Respect to Current Information Aug 2, 2010
Quarterly Report Jun 30, 2010
Quarterly Report Apr 19, 2010



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