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Anyone know? TomLaf33 09/17/15 12:59 PM
GHIL selling Gold pipe to match your Gold willlbone 04/21/15 2:57 PM
Pot smoking Zombies will rise. willlbone 03/19/15 1:24 PM
Dead starkd748 03/08/15 7:45 PM
Turn the machines back on. willlbone 02/25/15 2:28 PM
false and misleading financials, false and misleading press releases 236T568 02/20/15 2:05 PM
Why this suspended and put on grey? MaxPow 02/20/15 12:50 PM
TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - January 28, 2015) - Ross' willlbone 02/03/15 6:20 AM
First news of 2015 was good. Still alive. willlbone 01/28/15 10:26 AM
is this one still live? mick 12/27/14 1:26 PM
MM's cayman_west 11/26/14 1:36 AM
I see 12.2k sold at 0.000 at 9:38 willlbone 11/25/14 5:19 PM
Bloomberg is quoting GHIL @ 0.0701 gwadalondon 11/25/14 1:17 PM
They can't have just vanished! gwadalondon 11/25/14 12:49 PM
No. More like a zombie. willlbone 11/25/14 12:37 PM
So it's official, GHIL has been delisted? gwadalondon 11/25/14 12:26 PM
Need to get out of Grey sheets. I willlbone 09/17/14 5:15 PM
C5 Yr chart -even 5 cents doesn't look good. PressureWasherGuy 09/07/14 4:23 PM
Average Stock Price - 08/21/14 236T568 08/21/14 5:58 PM
Average Stock Price - 08/20/14 236T568 08/20/14 5:21 PM
GHIL And now .15 Has entered... up 30% Silver_hawk4 08/20/14 11:55 AM
.09 has arrived! 236T568 08/20/14 10:33 AM
Average Stock Price - 08/19/14 236T568 08/19/14 5:08 PM
that was just one trade 236T568 08/19/14 5:02 PM
GHIL saw .20 today. Keeping eyes open for Silver_hawk4 08/19/14 4:48 PM
GHIL has been putting along today. :) Silver_hawk4 08/19/14 2:03 PM
1,000 shares trade at .10 just now 236T568 08/19/14 10:18 AM
It will trade at below 5 cents at 236T568 08/18/14 11:20 PM
Any predictions on GHIL resumption of trading? Silver_hawk4 08/18/14 7:29 PM
GHIL begins trading on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 236T568 08/11/14 5:14 PM
Smythe Cheetah SPEED 08/06/14 8:35 AM
what was the selling point for those that Timboslice08 08/06/14 2:54 AM
Haha not even worried, just curious for his stockonomy 08/06/14 2:40 AM
i know what you're worried about ;) Cheetah SPEED 08/06/14 1:37 AM
Maybe you should post this directly to him 236T568 08/06/14 1:12 AM
Patrick Smyth is a piece of shit. 123P654 08/05/14 11:56 PM
Average Stock Price - 08/05/14 236T568 08/05/14 5:18 PM
Yeah, the PR came out alright - issued shajandr 08/05/14 4:49 PM
Moot not mute. A mute is somebody who shajandr 08/05/14 4:47 PM
Re: Stock promoter Eric Dickson/GHIL GHIL SEC trading suspension swanlinbar 08/05/14 3:22 PM
You will find out once you see the 236T568 08/05/14 12:50 PM
Why is any ticker associated with Patrick Smyth stockonomy 08/05/14 12:49 PM
actually, no 236T568 08/05/14 12:48 PM
Please tell us more about those impressive things 236T568 08/05/14 12:46 PM
All a mute point now that an S.E.C. elkonig 08/05/14 12:40 PM
OH my...only two weeks ago: 236T568 08/05/14 11:27 AM
GHIL is a gonner 236T568 08/05/14 11:22 AM
Seems like a very poorly run show TomLaf33 08/05/14 11:03 AM
Safe to say BIG oops. You nailed this Renee 08/05/14 9:44 AM
oops! 236T568 08/05/14 9:41 AM
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Green and Hill Industries, Inc. (GHIL)

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Ross' Gold Brands

Ross’ Gold™  
Ross’ Gold™ is an international super-brand founded by Olympic Gold Medal winner Ross Rebagliati who is a spokesperson for the benefits of medical cannabis, especially as it relates to sports training, injuries, pain management and stress.  The Company sells cannabis in Canada by licensing its established brand through partnerships for medical cannabis strains in their flagship store and online.  The Company sells several other cannabis products including shatter and oils for vaping.  Ross’ Gold™ brands are also transferable to recreational marijuana, expected to happen in Canada sometime in the next 18 months.

The Company also currently has several retail products in North America including a line called Ross’ Gold Glass™ which features products including vaporizers, glass smoking products, water pipes, bubblers, and hand pipes, Ross' Gold™ apparel products including t-shirts, jackets, hats and accessories; Ross’ Gold™ Kube Gold Grinders, RG Premium Vape Pens (USA) and Ross’ Gold Vape Pens infused with CBD/THC terpenes coming in April 2017 (Canada).  The Ross’ Gold Glass™ line is available in over 125 stores across Canada including at the Ross’ Gold Kelowna flagship store, as well as online.

Ross Rebagliati and Ross’ Gold™ have been featured and continue to be featured in the media on television and print including VICE, The Washington Post, USA Today, High Times, NBC, CBC, CNN, Yahoo Sports, Die Welt, CTV, The Toronto Star, The Denver Times, Sports Illustrated, The Pique,, Whistler Question, NORML, Huffington Post, Transworld Snowboarding, The Daily Telegraph, and more.  The Company is under a pre-development contract with a major production company for a television series tentatively titled Ross’ Gold, and there is a full-length feature film in development.

Why Ross’ Gold?

At Ross' Gold™, we champion medicinal cannabis use in a responsible healthy fashion and promote its benefits to the athlete in all of us.

QUALITY – Our products meet the gold standard in excellence
LEGITIMACY – We back our products with quality assurance and guarantees
HEALTHY – Our products are healthy and promote a better way of life
ESTABLISHED – Brand identity since 1998

The Company’s business model is one of a licensing or branding venture.  Third party manufactures and distributors pay a percentage of their sales as licensing fees.  In return, Ross’ Gold provides access to an established brand that could take a company some tens of millions of dollars to reproduce, and we provide ongoing marketing support and credibility. 

Unlike other celebrity brands, Ross’ Gold comes from health and well-being rather than solely recreational.  The cachet of Snoop Dog, Cheech & Chong and Willy Nelson as examples, are derived from the culture of ‘smoking weed’.  These brands appeal to a specific segment of the recreational population, but may not serve the high growth medical cannabis use or new demographics becoming aware of cannabis for the first time.   
As cannabis becomes more and more accepted, consumers want a brand that appeals to their values.  Ross’ Gold denotes health, and well-being over just being stoned.  Ross’ Gold is a craft beer or cabernet versus the tequila shot mentality of some of the other brands now coming into play.   So do these brands compete with ours?  No.  What they do is legitimize our business model and provide an endorsement of the importance of celebrity branding.

Just three years ago, men were nearly 50% more likely to smoke pot than women. But as the political and social stigma against cannabis continues to fall, you’ll see more ladies shopping for marijuana and related products.  As a father of three children in a happy marriage, Ross Rebagliati promotes his family life through social media regularly and happily includes his family at media events.  This wide brand appeal crosses a wide section of society, and continues to grow.

The company has value in “Earned Media Value or Advertising Value Equivalency which refers to publicity gained through promotional efforts other than advertising, as opposed to paid media, which refers to publicity gained through advertising".  This gives an approximate value for particular media coverage by equating media coverage with advertising in the same outlet and calculates how much an ad of the same size/length would cost to appear or air in the same place. 

The management produced and unaudited earned media value of the Company is about $5 million dollars per annum.   It is this value that helps the Company value its brand and negotiate licensing deals.
Two of our favorites are VICE and CNN

Ross’ Gold™ has instant brand-name recognition, talent and a broad base of cannabis users who have been following its story making it the number one brand in North America.  It’s ever increasing retail shelf space dedicated to its brands is increasing the value of the brand daily, and with full recreational legalization around the corner, Ross’ Gold™ will be the number one brand of everything Marijuana in North America and Europe.

Ross' Gold Cannabis




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